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This year, the 100% peer-driven educational program will be centered around key themes addressing the most pressing challenges in finance.


Key Themes

close Technology & Transition in Finance
  • The Future of AI in Finance & How to Prepare for It.
  • What are the Top 3 Technology Trends that CFO’s need to Focus On?
  • Migrating Finance Operations to the Cloud: Pros and Cons.
  • ERP: How to Select, When to Upgrade & How to Successfully Implement.
  • Getting Rid of Dispersed Systems and Transitioning all of Finance into One Platform/System
  • How Technology is Taking Over in a Manual/Paper-Based World.
  • The Evolving Role & Responsibilities of the CFO.
  • How to Promote Emotional Intelligence & Personal Development for Finance Executives.
  • Driving Innovation and Leading Cultural Change.
  • Enhancing Your Management Style & Keeping Current on Trends in Finance.
  • Leading Millennials in an Ever-Changing Political Climate.
  • How to Do More with Less: Finding Success Without a Huge FP&A Team.
  • Optimizing Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting.
  • Strategies to keep Business Unit/Department Leaders Accountable for Their Results.
  • The Benefits of a Self-Service BI Organization.
  • Best Practices for Understand & Managing P&L.
  • M&A in the Modern World:  Is it Worth the Effort?  Does Anyone Ever See the ROI They Expect?
  • Innovative Banking Solutions to Help Automation.
  • Important Changes to Capital Markets that Finance Executives Should Know.
  • Risks and Opportunities in Funding Business Operations.
  • Knowing & Utilizing Your Best Financing Options to Raise Capital.
  • Working with a Challenging Board &/or Divided Company Management
  • Choosing Auditors Wisely: Making Auditors a Business Partner
  • GAAP Revenue Recognition Changes: Lessons Learned for Q1 Reporting
  • Using Strategic Planning as a Tool to Identify Risks in Your Financials
  • Best Practices for Effective GRC Management


Get insights from 20+ specialized CFOs making way in the ever-changing world of finance.

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Chris Caswell

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer


Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Jason Quint

Vice President of Finance

Bed Bath & Beyond

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Tricia Tolivar

Chief Financial Officer


Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

David Hazlehurst



Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Keith Webb

Pre-Sales Director of SaaS Technology and Innovation

Ultimate Software

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Sterling Adlakha


Harley Marine Services Inc.

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Ronald Izewski

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Just Born

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Daniel Lasman

Chief Financial Officer

Fish & Richardson P.C.

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Adanma Akujieze

Vice President of Finance

Larson Design Group

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Dave Sackett

Senior Director of Finance & Administration

ULVAC Technologies, Inc

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Jeffrey Bissell

Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer

NMG Aerospace

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Nina Doherty

Regional Vice President


Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Joyce Lazzara

Senior Solutions Consultant


Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Marybeth Gray

Senior Vice President Health & Welfare Consulting

Trion Group, a Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Sascha Alber

Director of Product Management, Software Development


Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Dr. Chris White

Chief Science Officer


Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Gregory Banning

Head of Sales

Capital One

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Arthur Schwartz

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Travis Credit Union

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Jeffrey Friedman


Savi Technology

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Rob Federighi

Vice President, Sales

Edison Energy

Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

L. Sean Raney

Senior Vice President, Global Compensation & Payroll Services


Connect CFO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Mike Erickson

Founder & CEO



Make every session valuable by selecting up to three key themes to mix and match the most relevant topics to you. Earn CPE credits!

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Welcome Cocktail Reception & Registration


Breakfast Buffet

Monday, October 22Keynote Presentation

close How to Solve the 5 Pervasive Team Challenges and Transform Your Business

Leadership & Learning DevelopmentTeamalytics - Chief Science Officer

People represent the greatest investment opportunity in any company. They’re also the greatest challenge. And the challenges multiply when people work together on teams. Despite the dysfunction of the majority of business teams, teamwork has never been more important for fast-growth companies. In this session, you’ll learn how to accelerate the effectiveness of new teams and new leaders, how to deal effectively with contentious teams and teammates, how to optimize high-functioning teams and navigate change initiatives, and how to develop and retain your high potentials.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to accelerate the effectiveness of new teams and new leaders.
  • How to deal effectively with contentious teams and teammates.
  • How to optimize high-functioning teams and navigate change initiatives.
  • How to optimize high-functioning teams and navigate change initiatives.
*CPE Credit-Participants will be able to identify the 5 most significant team challenges and share ways to engage these issues and solve them to create dynamic teams and extraordinary outcomes.. Field of Study: Personnel/HR


Dr. Chris White
Chief Science OfficerTeamalytics
Monday, October 22Breakout Presentation

close Bringing Innovations and Emerging Payment Technology to Use

CFO Leadership & InnovationCapital One - Head of Sales

You have access to the latest technologies—but how do you actually implement them? Although the payments industry is innovating at a rapid pace, the 2017 survey on payment evolution conducted by Capital One and NAPCP showed varying degrees of implementation. The missing piece of the puzzle to introducing new technologies is making the transition from old processes to new ones. With the increased focus on innovation in 2018, working with clients—training, migrating and onboarding—is more critical than ever.  Attendees will be able to:

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand key survey results
  • Briefly discuss the course of payment evolution over time
  • Get insight into barriers companies face in adopting new payment technologies, and how to overcome these barriers


Gregory Banning
Head of SalesCapital One
Monday, October 22Breakout Presentation

close Evolution of Financial Leadership

CFO Leadership & InnovationClarks - Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer

Business is changing and finance must change with it. It is no longer sufficient for a CFO to simply report the news. The finance function, led by the CFO, must now lead in strategic plan development and partner cross-functionally across the business to drive implementation of the strategy to achieve results. The finance team must lead in the creation of actionable and measurable KPI’s to evaluate status. These measurements must be real-time rather than the historic quarterly or monthly updates. The CFO must leave the transition to automation, including deciphering big data, to ensure that analysts have time to add value rather than simply manipulate data into reports. The CFO must be able to identify, develop, recruit, and maintain talent. Due to the new role of finance, many areas within finance are becoming true talent pipelines into other areas of the organization. While this is a great development for young finance professionals looking for broad career opportunities, it further challenges the CFO to ensure the depth of talent is sufficient and career pathing is in place to handle the constantly changing environment. My presentation will include best in class roadmaps and examples of pros and cons to many of these challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic vision
  • Finance department evolution to strategic business partner
  • Recruiting, training, and retaining a strong finance team
  • Finance’s role as a leader throughout the business


Chris Caswell
Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating OfficerClarks
Monday, October 22Breakout Presentation

close Driving Global Expansion While Managing Risk

Governance, Risk Management & ComplianceZespri - CFO

Zespri has undertaken material growth through it’s global expansion programme. The expansion has been through Asia / sub continent / Middle East / North and South America. Zespri focus in each country is to get closer to the customer therefore moving further down the value chain. The expansion has driven a large amount of change and has therefore continually changed the risk profile of the business. The presentation will focus on: 1 Finances position in global expansion 2 Understanding and managing risk 3 Developing and implementing a compliance framework 4 Deeper dive into China

Key Takeaways:

  • Finances position in global expansion
  • Understanding and managing risk
  • Developing and implementing a compliance framework


David Hazlehurst
Monday, October 22

close Managing Complex Energy Portfolios, Risk and Capital

Strategic Financial ManagementEdison Energy - Vice President, Sales

Energy is the largest unaddressed risk faced by most companies, and can exceed foreign currency, interest rate & other operational risks. For many companies, a 10% change in energy costs can impact earnings-per-share by 5% or more.

How likely is this to happen & what could cause it within this business planning cycle, or the next?

Most companies do not allocate the internal resources to quantifying these answers, leaving them exposed to potential impacts. This is an increasingly important area of due diligence, as the markets are going through fundamental changes (e.g. coal retirements, renewable build-out) and utilities are increasingly allowing corporate input on different rate schedules.

Given the rapidly changing energy markets and facility operations, most companies do not yet have a road map of how the organization’s energy cost structure is set to be impacted over the next 5,10, or 15 years. In this session, we will explore how taking a strategic, analytics-based portfolio approach to energy management helps clients increase risk-adjusted return on capital, protect themselves from rapidly changing markets and products, and outperform their competition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn what an energy portfolio is, how the methodology differs from other energy management strategies, and why leading companies are adopting the portfolio approach.
  • Learn how a comprehensive portfolio approach can bring together different stakeholders
  • Learn how to educate senior management on the materiality of energy management.


Rob Federighi
Vice President, SalesEdison Energy
Monday, October 22Breakout Presentation

close Driving a Culture of Business Intelligence

Technology & Transition in FinanceBed Bath & Beyond - Vice President of Finance

Jason will walk through the steps he’s taken to get FP&A out of the report building business and into the business value creation business by embracing IT. Recent trends have finance and IT coming into much closer alignment especially concerning shared initiatives like business intelligence and data governance. Jason will lay out the process he’s used to navigate the ever changing and sometimes murky waters.

Key Takeaways:

  • 3 Critical aspects to build your team
  • 4 Guiding principles to develop the culture


Jason Quint
Vice President of FinanceBed Bath & Beyond
Monday, October 22Breakout Presentation

close Medical Benefits Costs Are Second to Payroll! What is Your Strategy?

Strategic Financial ManagementTrion Group, a Marsh & & McLennan Agency LLC - SVP Health & Welfare Consulting

Healthcare costs are second to payroll! Learn what Top-Performing companies are doing to control costs while still maintaining robust benefit packages at affordable prices. We will cover the top 5 strategies deployed to beat medical trend more effectively!

Key Takeaways:

  • State of the Market Overview – what’s driving costs both currently and what is around the corner
  • Key thoughts on areas we need to focus on for long term cost management
  • Top 5 strategies proven to reduce medical costs and improve patient outcomes


Marybeth Gray
SVP Health & Welfare ConsultingTrion Group, a Marsh & & McLennan Agency LLC
Monday, October 22Breakout Presentation

close The Power of Payment and Accounts Payable Integration

Technology & Transition in FinanceCorcentric - Regional Vice President

The final act of the B2B payment cycle has remained separate for too long – allowing many payments to fail in the ‘last mile’ of the transaction. What would it mean to your business if you could automate that ‘last mile,’ providing a complete AP workflow, including invoice receipt, approval, and processing, with 100% payment disbursement? It’s possible

Key Takeaways:

  • The high cost of payment by paper check
  • The power of full visibility into cash position and payment status
  • The danger of not integrating payables
  • How to complete the ‘last mile’ of the transaction


Nina Doherty
Regional Vice PresidentCorcentric
Monday, October 22Breakout Presentation

close Aligning Management and Governance: Leading During Times of Organizational Change

CFO Leadership & InnovationGNC - Chief Financial Officer

Working together effectively is critical for Corporate Boards and the C-suite, particularly during an organizational transformation where the makeup of the Board substantially changes. GNC recently agreed to a $300 million strategic joint venture with Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, part of Hayao. At closing (expected in second half of this year), Hayao will own 40 percent of GNC on a convertible basis and five Hayao members will join GNC’s board. Tricia Tolivar, CFO of GNC, is working to ensure the upcoming transition is smooth and helping management lead the business and its employees through the change. In this discussion, Tricia will explore the importance of the CFO’s role in business transformation, as well as how CFOs and senior leaders can find common ground in the boardroom.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to lead in a time of corporate transition
  • Working with the executive management team to ensure successful boardroom integration
  • CFO’s role in guiding the business, and setting the tone for the future
  • Why the board plays a critical role during and after corporate transitions


Tricia Tolivar
Chief Financial OfficerGNC

Networking Lunch

Monday, October 22Breakout Presentation

close It Cost HOW Much? - Measuring ROI on Globally Mobile Employees Costs

Strategic HR and OperationsSIRVA - Senior Vice President, Global Compensation & Payroll Services

We all know that Company sponsored relocations have a cost – but what is the Company getting in “return”? Definition of ROI Why is it the “Holy Grail” of Global Mobility? Defining and Measures Costs Hard Costs Reporting Requirements Soft Costs How/ What to Measure Defining and Measuring “Returns”

Key Takeaways:

  • Definition of ROI
  • Defining and Measures Costs
  • Defining and Measuring “Returns”


L. Sean Raney
Senior Vice President, Global Compensation & Payroll ServicesSIRVA
Monday, October 22Breakout Presentation

close Get Ahead, Stay Ahead | AI (Deep Learning) & CPM for the Office of the CFO

CFO Leadership & InnovationUnit4 - Director of Product Management, Software Development

With expectations for faster response times to more complex questions, and fewer resources to get the job done, we are all under increasing pressure to perform and deliver. How can Self-Driving solutions support you with your Performance Management tasks? And, how can you benefit from the use of Artificial Intelligence? Join us to discuss the current state of the office of the CFO and how to get ahead in the face of tough competition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Technologies and their impact on FP&A + S&OP
  • Why AI will be a game changer for FP&A + S&OP
  • How to leverage AI to your strategic advantage in the face of tough competition


Sascha Alber
Director of Product Management, Software DevelopmentUnit4
Monday, October 22Breakout Presentation

close Technology Transitions in Finance

Technology & Transition in FinanceNMG Aerospace - Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer

The session will provide definitive suggestions for implementing finance driven technology tools such as reporting dashboards, payables automation, GL connection tools, time tracking software, capital project analysis, and Excel techniques that drive efficiency.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tips on evaluating and implementing AP automation solutions
  • Using Excel PowerQuery for reporting
  • Creating reporting dashboards that drive actions
  • How to make your financial reviews more effective


Jeffrey Bissell
Chief Financial Officer, TreasurerNMG Aerospace
Monday, October 22Breakout Presentation

close How to Make Compliance Your Competitive Weapon

CFO Leadership & InnovationBlackline - Senior Solutions Consultant

Are you keeping up with an evolving risk landscape or is it keeping you up at night? Accounting scandals are not just headlines of the past, they are happening every day. Your organization is constantly exposed to risk; you cannot operate with a business-as-usual mentality. Change is constant and the stakes are high. Leveraging technology enables your accounting and finance department to reduce their overall risk exposure. Your organization has the opportunity to automate repetitive tasks, eliminate data entry errors, gain workflow visibility and accountability, and strengthen the overall control environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognize risk as a factor that consistently impacts organizations whether they are experiencing rapid growth, increasing in complexity, resistant to change, or are working to implement best practices.
  • Identify common practices and processes that can expose organizations to fraud.
  • Review departmental and organizational process improvement opportunities by leveraging technology to reduce risk, challenge current processes, and utilize your team’s time and their skill sets to reduce your organization’s risk exposure.


Joyce Lazzara
Senior Solutions ConsultantBlackline
Monday, October 22

close AI & The Future of Finance

Technology & Transition in FinanceProphix Software Inc. - VP, North American Customer Sales

AI has already made inroads into many industries. But the Office of Finance is already proving to be an early adopter and ripe for disruption. The ability to analyze data, calculate risks and quickly inform decision-making is crucial to finance’s role in the organization. Finance runs on data. Historically, finance leaders have had to pour through data in time-consuming ways. There’s immense value to be had in automating planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Join Neal as he details how he sees the future changes in the finance world and offer advice how the Office of Finance can prepare for the next evolution in FP&A.

Key Takeaways:

  • How AI & innovation is transforming the finance function and the evolving role of the CFO as a key strategic player
  • Learn about how machine learning and natural language progression (NLP) produce deep learning
  • Leveraging financial innovation to transform the business and drive results


Neal Khan
VP, North American Customer SalesProphix Software Inc.
Monday, October 22

close Between a Rock and a Hard Spot: Managing the Cap Table of a Growth Company

Strategic Financial ManagementSavi Technology - CFO

The flexibility afforded by a company’s capitalization is critical to its growth. Management and Boards are best served by taking a long term strategic view in managing the evolution of the company’s capitalization. There is a balance between short term financing requirements and the longer term implications of these decisions. A company’s capitalization table will dictate the financing alternatives available to it over time thereby enabling or preventing its growth. Trust relationships between investors, management, and the Board members matter. Through the discussion of a case study, attendees will gain an appreciation of managing cap tables strategically to best position a company for growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • A company’s capital structure enables or prevents its growth
  • Financing alternatives are determined by the company’s performance and prospects
  • Stakeholders (Investors, Board members, Management, Employees) do not necessarily have the same incentives


Jeffrey Friedman
CFOSavi Technology
Monday, October 22Breakout Presentation

close Risk Assessments: From Paper to Practice

Governance, Risk Management & ComplianceLarson Design Group - Vice President of Finance

The purpose of this session is to highlight how risk assessments can go from merely being a concept to becoming a critical component of any organization. A successful risk awareness culture is one in which employees at all levels of the organization recognize it as such. Too often, organizations’ risk assessment and risk management initiatives die prematurely because there is a lack of ownership and/or committed responsibility over the process. Interestingly, this absence of commitment to the process exists because the question “what then do we do with it?” is unanswered. This session will answer that question.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to create a comprehensive risk library
  • Adding quantitative measures to risk
  • Weaving it all into the organization’s fabric
  • Exploring risk awareness as a lifestyle


Adanma Akujieze
Vice President of FinanceLarson Design Group
Monday, October 22

close Procurement Solutions for Transportation - Carrier Contract Negotiation & Carrier Invoice Auditing

Banking & Capital Markets PracticesAFMS - Founder & CEO

EXPERT Carrier Contract Negotiation advice, Including Auditing Ideas to reduce your shipping costs.

A lot of changes are happening today with UPS and FedEx and the levels of complexity surrounding today’s contracts. Get valuable information to better manage your ongoing transportation pricing contracts and carrier contract changes. How you, can have best-in-class pricing and reduce overall shipping costs by 15-25%. You will walk away from this informative session with a new perspective on how to negotiate with the carriers.

Key Takeaways:

  • What has created these pricing changes? The data capture technology carriers use today has allowed them to bill for services and extra costs they physically couldn’t charge for a few years ago.
  • What can a shipper do to offset these new charges? Gain a better understanding of the impact these changes are going to have on your company; How much of your transportation spend is in accessorial charges or base rate charges. Tips to negotiate better discounts from former UPS and FedEx VP’s and pricing managers.
  • How to establish shipping costs benchmarks prior to beginning any carrier negotiations. Ways to reduce the impact of accessorial charges and other not so obvious contract fee’s.
  • How auditing your shipping can actually save you an additional 1-4%. Parcel (FedEx, UPS, DHL), both domestic and global shipping solutions.


Mike Erickson
Founder & CEOAFMS

Industry Dinner

Tuesday, October 23Keynote Presentation

close Three Trends Poised to Transform the Future of Work

Leadership & Learning DevelopmentUltimate Software - Pre-Sales Director of SaaS Technology and Innovation

Companies are struggling to respond to the rapid pace of change and the associated effects on their employees. More than ever, people want a more personal, human work experience. Three pivotal forces are converging that will transform the near-term future of work. First, advances in artificial intelligence reach beyond the automation of tasks, to help leaders understand their people in new and deeply human ways—augmenting and amplifying their natural capabilities. In addition, today’s employees crave connection and purpose with an environment that fosters their progress and nurtures their growth—rejecting one-size-fits-all management in favor of hyper-personalized leadership. Finally, breakthrough Diversity and Inclusion creates a workforce culture in which all people can feel they belong and be themselves—where unique perspectives foster greater innovation, sustainability, and cultural competence. Doing so ensures work works for everyone. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Be familiar with the widening perception gap between employees and managers at work and steps HR leaders can take to coach managers to personalize their leadership approach
  • Know how to use smart technologies such as AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, to help managers know and understand their people on a deeply human level, empowering them to achieve more.
  • Discover proven new ways to ensure diversity and inclusion programs actually drive positive changes for the organization.
  • Understand what it takes to create a culture in which leaders help their people achieve meaningful, purposeful, and productive work and careers, such that all employees feel included, respected, and empowered.
  • Help HR Leaders identify and prioritize HR practices which foster these objectives.


Keith Webb
Pre-Sales Director of SaaS Technology and InnovationUltimate Software
Tuesday, October 23Breakout Presentation

close Blockchain Solutions for Finance

Technology & Transition in FinanceULVAC Technologies, Inc - Senior Director of Finance & Administration

Learn about what blockchain technology is and how it can be used to solve finance and accounting issues. Blockchain technology has a great potential for decentralized trust. There is a mystery over who invented the technology, but many people believe it can change our world. Cryptocurrency is powered by blockchain technology, but it will not be the focus of the talk. An example will be getting the accounting transactions to balance between a foreign parent and subsidiary who use different languages, databases and reference fields. Additional solutions will be discussed and questions are encouraged throughout the talk.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the definitions of block chain technology
  • Understand an example of solving inter company reconciliations with blockchain technology
  • Learn how block chain technology works
  • Learn why there is hype surrounding block chain technology


Dave Sackett
Senior Director of Finance & AdministrationULVAC Technologies, Inc
Tuesday, October 23Breakout Presentation

close Understanding the ABC of NextGen Financials– Rise of Automation, Bots & Contextual Finance

Technology & Transition in FinanceRamco Systems - AVP – Solution Advisory & Presales

The evolving marketplace has made it imperative for technologies to become light and easily accessible. Businesses today are no longer tied down by the traditional boundaries of space and time. Work is 24/7, inter-connected and constantly on the move. Consequently, ERP solutions too need to break free from the clutter of excessively complicated technicalities to become simple, easy-to-use and scalable. The world is moving towards a leaner, efficient and contextual information delivery model, with embedded analytics. Spruce this with an element of Chatbots and Voice and you encounter a whole new world of Finance. This seamless experience is complemented by the availability of easy to use intuitive self-service on mobiles (Android/iPhones), tablets (iPad/Android tabs) and of course desk top and laptops. While a typical commoditized financial & accounting solution can at best remain a transactional reporting system, the future is all about building an API-economy where applications integrate and interact with each other seamlessly.

Key Takeaways:

  • ERP solutions need to break free from the clutter of excessively complicated technicalities to become simple, easy-to-use and scalable
  • A futuristic Finance system is all about building an API-economy where applications integrate and interact with each other seamlessly
  • Systems are moving towards Voice UIs, BOTs, Self service on Mobile and Tablets


Muthuraj Thangavel
AVP – Solution Advisory & PresalesRamco Systems
Tuesday, October 23Breakout Presentation

close Thinking Outside the Box for Value-Creation

CFO Leadership & InnovationJust Born - Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

The idea of the strategic CFO is often thrown around without tangible actions and strategies finance leaders can adopt in their own organization. While becoming active in strategy and less involved in numbers is a great goal – these words are empty if CFOs do not become proactive in value-creation and execution of business efforts in outside functions. Finance must adapt the way they traditionally think about value-creation. In this session, I will share experiences and lead an interactive session on innovative ways that CFOs can create business value, including: – Managing resources from internal teams – strategic finance within your organization – Leveraging relationships with outside partners – Improving performance of your Sales and Marketing departments – the role of finance

Key Takeaways:

  • CFO Leadership
  • Creating Value as the CFO
  • Team Integration
  • Making Finance Invaluable to your Company


Ronald Izewski
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial OfficerJust Born
Tuesday, October 23Breakout Presentation

close Manage a Successful Transition Up the Leadership Chain

Leadership & Learning DevelopmentTravis Credit Union - Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

If you promote someone from a manager to an AVP, or from an AVP to a VP, what’s the difference?  In many companies, it’s a matter of tenure.  However, if there are not distinct differences in performance expectations from one level to the next that can be effectively articulated, measured and enforced, you will be setting yourself up for ER issues, leadership gaps, succession gaps and poor knowledge management.

Key Takeaways

  • Overview of leadership categories based on performance standards
  • Setting clear performance distinctions between levels
  • Identification of who does/doesn’t fit within these levels
  • Key leadership imperatives to help identify leadership at various levels


Arthur Schwartz
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources OfficerTravis Credit Union
Tuesday, October 23Breakout Presentation

close Lead or Go Home! CFO's Must Be Strategic and Innovative to Ensure Their Place at the Corporate Leadership Table

CFO Leadership & InnovationFish & Richardson P.C. - Chief Financial Officer

I will discuss the “where to play” and “how to win” questions in the context of the Finance function and how innovation plays an essential role in answering the “how to win” part of the strategy. Through the use of examples drawn from my experience, I will present how to determine where to play and where not to play (the need to make choices) consistent with and in support of the firm’s strategy. In answering the how to win question, I will talk about assessing requirements, capabilities and the role innovation can play in winning. Beyond the role innovation plays in winning, I’ll talk about what innovation means and how to think about innovating in an environment that is resistant to change.

Key Takeaways:

  • What does strategy look like for a Finance Function
  • Steps to assess current strategy or in the absence of one, how to create one
  • How to integrate innovation into a Finance Department’s Strategy


Daniel Lasman
Chief Financial OfficerFish & Richardson P.C.
Tuesday, October 23Breakout Presentation

close Leadership Strategies for Enhanced Capital Returns

CFO Leadership & InnovationHarley Marine Services Inc. - CFO

Capital allocation is, perhaps, the most important function of a CFO. A high return on capital has been shown to be the most highly correlated factor to high stock returns for public companies and fundamental to successful private ones. This session will cover some tips for enhancing M&A and capital projects models, identify pitfalls in capital allocation decisions and suggest methods for avoiding them, offer suggestions for building a consensus with the CEO, Board and other Executives, identify areas where CFO leadership in the process can make substantive differences to the outcome and emphasize the importance of team building to improve analytical assumptions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Traditional finance teachings overemphasize modern portfolio theory variables
  • Building a cohesive, multi functional team can avoid most pitfalls in capital allocation
  • Certain behavioral traits are roadblocks to team building in capital allocation
  • Providing “smell test” summaries can drive better multi departmental input and marry corporate strategy with analytical analysis


Sterling Adlakha
CFOHarley Marine Services Inc.


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Your full access conference pass includes overnight accommodations, meals and cocktail receptions.

The Hotel

Renaissance Schaumburg

Experience refined style at the Renaissance Hotel in Schaumburg where stunning design blends seamlessly with impeccable service.

Our Schaumburg hotel accommodations boast stylish design and luxurious comfort. Located in an accessible hub with a sophisticated collection of retail and culinary options such as Sam & Harry’s and Woodfield Mall, this Schaumburg, Illinois hotel serves as an indigenous ambassador for entire Chicagoland area…and a gateway for the entire Midwest.
  • Accommodations must be booked through the conference organizers and not through the venue directly. We cover the first night and offer a discounted rate. Spouses welcomed. For reservations please contact:
The nearest airport is Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD), which is less than 15 miles away. Alternatively, you may fly into Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW). This hotel does not provide shuttle service. Taxis are readily available at the airport.
The Renaissance Schaumburg  | 1551 N. Thoreau Drive Schaumburg, IL 60173