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This year, the 100% peer-driven educational program will be centered around key themes addressing the most pressing challenges.


Key Themes

close Leadership & Learning Development
  • Leadership Competencies & Succession Management

  • Coaching for Greater Impact: Linking Learning and Development to Business Results

  • Micro Learning: The Future of Learning and Development?

  • How to Lead during Changing Times and New Administration

  • Blended Learning Strategies for a Distributed Workforce

  • Understanding the Power of LinkedIn’s Analytics

  • Social Platforms for Global Employee Connectivity and Feedback

  • Utilizing Employee Demographic Data and Activities: Engagement & Retention Purposes

  • New way to display data

  • Usefulness of AI and Bots

  • Intuitive Technology with Minimal Administrative Burden

  • Today’s Business Role for the CHRO

  • Retention is an Outcome Not a Strategy; Unlocking Potential

  • What the New Working Environment Should Look Like for Employees

  • Performance Management Strategies

  • Going Digital; Shared Services Feasibility for HR

  • Building Company Culture: Multi- Generational Workforce

  • Attracting the Top Talent

  • Social Media Platforms for Talent Acquisition

  • Solving for Unconscious Bias

  • Fair Employment Value Proposition through Recruitment Branding

  • Interviewing for Fit and Culture

  • How to Continually Engage Employees for Retention


Get insights from 20+ specialized HR leaders making way in the ever-changing world of finance.

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Gaurav Valani

Head of Talent

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

DeRetta Cole Rhodes


YMCA of Metro Atlanta

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Tony Callander

VP of HR

Quantum Health

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Marty Nowlin

VP of HR

KAR Auction Services

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Charlotte Miller


The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Norm Jones

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Amherst College

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Scott Dimmick


Lakeland Regional Health

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Laurie Mellon

VP, People Development, Early Careers

Publicis Health

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Stacey L. Richter-Levy

Global Learning and Development Lead

Publicis Health

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Bruce Cutright


Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Jonathan Ellis

Asst. VP, Leadership & Talent Development Officer

Credit Human

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Jami Jones


Questec Mechanical

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Jody Gastfriend

VP of Senior Care Services, LICSW


Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Leslie-Anne Harants

Chief Culture Officer

Three Rivers Federal Credit Union

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Mary Goldy

Director, HR Operations & Transactions

Baker Tilly

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Susan Dawson

Chief People Officer

Silverchair Information Systems

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Lyle Wells

National Director of Leadership Processes

Flippen Group

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Sarah Harden

Systems Engineer


Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Blake Sheldon

Solutions Architect


Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Jim Arnold

Founder & CEO

finHealth, Inc.

Connect HR Leadership Spring Summit View More

Ed Buckley




Make every session valuable by selecting up to three key themes to mix and match the most relevant topics to you.

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HR Technology and Analytics

Welcome Cocktail Reception & Registration


Breakfast Buffet

MondayBreakout Presentation

close Harnessing the Power of Inclusion to Improve Performance, Productivity, Innovation and Growth

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Vice President, Global Diversity & Inclusion

The dialogue on diversity and inclusion must change. Many companies are at a point where they now “look” diverse; however, they have failed to capture any quantifiable business benefit. Simply put, diversity is meaningless if the culture within an organization does not fully embrace and leverage the unique skills, capabilities and experiences of its employees. The conversation needs to shift to being one about “True Inclusion”.


  • Why a focus on diversity without inclusion is a waste of time, effort and resources
  • A systematic approach to creating an inclusive culture which actively influences behaviors to produce more successful outcomes for employees, customers and the organization as a whole
  • Using data and workforce analytics to drive and measure “inclusion first” thinking to encourage new behaviors that lead to better business results


Alan K. Nevel
Vice President, Global Diversity & InclusionThermo Fisher Scientific
Monday, April 16Breakout Co-Presentation

close The Team Building Toolkit- Using Interactive Activities and Exercises with Your Executive Teams

Leadership & Learning DevelopmentPublicis Health - VP, People Development, Early Careers
Publicis Health - Global Learning and Development Lead

Whether you’re working with a new executive team and want to get it off to a strong start, or you’re helping an existing team to work through challenges, there are times when an interactive activity can help to break the ice, increase awareness or open up lines of communication. In this workshop, participants will experience, first hand, three interactive exercises then learn to lead and debrief these exercises for themselves. Activities related to leadership, strategy, teamwork and collaboration will be emphasized. Finally, participants will leave with ideas for how to leverage these experiences to influence the team and enhance its impact.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognize opportunities where interactive activities can be leveraged to support/develop your teams such as executive meetings and retreats
  • Conduct activities that foster greater collaboration within executive teams
  • Facilitate a discussion associated with a team-building activity


Laurie Mellon
VP, People Development, Early CareersPublicis Health
Stacey L. Richter-Levy
Global Learning and Development LeadPublicis Health
MondayBreakout Presentation

close The Evolution of Bank of America's Life Event Services Team

Bank of America - SVP, Global Human Resources- GHR Life Event Services Executive

Lori’s presentation will focus on sharing the story of Bank of America’s Life Event Services team, an in-house Global HR team dedicated to supporting employees, retirees and in certain situations, family members, who are impacted by a significant life events including taking a leave of absence, retiring from the company, facing a terminal illness, experiencing the loss of a loved one, critical events such as a natural disaster, or domestic violence. The team also supports our employees who are transitioning gender within the workplace.

  • How the BAC Life Event Services (LES) team was created
  • The services offered by Bank of America’s Life Event Services team
  • Lessons learned from the evolution of LES
  • Impact of our services to our clients and our LES teammates


Lori Henkel
SVP, Global Human Resources- GHR Life Event Services ExecutiveBank of America
MondayBreakout Presentation

close How to Solve the 5 Pervasive Team Challenges and Transform Your Business

Leadership & Learning DevelopmentFlippen Group - National Director of Leadership Processes

People represent the greatest investment opportunity in any company. They’re also the greatest challenge. And the challenges multiply when people work together on teams. Despite the dysfunction of the majority of business teams, teamwork has never been more important for fast-growth companies. In this session, you’ll learn how to accelerate the effectiveness of new teams and new leaders, how to deal effectively with contentious teams and teammates, how to optimize high-functioning teams and navigate change initiatives, and how to develop and retain your high potentials.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to accelerate the effectiveness of new teams and new leaders.
  • How to deal effectively with contentious teams and teammates.
  • How to optimize high-functioning teams and navigate change initiatives.
  • How to optimize high-functioning teams and navigate change initiatives.
*CPE Credit-Participants will be able to identify the 5 most significant team challenges and share ways to engage these issues and solve them to create dynamic teams and extraordinary outcomes.. Field of Study: Personnel/HR


Lyle Wells
National Director of Leadership ProcessesFlippen Group
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close The Role of HR as a People Capital Strategist

Strategic HR and OperationsYMCA of Metro Atlanta - CHRO

The focus of this presentation is to provide examples of how, as HR Executive, you forge the change of the organizational to a transformational shift as a people strategist. During this presentation, the “how”, tools, stakeholders and structure will be discussed to become a People Capital Strategist. Real examples and experiences will be shared and discussed during this interactive session.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Our Business Leaders learn to appreciate HR
  • The Pathway to “Our” Success
  • Reinventing ourselves as HR Strategic Business Partners (and the tools needed to get there)


DeRetta Cole Rhodes
CHROYMCA of Metro Atlanta
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close Leadership Competency Mapping and Succession Planning

Leadership & Learning DevelopmentQuantum Health - VP of HR

Learn to create a leadership competency matrix you can use for behavioral interviewing, development plans, improvement plans and strategic team discussions. The matrix will build off of your company values and drive your talent agenda. A competency based model of management enables a common language across the organization and calibrates talent discussions and initiatives. Utilize this matrix to guide all talent decisions and succession planning within your company.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to build a competency based model for leadership levels
  • Create actionable succession plans built on strengths and opportunities of teams and departments
  • Create a develop plan grounded in your corporate values that will grow leaders in their careers


Tony Callander
VP of HRQuantum Health
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close Engaging Passive Candidates - How to Consistently Attract the World's Best Talent to Your Company

Talent Acquisition & - Head of Talent

It’s no secret that the best candidates for your open positions are the ones who are already working, either at one of the best companies in the world, and/or for one of your competitors. Usually these candidates are well paid and not actively looking for a new job. In this session you will learn several powerful strategies that will show you how to: to – Attract and engage the best talent for your open positions. – Seamlessly align candidates career aspirations with your company. – Determine the right mix of hiring for needs versus hiring the best talent available – How to create a position that allows your talent to play to their strengths.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to effectively engage with top talent
  • Figuring out the right blend of hiring for open positions versus hiring the best talent available
  • Seamlessly align candidates career aspirations with your company
  • How to create a position that allows your talent to play to their strengths


Gaurav Valani
Head of
Monday, April 16Breakout Co-Presentation

close People Analytics: How to Go from Good to Great

HR Technology and AnalyticsSAS - Solutions Architect
SAS - Systems Engineer

Join SAS experts to learn how to empower your HR department. You’ll see how your organization can put data-driven decisions within everyone’s reach with easy-to-use analytics. We’ll discuss the current challenges and the landscape of an average HR department as well as best practices for using analytic insight to solidify HR’s role as a strategic business partner. Attendees will also learn how to use analytics to recruit the right talent, gather insight into employee satisfaction, predict triggers for employee attrition and make proactive decisions regarding your workforce.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to build a technology road map for a typical HR department.
  • Understand the importance of an analytically driven approach to talent acquisition.
  • See how to apply analytic insight to employee survey, performance and profile data.
  • Gain a better understanding of analytics in the employee life cycle.


Blake Sheldon
Solutions ArchitectSAS
Sarah Harden
Systems EngineerSAS

Networking Lunch

MondayBreakout Presentation

close HR Analytics and its Impact on the Business

Horizon Global Corporation - Chief Human Resources Officer

  • What does Predictive Analytics mean?
  • What are 3 questions to consider around Analytics and its Impact on the Business?
  • Understanding key factors for successful HR analytics setup.
  • Understanding the HR Predictive Analytics Journey.
  • Things to consider when selecting a Business Intelligence HR technology to help with analytics.


Jason Desentz
Chief Human Resources OfficerHorizon Global Corporation
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close HR Analytics--When to take the Human out of Human Resources

HR Technology and AnalyticsWeiser Security Services Inc - VP of HR

With so many analytics and measurements in the workplace, how to find the right one for your company and make the biggest impact on performance and the bottom line. Sometimes its important to separate the human factor and bias from truths in your company. Using those truths and combining it with best practices. Learning to not over measure, and finding the keys to success in your business. How to find those and take advantage of them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not all measurements are going to be important–find out what is
  • Learning that HR can impact the bottom line in strategic ways
  • Metrics do matter–sometimes…


Charlene Sutherlin
VP of HRWeiser Security Services Inc
MondayBreakout Presentation

close How Did Healthgrades Reduce Medical Benefit Cost by 15%?

Healthgrades - Chief People Officer

In 2016, the Healthgrades HR team redesigned the company medical benefits program for 2017 resulting in a 15% YOY decrease while most companies experienced an increase of 5-6%. A creative strategy including competitive bids, new plan design, and additional voluntary benefit offerings achieved this goal. Multi-channel communication, an online exchange platform and individual decision-making sessions were key to success.

  • Increase options
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Reduce the risk for the employee
  • Treat this as a change management initiative


Kate Hyatt
Chief People OfficerHealthgrades
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Academia's Dance with Talent

Talent Acquisition & RetentionAmherst College - Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Attendees will learn how talent acquisition and retention efforts have evolved within academic communities. Higher Education has been forced to corporatize its HR function in service of a more contemporary staff environment. This session will tell the story a college’s effort to raise the visibility of staff by establishing an administrative office focused on inclusive leadership.

Key Takeaways:

  • Acquisition of an inclusive leadership lexicon
  • Learn key distinctions between diversity functions and HR functions
  • Learn specific methods for launching successful partnerships between HR practitioners and diversity & inclusion practitioners
  • Learn the role of competencies in launching innovative engagement projects


Norm Jones
Chief Diversity & Inclusion OfficerAmherst College
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close Healthcare Cost Governance – New Frontier for Human Resource & Financial Leaders

Strategic HR and OperationsfinHealth, Inc. - Founder & CEO

Jim Arnold, Founder & CEO of finHealth and David Hester, Sr. VP Business Development, will review the concept of Healthcare Cost Governance. If you’re like most senior executives, the rapidly escalating costs of healthcare is a top concern, and show no signs of slowing down. According to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), these costs will continue to grow at 6% per year, at least through 2023. Healthcare costs are incredibly important for corporations, constituting the second largest “people” cost after payroll. In addition, you are entrusting your healthcare checkbook to a third-party administrator (TPA), who is generally NOT aligned to reduce your costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • What are the key metrics we employ to ensure our healthcare dollars are being spent effectively and efficiently?
  • How is our organization ensuring that our third-party administrator is paying our medical bills accurately, only for eligible employees, spouses & dependents, and at rates at or below market value?
  • Do we perform periodic “self-audits” of our claim payments to assure our stakeholders that our healthcare dollars are being spent wisely?
  • Are we harnessing data from prior medical audits, annual health assessments and fitness trackers to proactively influence our employees’ health?
  • What strategies are leading edge organizations, like GE, Being, Walmart, PepsiCo and others pursuing to optimize their healthcare spend?


Jim Arnold
Founder & CEOfinHealth, Inc.
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close Designing and Engineering a High Performance HR Organization

Strategic HR and OperationsLakeland Regional Health - SVP & CHRO

This session will describe the HR Executives role as architect and engineer in creating a high performance HR function. It will review the HR planning process including an external assessment, the focus on strategic alignment, the need for a workforce diagnostic to formulate the linkages between talent supply and demand, and the balance between the HR strategic plan and the HR operational plan. The session will highlight how to design a holistic HR measurement system that incorporates goal metrics, descriptive statistics, and predictive human capital analytics, how an HR design blueprint delivers value to the business, and how lean six sigma in HR can deliver on the strategic HR vision.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of the HR Executives role as architect and engineer in creating a high performance HR function.
  • Provide a HR planning model and toolkit to achieve both strategic value and seamless execution.
  • How to conduct a workforce diagnostic to prioritize HR investments and close talent gaps.
  • Designing an effective HR measurement system to make informed human capital decision.


Scott Dimmick
SVP & CHROLakeland Regional Health
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close The Bench

Talent Acquisition & RetentionKAR Auction Services - VP of HR

Talent management is a corporate strategy that should be fully integrated within all employee related processes of an organization. Attracting and retaining talented employees, in a talent management system, is the job of every member of the organization, but especially managers who have reporting staff. Gradually, talent management is getting a broader scope; however in many organizations the focus is still narrow, on the talent pool inside the organization. With the talent broader than ever the challenge is “how can we engage and retain our talent?” More and more talent is not interested in large conglomerates but prefer to work for start-up and even self-employment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identifying key gaps between the talent in place and the talent required to drive business success.
  • Developing talent to enhance performance in current positions as well as readiness for transition to the next level
  • Connection of individual and team goals to corporate goals, and providing clear expectations and feedback to manage performance
  • Utilizing big data analysis to make it easier to detect and predict individual preferences of employees, then organizations can incorporate this knowledge with tailored programs and interventions


Marty Nowlin
VP of HRKAR Auction Services
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Gremlins in the Attic: Uncovering Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

The Children’s Home Society of Florida - Chief Talent Officer

We know diversity efforts help us to increase our talent pools and retention. What we don’t know is that unconscious bias may be lurking underneath, undermining all the good we’re doing. Bias, hidden in the form of an unfair act or policy, costs an enormous amount of lost business, turnover and litigation. This session will provide a background on unconscious bias theory, explore how it applies to people processes and present strategies for reducing it in the workplace.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  • Define the term, unconscious bias.
  • Diagnose the characteristics and behaviors of unconscious, subtle and disguised bias.
  • Implement strategies for increasing awareness of and mitigating unconscious bias.


Heather E. Vogel, MHRD, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Chief Talent OfficerThe Children’s Home Society of Florida
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Celebrating Success & Strengthening Company Culture Through Virtual High Fives

Consilio, LLC - Chief HR Officer

A recognition rich culture is the #1 driver of employee engagement and low turnover. When employees feel appreciated and valued, they’re more likely to give that much more of their efforts and heightened contribution levels. In this presentation, Natalie Stute will share how Consilio has successfully implemented a recognition program that both recognizes and connects employees across their 20 offices and 10 countries globally in a meaningful and sustainable way. By implementing a recognition platform, called Bonusly, Consilio has been able to immediately engage employees (from India to California) in recognizing peers for the great work they do day in and day out on a real-time basis.

  • Learn how to make employee recognition painless and easy
  • Increase employee engagement through peer recognition
  • Learn how to align and reinforce your company core values through recognition
  • Understand best practices and lessons learned in implementing this employee recognition program


Natalie Stute
Chief HR OfficerConsilio, LLC

Industry Dinner

Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close Is Culture Wasted on the Young?

Strategic HR and OperationsCare@Work - VP of Senior Care Services, LICSW

With as four generations of employees now in the workforce, why do we so often look at culture through Millennial pink colored glasses? When we say “family-friendly benefits,” do we really mean “parental leave”? After years of focusing on how to attract, retain and engage Millennials, have we inadvertently closed off our cultures to other crucial populations? The goal of creating a healthy work culture is not to focus on one generation over another, but rather to create an inclusive culture that respects and addresses everyone’s needs. With minor tweaks to existing benefits and modest adjustments to engagement initiatives, we can achieve this goal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies for broadening a “family-friendly” culture to address care needs of all generations
  • How to start affinity groups appealing to a multi-generational workforce
  • Marketing existing cultural initiatives to non-Millennials


Jody Gastfriend
VP of Senior Care Services, LICSWCare@Work

Breakfast Buffet

Tuesday, April 17Breakout Presentation

close Transform Your On-Boarding Experience

Talent Acquisition & RetentionCredit Human - Asst. VP, Leadership & Talent Development Officer

Are you looking for a competitive advantage for your organization? The war for talent is real, and we all know how challenging it is to find the right talent and keep them engaged so that they bring all of themselves to work every single day. This session will teach you how to transform your company’s on-boarding experience into the difference-making competitive advantage you’ve been seeking. You will be inspired to ignite the on-boarding revolution at your organization by learning leading-edge, best practices that you can use to transform your on-boarding experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Engage new employees by connecting them to your organization’s purpose
  • Incorporate innovative gaming techniques into learning to make compliance-like content exciting and memorable
  • Leverage your leadership team to engage them in the on-boarding process
  • Utilize technology to enhance the experience


Jonathan Ellis
Asst. VP, Leadership & Talent Development OfficerCredit Human
Tuesday, April 17Breakout Presentation

close From Low Engagement to 3 Time Gallup Great Workplace Award Winner

Strategic HR and OperationsMary Lanning Memorial Hospital - VP, HR

Attendees will learn how an acute care hospital progressed from very low engagement, high turnover, and poor financial performance to world class engagement, lower turnover and financial success in an 8 year time period. This progress occurred with during a time the company experienced the loss of three CEOs and encroaching competition. The company has won the prestigious Gallup Great Workplace Award three years in a row, and with High Distinction in 2017.

Key Takeaways:

  • Increased engagement is a result of many factors., all of which will be discussed in detail.
  • Employee engagement lives and breathes at the work group level.
  • First line managers are key to the success of employee engagement.
  • Improved performance is influenced mostly through innate talent to perform a task, not improved behavioral initiatives.


Bruce Cutright
VP, HRMary Lanning Memorial Hospital
Tuesday, April 17Breakout Presentation

close Game of Zones: Navigate the Seven Kingdoms of Employee Minds to Enhance Performance

Leadership & Learning DevelopmentThree Rivers Federal Credit Union - Chief Culture Officer

You have to be in your zone to be an agile leader. This Game of Thrones themed session will call on the dragon lore and connectedness of things to show you how to channel inner sight like Bran, defend the wall like Jon Snow, thrive in the unknown like Arya, and find the humor in challenges like Tyrion. There should be a whole lot of dragons, dire wolfs, and ‘damn, did-they-just-say-that’ moments while learning which zone serves you best. We will use mindfulness techniques to unite the seven kingdoms of your mind for the ultimate Game of Zones.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Model for Advanced Emotional Intelligence in the Business World
  • Brain Science behind stress and impact on decision-making
  • 10 proven stress-busting techniques
  • Mindsets of Agile Leaders


Leslie-Anne Harants
Chief Culture OfficerThree Rivers Federal Credit Union
Tuesday, April 17Breakout Presentation

close HR Analytics on a Budget

HR Technology and AnalyticsBaker Tilly - Director, HR Operations & Transactions

If you’re stuck in “report mode” and present monthly data in a static, metrics only format that doesn’t tell a complete story, this is the session for you. Our firm isn’t on an enterprise system, but we have developed enterprise level analytics that didn’t even require budget approval. In this session, we’ll showcase how you and your teams can dive into data to find meaningful, actionable and targeted results. This isn’t a sales pitch: it’s a story about our journey and how the Baker Tilly HR team earned more than just “a seat at the table” in a boardroom full of accountants. We’ve earned a voice.

Key Takeaways:

  • Save time and wow your clients with professional analytics – at no additional cost!
  • Be able to build a better HR dashboard tomorrow with what you learn today.
  • Bonus: a low-cost tool to tell your story (example to be shown)


Mary Goldy
Director, HR Operations & TransactionsBaker Tilly
Tuesday, April 17Breakout Presentation

close Survivor Got It Wrong: Everyone Can Win

Strategic HR and OperationsQuestec Mechanical - CHRO

What makes an employee engage in the organization? What does that look like and is it happening at your organization? This session takes a deep look at what human factors affect an employee’s ability to engage, thrive and be productive at work. We will learn about safety and trust, and how these elements usher in or seriously inhibit authentic communication that managers often think is happening but is not. Culture is everything. This session will provide the insight to understand, assess, and apply proven methods to make your company’s culture the best.

Key Takeaways:

  • an introspective assessment of you as a leader
  • awareness of barriers to communication
  • understanding the power of belonging
  • action steps to implement immediately


Jami Jones
CHROQuestec Mechanical
Tuesday, April 17Breakout Presentation

close Authentic Listening: How to Shift Dynamics and Empower Leaders

Leadership & Learning DevelopmentSilverchair Information Systems - Chief People Officer

Do you feel like others aren’t appreciating the value you bring? Do you have strong technical leaders who struggle with people leadership skills? Feel like you and your organization are having the same conversations? Authentic listening can free you up, make meetings more effective, and increase your decision quality. Authentic listening is more than active listening—it is about leaving someone feeling truly ‘gotten.’ Not necessarily heard, understood, or agreed with—just truly gotten. In this session we will explore what authentic listening is, the science behind it, why it matters, and how to put it into action.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what authentic listening is, how it differs from active listening, and how to do it
  • Understand the neuroscience behind authentic listening
  • How to use authentic listening to build leadership within your role and throughout your organization


Susan Dawson
Chief People OfficerSilverchair Information Systems
Tuesday, April 17thBreakout Presentation

close How Consumerism and Technology Are Disrupting A Legacy Industry

HR Technology and AnalyticsPeerfit - CEO

We’re living in a digital first world. So how is it that the corporate wellness industry has stayed stale and stuck in its ways? As consumerism and technology take over healthcare, the corporate wellness industry is having to shift to embrace new innovations and trends. Learn about current trends in corporate wellness, how digital technologies and personalization are driving exponential growth to programs, disrupting the standard approach to wellness, and how these integrations can help drive a successful wellness program.

Key Takeaways:

  • Current national trends in corporate wellness programs.
  • New innovations in corporate wellness.
  • How companies can start to enact these shifts within their wellness programs.


Ed Buckley


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Angela Patterson VP, Global HR
NewNet Communication Technologies
Angela Timberlake VP of Talent Management
Acosta Sales & Marketing
Annette Sarsfield CHRO
PlayPower Inc
Bill Turner VP of HR
Valir Health
Carla Boren VP & Head of HR
Catherine Gutierrez VP, People Strategy & Ops
Christy Wheeler VP of HR
Grand Sierra Resort
Con Robertson EVP & CPO
Curtis Powell VP of HR
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
David Caffroy VP of HR
Dunn-Edwards Corporation
David Henry VP of HR
Foundation Building Materials
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Moon Valley Nurseries
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Morningside Translations
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Northern Inyo Healthcare District
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Horton Inc
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BenchMark Physical Therapy
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Parkland Health & Hospital System
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Safelite Glass Corp
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HMC Architects
Norman Hill VP of HR
Sheltering Arms
Nancy Fairchild SVP of HR
Luminex Corporation
Nichole DeGidio VP, HR & Adm, Global
A First Flagship Company
Nicole Carter Chief Recruitment & Talent Acquisition
City of Baltimore Dept
Olivia Thurmond VP of HR
Pioneer Human Services
Patricia Holliday VP of HR
Child & Family Services
Peter Lynch Head of Talent Management, Social Responsibility And Inclusion
Great-West Financial
Pierre Towns CTO
Room to Read
Randee Manley VP of HR
Rebecca Snyder VP Organizational Development
Purch Group Inc
Richard Stewart VP of HR
Monogram Food Solutions LLC
Ronnie West CPO
Ruchi Kulhari AVP HR
EXL Services
Savannah Jones VP of HR
WestCare Foundation
Sean Wilkins VP Talent Acquisition
New Penn Financial LLC
Seth Bushouse Executive VP of HR
Sherrice Gilcreast CAO
Community Care Inc


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Your full access conference pass includes overnight accommodations, meals and cocktail receptions.

The Hotel

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Featuring luxurious hotel rooms and suites, three-acre pool backyard, sensuous spa treatments, delectable dining and exciting casino gaming–all overlooking the stunning Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Inspired by the natural beauty of the neighboring mountains,  Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, Las Vegas pays homage to the elegant mid-century modern resorts that made Las Vegas famous. Spacious accommodations are designed with modern contemporary décor and a wealth of amenities like no other hotel rooms in Las Vegas, and include a 42-inch HD TV, VOIP internet phones, an automated, fully-stocked private bar and in-room safe.
Accommodations must be booked through the conference organizers and not through the venue directly. To book your stay please contact:
The closest airport to the hotel is McCarran International Airport (LAS). Red Rock does operate a complimentary shuttle between McCarran Airport and the hotel. You can see the shuttle schedule here. Taxis are also available at the airport and cost approximately $50 each way.
Red Rock Resort, Casino & Spa | 11011 W. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89135