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A 100% peer-driven educational program centered around 5 key themes addressing the entire IT spectrum.


Key Themes

close Cloud Strategy
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Public vs Private Cloud
  • Staffing Changes in a Cloud Environment
  • Controlling Cloud Costs: Leveraging Cloud to Drive Your IT Cost Down
  • Challenges & Opportunities When Switching to the Cloud
  • Developing a Mobile Cloud Strategy for Business
  • Cloud Based Initiatives How to Support Cloud vs. Security
  • Network Integration Between Public and Private Cloud
  • The Future of VoIP & It’s Reliability
  • Security Protocols: Network Security/Cyber Security/Data Security
  • The Use of AI in Data Security: Today’s Opportunities and Challenges
  • Successful Data Governance Approaches
  • Lowering the Risk of a Data Breach When Using the Cloud
  • Protecting Unstructured Data: How Secure Do I Need to Be?
  • Network Visibility and Integration with Security Needs
  • BYOD-Wireless Protection: Implementing Company-Wide Phone Wipes
  • How Do We Make It Easier to Keep Ourselves and Our User Communities Safe?
  • Integration of Security into Strategic Planning Processes and Operations
  • Security vs. Ease of Access
  • Disaster Plans & Business Continuity
  • How to Personalize A.I. and Customer Engagement
  • Leadership Challenges and the Resistance in Changing Processes
  • Strategies on IT Governance - Budgeting and Prioritization
  • Vendor Relations & Contract Negotiations
  • How to Strive in an Environment Where Stated Goals Do Not Match Observed Behavior
  • Understanding the Mechanics of Teaching & Delivering
  • Managing IOT Infrastructure Growth Without the Infrastructure Staff
  • Data Loss Prevention and Backups
  • Enterprise Data Management and Data Classification
  • Utilizing Big Data Analytics: New Tools, New Insights
  • Machine learning and Big Data, What Can Our Data Teach the Machine?
  • How to Monetize Data: Finding the Right Data Analytics Software for Your Needs
  • Dark Data: How to Look at Previously Collected Data, and Use it for Multiple Purposes
  • Does Agile Work in All Software Development Projects? When Does it Work? When Does it Hurt?
  • DevOps Strategy: How to Create a DevOps Culture
  • Keeping Up with Emerging Software Technologies
  • Top Practices for SaaS Application Development
  • Using Technology to Support Anticipated Changes


Get insights from 20+ specialized IT executives making way in the ever-changing world of emerging technologies. Presenters from the 2017 series included:

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Jay Gonzales


Samsung Semiconductor, Inc

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Allen Wuescher

CIO and VP

Toshiba International Corporation

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

John C. Martin


Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Dr. Michael Valivullah



CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Richard Pollack



CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Joseph Green


American Chemical Society

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Liz Reich

VP of IT Asset Management


CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Venkat Kandru

CIO and EVP of IT

The Howard Hughes Corporation

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Keith Knohl

Chief Information Officer


CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Mary Buckley


Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Esteban Velez

VP of IT & Cyber Security

Classic Hotels & Resorts

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Don Reed

VP of Information Technology

Otter Tail Corporation

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Karen M. Davis

VP of Research Computing Division

RTI International

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

David Threm


Ash Brokerage

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Bill Packer


American Financial Resources

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Matthew Mandich

Director, Commercial Strategy

Info-Tech Research Group Inc.

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Doug Spencer

Chief Information Officer

Goldline LLC

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Brian NeSmith

Co-Founder and CEO

Arctic Wolf Networks

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Rob Consoli

Chief Revenue Officer

Liaison Technologies

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Gerald T. Hope

VP Global Technology

Milestone AV Technologies

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Aaron Gette


The Bay Club Company

CIO VISIONS Leadership Spring Summit View More

Joe Kuster

Solution Director, IT Security & Compliance

Catapult Systems


Make every session valuable by selecting up to 3 key themes to mix and match the most relevant topics to you. Sessions from our 2017 series included:

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CIO Leadership & Innovation
Cyber Security

Welcome Cocktail Reception & Registration


Breakfast Buffet


close Fielding Your Vendor Dream Team: MoneyBall for Software

Info-Tech Research Group Inc. - Director, Commercial Strategy

Each year, organizations cumulatively spend nearly 1 trillion dollars on enterprise software & services, and that number is rapidly increasing. The challenge Info-Tech has found is that over 50% of software purchasing decisions are ineffective. Worse, organizations are extremely likely to renew their software regardless of whether they are satisfied with it.

In this session we will share analytical insights from over 5000 in-depth enterprise software reviews we’ve collected from IT and business leaders to help you understand how you can more effectively select and manage enterprise software, and save money while doing it. Learn what processes are most and least effective, and where the risks are.

Hint: it’s not where you think.


Matthew Mandich
Director, Commercial StrategyInfo-Tech Research Group Inc.

Targeted Research Meetings

Expo Hall
MondayBreakout Presentation

close DATA: Will We Ever Have Enough?

Milestone AV Technologies - VP Global Technology

It seems like today’s businesses require more and more data to be competitive.  What should we be concerned with the proliferation of data?  How to do we manage it?  What value can we derive from it?

  • 90% of all the data in the world has been created in the past 2 years
  • The National Nuclear Security Administration records 10,000,000 hacks a day
  • IDC Digital Universe predicts that by 2020 emerging markets will have over 25 Zettabytes of space used with over 40 Zettabytes in the entire universe
  • Hybrid Clouds and the next generation Data Lake
  • Data awareness and data aware players like Data Gravity and Qumulo run real-time data analytics at the storage dice level


Gerald T. Hope
VP Global TechnologyMilestone AV Technologies
MondayBreakout Presentation

close The Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Bay Club Company - CIO

There is a growing concern within IT leadership and business operators that not knowing how to engage with AI will put them in the rear-view mirror, but in many ways, it’s still early.

  • IT one of the larges adopters of AI; in computer-to-computer transactions
  • AI making IT Security Professionals more valuable to employer
  • IT is using AI to resolve tech support issues
  • Opportunities or applications of AI won’t replace people but it produces great results.


Aaron Gette
CIOThe Bay Club Company
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Cybersecurity: A Pragmatic Approach

The Howard Hughes Corporation - CIO and EVP of IT

In the age of constant threats, ever-changing security solutions, and never-ending accountability, how does a CISO ensure the integrity of the corporate data and computing assets? In this session, we will explore and share a pragmatic approach of achieving maturity in technology, people, process and accountability in the world of cybersecurity. By practicing the cybersecurity from the view point of these four core pillars, attaining the required maturity is not only possible but also is not nerve racking.

  • Technology: Prevent, detect, monitor and respond
  • People: Bring awareness, make them accountable, enhance communication
  • Process: Define policies, communicate risk, share incidents’ impact, instill confidence
  • Accountability: Board of Directors, Shareholders, Customers and Employees

Above all, this discussion will focus on “Get it right” and “Keep it right with the changing threat scape.”


Venkat Kandru
CIO and EVP of ITThe Howard Hughes Corporation
MondayBreakout Presentation

close What Could and Should Organizations Be Doing to Decrease Their Average Time to Detect Mega-Breaches

American Chemical Society - CISO

In an era of mega-breaches where the average compromise goes undetected for more than 200 days, what could and should organizations be doing to decrease their average time to detect.

During this session, Joe Greene will host a collaborative panel group discussion focused on shared lessons learned, challenges, best practices, and Q&A with the audience


Joseph Green
CISOAmerican Chemical Society
MondayBreakout Presentation

close The Scary Marriage of Disruptive Innovation and Dark Data

Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources - CIO

Come hear about the “Scary Marriage” of Mr. Christensen’s theories of “Disruptive Innovation” and the concept of “Dark Data” was executed at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and how that combination brought new revenue streams to the State of Georgia.

  • What is Dark Data & Disruptive Innovation
  • A simple 4 step framework for implementing Disruptive Innovation in your organization
  • How can you leverage Dark Data to enhance revenue at your organization
  • What is a single strategy an organization can use to successfully combine the two
  • Case study of how it worked at Georgia DNR


John C. Martin
CIOGeorgia Dept. of Natural Resources
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Technical Staffing: Recruitment and Retention Challenges and Solutions

RTI International - VP of Research Computing Division

The Research Triangle Park area in NC is known as a hub of technology companies. As a result, competition is fierce for technology staff. This session will discuss the challenges inherent in technology staffing in a highly competitive environment, and some of the solutions we have employed.

  • Challenges in recruiting and retaining high quality technology staff, including mobile developers
  • Solutions tried — the successes and the failures
  • Opportunities to retain staff, rather than having to recruit constantly to replace those who have left the organization.


Karen M. Davis
VP of Research Computing DivisionRTI International
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Technology Infrastructure Program: A Process to Grid Modernization

Otter Tail Corporation - VP of Information Technology

Long-term vision and framework for proactive investments in technology and infrastructure, which enable a mobile, automated, analytics-based future to optimally and efficiently operate utility.

  • GIS will be the primary source for most company data unless disproven and GIS will be integrated with nearly all major company systems to improve decision making
  • AMI will be strategically deployed to minimize employee change and maximize benefits
  • Greater interconnected systems that minimize redundancy of feature sets
  • Communications and other operational systems will enable switches to operate remotely to isolate system issues. This will enable demand savings and energy efficiency possibilities through automated regulator and capacitor control (i.e. Conservation Voltage Reduction, Volt/Var Optimization) Customer loads will be synched to the markets to react in real time to pricing signals to improve load factors and system efficiency. (DERMS) This communication system will be used to support all utility applications from SCADA, to AMI, to load management.


Don Reed
VP of Information TechnologyOtter Tail Corporation



Targeted Research Meetings

Expo Hall
MondayBreakout Presentation

close On The Right Side of A Merger

Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital - CIO

In 2013 The Chester County Hospital reached out to a much larger University of Pennsylvania Health System. Healthcare economists were forecasting Accountable Care Networks that could only be satisfied by organizations with more than $5Billion in revenues. With only $300Million in revenues, our marketplace sustainability was at risk. The culture at CCH called for high quality, low cost delivery of patient care. We were willing to bring our culture to an organization as we traded off our autonomy.

  • IT leads the way. New systems, new work-flows. Be prepared to take the leadership role across all organizational disciplines to introduce change.
  • Get out in front. Don’t wait for the Merger to dictate change. Be ready to use your skills to your advantage.
  • Don’t pass judgment. People come to work every day to do a good job. Let them express themselves.
  • You need your legacy staff to plow through the Merger activity. Show them you care.
  • Be part of the teams – yes, both teams – legacy team and new larger team.


Mary Buckley
CIOPenn Medicine Chester County Hospital
MondayBreakout Presentation

close How To Recover From an IT Crisis?

Classic Hotels & Resorts - VP of IT & Cyber Security

Steps on what to do during a technology crisis. Wrong and right ways and how others handle similar situations. Necessary to have audience involvement as there is no right way.

  • Its going to happen?
  • What to do when it happens?
  • Multiple levels to what a crisis is, virus, system failure, power outage, INTERNET outage, data breach.
  • How to utilize your resources and recover?
  • How to translate IT speak to the masses in your business? This is key as communication and recovery steps are most likely overlapping as you and your teams try to recover from the IT Crisis.


Esteban Velez
VP of IT & Cyber SecurityClassic Hotels & Resorts
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Analytics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: The What and How?


This presentation will explain big data analytics, internet of things (IoT), machine learning, neural networks, deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. It will also cover how these technologies are being leveraged to increase efficiencies in enterprise’s daily operations, to identify new business opportunities and to enhance customer service.

  • Distinction between and understanding of: Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neural Nets, etc.
  • Examples of how these technologies are being used to create new business models and enhance customer service
  • How to integrate data from various sensors (IoT) – Challenges and opportunities
  • How sensors are being used in Precision Agriculture to increase profit
  • How to initiate digital transformation in a legacy organization


Dr. Michael Valivullah
MondayCase Study

close A Mid-Sized Company's Two Year Journey to The Cloud

American Financial Resources - CIO

American Financial faced a choice between continued investment in on-premise and co-location facilities or to proceed into the cloud.  Once determining that the cloud was the right choice, it had to choose between the public cloud, a private cloud or a hybrid.  Once determining that the public cloud was the right solution, which public cloud?

  • Start with the problem statement – what and why are you trying to achieve
  • Analyze your investment choices – both from an economic standpoint and a tax standpoint
  • Reinvent your staff earlier (and often)!
  • Be open to changing direction – this space is evolving fast
  • Be open to opportunities somewhat related to your primary business model


Bill Packer
CIOAmerican Financial Resources
MondayCase Study

close An Analytics Journey: Case Study Over 7 Years

VCUHealth - CIO & VP

Beginning in 2009 and seeing the future need for a “center of excellence” around Analytics, we set about laying the foundation to what would become (7 years later) an 18 person “Enterprise Analytics” department reporting to the corporate level VP of Strategy. That journey encompassed multiple and sequential steps along a path to eventual success.

  • Understanding the needed “ecosystem” to support successful Enterprise Analytics
  • Understand how to achieve executive buy in and support for changing the status quo
  • Realize the value and role played by a defined Data Governance/Data Stewardship structure
  • Consider the increased complexities brought to the EDW when the schema includes EMR data


Richard Pollack
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Building a Transformational IT Team: Create the Future and Make it Sustainable

Ash Brokerage - EVP & CIO

Talent acquisition, development and retention are critical to all IT projects, and especially to digital transformation. Building transformational and high performance teams requires a general framework, a vision towards the future and a means to sustain progress in the event of team, talent and market disruptions. In this session we’ll discuss how you can acquire, create and retain highly performing IT teams despite adversity and change.

  • Surround yourself with exceptional senior leadership, 3 to 5 key members
  • Tie into the local universities in a big way – advisory committees, adjuncts, etc.
  • Build your intern bench as large as your organization will allow
  • Create a social contract – everyone must develop their replacement
  • Develop future technical, managerial and executive leaders
  • For complete employee buy-in, make your framework organizationally agnostic
  • Pay employees at or slightly above area market


David Threm
EVP & CIOAsh Brokerage
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Technology Development at Scale: a LeSS Overview

Goldline LLC - Chief Information Officer

Traditional sequential-lifecycle application development doesn’t work well.  Since 2001, Agile development and Scrum in particular have revolutionized software development.  LeSS is a scaling framework that finds the sweet spot between defined concrete elements and empirical process control.  LeSS as a framework is more than a set of principles and experiments. It also provides a framework with rules. The LeSS Rules define what is LeSS (and what isn’t) and they provide a concrete framework for applying LeSS.

  • LeSS Principles
  • A Framework that Focuses on Customer Value and Rapid Innovation
  • Organizational Impact of Agile at Scale


Doug Spencer
Chief Information OfficerGoldline LLC

Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet


close A Team For All Times

MasterCard - VP of IT Asset Management

Team building is not a party…but it doesn’t have to be a circus! When we recognize we can leverage seemingly unpredictable human nature, we can collectively effect positive change. Learn how expecting the unexpected can create a collaborative and effective team. KEY TAKEAWAYS You cannot always know all the variables – sometimes “good enough” is all you get It is always about the numbers – know your costs to defend your value Managers hire you for what they need not for what you want to do – learn the difference to make a difference Changing perception is hard: Say what you mean, mean what you say and don’t say it mean Team building is not a party…but it doesn’t have to be a circus! When we recognize we can leverage seemingly unpredictable human nature, we can collectively effect positive change. Learn how expecting the unexpected can create a collaborative and effective team.


Liz Reich
VP of IT Asset ManagementMasterCard

Targeted Research Meetings

Expo Hall
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Cybersecurity War Stories: Tales from the Trenches

Arctic Wolf Networks - Co-Founder and CEO

In today’s world, it’s imperative for organizations of all sizes to have an online presence to succeed in business. But there’s a risk to always being connected—organizations are prime targets for cyber attacks. Recent ransomware strains like Petya and WannaCry demonstrate how business can be brought to a grinding halt by encrypting your business critical data. Join CEO and Founder of Arctic Wolf Networks (AWN), Brian NeSmith, as he highlights some of the most interesting attacks that Arctic Wolf Networks has seen in 2017. You’ll also hear why a robust SOC-as-a-service with human augmented machine learning is critical to bolster your defenses against the most advanced of threats.


Brian NeSmith
Co-Founder and CEOArctic Wolf Networks
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close How to Prepare for the Journey to Your Data-Inspired Future

Liaison Technologies - Chief Revenue Officer

In today's connected world, data is bombarding your enterprise from every direction: social media feeds, wearables, machine sensors, mobile devices, and cloud applications—not to mention the myriad of traditional applications still used in typical organizations. All these disparate sources churn out an estimated staggering 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day. As the availability of data exponentially increases, unprecedented opportunities exist to revolutionize your business—and the world. But so do unprecedented integration and data management challenges. This presentation will ask and answer questions to prepare your organization for its exciting—yet complex—journey to a data-inspired future.
  • How are other enterprises leveraging data to disrupt their market spaces?
  • What is changing in today's data landscape that represents not only significant challenges, but also tremendous opportunities?
  • Why is it important to move to a data-centric IT approach (vs. today's prevalent application-centric approach)?
  • What would it mean to be able to free siloed data for new business insights?
  • What could Data Platform as a Service (dPaaS) do for your company?


Rob Consoli
Chief Revenue OfficerLiaison Technologies
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Zero Trust: A New, More Agile, Effective Approach to Security

Catapult Systems - Solution Director, IT Security & Compliance

Perimeter-centric security models simply don't work in today's digital workplace. Users and data are no longer bound to the company firewall, which requires a new approach to IT Security. CIOs must instead adapt data and identity centric security to successfully protect their company.
  • Current approaches to security can’t mitigate the consequences of a breach.
  • A zero trust approach to security doesn’t distinguish between internal and external networks.
  • You're able to leverage existing investments in technology and skills through the Zero Trust Security method.
  • The zero trust model allows companies to transform digitally.


Joe Kuster
Solution Director, IT Security & ComplianceCatapult Systems



Active IT pros help us design a relevant and 100% peer-led educational program. Members from the 2017 series included:

Steering Committee Members

Walter Kolodziey CIO
American Bath Group
Andy Green VP, Global Infrastructure
Tim Davis VP of IT
The Krystal Company
Gerald Hope VP-Global Head of IT
Milestone AV Technologies LLC
Craig Bowman VP
Rakesh Patel Assistant CIO & Director of Technology
Pinellas County Government, Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller
Karen Davis VP Research Computing Division
RTI International
Vahe Antonian VP
Credit Suisse First Boston LLC
Tom Valva Chief Technology Architect Enterprise Applications
Ben Cranmore CIO
Furniture Outlets USA Inc.
Brian Mehle CIO
Atlantic Specialty Lines
Ed Jarecki Assistant VP Enterprise IT and PMO
Bellevue University
Frank Zalich VP of IT
Neighborhood House Association
George Prior CIO
Burgess Group
Hugh Miller CIO, CTA
San Antonio
James Peterson CIO
Joseph Meadors SVP, IT and Facilities, CISO
Harrison College
Joseph Moreau Vice Chancellor of Technology & CTO
Foothill-De Anza Community College District
Michael Ouren CIO
Mugunth Vaithylingam CIO
College of Southern Nevada
Sean Hagarty CIO - VP of IT
Steve Gebhart CTO
Willis Marti CISO
Texas A&M University


Over the year’s we’ve help thousands of senior level IT executives connect with peers in different industries to discuss their top-of-mind directives. Delegates from the 2017 series included:

Attendee Testimonials

"It’s a great event with a fresh approach on how to make these conferences more productive. I enjoyed comparing notes with the IT and Business leaders of companies who are going through rapid growth and having similar challenges. The vendor meeting format, makes the best use of time for both the attendees and vendors, to better understand their offerings in a personalized and focused environment."

"I enjoy attending these events as I am able to gather information on emerging technologies and discuss current trends, all in a short time frame. I can quickly arrive at conclusions on what will best serve my needs as an IT leader. I would recommend the event to anyone who shares leadership roles in IT as an avenue for education and real-world solutions. I find that it connects me with partners in the industry on a national global level."

"The format of the sessions and one-on-one meeting with vendors was a very effective use of my time. The best part of the event is the experts from various areas of information security and solution providers under one roof. It provided an opportunity to learn in a succinct manner without spending too many days out of the office."

"As CIOs we understand the need to network and learn from our peers and experts in the market place. The good news is that there are a plethora of opportunities for us to attend CIO centric events, but sadly, therein lies the difficulty. We have limited time and need to select the events that help us provide the best technological guidance to the enterprises we serve. Having served on many panels and chaired many sessions across many of these events, I have narrowed down the events I attend to a handful. CIO VISIONS is one of them. "

Attendee List


CIO VISIONS is the IT industry’s fastest growing event, quickly establishing a reputation as the boiling pot of information, ideas and solutions. Sponsors from the 2017 series included:


North America's leading IT executive-level event plays host to over 500 attendees each year. In the last decade, we’ve produced 15 large scale CIO VISIONS summits across America.


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