28 June - 2 July, 2021 | CONNECT HR Virtual Summit

We're delighted to host you at the CONNECT HR Virtual Summit. To make sure this experience absolutely exceeds your expectations, we need a little help.

This is primarily a 'solutions-driven' event. That means our top priority is finding the best solutions for your current challenges and priorities. With our team of experts and intuitive matching algorithms, we can do it without you having to lift a finger, if you take a minute to thoughtfully complete this registration.

Start by confirming your information below. Once your registration is complete, we'll match you with the solution providers best suited to tackling your unique problems, starting with One2One meetings. Thanks again and welcome to CONNECT HR.

This offer is not open to suppliers of solutions.

First off, tell us a little more about your company. This info helps us keep our audience exclusive and specific, and that means we can serve you even better.

    This is the fun part. Upon completion of your One2One solution provider meetings, we’ll send a gift directly to your door. Decide if you’re taking 6 or 8 meetings and select your corresponding reward below.*

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    Next, let us know your availability to take meetings the week of the event and we'll schedule meetings only within your chosen times. Please choose a minimum of 3 time slots. Each meeting is 30 minutes long. All times are in British Summer Time (BST).*

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This is the most important page. This info is how we match you to the best solutions in the industry. Provide as much detail as you can and we’ll connect you with the right people for your One2One solution provider meetings.