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This year, the 100% peer-driven educational program will be centered around 4 key themes addressing the most pressing challenges in manufacturing.


Key Themes

close Aerospace Manufacturing & Product Innovation
  • Evolving Manufacturing Processes While Minimizing Impact to Current Programs

  • Leadership alignment via Strategic Goal Deployment

  • Innovation Strategies for Product Development

  • Overcoming adoption challenges of 3D Printing

  • Advanced Manufacturing Approaches for Legacy Designs

  • Emerging Technologies and Strategies for Implementation

  • Leveraging the Supply Base and Understanding

  • Smart Model Automation Programs

  • Integration Challenges of Automation Assembly

  • Maintaining an Experienced Workforce with An Aging Workforce Population

  • How to Achieve High Levels of Employee Engagement

  • A Look at an Autonomous Team


Get insights from 20+ manufacturing executives who are in the field addressing industry challenges. Check out last year's speakers!

IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

Binny Samuel

Offering Leader, Internet of Things


IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

Brian Hullinger

Director, Engineering


IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

Conrad Leiva

VP Product Strategy and Alliances

iBASEt Inc.

IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

Dorel Agafitei

Vice President of Quality

Crane Aerospace and Electronics

IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

Iris Tsidon



IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

John L. Knolla

Director, Product Support Engineering & Certification

LMI Aerospace

IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

Jon Sobel


Sight Machine

IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

Paul Hogendoorn


Freepoint Tecnologies Inc.

IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

Paul Oldroyd

Technical Fellow, Manufacturing & Engineering Process Development

Bell Helicopter

IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

Philippe Babel

Director of Operations

Zodiac Aerospace Corporation

IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

Sam Davis

Director, Engineering Professional Development

Lockheed Martin

IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

Stephen Engel

Senior Vice President, Practice Lead

Hitachi Consulting

IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

Thomas A. Schubert

Chief Engineering Officer

Gibbs & Cox, Inc.

IMPACT Aerospace & Defense Summit View More

Youping Gao, Ph.D.

Discipline Lead, Additive Manufacturing

Aerojet Rocketdyne


Make every session valuable by selecting up to 4 key themes to mix and match the most relevant topics to you.


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Aerospace Manufacturing & Product Innovation
Additive Manufacturing Implementation
Automation Assembly & Supply Chain Management
Workforce Management in Aerospace & Defense

Welcome Cocktail Reception & Registration


Breakfast Buffet


close Operationalizing Digital Manufacturing

By 2022 Smart factories will deliver an estimated $500B in value and a 7x increase in overall productivity. What can manufacturing leaders do today to ensure short-term investments support the capabilities required for near and long-term Digital Manufacturing success?
  • How can companies identify their current level of Digital Readiness?
  • What use cases become available as a company increases their Digital Readiness?
  • What pitfalls threaten successful Digital Manufacturing implementations?
  • What has Sight Machine learned from working with the world's most advanced Digital Manufacturers?


Jon Sobel
CEOSight Machine

Targeted Research Meetings

Breakout Presentation

close Building Blocks to a Connected Real-Time Digital Enterprise

Integrated manufacturing processes enabled by the model-based enterprise (MBE) leverage 3D models throughout the product lifecycle into a “digital thread”. Technologies including IIoT connected equipment, optimized 3D illustrated instructions, automated inspection, augmented reality, and advanced analytics are converging into a new platform to achieve revolutionary new levels of productivity.
  • Goals of a Digital Thread in the Real-Time Digital Enterprise
  • What does the Digital Thread look like today?
  • How do we put building blocks in place for increased digital connectivity?
  • Expected Benefits from realizing a true Digital Thread for the entire product lifecycle


Conrad Leiva
VP Product Strategy and AlliancesiBASEt Inc.
Breakout Presentation

close Cognitive Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Are you ready for Industry 4.0? Manufacturing leaders are under constant pressure to improve plant efficiency despite rising component and raw materials costs, shrinking margins, and increased competition. We want you to succeed in the digital disruption era. Harness the power of your data and apply artificial intelligence to your operations and supply chain. One of our clients doubled production output without doubling their production assets.  See how cognitive manufacturing can improve productivity and decision-making for your factory.
  • Understand how Internet of Things, analytics and machine learning technologies are transforming operations
  • Discover the top applications for Cognitive/AI in Manufacturing- including intelligent assets, cognitive processes, and smarter resources.
  • Learn how to get started in applying AI to your operations and supply chain


Binny Samuel
Offering Leader, Internet of ThingsIBM
Breakout Presentation

close Time to Outperform the Industry

The inevitable march of commoditization has finally arrived on portions of the Aerospace & Defense market’s doorstep. It’s changing the fundamental basis of competition in the industry and shaking the foundation on which many companies have based their strategies. Companies that rethink their strategies and business models can improve financial performance and outperform the Aerospace & Defense industry over the next decade. The new Aerospace Quality Management System standard for the aviation, space and defense industries comes to support the alignment of quality strategy with company strategy.
  • Strategy deployment aims to formulate clear corporate objectives and goals, disseminating and aligning those objectives throughout all levels of the organization, and then creating plans of action to achieve those objectives
  • Rethinking the constraints that are the basis upon which strategy and business model decisions are made today will be the hallmark of those companies that will outperform the market.
  • Making better strategy and business model choices demonstrably improves financial performance


Dorel Agafitei
Vice President of QualityCrane Aerospace and Electronics
Breakout Presentation

close Pursuing Operation Excellence

This case study will highlight L-3 Communications' integration of Strategic Goal Deployment  (SGD) using the concepts of Operational Excellence to gain buy-in and integration throughout their Sector.


Brian Strobel
Director of QualityL-3 Communications Corporation
Breakout Presentation

close Product and Service Innovation in a Competitive Landscape - Meeting the Challenge

Discuss challenges and approaches for defining product and service offerings in the face of new or enhanced competition or during tough market conditions.  Focus on current trends and opportunities in Commercial Space, Connectivity (inflight entertainment), UAV/UAS (unmanned), and Certification including how to seek and gain internal approval and customer acceptance.
  • Discover current market needs and trends
  • Define the product or service including internal as well as external benefits/ROI
  • Develop the internal sales pitch to gain management approval
  • Demonstrate mastery of the subject matter
  • Dominate the market space


John L. Knolla
Director, Product Support Engineering & CertificationLMI Aerospace
Breakout Presentation

close A Look at an Autonomous Team / Matrix Organization

This presentation of an autonomous team concept will address the link between an autonomous team and a reactive organization, how to standardize efficient processes and how to improve standards with suggested ideas of teams and support functions.
  •  Responsibilities & accountability are critical
  •  A learning organization to get the continuous improvement dynamic
  • The power of Visual management to support the autonomous team


Philippe Babel
Director of OperationsZodiac Aerospace Corporation



Targeted Research Meetings

Breakout Presentation

close Improving Productivity Levels in R&D Environment

This presentation addresses the ongoing problem all managers face, motivating your employees.  Strategies to retain and keep employees engaged all while developing visionary talent in today’s workforce.
  • Recruitment and retaining employees
  • Standardizing as many tasks as you can
  • Clear and exciting vision for the future
  • Keep and Improve employee engagement


Brian Hullinger
Director, EngineeringStandardAero
Breakout Presentation

close Smart Manufacturing: Connect Your Machine to Significantly Improve Machine Efficiency

Manufacturers face disruption in this digital world. A desire to compete is a prime reason why IDC finds that 75% of industrial manufacturers have technology initiatives driven by digital transformation. At Dell, we understand the challenges faced by manufacturers because we are one, and offer an expansive portfolio of solutions from Industrial PCs to Rugged Tablets which address these top needs.  In this session we will cover real deployments where we are enabling manufactures (including ourselves) to achieve digital transformation with our broad industrial solutions.
  • Key use cases to start your digital transformation journey with
  • Achieving digital transformation in your operations with flexible infrastructure
  • The importance of Edge analytics to future proof your IoT/Automation deployments
  • How to scale faster and safer with the right security and manageability strategy


Kevin Terwilliger
IoT Solutions DirectorDell
Breakout Presentation

close Connecting Machines and Your People - Using IIOT to Make Your Factory

FreePoint is making the factory floor "millennial ready" by connecting all value adding machines and processes to the cloud without modification, regardless of the machine type, brand or age, and then making the work accomplished visible to both management and workers in real time, in effect gamifying the work.
Measuring the performance of your machines is only a small part of the objective - having the data affect positive change is the key, and that is best accomplished by better engaging your people.
  • Every value adding machine or process can be connected to the cloud easily with FreePoint, - not just new machines or expensive machines, but older machines and manual processes too. Usually within an hour
  • Younger workers require feedback and visualization of goals and results accomplished. Visualization of work accomplished is key to engagement and motivation
  • FreePoint's patent pending technology makes it easy to gamify any process
  • Gamification can improve productivity by as much as 35%
  • The value added metrics used for engagement can be plugged into ERPs and other systems


Paul Hogendoorn
PresidentFreepoint Tecnologies Inc.
Breakout Presentation

close Shipbuilding Applications of 3D Laser Scanning

3D Scanning technology is affordable and widely applicable within complex manufacturing environments.  In this presentation, Gibbs & Cox, Inc. will illustrate applications of this technology in the shipbuilding environment to resolve design issues discovered during construction, monitor construction physical progress, and ensure consistency between the 3D design model and the as-built configuration.
  •  Understand the state of the market for precision 3D laser scanning hardware and software
  •  Understand how scan data can be integrated with other 3D design information
  •  Learn the potential of scan data in resolving interferences or other design issues during construction of complex systems
  •  Learn how scan data can be used to document construction physical progress to support EVM or other measures
  •  Learn how scan data can be used to ensure consistency between the 3D design model and the as-built configuration


Thomas A. Schubert
Chief Engineering OfficerGibbs & Cox, Inc.
Breakout Presentation

close Robust Additive Manufacturing Development for Robust Production Implementation

Metal additive manufacturing has demonstrated cost saving, schedule reduction, and product performance gain in terms of weight saving, higher performance output, higher product reliability.  In many cases, for a geometrically complicated hardware, the cost and schedule savings each can exceed 80% compared to the similar product produced with traditional manufacturing processes.  The compounding factors of savings have resulted the product’s cost on component level to be at tiny fraction of the original’s along with performance gain have made the additive manufacturing an indispensable part of today’s product development and production.  The critical part for implementing an AM production strategy is ensuring a consistent and robust AM process capable of delivering high quality AM hardware that is well characterized and defects free.  In this case study, additively manufactured hardware for Orion crew module spacecraft’s reaction control system is presented.
  • Upon completion, participants will be able to understand AM process control and achieve Qualified Metallurgical Process in AM production
  • Upon completion, participants will be able to take advantages of AM process and apply it to mission critical applications
  • Upon completion, participants will be able to evaluate and select the most fit AM processes for productions


Youping Gao, Ph.D.
Discipline Lead, Additive ManufacturingAerojet Rocketdyne

Cocktail Reception


Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet


close Building Smarter Manufacturing with The Internet of Things

Are you pleased with your current margins?  Does your revenue grow by single digits?  Is 2017 another year of “trimming costs” to be more efficient with the result being mediocre at best?
Hitachi has 100+ years of manufacturing experience.  Today, convergence of operational technology and information technology enables manufacturers to be more efficient, agile, and profitable.   Learn how Hitachi has employed IoT and Advanced Analytics to solve internal manufacturing challenges and address customer pain points, to realize real operational savings.
  • Where is manufacturing headed? IoT will fundamentally change how products are invented, manufactured, shipped and sold
  • With IoT, IP networks and analytics, manufacturers can become more efficient, improve worker safety and offer new business models
  • IoT will help manufacturers improve resource efficiency, safety and return on assets
  • Manufacturers that master this new dynamic will have a variety of new opportunities for revenue growth and cost savings


Stephen Engel
Senior Vice President, Practice LeadHitachi Consulting

Targeted Research Meetings

Breakout Presentation

close From P&L to Artificial Intelligence

Experience Artificial Intelligence for Operational Excellence in this hands-on workshop. We have transformed a real-life business challenge into an interactive game. Get ahead of the curve, and experience for yourself how cutting-edge technologies are transforming the way people manage their businesses.
  • Key concepts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Collective Intelligence
  • Real-life example of how they can be implemented to improve Operational Excellence
  • Key Performance Indicators and Business Notification samples
  • Have fun while learning about innovative technologies


Maya Gal
Breakout Presentation

close Engagement and Execution: Modern Supply Chain Solutions

Today's competitive aerospace environment requires adaption, agility, and responsiveness throughout the entire A&D Supply Chain.  Buyers and Sellers must partner together to offer solutions to the scrutinized budgets, compliance, and schedules while driving demonstrative progress that keeps Programs "sold" and employees engaged.  Overcoming modern obstacles through Engagement and Execution.
  • Engagement – The Art of Understanding
  • Supply Chain: Re-energized
  • Maintaining Agility in a Compliant Environment
  • Just in Time – Just Done Wrong
  • Evolution of Execution


Sam Davis
Director, Engineering Professional DevelopmentLockheed Martin



Experienced industry leaders help us design a relevant and 100% peer-led educational program. Take a look at last year's members!

Steering Committee Members

Chad Stefonowicz Senior Facilities Manager
Honeywell International Inc
Hani Noshi Director, Operational Excellence
Philippe Babel Director of Operations
Zodiac Aerospace Corporation
Ahmed Bakhsh Director of Int'l Engineering
Lockheed Martin
Carter Biggs Manager - Business Optimization
Bell Helicopter Corporation
Pete Bunce President & CEO
General Aviation Manufacturers Association
Conrad Leiva VP Product Strategy & Alliances
iBASEt Inc
Paul Oldroyd Technical Fellow, Mfg. & Engineering Process Dev.
Bell Helicopter Corporation
Mark Peterson VP Operations
L-3 Communications Corporation
Joe Phillips Director Engineering
Textron Inc.
Jeffrey Reed Director, Vehicle Engineering
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Dick Yerington Operations Manager
Orscheln Products L.L.C
Clifford Smith Director, Engineering


Over the year’s we’ve hosted senior level executives from over 80% of the Fortune 100 as well as thousands of up and coming mid-market organizations. See last year's attendees!

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IMPACT is the manufacturing industry’s fastest growing event, quickly establishing a reputation as the deal generating show. Explore out last year's solution partners!


The manufacturing industry's leading executive-level conference plays host to over 500 senior-level attendees each year. In the last decade, we’ve produced 10 large scale IMPACT conferences across America.

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