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CMO Spring 2019 High Profile Speakers

Strategic endeavors and skillful insights from 30+ seasoned executives address the challenges in today’s customer experience landscape.

Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Linda Goldstein

EVP, Customer Experience & Marketing

CSAA Insurance Group

Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Jeff Hamilton

Head of Consumer Insights


Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Alison Biggan

President of Corporate Marketing


Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Karen Olson

Chief Marketing Officer

Space Needle

Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

VJ Bala

Partner, CMO, US Health


Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Cindy Donohoe

EVP, Chief Marketing Officer

Highmark Health

Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Lydia Daly

SVP, Social Media and Branded Content Strategy


Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Darren Taylor

Chief Marketing Officer


Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Gregory Burton

Vice President, Marketing

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Laston Charriez

Head of Marketing

Pilgrim's Pride

Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Leith Chahed

VP Marketing Analytics

BNY Mellon

Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Patty Mishic

Chief Commercial Officer


Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Steven Hardy

Vice President, Human Resources


Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Raymond Roker

Head, AEG Studios, AEG Global Partnerships


Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Patti Newcomer

Vice President of Marketing and Analytics

Intuit ProConnect

Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Rachel McClary, PhD.

Chief Marketing Officer


Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Michael Margolies

VP, Marketing + Creative

Leggett & Platt

Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Josh Hackbarth

Vice President, Franchise Management & Marketing

Warner Bros.

Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Ash Parikh

SVP Marketing


Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Lance Loveday


Closed Loop

Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Jessica Fewless

VP, Field and Partner Marketing


Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Tyson Quick

Founder & CEO


Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Brian Warrick

General Manager, North America


Connect CX Innovation Fall Summit View More

Jae Lee

Global Product Marketing


CMO Spring 2019 Full Agenda

Your personal concierge will craft a custom schedule based on your interests and priorities.

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MondayBreakout Session

close How to Get and Keep Customers - Transforming Your Customer Journey

Customer Journey and Engagement AnalyticsCoorstek - Chief Commercial Officer

How customers purchase is more complex than ever before. People are changing jobs more frequently. Companies are evolving quickly. New competitors are entering the market. It’s more important than ever that we understand the thoughts, feelings and actions of our customers. Who are they? What is life like for them on the job? What influencers are knocking at their door? How can we become a partner that delivers solutions and helps them innovate and prepare for tomorrow?

CoorsTek is a dominant player in the ceramics market offering global manufacturing support. Yet the potential exists for them to strengthen their perception as a leader by understanding their customer’s decision-making process, their mindset and targeting what matters most to them through a transformational Customer Journey.

Key Take-Aways 

  • How to create a Customer Pathway that reflects the mindset and actions of your customers
  • How to create a Company Pathway that aligns with the customer’s pathway
  • How to develop and use Customer Personas (profiles) to build understanding and drive engagement
  • How to strengthen your company perception as a partner and leader with your customers



Patty Mishic
Chief Commercial OfficerCoorstek
MondayBreakout Session

close 9 Trends to Shape Marketing in 2019

Connecting Strategy, Technology and ExecutionIBM - Global Product Marketing

Marketing isn’t what it used to be. You’ve got big data. You’ve got artificial intelligence. You’ve got GDPR and agile workflows. All of which ladder up to the holy grail of creating an ever-better customer experience. If you want to compete in this rapid digital world, you need to make your customers happy. Constantly. In this session, you’ll learn about 9 of the trends you can’t ignore that will drive the world of marketing in 2019.

Key Takeaways:

  • How leveling up your talent is key to maintaining the best customer experiences and marketing technologies.
  • How the Director of Marketing Data is now the hottest new role.
  • How Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are making hyper-personalization a reality.
  • How GDPR can help marketers tighten up data hygiene and build more customer trust.


Jae Lee
Global Product MarketingIBM
MondayBreakout Session

close Beyond The Screen: Delivering the Expectedly Unexpected

Brand-Driven Storytelling and Elevating Your ContentWarner Bros. - Vice President, Franchise Management & Marketing

Fans of your brand are no longer just consumers, but the creators, the collaborators, the influencers of culture. Through elevated approaches to experiences, products, and social conversation, we can connect with our fans in increasingly surprising ways and ensure our brands stay organically relevant.  In this session, we’ll dive into specific examples of how popup shops, product collaborations and influencer marketing have engaged new audiences for an entertainment portfolio that has been delighting audiences for nearly a century.

Key Take-aways:

  • How to tap nostalgic trends and drive relevancy for new generations
  • The importance of aligning every fan engagement to foundational cultural pillars
  • Approaches to flexible content plans that can be applied across any channel.


Josh Hackbarth
Vice President, Franchise Management & MarketingWarner Bros.
MondayBreakout Session

close Proof and Blue Chickens: A Case Study on How Authenticity and Wit Hit a Nerve and Solved a Crisis

Customer Journey and Engagement AnalyticsHighmark Health - EVP, Chief Marketing Officer

Allegheny Health Network had a quality perception problem, but instead of making promises, they showed the #LivingProof. Dozens of extraordinary, in-the-moment patient care stories connected deeply with raw emotion, changing both perceptions and behaviors. We’ll see how Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware enlisted a beloved state bird, the Blue Hen. It stood out as clever and authentic, just like the proud Delawareans who chose to count on Blue.

Key Take-Aways

  • Relevant insights culled from healthcare consumers — to develop authentic creative that resulted in Highmark Health named among the Top Ten Most Effective Marketers in North America at the 2017 Effie Awards.
  • How Cindy’s team applied retail marketing best practices, resulting in two of the most disruptive, effective campaigns of 2017.
  • How the campaigns thwarted major threats to Highmark Health brands.
  • Leveraging emotion through Proof and Blue Chickens.


Cindy Donohoe
EVP, Chief Marketing OfficerHighmark Health
MondayBreakout Session

close Relevance to Revenue: Leveraging Engagement Insights to Connect with Customers and Create Data-Driven Programs that Drive Growth

Connecting Strategy, Technology and ExecutionMercer - Partner, CMO, US Health

B2B buyer research shows that decision-makers are 60-80% of the way through their buying journey before they make first contact with sales. Growth strategies to generate demand from an existing market or enter a new market require deep insights into the customer journey to engage with the right touchpoints at the right channel at the right time. As CMO of Mercer’s US Health business, VJ Bala will share an 80-year old professional services firm’s journey in transforming engagement across digital and traditional channels through a scalable approach to grow pipeline and revenue. You will learn about utilizing voice of customer research and engagement data analytics to map the true customer journey and craft data-driven marketing campaigns that click.

Key Take-Aways

  • Understand engagement “path to purchase” based on digital and offline touchpoint data from ideal customer wins and sales pipeline to map the true customer journey
  • Apply engagement insights to design marketing campaigns for conversion using the right mix and sequence of touchpoints pre / during / post purchase
  • Enable channel partners (consultants, sales) with campaign activation tools that incorporate engagement insights for improved response
  • Integrate CRM, marketing automation, third party and offline customer engagement data with a business intelligence (BI) tool to gain unified view of touchpoints across channels


VJ Bala
Partner, CMO, US HealthMercer
MondayBreakout Session

close Demystifying Artificial Intelligence & Making it Work for You

Connecting Strategy, Technology and ExecutionDemandbase - VP, Field and Partner Marketing

While surveyed marketers believe AI will be transformative and help drive measurable business outcomes, fewer than 20 percent are actually using AI-powered applications today. All that is about to change and it’ll be easier than you might think. Join this session to see real-life examples of how organizations are using AI to improve sales and marketing alignment and boost pipeline generation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you need to leverage AI for sales and marketing initiatives.
  • How AI-based audiences and personalization can increase conversion rates.
  • How AI-based sales outreach impacts your bottom line.


Jessica Fewless
VP, Field and Partner MarketingDemandbase
MondayBreakout Session

close The Journey from Instinct to Insight Using Text Analytics

Customer Journey and Engagement AnalyticsBMW - Head of Consumer Insights

More so today than ever before businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to listen to their customers about all aspects of their business. As Head of Consumer Insights at BMW, Jeff Hamilton will speak about the BMW’s journey from instinct to insight leveraging customer analytics, specifically text analytics. During this presentation, you will gain insight into the steps a 100-year-old manufacturer of automobiles took to enable cutting-edge digital services and open up an unprecedented communication channel with customers.

Key Take-Aways 

  • Lessons learned from a digital transformation of a traditional manufacturing organization
  • Opportunities for building customer analytics
  • Apply text analytics to customer feedback


Jeff Hamilton
Head of Consumer InsightsBMW
MondayBreakout Session

close Double Impact Marketing; From T-shirts and Tchotchke to Full Throttle Revenue Engine

Connecting Strategy, Technology and ExecutionPerkinElmer - VP, Head of Marketing

What does it take to transform a marketing organization that is disconnected from the business and under-performing its peers to a high performing team, delivering best in class results that fueled top line growth?

This “from the trenches” session will share best practices, and provide practical advice on how to connect strategy, technology and get an organization executing and transform the impacting marketing has on your business.

Key Take-Aways 

  • How to assess the current state to identify what to work on first
  • How to shift the mindset of key stakeholders and marshall the team
  • How to measure success, and get buy-in for further investment


Steven Hardy
VP, Head of MarketingPerkinElmer
MondayBreakout Session

close From Event Booth to the Boardroom: Building Marketing Credibility with Stakeholders

Connecting Strategy, Technology and ExecutionArcserve - Chief Marketing Officer

Too often marketing is misunderstood within the highest levels of the company, because of an inability to fully internalize what we do and why. Are you caught in a circular conversation with your most important stakeholders telling you that marketing isn’t delivering? Do you have advocates outside of the function that could champion your organization and quantify the value you bring to them? Could you, today, justify your spend in a way that stakeholders would agree and support? These are common struggles we face as marketing professionals, but there are ways to mitigate and address them.


Key Take-Aways 

  • How to establish credibility with external stakeholders at the individual, team or organizational level and break the traditional perceptions
  • Be introduced to a framework to quantify marketing’s contribution to the corporation
  • See and develop examples of real-time application with marketing’s ability to influence revenue, market perception and sales enablement
  • Talk through your real-life scenarios and develop a working plan that you could execute tomorrow


Rachel McClary, PhD.
Chief Marketing OfficerArcserve
MondayBreakout Session

close Don't Just Woo, Wow Your Customer - Why Making Your Brand More Interactive Matters

Connecting Strategy, Technology and ExecutionSpace Needle - Chief Marketing Officer

Brands typically see digital technology as a way to woo customers. But why stop there? Why just woo customers when you can wow them? By providing interactive outlets for your customers, you have the chance to personalize their experience and deepen their connection to the spirit of your brand. Karen Olson will use the Space Needle as a case study in increasing customer engagement, and ultimately boosting brand loyalty, through interactive experiences.

Key Take-Aways 

  • Your customer is changing
  • Technology in changing
  • It’s not about technology. It’s about fascination.
  • Use the technology your customers are already using to turn every customer into a fan.


Karen Olson
Chief Marketing OfficerSpace Needle
MondayBreakout Session

close Rebranding to Stand Out in a Very Large Crowd

Brand-Driven Storytelling and Elevating Your ContentBig Brothers Big Sisters - Vice President, Marketing

Big Brothers Big Sisters recently repositioned its brand in a nationwide effort across 270 affiliates. Following 100 years of success as a leading nonprofit focused on youth mentoring the agency recently experienced a significant decline in the number of volunteers recruited and the number of youth served, while revenues remained stagnant. National research showed that the organization’s logo and identity were not representing it accurately or effectively among targeted constituencies, including young professionals. The outcome was a bold transformation designed to raise awareness of a vital mission, strengthen the National Federation and each affiliate, recruit more volunteers with an emphasis on men and specifically men of color, and serve more disadvantaged children.


Key Take-Aways 

  • Research required to provide strong business case for a national rebrand.
  • Benefits of a national marketing task force to coordinate 270 affiliates through major brand repositioning.
  • Importance of a strong brand partner and process of gaining consensus across many constituents.
  • Effective digtial, print and media assets required for a successful rebranding launch.


Gregory Burton
Vice President, MarketingBig Brothers Big Sisters
MondayBreakout Session

close Content Marketing - Where Business, Diversity and Storytelling Collide

Brand-Driven Storytelling and Elevating Your ContentAEG - Head, AEG Studios, AEG Global Partnerships

Content marketing is on the rise. As brands continue to utilize this strategy to engage audiences and capture hearts, there’s a growing focus on the role of storytelling. How do you tell an impactful story in the digital age? What role does technology play and is there a business case for diversity? This topic explores the keys to making innovative content, how to use creativity to amplify traditional storytelling channels, and why inclusive stories lead to better business.

Key Take-Aways 

  • How brands and content creators can be better representations of culture through creative storytelling, and why this is important now.
  • How emerging digital technology (AR/VR 360-video, social media etc.) is shaping the development of branded content as well as where opportunities exist for marketers and brands in the future.
  • How business, diversity, and storytelling collide in content marketing: how to tell an impactful story in the digital age, how to use creativity to amplify traditional storytelling channels, and why inclusive stories lead to better business.
  • Best practice in creating meaningful branded content and a number of AEG Studios’ branded-content campaigns, including Renaissance Hotels, Uber, H&M and American Express.


Raymond Roker
Head, AEG Studios, AEG Global PartnershipsAEG
MondayBreakout Session

close Leveraging Brand Data & Analytics to Inform the Customer Experience

Customer Journey and Engagement AnalyticsCSAA Insurance Group - EVP, Customer Experience & Marketing

Customer expectations for brand experience are rising, and a personalized experience that fits their schedule and lifestyle is expected. Data and analytics are crucial when creating a winning customer experience strategy.

Key Take-Aways 

  • The data and analytics journey is never-ending, but it’s critical to business success
  • As the bar for performance continues to rise, we must take the time to understand and leverage available marketing tools, platforms and capabilities
  • With these tools, it’s possible to deliver consistent value and a superior customer experience


Linda Goldstein
EVP, Customer Experience & MarketingCSAA Insurance Group
Monday Breakout Session

close 1:1 Ad-to-Page Personalization: The Next Big Thing for the New Age CMO

Personalized Marketing and Data-Driven ExperiencesInstapage - Founder & CEO

The biggest inefficiency in the $273B digital advertising industry is turning ad clicks into conversions. Today, less than 3.75% of visitors convert into leads or customers, leaving billions of dollars wasted in advertising budgets. This is unacceptable in today’s age of data and information.

1:1 ad-to-page personalization is the best way to address this inefficiency and the data you already possess can turn more clicks into customers. Discover how to unlock the same personalized experience provided in the advertising and marketing automation phases of the journey and use it during the conversion process.

Improving ROI, reducing ad spend, and delivering more conversions is as easy as making visitors feel like you’re talking directly to them, one-on-one.

Key Take-Aways  

  • Why post-click personalization will be the biggest driver of ROI improvement in 2019 and beyond.
  • How to 6x your conversion rate with 1:1 ad-to page personalization.
  • How to personalize the post-click experience with the same data used in your advertising campaigns to give a consistent journey from ad to customer.


Tyson Quick
Founder & CEOInstapage
MondayBreakout Session

close Using AI to Personalize CX

Personalized Marketing and Data-Driven ExperiencesSAP - President of Corporate Marketing

With intelligent marketing, we are moving away from simply selling products or services to delighting customers. Alison will discuss how companies must transform for customers as their needs evolve. In the digital era, every customer dialogue needs to be personalized with content that is timely, relevant and contextual throughout the customer journey. Companies who are able to prioritize customer obsession will be able to activate and engage more customers.

Key Take-Aways 

  • Learn how companies are using AI to create more engaging customer experiences
  • Determine which types of customer data can enable personalized experiences along the journey
  • Take a customer-centric look at your brand’s value proposition
  • Meet customer’s evolving expectations



Alison Biggan
President of Corporate MarketingSAP
MondayBreakout Session

close Creating Customer Empathy: The Power of Empathy, Analytics and Observation in Marketing to Measure Success

Customer Journey and Engagement AnalyticsIntuit ProConnect - Vice President of Marketing and Analytics

Oftentimes skills in math and analytics are deemed unnecessary in marketing. Patti Newcomer, VP of Marketing at Intuit’s ProConnect Group, would passionately disagree. With over 20 years of experience and a background in engineering, Newcomer knows analytics are key to driving success – especially when it comes to delivering excellence to the customer. She will share how her teams lean into researching customers on a deeper level through building customer empathy and what Intuit calls Customer Driven Innovation. She will dive into how her team overcomes challenges and exceeds expectations through data, engagement and focusing on the customer to ensure marketing always has a voice.


Key Take-Aways 

  • To be successful, Newcomer believes you should listen to customers so well, that the line between the marketer and the customer is nearly nonexistent. At Intuit, she encourages her team to talk less and observe more to gain authentic insights from the end customer.
  • It’s critical to have customer insights and pair it with knowledge of the product, and the technology. From there you can innovate in ways the customer couldn’t actually think of. Newcomer calls this Customer Driven Innovation.
  • B2B marketing is uncertain enough, so if expenses are tight, and you can’t measure your success and your impact, then you’ll never persuade your audience that the investment is worthwhile.
  • Remember to use analytics to focus on outcomes and results to bring marketing to the forefront of the business – no matter the size of the company or business unit.


Patti Newcomer
Vice President of Marketing and AnalyticsIntuit ProConnect
MondayBreakout Session

close Next Gen B2B: Going Beyond Omni-Channel By Transforming The Entire Business

Connecting Strategy, Technology and ExecutionMORSCO - Chief Marketing Officer

Like a digital hamster, most companies are compelled to keep doing something online. Get behind the hype and trends and make a real difference. Orchestrate digital transformation focusing on the value chain, customers, salesforce, operations, and data… not just the ever-changing ecosystem of technology. Discover how you can truly change the game and your career: think big, start small and start now.

• Share a Vision: Collaborate, iterate, make it real, and relate it to key stakeholders
• Explore real-life case studies: influencing organizations to make decisions
• Lead Outside in CX: proven methods to ensure relevancy through the customer’s entire process and explore the impacts of who owns it, relevant content, and how to maintain organizational support
• Reach customers and sales reps are on the go. The convergence of CRM, mobile and commerce enable sales reps to drive the brand daily. Eliminate channel conflict and focus on driving market share.

Key Take-Aways 

  • Share a Vision: Collaborate, iterate, make it real, and relate it to key stakeholders
  • Explore real-life case studies: influencing organizations to make decisions
  • Reach customers and sales reps are on the go. The convergence of CRM, mobile and commerce enable salesreps to drive the brand daily. Eliminate channel conflict and focus on driving market share
  • Lead Outside in CX: proven methods to ensure relevancy through the customer’s entire process and explore the impacts of who owns it, relevant content, and how to maintain organizational support


Darren Taylor
Chief Marketing OfficerMORSCO
TuesdayBreakout Session

close Using Receptivity Insights to Drive Business

Brand-Driven Storytelling and Elevating Your ContentPilgrim's Pride - Head of Marketing

In the age of Gen Z, we have to deliver their points of passion.

Key Take-Aways

  • Story Telling is still the way to grab the heart
  • You need to take chances to break through the clutter
  • Humans love witty content
  • Be concise


Laston Charriez
Head of MarketingPilgrim's Pride
TuesdayBreakout Session

close Mastering The Martech Stack: How To Build A Stack That Elevates Your Marketing

Connecting Strategy, Technology and ExecutionMagnolia - General Manager, North America

There are nearly 7,000 marketing technologies on the market. Each one claims to help your marketing team do something better, whether it’s managing content or generating leads.

How do you decide which tools really deliver? More importantly, how do you bring these tools together to build a martech stack that increases your team’s efficiency and helps them create more engaging experiences for customers?

Find out during this presentation from Magnolia, content management system-provider for leading brands like New York Times, JetBlue and Avis.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of your organization’s current martech stack
  • What to look for in new solutions to ensure they’ll work well with your existing technologies and on their own
  • Different ways to build out an integrated stack that achieves marketing goals
  • How to ensure your stack can scale with your organization


Brian Warrick
General Manager, North AmericaMagnolia
TuesdayBreakout Session

close Is Email Marketing Really Dead? Not According to Data

Personalized Marketing and Data-Driven ExperiencesBNY Mellon - VP Marketing Analytics

In an age where consumers are faced with a myriad of diversions such as websites, social media, and other communication platforms, marketing content across all channels is increasingly competing for attention in a vast sea of digital distractions.
As a marketer, you need to be a lot smarter and consider the best tools at your disposal in order to make your voice heard amongst all the noise. It’s a common misconception that the email is dead, or dying, in a sea of social and digital platforms.
As one of the best tools to accomplish a one to one marketing approach may very well be the good old email.

Key Take-Aways 

  • Make it relevant to your audience
  • Learn through data and testing
  • Emails should be an integrated part of your global Marketing strategy
  • Cross functional alignment is a key success factor for tailoring the right message to the right audience


Leith Chahed
VP Marketing AnalyticsBNY Mellon
TuesdayBreakout Session

close Redefining Impossible: The New Rules for Scaling Paid Channels

Connecting Strategy, Technology and ExecutionClosed Loop - CEO

The advertising landscape has shifted dramatically in the last year. There have been massive updates and new features from Google and Facebook in the last year alone, in addition to explosive new growth opportunities from LinkedIn and even Bing, among others. But the data shows that most advertisers are still using tactics from 2016 or earlier, and wallowing in mediocrity as a result. In this engaging session, Lance will visually demonstrate the new ways of thinking and the specific steps that modern digital advertisers must take to achieve breakout success with their Digital Advertising campaigns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the right mental model to use when talking about Digital Advertising
  • Discover the latest ways advanced advertisers are measuring campaign success
  • Uncover the new strategies for unlocking campaign potential in 2019
  • Find out how to easily run a diagnostic health check on your campaigns


Lance Loveday
CEOClosed Loop
TuesdayBreakout Session

close Manage your Social Media or It Will Manage You

Personalized Marketing and Data-Driven ExperiencesLeggett & Platt - VP, Marketing + Creative

We may not be the most prolific or well-followed company in social media, but educating our leadership, changing culture and building a social media program was a critical issue that most did not even realize had become a problem.

How Leggett & Platt began the recapture and management of over 100 rogue social media accounts, developed a workable policy and started making social media work for instead of against our various companies.

Join our session as we discuss:

  • Ignoring social media does hurt your brand and reputation
  • You employees, competitors and staff are filling your social media vacuum
  • A policy can be developed that legal, HR, Communications and Marketing can all support
  • Your detractors and party poopers can be your best social media contributors


Michael Margolies
VP, Marketing + CreativeLeggett & Platt

CMO Spring 2019 Executive Steering Committee

Experienced customer experience leaders work with us to focus our program on the developments in customer experience that will move the needle at your company.

Steering Committee Members

Adam Grahek VP Integrated Marketing
Wells Fargo
Chris Brink Vice President, Marketing
Marriot Vacations International
Greta Wilson Vice President, Brand Strategy & Social Media
Pitney Bowes
Jay Atcheson Vice President, Marketing
Element Financial Corporation
Yashima White-AziLove Vice President, Corporate Communications
Urban One
Anush Alexander Vice President of Marketing
Steele Cis Inc.
Asmita Singh Vice President, Marketing
Travel Leaders Group
Rob Borella Vice President, Marketing
Ben Hirsch Executive Vice President, Marketing
IDT Corporation
Jeffrey Hamilton Head of Consumer Insights
BMW of North America
Genelle Franklin Head of Marketing
Brandon Marcum Vice President, Marketing
Health Insurance Innovations
Damon Peters Chief Marketing Officer
Proxibid, Inc.
James Coates Vice President, Marketing Services
Jennifer Carole Vice President, Marketing
Bromium, Inc
Paul Alvin Senior VP, Brand Advancement
United Services Organization
Praveen Purushotham Global Head of Marketing
Virtusa Corporation
Ryan Mikolasik Chief Marketing Officer
EPIC Fuels
Scott Virkler Chief Product Officer, Senior Vice President Products
McGraw-Hill Education
Steven Cooley Assistant Vice President of Digital Marketing
Finance of America Reverse LLC

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