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This year, the 100% peer-driven educational program will be centered around key themes addressing the most pressing challenges in finance.


Key Themes

close Technology & Transition in Finance
  • The Future of AI in Finance & How to Prepare for It.
  • What are the Top 3 Technology Trends that CFO’s need to Focus On?
  • Migrating Finance Operations to the Cloud: Pros and Cons.
  • ERP: How to Select, When to Upgrade & How to Successfully Implement.
  • Getting Rid of Dispersed Systems and Transitioning all of Finance into One Platform/System
  • How Technology is Taking Over in a Manual/Paper-Based World.
  • The Evolving Role & Responsibilities of the CFO.
  • How to Promote Emotional Intelligence & Personal Development for Finance Executives.
  • Driving Innovation and Leading Cultural Change.
  • Enhancing Your Management Style & Keeping Current on Trends in Finance.
  • Leading Millennials in an Ever-Changing Political Climate.
  • How to Do More with Less: Finding Success Without a Huge FP&A Team.
  • Optimizing Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting.
  • Strategies to keep Business Unit/Department Leaders Accountable for Their Results.
  • The Benefits of a Self-Service BI Organization.
  • Best Practices for Understand & Managing P&L.
  • M&A in the Modern World:  Is it Worth the Effort?  Does Anyone Ever See the ROI They Expect?
  • Innovative Banking Solutions to Help Automation.
  • Important Changes to Capital Markets that Finance Executives Should Know.
  • Risks and Opportunities in Funding Business Operations.
  • Knowing & Utilizing Your Best Financing Options to Raise Capital.
  • Working with a Challenging Board &/or Divided Company Management
  • Choosing Auditors Wisely: Making Auditors a Business Partner
  • GAAP Revenue Recognition Changes: Lessons Learned for Q1 Reporting
  • Using Strategic Planning as a Tool to Identify Risks in Your Financials
  • Best Practices for Effective GRC Management


Get insights from 20+ specialized CFOs making way in the ever-changing world of finance.

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

David Jones



Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

John Thomas, Jr.

VP Finance, Europe & The Americas

Etihad Airways

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Neil Danzger


Rebar Systems

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Dan Tavarez


Denton House Design Studio

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Craig Hall


Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Mark Barenie


Institute of Food Technologists

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Dave Sackett

Senior Director of Finance & Administration

ULVAC Technologies, Inc

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Tom Stewart

Executive Director

National Center for the Middle Market

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Nick Fischer



Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Matt Jiang



Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Shauna Steib

Director of Product Marketing


Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Connie Hale


Big Ass Fans Company

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Michael Shultz

Director of Finance Transformation & Product Expert


Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Lyle Wells

National Director of Leadership Processes

Flippen Group

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Luke Burmeister


Didion Milling

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Daniel Bain

CFO, Americas

Uttam Galva North America Inc.

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Dan Andrew

SVP of Sales


Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Sukumar Narayanan


DecisivEdge, LLC

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Glenn Robins

VP, Accounts Receivable Insurance

Allied World

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Michel Fontaine


TransacXion Technologies

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Gregory Banning

Head of Sales

Capital One

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

John Hutto

Founder & CEO

The IT Effectiveness Group

Connect CFO Leadership Spring Summit View More

Stuart Goldstein

CPM Solutions Architect & Services Lead



Make every session valuable by selecting up to three key themes to mix and match the most relevant topics to you.

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Breakfast Buffet

MondayKeynote Presentation

close How to Solve the 5 Pervasive Team Challenges and Transform Your Business

Leadership & Learning DevelopmentFlippen Group - National Director of Leadership Processes

People represent the greatest investment opportunity in any company. They’re also the greatest challenge. And the challenges multiply when people work together on teams. Despite the dysfunction of the majority of business teams, teamwork has never been more important for fast-growth companies. In this session, you’ll learn how to accelerate the effectiveness of new teams and new leaders, how to deal effectively with contentious teams and teammates, how to optimize high-functioning teams and navigate change initiatives, and how to develop and retain your high potentials.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to accelerate the effectiveness of new teams and new leaders.
  • How to deal effectively with contentious teams and teammates.
  • How to optimize high-functioning teams and navigate change initiatives.
  • How to optimize high-functioning teams and navigate change initiatives.
*CPE Credit-Participants will be able to identify the 5 most significant team challenges and share ways to engage these issues and solve them to create dynamic teams and extraordinary outcomes.. Field of Study: Personnel/HR


Lyle Wells
National Director of Leadership ProcessesFlippen Group
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close Engaging Department Leaders to Deliver Results

Strategic Financial ManagementAMITAhealth - CFO

Department leaders are the backbone of your business but their attention is too often focused on their local operations. Learn strategies to make these department leaders invested in delivering solid results on a consistent basis that are in line with overall company strategy. Learn techniques to increase the engagement of your leaders in delivering effective financial results on a consistent basis.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategy for effectively engaging leaders in financial results
  • Learn procedures for maintaining consistent focus on results
  • Understand common mistakes that hinder results


David Jones
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close The Top 5 Ways to Eliminate Waste in IT

Technology & Transition in FinanceThe IT Effectiveness Group - Founder & CEO

40 years of vast experiences in the IT cost cutting arena – all well documented – has produced an extensive cookbook that is used to reduce IT expenses without cutting headcount. During this session, we will cover the 5 efforts that produce the greatest results. We will also cover why these opportunities exist and most importantly, what needs to be done to eliminate the waste.

Key Takeaways:

  • Top 5 Opportunities for IT cost savings
  • How these wasteful expenses happened in the first place and what to do to keep the from occurring again
  • How to discover the waste and eliminate it
  • An approach to perpetually maximize your IT investments


John Hutto
Founder & CEOThe IT Effectiveness Group
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close AI and Deep Learning are Changing Finance (And Everything Else)!

Technology & Transition in FinanceUttam Galva North America Inc. - CFO, Americas

Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence are leading to revolutionary advancements, from personal digital assistants to self driving cars and robots. In finance, we are seeing major advancements in analytics, fraud detection, investment analysis, and planning. Either be part of the revolution or be left behind.

Key Takeaways:

  • The basics Deep Learning, what it is and why it is game changing.
  • Areas to utilize Deep Learning technology for finance in the near and medium term.
  • Obstacles to implementing Deep Learning technology.


Daniel Bain
CFO, AmericasUttam Galva North America Inc.
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close Leader as Coach: Coaching Your People to do the Best Work of Their Lives

CFO Leadership & InnovationCapital One - Head of Sales

In today’s high paced, high tech and highly competitive worldwide market leadership has never been more challenging or rewarding. Leaders are not born but developed and solid leadership is the most sought after and scarce commodity within the business world. Being a successful leader in our multi-generational workplace means being a great coach. If you can’t successfully coach your “players” then you can’t score on the field of business and you definitely can’t win a championship or deliver expected results. This session on leadership explores the practical and authentic approach to being a great leader through being an effective coach.

Key Takeaways:

  • What it means to be a great coach and its practical application
  • How to build trust with your players and positively influence your team
  • The top 10 plays every effective “coach” should run
  • Delivering better than expected results through better engagement and discretionary effort


Gregory Banning
Head of SalesCapital One
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close FP&A of the Future: Emerge as a True Strategic Partner

Strategic Financial ManagementBetteridge - CFO

Most in FP&A agree that becoming more strategic is a natural evolution to add more value to the business, but it is not always clear what that means or how to achieve a more strategic approach. Attendee’s will learn three guiding principles to re-position FP&A as a true strategic capability.

Key Takeaways:

  • Combining the DNA of enterprise analytics with traditional FP&A to create actionable insights and recommendations
  • Evolve FP&A-led processes to be as value-added as the outcomes
  • Bring stakeholders together to break down silos and create a culture of collaboration


Nick Fischer
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close The Power of Payment and Accounts Payable Integration

Technology & Transition in FinanceCorcentric - SVP of Sales

The final act of the B2B payment cycle has remained separate for too long – allowing many payments to fail in the ‘last mile’ of the transaction. What would it mean to your business if you could automate that ‘last mile,’ providing a complete AP workflow, including invoice receipt, approval, and processing, with 100% payment disbursement? It’s possible

Key Takeaways:

  • The high cost of payment by paper check
  • The power of full visibility into cash position and payment status
  • The danger of not integrating payables
  • How to complete the ‘last mile’ of the transaction


Dan Andrew
SVP of SalesCorcentric
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close Strategies for CFO/CEO of Doing Business in China

CFO Leadership & InnovationCreata - CFO

How to adapt to the new business environment in today’s China? what are the risk vs reward? what is the best strategies for entering the Asia Market?

Key Takeaways:

  • Pro and Cons of doing business in today’s China
  • Risk of foreign corporation in China
  • Legal and financial ramification of today’s multinationals
  • Changes that impact your business in China


Matt Jiang
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close How to Make Compliance Your Competitive Weapon

CFO Leadership & InnovationBlackline - Director of Finance Transformation & Product Expert

Are you keeping up with an evolving risk landscape or is it keeping you up at night? Accounting scandals are not just headlines of the past, they are happening every day. Your organization is constantly exposed to risk; you cannot operate with a business-as-usual mentality. Change is constant and the stakes are high. Leveraging technology enables your accounting and finance department to reduce their overall risk exposure. Your organization has the opportunity to automate repetitive tasks, eliminate data entry errors, gain workflow visibility and accountability, and strengthen the overall control environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognize risk as a factor that consistently impacts organizations whether they are experiencing rapid growth, increasing in complexity, resistant to change, or are working to implement best practices.
  • Identify common practices and processes that can expose organizations to fraud.
  • Review departmental and organizational process improvement opportunities by leveraging technology to reduce risk, challenge current processes, and utilize your team’s time and their skill sets to reduce your organization’s risk exposure.


Michael Shultz
Director of Finance Transformation & Product ExpertBlackline

Networking Lunch

Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close The Future in a World that is in the Midst of Exponential Change

CFO Leadership & InnovationDidion Milling - CFO

The rate of change in today’s marketplace is faster than it has ever been in the entire history of manufacturing. Just a few years ago, a manufacturer could differentiate themselves on quality, on-time delivery performance, or customer service. Nowadays, with the vast majority of manufacturers having implemented lean manufacturing techniques, most everyone can meet quality, delivery performance, and good customer service – it is considered a cost of doing business. The world is changing at unprecedented levels and the only differentiator in the future will be those who choose to automate, therefore emerging as leaders in their respective marketplace. In an increasingly connected and networked world, Luke has been instrumental in Didion being ahead of the forthcoming developments in today’s resource revolution. Didion has created a “blue ocean” strategy by implementing a management paradigm shift seamlessly connecting information technology, plant automation, and enterprise resource planning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Exponential Change is going on in this World like never before
  • Your industry will be disrupted – are you prepared?
  • Does your Leadership and Culture support the resource revolution?
  • The next generation are manipulators of technology, not users


Luke Burmeister
CFODidion Milling
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close The (R)evolution of CPM

Strategic Financial ManagementUnit4 - CPM Solutions Architect & Services Lead

Corporate Performance Management follows the same evolutionary path in nearly every organization. And when implemented properly, the results are revolutionary. CPM can drastically improve the processes of Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting and Analytics. This session explains why CPM applications are able to deliver such remarkable improvements. It will explain how analytical systems differ from transactional systems using non-technical examples and will arm the business user with a fundamental understanding of CPM. And by observing the evolutionary path trod by thousands of organizations, the audience will learn what mistakes to avoid when undertaking their own Corporate Performance Management implementation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best practices in implementing CPM.
  • Business understanding of analytical vs transactional systems.
  • What makes CPM able to deliver results.
  • Mistakes to avoid in implementing CPM.


Stuart Goldstein
CPM Solutions Architect & Services LeadUnit4
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close As a CFO You Need to Delegate Risk Management to your Board and Staff

Governance, Risk Management & ComplianceInstitute of Food Technologists - SVP & CFO

Risk Management is becoming more and more important to organizations. Many times the CFO is responsible for this critical program and does not have the resources to get the job done alone. Selling risk management to your Board and Senior staff is critical in managing your time as well as minimizing your own risk as well as safeguarding your companies assets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Communicating with the Board
  • How to get those precious resources for Risk Management
  • Reducing your own risk as well as the CEO’s
  • Risk management outside of Finance area


Mark Barenie
SVP & CFOInstitute of Food Technologists
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close Payables Transformation: Maximizing Finance's Ability to Scale

Technology & Transition in FinanceTipalti - Director of Product Marketing

How do companies successfully scale finance to meet their growing operations? If you want to be the next unicorn or industry darling, what are the strategic ways you can accelerate your path to success while maintaining a lean operational footprint and make every headcount count?

Key Takeaways:

  • Multi-entity, multi-subsidiary best practices and controls
  • Friction-less early payments for companies looking to go from Net 15 to Net 60
  • Meeting compliance requirements for global supplier base
  • Achieving cost-neutral payables


Shauna Steib
Director of Product MarketingTipalti
Monday, April 16thBreakout Presentation

close Citizen-Centric Reporting: Beyond Accounting and Auditing

CFO Leadership & InnovationMassachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council - CFO

The Citizen-Centric Reporting model is advocated by the Association of Government Accountants as a means to provide a clear, concise and easily understandable explanation of what your organization does. The session will offer practical experience, perspective and the trends in transparencies that are valuable to any organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • After completing the session, attendees will be knowledgeable about the Citizen-Centric Report model and adaptability to private and nonprofit sector.
  • After completing the session, attendees will be able to construct a Citizen-Centric Report and participate in the Certificate of Excellence recognition program.
  • Attendees will also be knowledgeable about the Association of Government Accountants and its performance and accountability programs.


Craig Hall
CFOMassachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council
Monday, April 16thBreakout Presentation

close Get Ready for Artificial Intelligence

Technology & Transition in FinanceULVAC Technologies, Inc - Senior Director of Finance & Administration

Accounting and Finance functions will be affected by Artificial Intelligence. Learn what to expect from this technology and how to prepare for its impact on your organization. Understand how it works to leverage it as an automation tool.

Key Takeaways:

  • When will AI affect me?
  • Where can I apply AI in my department?
  • What are the key terms surrounding AI?
  • What is the 4th industrial revolution and why is AI need?


Dave Sackett
Senior Director of Finance & AdministrationULVAC Technologies, Inc
Monday, April 16Breakout Presentation

close Ethics or Ego - Managing Up

CFO Leadership & InnovationBig Ass Fans Company - CFO

In this session, you will learn how to handle those tough situations with grace and survive the outcome. We’ve all been there – that little voice inside our head is whispering and our ethics CPE courses are ringing in our ears. There is something about what you are hearing that just doesn’t “feel” right. How do you handle it? When do you handle it? How do you speak up with grace and integrity while allowing those around and possibly above you to save face and find a workable solution. Connie has learned from experience and some great mentors and she is hear to share her experience and guidance today.


Connie Hale
CFOBig Ass Fans Company

Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet

Tuesday, April 17Keynote Presentation

close Unlocking True Profitability Potential: Cutting Edge Strategies for Today’s Business Leaders

CFO Leadership & InnovationEtihad Airways - VP Finance, Europe & The Americas

Traditional approaches to sustain profitability are losing relevance in our ever-changing macroeconomic and socio-political landscape. Corporate executives are now required to embrace new ways of delivering their promise to shareholders. This will require a holistic examination of people, processes and systems and conscious efforts to have innovation drive true and sustained profitability. Attendees will walk away with tools that will allow them to: • Use limited people resources while delivering on substantial EBITDA growth. • Alleviate the impact of external shocks that hamper growth • Use Business Intelligence as a tool and not a burden • Focus on the bottom line

Key Takeaways:

  • Human Capital Management must focus on diversity and individual strengths. Also, Centralization is not old fashion and does not need to be painful.
  • Managing risk and profitability solutions is everyone’s responsibility and executive management must set the tone.
  • Business Intelligence does not need to be a burden and will reap dividends if used correctly.
  • Innovation and effective capital utilization will deliver always.


John Thomas, Jr.
VP Finance, Europe & The AmericasEtihad Airways
Tuesday, April 17Breakout Presentation

close From Controller to COO: Why it Makes Cents

Technology & Transition in FinanceDenton House Design Studio - COO

Many finance professionals are responsible for operational aspects of their organizations. There are obvious reasons for this overlap, including organizational capability and financial oversight but one of the biggest drivers should be the individuals passion for operational processes. During this class, we will discuss how to determine if it makes sense to organize your organization such that operations reports to the CFO.

Key Takeaways:

  • Operational efficiencies to be gained by merging finance and operations
  • Balancing time across all functions; HR, IT, Finance, etc.
  • Disaster recovery should be Priority #1


Dan Tavarez
COODenton House Design Studio
Tuesday, April 17Breakout Presentation

close Create Cash Flow from Your Accounts Payable with Technology

Technology & Transition in FinanceAllied World - VP, Accounts Receivable Insurance
TransacXion Technologies - CEO

How to use Fintech (Financial Technology) to maximize operations for free cash flow and increase your cash conversion cycle. Supply chain financing along with technology and credit insurance can extend bill payments up to six months creating new liquidity at no cost to buyers. Learn about the new supply chain financing for 21st century corporations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Technology can drive cash flow
  • Accounts payable monetization platform creates new cash flow
  • Supply chain financing can be easy and profitable
  • Technology to finance 21st century operations


Glenn Robins
VP, Accounts Receivable InsuranceAllied World
Michel Fontaine
CEOTransacXion Technologies
Tuesday, April 17thBreakout Presentation

close Middle Market M&A

Strategic Financial ManagementNational Center for the Middle Market - Executive Director

The middle market is the favorite hunting ground of investors; and about 25% of mid-sized companies buy or sell all or part of a company every year. Yet the vast majority of executives–70% of buyers, 90% of sellers–have little experience in the M&A marketplace. New insights from 400 financial decision makers at mid-sized companies show what is most important and most challenging for buyers and sellers; uncover how companies use advisers, and how they can use them better; and reveal a set of best practices that will help companies become “deal ready” while improving their performance in the meantime.

Key Takeaways:

  • The role of inorganic growth in the strategy of mid-sized companies
  • How the M&A market has heated up–and how this affects would-be buyers and sellers
  • The biggest deal-making and post-deal challenges companies face–and what capabilities will help them surmount the challenges
  • A nine-point “deal readiness” program that will improve both M&A success and current performance


Tom Stewart
Executive DirectorNational Center for the Middle Market
Tuesday, April 17Breakout Presentation

close Top Five Issues with Accounting Software

Technology & Transition in FinanceDecisivEdge, LLC - President

Accounting software is a critical tool in a company’s arsenal. Finance is the epicenter of a business whether the business is a manufacturer, distributor or a financial institution. It is the function that enables a business to “keep score”, identify inefficiencies, determine where investments are warranted, etc. However, both ERP software and stand-alone accounting solutions have been plagued with the following challenges: 1. Reporting and analysis capabilities 2. Customizable user interface 3. Document management 4. Application integration 5. Customization without impacting upgradability In this session, we will discuss how Next-Gen Finance solutions are addressing these challenges by leveraging new technologies and architectures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Typical challenges with ERP and stand-alone accounting solutions
  • New technologies being employed to streamline Finance
  • New architectures that increase the long-term viability of a solution and return on the asset


Sukumar Narayanan
PresidentDecisivEdge, LLC
Tuesday, April 17thBreakout Presentation

close Lean Companies: Hacking the Finance and Operations Functions Through Technology and Relationships

Technology & Transition in FinanceRebar Systems - CFO

Today’s young companies can accomplish many finance operations functions more cost effectively and with greater effectiveness than ever before. Learn how to leverage technology and vendor relationships to magnify your effectiveness as CFO. Reduce wasted effort and mistakes, lowering company risk in the process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lean on outside accounting/finance resources who aren’t required full time
  • Build your trusted virtual team of attorneys, insurance/benefits brokers, and other service providers
  • Avoid expensive infrastructure investments in favor of SaaS and other cost saving solutions
  • Leverage technology to cut time spent on A/P, A/R and other drudge functions


Neil Danzger
CFORebar Systems


Experienced CFOs help us design a relevant and 100% peer-led educational program.

Steering Committee Members

Brett Home CFO
American Farm Bureau Federation
Jennifer Templeman CFO
Jeremy Koczan CFO
Altamira Technologies Inc
Julien Salanon CFO & VP, Corporate Development
Kenneth Mcghee CFO
Loretto Hospital
Mark Miller CFO & Partner
Glazing Saddles
Mark Pritchard CFO
Data-Mail Inc
Noland Granberry CFO
Nanosys Inc
Ryan Meyer VP & Corporate Controller
Wells' Dairy
Sarah Nelms CFO
Kinney Group Inc
Scott Griffiths CFO
Farmer's Insurance
Shauna Balderson CFO
Fulcrum Technologies Inc
Steve Jurgensen CFO
Hawthorne Direct, LLC
Susan Colby VP Finance & Operations
Nedap Inc
Timothy Sedabres Senior VP, Corporate Strategy & IR
Banc of California
Tom Monheim CFO & SVP Finance and Enterprise Services
Traci Rushakoff VP of Finance


We help CFOs and Finance senior-level executives connect with peers in different industries to discuss their top-of-mind directives. Last year's attendees include:

Attendee Testimonials

"Networking with other CFOs and being able to discuss similar challenges and solutions we’ve all experienced was the best part of the event for me. It’s a small time investment for the opportunity of learning new things and making some good connections. In addition to the professional reasons, the locations and venues have made for a very enjoyable business trip, and would recommend this event to other Finance executives."

Attendee List


Connect CFO is quickly establishing a reputation as the boiling pot of information, ideas and solutions.

Exhibitor Testimonials

"The information we learned from our one-on-one meetings is invaluable. The attendees were spot on – decision makers, ready to shortlist vendors! The event was beautifully organized and the entire process was super-efficient. I would highly recommend CONNECT to other solution providers – make this a must sponsor event in your marketing plans!"

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North America's fastest-growing Finance event plays host to over 250 attendees each year.


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