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A 100% peer-driven educational program centered around 4 key themes addressing the most pressing challenges in food and beverage manufacturing.


Key Themes

close Product Development and Innovation to Keep up with Consumer Trends

This track was designed for leaders and innovators in the food industry. As consumers keep pushing towards trends like clear labeling, plant-based products, reduced sugar, and healthy options, it has become pivotal for food companies to stay-up to-date, innovate, and develop products that will keep up with the ever-changing landscape. In this track leaders will discuss challenges, opportunities and winning strategies to stay ahead and remain successful in a highly competitive industry.

  • Emerging Trends that are Projected to Impact the Industry
  • Manufacturing Flexibility and Innovation Practices to Keep Up with Customer Demands
  • Best Practices on Concept to Launch New Products
Food safety and regulatory compliance is at the forefront of the food industry.  There is no doubt on the great challenge that food & beverage companies undertake in terms of keeping up with recent standards and regulations. Recent regulations such as GHS and FSMA can be complicated and intricate to understand and implement into current operations. During the track speakers will discuss leading approaches on how to keep up and stay compliant with food safety regulations.
  • Best Practices for Implementing a Successful Food Safety Program
  • The Impacts of FSMA on the Supply Chain and Manufacturing Floor
  • Clean Label Initiatives and the Effects on Food Safety and Product Stability
Sustainable packaging is no longer a want for food and beverage manufacturers, it is essential. To stay competitive in the current market and to thrive in the future, food and beverage companies must become engaged in sustainable packaging.  During this track, subject matter experts will discuss sustainable packaging and leading practices that will satisfy consumer demand and will contribute to a significant competitive advantage.
  • Is Packaging Innovation Really Helping Drive Sales?
  • How to Overcome Roadblocks to Achieving Successful Sustainable Packaging
  • Making Sustainable Packaging Cost-Effective and a Corporate Value
Food and beverage manufacturers continue to devote considerable efforts into efficient warehousing and transportation. An effective and strategic distribution channel is crucial for many manufacturers and can enable F&B companies to reduce cost and risk.  During this track, leaders will discuss some long-term and strategic supply chain initiatives to optimize network operations.
  • Winning the Last Mile Logistics Battle
  • Managing Logistics & Distribution for New Products
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies Addressing Potential Disruption


Get insights from 20+ food and beverage executives actively addressing industry challenges.

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Andria Long

Vice President of Innovation

Johnsonville Sausage

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Pietro Di Pilato

Senior Vice President Technical, Innovation and Brand Change


IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Bradley Jakeman

President, Global Beverage Group

Pepsi Co

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Justin Kobler

Vice President of Manufacturing

Land O'Frost

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Mike Davis

Director of Quality

Baldwin Richardson Foods

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Ferhan Ozadali

Director, Global R&D - Processing

Mead Johnson Nutrition

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Jon Sobel


Sight Machine

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Stephen Engel

Senior Vice President, Practice Lead

Hitachi Consulting

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Chad McClintock

Director of Operations

Sunfood Super Foods

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Chris Cramer


Karl Strauss Brewing Co

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Willie Johnson

Director of Global Engineering

Sabra Dipping Company LLC

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Noreen Hobayan

Director of Quality Control

Glanbia plc

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Richard Coffey

Senior Director Workforce Development

E & J Gallo Winery

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Paula Phillips


Kombucha Wonder Drink

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Alex Tipton

Research and Development Director, New Product Innovation - Cracker Jack'D

Pepsi Co

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Bill Bather

Co-Founder and CEO

Machine Metrics

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Lyle Wells

National Director of Leadership Processes

The Flippen Group

IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

Jeffrey Price

Executive Vice President


IMPACT Food & Beverage Spring Summit View More

David McKnight

Senior Manager, Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Hitachi Consulting


Make every session valuable by selecting up to 2 key themes to mix and match the most relevant topics to you.

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Breakfast Buffet


close Operationalizing Digital Manufacturing

Implementing Digital ManufacturingSight Machine - CEO

By 2022 Smart factories will deliver an estimated $500B in value and a 7x increase in overall productivity. What can manufacturing leaders do today to ensure short-term investments support the capabilities required for near and long-term Digital Manufacturing success?

  • How can companies identify their current level of Digital Readiness?
  • What use cases become available as a company increases their Digital Readiness?
  • What pitfalls threaten successful Digital Manufacturing implementations?
  • What has Sight Machine learned from working with the world’s most advanced Digital Manufacturers?


Jon Sobel
CEOSight Machine

Targeted Research Meetings

Breakout Presentation

close Disrupt or be Disrupted

Product Development and Innovation to Keep up with Consumer TrendsPepsi Co - President, Global Beverage Group

Almost every facet of Food and Beverages is changing. Barriers to entry to the category have never been lower. Some of the “received wisdoms” of the past no longer apply- is scale still an advantage, or does it stifle innovation? Are “Known Brands” an advantage, or are consumers now looking for “Discovery Brands”? What role does distribution channels play in building brands today? What marketing works in this category and which does not? What people look for in the brands they buy, and the places they look to buy them is changing at a rate the industry has never experienced. Given this, “If” your business gets disrupting is not really debatable. But you may get to decide if you get disrupted by someone else, or if you disrupt yourself to future proof your business for the changes to come.

Key Take-Aways

  • Your business will be disrupted given consumer demand changes and channel evolution
  • You get to decide now if you allow yourself to be disrupted, or if you chose to disrupt yourself
  • Never has been a more exciting time to be in Food & Beverages
  • In some respects, has never been a scarier time to be in Food and Beverages


Bradley Jakeman
President, Global Beverage GroupPepsi Co
Breakout Presentation

close How to Solve the 5 Pervasive Team Challenges and Transform Your Business

Workforce & Talent ManagementThe Flippen Group - National Director of Leadership Processes

People represent the greatest investment opportunity in any company. They’re also the greatest challenge. And the challenges multiply when people work together on teams. Despite the dysfunction of the majority of business teams, teamwork has never been more important for fast-growth companies.

Key Take-Aways

  • How to accelerate the effectiveness of new teams and new leaders
  • How to deal effectively with contentious teams and teammates
  • How to optimize high-functioning teams and navigate change initiatives
  • How to to develop and retain your high potentials


Lyle Wells
National Director of Leadership ProcessesThe Flippen Group
Breakout Presentation

close From Investing to Operating in the Food & Beverage Industry

Product Development and Innovation to Keep up with Consumer TrendsKombucha Wonder Drink - President

Making the right investment choices in the food & beverage industry 3C’s and 4P’s EBITDA, valuation and beyond What is the value proposition Challenges in operating the food & beverage industry Price/product competition Distribution When to pay for slotting Launching a new product line: better the chance of success Consumer/Retailer buy in Bottom line Guiding Principles: DOING THE RIGHT THING Community (cooperation, not competition) Strategic Partnership Profitability.

Key Take-Aways

  • EBITDA is a good starting point
  • People are the most important asset
  • From profitability to sustainability


Paula Phillips
PresidentKombucha Wonder Drink
Breakout Presentation

close Get More from Your Plant Floor

Implementing Digital Manufacturing5ME - Executive Vice President

The emergence of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is bringing to market technologies that are fundamentally transforming the world of manufacturing. Asset Connectivity, Data Extraction, and Data Manipulation are no longer technical barriers to achieving Smart Manufacturing. Is your organization educated, aligned, and structured to leverage these technologies and reap their benefits? Learn why deploying a Smart Manufacturing platform is easier than it looks.

Key Take-Aways

  • Connectivity Layers and Strategies – Edge, FOG, Cloud
  • Communication Protocol Standardization
  • Begin with the End in Mind: What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?
  • Which Data is Right for You? – Define Your Use Cases
  • Driving Transparency Across the Enterprise – Integrating with Business Systems


Jeffrey Price
Executive Vice President5ME



Targeted Research Meetings

Breakout Presentation

close Strategic Workforce Practices to Support Innovation and Company Growth

Workforce & Talent ManagementE & J Gallo Winery - Senior Director Workforce Development

The concept behind the presentation is how the robust, consistent application of strategic workforce planning (SWP) practices can be a key enabler to the success of organizations, and especially as it relates to advancements in product development and innovation. Based on industry trends, emerging and maturing technologies, and the composition of the current workforce, it is essential that companies establish strategic workforce planning practices. The presentation would include examination of methodologies, how to overlay and align workforce planning with new product development, and how to look beyond organizational boundaries to establish sustainable workforce practices. Presenter has over 25 years experience in manufacturing, strategic planning, human resources, and workforce planning. 26 years with The Boeing Company with 15 in executive role and now senior director with E. & J. Gallo Winery.

Key Take-Aways

  • Importance of productive strategic workforce planning (SWP)
  • Risks and implications of not establishing long-range workforce planning practices
  • How to align and integrate workforce planning with new product development, new technologies, and other innovations
  • How to develop a fully integrated workforce planning and development strategy including a road map for phased adoption


Richard Coffey
Senior Director Workforce DevelopmentE & J Gallo Winery
Case Study

close Pioneering San Diego's Craft Beer Industry - Staying Relevant After All These Years!

Product Development and Innovation to Keep up with Consumer TrendsKarl Strauss Brewing Co - CEO

Hear the inside story of how Karl Strauss Brewing Company started San Diego’s craft beer revolution in 1989 and how we have built manufacturing systems, customer feedback loops, and a company culture focused on continuous improvement that has enabled us to keep pioneering through the decades and stay relevant with a rapidly changing consumer base.

Key Take-Aways

  • Product Development and Innovation is process that must be planned for and embraced culturally
  • How we have adapted and developed new products to keep up emerging trends
  • Continuous evolution and improvement is necessary to remain on the forefront of your industry
  • Quality is the foundation of success



Chris Cramer
CEOKarl Strauss Brewing Co
Breakout Presentation

close The Roadmap to Digital Manufacturing Transformation

Implementing Digital ManufacturingMachine Metrics - Co-Founder and CEO

Amid the hype surrounding Industry 4.0, IIOT, and data-driven digital manufacturing transformation, the introduction of Industry 4.0 has caused a bit of a culture shock for manufacturers. The benefits are far too significant to ignore and will enable many to deliver competitive advantages in an ever-competitive landscape. However, a great deal of hesitancy still exists for manufacturers to embrace the technology that solves the new challenges presented. Because no standard roadmap toward digital manufacturing exists, companies are often uncertain around where to start and what foundational capabilities are required to succeed. 50% of US companies admit to not having a systematic roadmap or toolbox for easy rollout of digital manufacturing solutions. To build a roadmap to digital transformation, companies will often look into the future, visualize where need to be in twenty years, and attempt to plan backwards. For many however, a more beneficial approach may be to accept that “You can’t know where you’re going without knowing where you are now.” It’s all about knowing where you stand and planning for the road ahead. Visualizing your roadmap and where your organization lands within it will help define what steps you can take to create immediate value, where/when to invest time and resources, and most importantly how to advance forward to the next stages.

Key Take-Aways

  • How to identify if you are ready and capable for digital transformation
  • How to identify the digital tools necessary for measuring your success
  • How to identify the assets and people necessary for implementing your strategy
  • Defining actionable steps to build your roadmap to digital transformation


Bill Bather
Co-Founder and CEOMachine Metrics
Breakout Presentation

close Food Safety and Regulatory Requirements

Food Safety and Regulatory RequirementsTyson Foods - Senior Counsel

Ensuring that companies are manufacturing food that is safe for sale while working in the confines of regulatory requirements.  Understanding the importance of FSQA and operations working together to ensure this safety while meeting the demands of the customer.

  • Strong FSQA team
  • Close working relationship with Operations
  • Strong HAACP program
  • Strong pathogen testing program


Jessica Campbell
Senior CounselTyson Foods

Cocktail Reception


Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet

Keynote presentation

close Building Smarter Manufacturing with The Internet of Things

Implementing Digital ManufacturingHitachi Consulting - Senior Manager, Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Are you pleased with your current margins? Does your revenue grow by single digits? Is 2017 another year of “trimming costs” to be more efficient with the result being mediocre at best? Hitachi has 100+ years of manufacturing experience. Today, convergence of operational technology and information technology enables manufacturers to be more efficient, agile, and profitable. Learn how Hitachi has employed IoT and Advanced Analytics to solve internal manufacturing challenges and address customer pain points, to realize real operational savings. Key Take-Aways
  • Where is manufacturing headed? IoT will fundamentally change how products are invented, manufactured, shipped and sold
  • With IoT, IP networks and analytics, manufacturers can become more efficient, improve worker safety and offer new business models
  • IoT will help manufacturers improve resource efficiency, safety and return on assets Manufacturers that master this new dynamic will have a variety of new opportunities for revenue growth and cost savings


David McKnight
Senior Manager, Digital Manufacturing SolutionsHitachi Consulting

Targeted Research Meetings




Experienced industry leaders help us design a relevant and 100% peer-led educational program.

Steering Committee Members

David Janow Chief Executive Officer and President
Axiom Foods, Inc..
Ron Ward Vice President Operations and Productivity
Origlio Beverage
Tom Christensen Vice President of Operations
Goodheart Brand Specialty Foods
Mike Fleming Vice President of Engineering
Campbell Soup Company
Tom Heagney Quality Manager
Amir Ghannad Former Sr. Director - Global People Excellence
Campbell Soup Company
Aaron Brodniak Director of Quality
Diamond Knot Craft Brewing
Neeraj Sharma, Ph.D Head of Packaging Development and Innovation
Apio, Inc.
Carl Freeman Manufacturing Director
Mars Chocolate North America
Bruno Padovani Director of LEAN Continuous Improvement
Ferrara Candy Company
Cary Miller Vice president
Food Industry News


Over the year’s we’ve hosted senior level executives from 80% of the Fortune 100, as well as thousands of up and coming mid-market organizations.

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"I've attended IMPACT both as a speaker and attendee. From a speaker’s perspective, it gave me an opportunity to share best practices with many of my peers for an industry wide issue. As an attendee, I would recommend and encourage other senior level executives to speak – it provides an outlet to give back to your industry and professional community."

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IMPACT is the food and beverage industry’s fastest growing event, quickly establishing a reputation as the deal generating show. Explore last year's solution partners!


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