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Key Themes

close Talent Hiring, Retention and Management

In a hot job market, there is nothing more pertinent to HR practitioners than acquiring, retaining and managing talent. Learn unique strategies and ways to overcome obstacles that may arise in the current climate.

HR Professionals are looking into the future, and the new age of HR is full of AI, analytics and a wide array of HR tech. This track will explore modern HR technology; how to implement it and transform with it in your business.
It’s all about your employees. This track will focus on how to provide your team with the best experience possible at every touch point, from engagement, to culture and more.
Without effective strategy and leadership, a business will not thrive; this track is designed to help you understand the direction you are going in and establish and maintain strong and effective teams.

High Profile Speakers

Hear strategic endeavors and skillful insights from 30+ HR leaders as they make way in today’s changing landscape.

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Antonia Hock

Global Head

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Paul Hevesy

Vice President of Human Resources

Stanley Black & Decker

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Shalini Duggal

Chief People and Culture Officer


Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Barbie Winterbottom

Chief People Officer / CHRO

BIC Graphic

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Maung Lin

Director | Human Resources

Keurig Dr Pepper

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Nan Weitzman

Global Head of Talent


Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

JC Ayers

VP, Human Resources

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Cathy Henesey

Executive Director of Talent Acquisition


Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Amanda Felkey

Economics Professor

Lake Forest College

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Jason Leonard

VP, Human Resources

Dal-Tile Corporation

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Katherin Nukk-Freeman

CEO & President

SHIFT HR Compliance Training

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Dr. Jarik Conrad

Sr. Director of Human Capital Management Innovation

Ultimate Software

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Tushar Pandit

Chief People Officer

Affinitiv, Inc.

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Maigen Rowe

Director, Global Employee Experience


Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Steven Zwerin

Director, HR Investigations

City of Seattle

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Lyle Wells

Sr. VP Consulting


Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Tom Verbeke

VP HR, Talent & Org Development


Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Marybeth Gray

Senior Vice President Health & Welfare Consulting

Trion Group, a Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Jason Lee



Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Michael Kearns

VP of Enterprise


Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Charlene Alexander

Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer

Oregon State University

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Merrick Rosenberg


Take Flight Learning

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Mitch Feldman

Managing Director of Research & Development

Corporate Tax Incentives

Connect HR Leadership Summit View More

Stephanie Banuelos

Director of Credits & Incentives

Corporate Tax Incentives

2020 Full Agenda

Your personal concierge will craft a custom schedule based on your interests and priorities. View the complete agenda below.

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Talent Hiring, Retention and Management
AI & Future of Work
Employee Experience
HR Strategy and Leadership Development

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Breakfast Buffet

MondayKeynote Presentation

close When Nature Becomes Nurture: Harnessing Humanity’s Survival Instinct to Foster Inclusion in the Workplace

Talent Hiring, Retention and ManagementUltimate Software - Sr. Director of Human Capital Management Innovation

Forming tribes is instinctual, but modern needs call for bringing us together rather than keeping us separate. HR leaders are uniquely positioned to help employers. By strategically fostering tribal inclusion in the workplace, employers are rewarded with stronger, more meaningful and innovative organizations—to say nothing of changing the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the key factors needed to create diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces where everyone can achieve their full potential
  • Know how to clearly define organizational values and ensure they are consistently reinforced
  • Be prepared to stand up for what is right, even if it means losing employees, customers, or investors
  • Understand how best to influence public policy to give voice to the voiceless and promote sustainability


Dr. Jarik Conrad
Sr. Director of Human Capital Management InnovationUltimate Software
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Your Culture Is Your Brand: How to Build & Sustain a Culture Where Employees Thrive & Customers Rave

Employee ExperienceThe Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center - Global Head

The Ritz-Carlton has been delivering incredible employee experiences and customer experiences for over 30 years. Known for the highest guest satisfactions scores in JD Powers history and winner of two Malcolm Baldridge awards, The Ritz-Carlton has proven that great culture is great business. This session will explore the ways that The Ritz-Carlton has grown and sustained this award winning employee culture and how that translates into customer experience– both ultimately impacting the top and bottom line of any organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Great EX is driven by a handful of core principles like empowerment, wow moments, and surprise and delight
  • You must hire for culture first and teach the vocational skill
  • Great culture is top down and bottom up and must include practical implementations of this methodology
  • Systems and Processes are essential to operationalizing culture


Antonia Hock
Global HeadThe Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Doing More With Data: Getting Real About HR's Role in the Workplace

HR Strategy and Leadership DevelopmentAchievers - Chief People and Culture Officer

Only one third of HR leaders are using data to guide decisions. Shalini Duggal, Chief People and Culture Officer of Achievers, and Suzanne Kinner, CHRO of BHN, come together to discuss why we need to get real about HR’s role and how you can use data you already have to manage costs, support the workforce, and achieve business objectives.

Key Takeaways:

  • An understanding of where HR’s role currently stands
  • What internal and external factors impact HR’s role
  • How HR departments can use data to balance workforce needs awhile delivering on high-level business goals


Shalini Duggal
Chief People and Culture OfficerAchievers
MondayBreakout Presentation

close HR's Role in Complicated Business Transformations to Make the Biggest Long-Term Strategic Impact

AI & Future of WorkHP - Global Head of Talent

Illustrating that transformation is really about the speed at which people can innovate, collaborate, and deliver new products to the market. Breaking away from the mindset that transformation is an initiative-based process. Exploring real examples of how HR has driven the most complicated transformations, including:

  • Ensuring you’re well equipped for a new way of working
  • Developing a digitally enabled workforce
  • Making diversity a business imperative
  • Amplifying the culture through the employer value proposition

Key Takeaways:

  • How to develop your workforce to become more digitally enabled in order to compete with changing skill needs
  • Gaining insight into how to galvanize employees and strengthen your culture
  • Amplifying the culture through the employer value proposition to ensure you are targeting the right skill sets for the future


Nan Weitzman
Global Head of TalentHP
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Driving the Future of Work with Data: Aligning your Remote Talent Strategy with the Business

HR Strategy and Leadership DevelopmentToptal - Regional Director

Talent strategy is critical to an organization’s ability to innovate and quickly pivot to fuel growth and stay ahead of competition. Sachin Bhagwata will share his unique insights on the industry-wide shift in talent management and how companies are increasing ROI from the “human cloud” and blended workforce operating model – the future of work.


Sachin Bhagwata
Regional DirectorToptal
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Bring Humanity Back to the Workplace; How to Drive a People First Culture

Employee ExperienceBIC Graphic - Chief People Officer / CHRO

When inundated with a rapidly changing marketplace, technology, EBITDA goals and KPI’s, how do we support our people and leaders to ensure they feel a sense of connection and belonging? Sometimes going back to the basics and redefining Customer Obsession is the place to start.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your first Customer should be your People
  • Clear away the noise so your People can connect to your purpose
  • Find wins from the perspective of your People first


Barbie Winterbottom
Chief People Officer / CHROBIC Graphic
MondayBreakout Presentation

close How You and Your Team Can Leverage Behavioral Analytics To Have Fun, Hit Goals, and Earn More

HR Strategy and Leadership DevelopmentTeamalytics - Sr. VP Consulting

Your people are smart and talented, but frustrating to work with and lead sometimes. Your problem is not your team members themselves, but rather a stubborn and elusive enemy: counterproductive behavior. Learn how teams around the world are leveraging the power of behavioral analytics to eliminate counterproductive behaviors so they can hit their goals, have fun, and earn more.

Key Takeaways:

  • How many of the world’s most respected Fortune 500 companies and PE firms optimize their teams to deliver stunning business results
  • The #1 mistake team leaders make when it comes to building an engaged and productive team
  • The 8 most common counterproductive behaviors on teams and the behavioral metrics used to measure them
  • The 3 things that Rockstar team leaders do that the Strugglers don’t when it comes to building and optimizing teams


Lyle Wells
Sr. VP ConsultingTeamalytics
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Accelerating Development to Attract, Retain, and Develop Competitive Talent

HR Strategy and Leadership DevelopmentRaytheon - Director Global Talent Development - RMS

Competitive technical and leadership talent is critical to the future of any technology-based enterprise. My presentation will discuss an “Integrated Talent Strategy” that uses highly interactive on-boarding, leadership simulations, professional apprenticeships, and other techniques to assure that we attract and retain employees by providing for hands-on experiential development and acceleration by providing opportunities to demonstrate capability to promotion decision makers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Critical talent needs rapid experiences and ways to demonstrate capability
  • Experiences, not moving role to role, accelerate development
  • Culture of existing leadership must recognize that new generations research differently, solve problems differently, and network differently


Victor Settergren
Director Global Talent Development - RMSRaytheon
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Closing the Leadership Skill Gap - Medieval Style! A Case for True Coaching

HR Strategy and Leadership DevelopmentSeminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - VP, Human Resources

HR professionals and leaders are focused on agility and automation like AI to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape. Meanwhile, trust, engagement and productivity stagnate. Solution: We must teach leadership competency as the Medieval Labor Guilds taught skill mastery. Master teaches Apprentice hands on, over time to ensure proficiency.

Key Takeaways:

  • A leadership skill gap crisis exists globally
  • To improve trust, engagement, productivity and retention, as well as, build leadership bench-strength, we must close the leadership skill gap
  • This becomes even more crucial as Millennials and Gen Z’s move into leadership roles
  • Soft skills can be taught and will improve . . . “over time”


JC Ayers
VP, Human ResourcesSeminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
MondayBreakout Presentation

close What If Everything You Know About Personality Styles Training Is Wrong?

Employee ExperienceTake Flight Learning - CEO

Even though the DISC profile is one the most commonly used assessment tools in companies around the world, it regularly fails to produce a lasting impact. And while people are endlessly fascinated by their results, awareness does not often translate into sustained behavioral change.
In this engaging session, attendees will discover how DISC training can be reinvented to make it more engaging and sticky. By reframing the styles to shift from meaningless letters to visual symbols, you will learn how to place the styles into long-term memory rather than having them be just a fleeting fascination. Merrick will demonstrate that DISC is not about graphs and reports, but rather about application. You will learn how to use DISC to adapt to the people around you to build stronger relationships and get results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover why most DISC training is designed for short-term memory, not long-term retention and application
  • Repackage the styles to shift from empty letters to easily remembered visual symbols
  • Refocus DISC training from awareness to results
  • Bridge the gap between personality assessment and culture change


Merrick Rosenberg
CEOTake Flight Learning
MondayBreakout Presentation

close When Two Became One: Harmonizing Culture and Values Between Keurig and Dr Pepper

HR Strategy and Leadership DevelopmentKeurig Dr Pepper - Director | Human Resources

The topic of the presentation highlights how a human-centered approach has enabled harmonization of culture and values as a single entity, and how this approach currently drives transformative change after Keurig Green Mountain acquired Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Keurig Dr Pepper managed the merger to ensure they harmonized culture and values as one company
  • How they used different methods to come up with an engagement definition and strategy for the organization
  • How companies can use design thinking to drive transformative change throughout their organizations


Maung Lin
Director | Human ResourcesKeurig Dr Pepper


MondayBreakout Presentation

close Optimizing HR's ROI

HR Strategy and Leadership DevelopmentDal-Tile Corporation - VP, Human Resources

Rethinking the way HR operates and adds value to the enterprise, by shifting to be a strategic business ally rather than an administrative necessity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create value for the business through people strategies
  • Shift from being the policy police to being a business accelerator
  • Maximize the ROI of the HR function to the enterprise


Jason Leonard
VP, Human ResourcesDal-Tile Corporation
MondayBreakout Presentation

close The Tech Advantage – How Organizations are Leveraging Technology to Boost Employee Engagement

AI & Future of WorkAllegion - Director, Global Employee Experience

According to Deloitte, digital transformation ranked as the highest risk to culture in the next two to three years. While it presents challenges for any organization, companies around the world are embracing technology in myriad forms to drive engagement and bring employees closer together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hear how companies are using technology to build engagement
  • Learn 3 fundamental principles to boost engagement through technology
  • Learn 3 common barriers to using technology to enhance engagement and ways to remove them


Maigen Rowe
Director, Global Employee ExperienceAllegion
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Why Are We Investigating Discrimination Like It's Still 1964? Here's a Better Method

HR Strategy and Leadership DevelopmentCity of Seattle - Director, HR Investigations

Employees usually lose discrimination complaints, and are expected to return to work like nothing happened. This damages your company due to employees’ lowered morale and production, and higher turnover. This presentation demonstrates an innovative investigations program that resolves root causes of issues and improves the employee (and management!) experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Investigations haven’t changed since the 1964 Civil Rights Act
  • Most investigations do not involve issues of harassment and discrimination, but rather other underlying conflicts
  • We need to address ALL conflict, not just allegations of harassment and discrimination
  • Using Alternative Dispute Resolution and trauma-informed care significantly improves conflict resolution


Steven Zwerin
Director, HR InvestigationsCity of Seattle
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Retention Isn't Rocket Science---Three Key Elements

Talent Hiring, Retention and ManagementCastellini Group of Companies - CHRO

There are three key elements for retention: Bosses, career, and engagement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Employees join a company and leave a boss
  • People need to know they have a career….everyone!
  • Connection is the glue that holds it together


Bonnie Curtis
CHROCastellini Group of Companies
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Wellness Matters - how driving employee engagement enables business success

Employee ExperienceGympass - CEO - US

Considering the flexibility people have grown accustomed to, it’s easy to see how traditional work benefits suddenly seem restrictive, too “one-size-fits-all”. To keep up, benefit plans need to diversify and give employees more ability to personalize their benefits. This can add a level of elasticity to workplace culture and make for a more positive employee.

Select a healthy mix of benefits to include something for everyone, considering multiple dimensions of wellness is a common strategy that more firms are leaning toward. These dimensions include occupational, intellectual, physical, financial, and social and can help create a diverse benefits program that will be valuable to an equally diverse employee population.

Key Takeaways:

  • Flexibility is key – 89% of HR professionals reported an increase in employee retention after launching flexible work arrangements
  • Sitting is the new smoking – Obesity & chronic disease account for $147 billion per year
  • Corporate wellness is increasingly being viewed as a key to success – 94% of US CEOs believe a health and wellness program is essential to attracting top talent


Marco Crespo
CEO - USGympass
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Transforming a World-Class Telecommunications Company: Forging a Unified Culture in the Face of Serial Acquisitions:

HR Strategy and Leadership DevelopmentCommScope - VP HR, Talent & Org Development

The presentation will cover a reflection of the journey CommScope has been on to clarify and define it’s Purpose, Vision, Values and Ways of working, and balance theoretical frameworks in talking about culture with lessons learned through this transformative journey in an $11BN size company worldwide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Words on posters alone don’t change the Culture in a company
  • It’s all about behaviors and making it real for employees globally
  • Culture doesn’t eat strategy for breakfast, they complement each other


Tom Verbeke
VP HR, Talent & Org DevelopmentCommScope
MondayBreakout Presentation

close The “Jerry Maguire” Management Style of Recruiting

Talent Hiring, Retention and ManagementAdventHealth - Executive Director of Talent Acquisition

Today, in this unprecedented unemployment market, great hospitals no longer depend only on innovation, creativity to attract a new candidates, retain existing employees, and serve our patients— They need to satisfy the emotional desires, cultural-orientation and needs of all the players. To understand their emotional desires, needs, we need to establish personal relations with these players—the “Quan”. The “Quan” is about bringing love, respect, and community to the workplace. Come listen to AdventHealth’s story in building a top award winning Talent Acquisition team in a centralized HR Shared Service model.

In the movie, “Jerry Maguire”, Jerry, an average sports agent, wanted to change the industry and his client (Rod, the football player) wanted to transform the relationship of “Coins to Quan”. It is not about the money. It is more than that and people want to connect with personal values with their work. The Executive Director of Talent Acquisition will share the perspective of balancing top-quartile performance demands while developing deep relationships with key stakeholders. Learn how to be the Ambassador of your “Quan”.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the key metrics that it takes to measure the success of an award winning Talent Acquisition department
  • Develop a unique relationship style that brings a sense of community, love and respect to the selection process
  • Take home 20 “Little Things” to connect with someone in less than 1 minute to create a long lasting relationship


Cathy Henesey
Executive Director of Talent Acquisition AdventHealth
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Deep Dish Growth: How to Generate Capital from Innovation with Tax Incentives

Forward-Thinking Financial LeadershipCorporate Tax Incentives - Managing Director of Research & Development
Corporate Tax Incentives - Director of Credits & Incentives

Today’s CFOs must evenly spread their traditional CFO role and that of strategist across their business. More than ever, finance leaders serve as strategic advisers who work to advance business outcomes. When considering toppings for deep-dish growth – whether cybersecurity, risk management, sustainability, productivity, etc. – tax incentives offer CFOs the right ingredients to bake up a thick pie of working capital. In this session, we will discuss tools, tactics, and approaches to rolling out the working capital dough with innovation through tax incentives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how everyday business activities could qualify for valuable tax savings
  • Grasp key indicators that signal the potential for big savings
  • Learn how CFOs can put themselves in the best situation to document and capture these tax incentives


Mitch Feldman
Managing Director of Research & DevelopmentCorporate Tax Incentives
Stephanie Banuelos
Director of Credits & IncentivesCorporate Tax Incentives
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Accelerating How Employees Adapt to Change

Employee ExperienceStanley Black & Decker - Vice President of Human Resources

A changing world requires equipping employees with the tools to adapt quickly to changes happening all around them. Providing practical tools leaders can use to help lead employees through change to ensure accelerated change adoption leading to improved retention and higher productivity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Communicating the Change is one step (not THE step) when helping employees embrace Change
  • Accepting vs Embracing change can make all the difference
  • There are ways to be intentional about helping employees embrace (not just accept) change
  • Do as I say and as I do…Leaders who role model the change they want to see win more


Paul Hevesy
Vice President of Human ResourcesStanley Black & Decker
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Trust the Hotline

Employee ExperienceCox Communications, Inc - Director, Ethics & Compliance

Just because there is an anonymous reporting mechanism in place doesn’t mean that employees or third parties will feel comfortable enough to use it. Individuals might feel uncomfortable speaking up if they fear retaliation, they think their allegations won’t be taken seriously, or they suspect the company won’t take action. A demonstrated ethical culture helps employees and third parties Do the Right Thing and Speak Up when misconduct is observed. In this session, we will explore the relationship between an ethical, “Speak Up” culture and hotline reporting volume, and identify steps you can put in place to help people trust your hotline.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social conformity plays a key role in misconduct in the workplace
  • Fear of retaliation is the most common reason employees don’t feel comfortable speaking up when they observe misconduct
  • Studies show that the more active your hotline is, the higher the company’s return on assets.
  • Recommendations for ensuring a Speak Up culture where employees can Trust the Hotline


Elizabeth Simon
Director, Ethics & ComplianceCox Communications, Inc
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Five Habits of Organizations with Corporate Cultures that Inspire

Employee ExperienceVibe HCM - Chief Sales Officer

The world of work is constantly and rapidly changing. Organizations are hiring more tech-savvy employees. Technological advances are changing the way we communicate and collaborate. The result is employee expectations about work and corporate culture have changed for good. Learn how successful organizations are using technology to drive inspirational cultures.

Key Take-Aways  

  • Interactive discussion about changing workforce dynamics and the impact to culture and the employee experience
  • Real-life examples of organizations using technology to drive unique corporate cultures
  • Self-assessment tool to gauge progress against employee engagement best practices
  • Actionable ideas and next steps to improve your employee engagement strategies


John Whisner
Chief Sales OfficerVibe HCM

Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet

TuesdayKeynote Presentation

close Aligning Talent with your Business Strategy = Competitive Advantage

HR Strategy and Leadership DevelopmentAristocrat - Vice President, Human Resources

By aligning your talent to business outcomes, your company gets the right people with the right skills focused on the right initiatives to drive the strategy and provide a competitive advantage.

Key Take-Aways

  • How to align business strategy, execution, and accountability utilizing the right talent
  • Importance of leadership courage to ensure talent is in the right roles to accelerate business outcomes
  • Crucial conversations are non-negotiable as leaders
  • Talent is the differentiator to whether your company “wins” or not


Missy Hallead
Vice President, Human ResourcesAristocrat
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Managing Your Multigenerational Workforce to Great Success

HR Strategy and Leadership DevelopmentSHIFT HR Compliance Training - CEO & President

Today’s multigenerational workforce poses a unique challenge for managers and companies. For the first time ever, five generations coexist in the workplace, creating an increased focus on managing multigenerational workforces.

Between generational stereotypes, different values and communication preferences, effectively managing this variety of viewpoints isn’t easy. A multigenerational workforce creates an immense need for collaboration and communication, while also providing an unprecedented opportunity for innovation, by taking advantage of the extensive amount of perspectives everyone has to offer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Key generational differences
  • Common stereotypes and unconscious bias
  • Benefits of multigenerational inclusion
  • Strategies to achieve a harmonious multigenerational environment


Katherin Nukk-Freeman
CEO & PresidentSHIFT HR Compliance Training
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Enhancing Tools for Diversity Recruitment: Why Posting Without Action Fails

Talent Hiring, Retention and ManagementOregon State University - Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer

Harvard’s Implicit Association Test (IAT) reveals that 70% of individuals who complete the IAT have either a strong, moderate or slight automatic preference for White people. How these preferences show up during the search process is important to note. This presentation will outline one Higher Education Institution’s efforts to raise awareness and develop unit level toolkits for diversity recruitment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Participant’s will have an understanding of Harvard’s Implicit Association Test (IAT) and how results of the test can be used to raise awareness
  • Understand the Diversity Bonus (Scott Page)
  • What are the key elements of diversity
  • How to prepare an individualized Toolkit for Recruiting Diverse Employees


Charlene Alexander
Vice President & Chief Diversity OfficerOregon State University
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close The Inclusion Habit

HR Strategy and Leadership DevelopmentLake Forest College - Economics Professor

This evidence-based solution transfers inclusion work to the individual and is designed to make behavior more inclusive through six habit-building phases—embracing inclusion matters, understanding biases and their sources, dispersing with the negativity associated with unconscious biases, practicing thinking more deliberately, reprogramming incorrect intuitions about others and becoming more empathetic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Effects of programming and policy employed without behavior change are limited
  • Because of overconfidence bias, programming and policy can create inclusion pitfalls
  • Seeding inclusive behaviors and creating inclusive habits is the next frontier in DEI
  • The Inclusion Habit includes six habit building layers


Amanda Felkey
Economics ProfessorLake Forest College
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Compensation- Why It's About More Than Money

Talent Hiring, Retention and ManagementMotorists Insurance - Assistant VP, Total Rewards

The presentation will discuss best practices with compensation but also address the motivational and emotional aspects of compensation. It will also address how compensation needs to consider various generations in the workforce, as their expectations are quite different.

Key Take-Aways

  • Compensation is emotional–it is about more than merit planning.
  • There is not a spectrum of compensation satisfaction.
  • Generational differences need to be considered during compensation planning.
  • Incentives need to be personal to make sure motivation is achieved through the monetary program.


Becky Shaffer
Assistant VP, Total RewardsMotorists Insurance
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Putting People at the Heart of Performance Management

Talent Hiring, Retention and ManagementLiberty Latin America - Chief People Officer and Senior Vice President

No one looks forward to their annual performance review. As a business leader, performance management is arguably one of the trickiest parts of the job, but it’s critically important given people are what drive a business. Performance Management has been the ‘catch-all’ term. But the ‘world of work’, is changing.

Key Takeaways:

  • When thinking about people, talent and performance management, companies need to move beyond a ‘numbers game’ and start to put employees at the heart of their own development
  • True performance management shouldn’t solely be a once-a-year discussion that takes a historical look back on what has been achieved, but rather an ongoing dialogue that reflects on the past to inform and influence the future
  • What we shouldn’t lose sight of is the ‘management’ in Performance Management. Instead of handing out grades, let’s build a more agile system


Kerry Scott
Chief People Officer and Senior Vice PresidentLiberty Latin America
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close EX = CX - Creating an Employee Experience That Boosts Culture, Productivity & Engagement!

Employee ExperienceAffinitiv, Inc. - Chief People Officer

As companies continue to align their culture with the future of the business, employee fulfillment continues to be a top priority.

Knowing that Employee experience encapsulates what people encounter, observe or feel over the course of their employee journey at an organization, HR Executives are being faced with the challenge of engaging their workforces in new and innovative ways to retain their top talent, while keeping productivity at an all time high.

Key Takeaways:

  • Developing a strategic framework for employee experience
  • Designing solutions that deliver value and results
  • Leveraging mobile platforms for better insights and pro-actively enhancing the experience
  • Leaders being more nimble and readily adaptable to API-based platforms


Tushar Pandit
Chief People OfficerAffinitiv, Inc.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield
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Inspired by the villages of Europe, AAA Five Diamond Bellagio overlooks a Mediterranean-blue lake with fountains performing a magnificent ballet. Escape into an otherworldly plane of dance, music and acrobatics with “O” by Cirque du Soleil — aquatic theater in our Parisian-style opera house.

The hotel rooms and suites at the Bellagio offer the perfect blend of beauty and elegance. Our rooms will elevate your stay, whether you're traveling for business, celebrating a honeymoon, or just looking for a remarkable getaway. With views of the Las Vegas valley or the iconic Bellagio fountains right from your suite, your stay will be nothing short of unforgettable.
We’ll book your accommodations, cover your first night’s stay and offer a discounted rate thereafter. To make your reservations please contact:
The nearest airport is McCarran Airport located about 2 miles away. This hotel does not operate a shuttle, taxi or ride share is recommended.
Bellagio Hotel 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109