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Key Themes

close Cloud Strategy
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Public vs Private Cloud
  • Staffing Changes in a Cloud Environment
  • Controlling Cloud Costs: Leveraging Cloud to Drive Your IT Cost Down
  • Challenges & Opportunities When Switching to the Cloud
  • Developing a Mobile Cloud Strategy for Business
  • Cloud Based Initiatives How to Support Cloud vs. Security
  • Network Integration Between Public and Private Cloud
  • The Future of VoIP & It’s Reliability
Protecting yourself and your company are always top priority. Cover a wide breadth of cyber security initiatives including protocol, network and data protection, operational integration, balancing visibility needs and much more. Minimize the possibility of breaches using AI and learn how to plan for the worst to minimally impact business continuity.  
Navigating between technology initiatives and the rest of the C-suite can be profoundly challenging. The sharp learning curve detracts from communication, understanding of progress, strategy acceptance and appropriate resource allocation. Blow past these challenges to keep your company ticking upwards while keeping everyone onboard.
Data is abundant, and this is where you learn how to keep it clean and make it profitable. Review new softwares, apply machine learning and assess other techniques for locating and sifting through your gold mine.
When everything needs to be done yesterday, and even when it doesn’t, operational strategy can make or break the future success of your applications and technology. Learn top practices, emerging trends, discuss old ones like Agile, and stay on the bleeding edge of technology to accelerate your push forwards without breaking the bank, or the backend.

High Profile Speakers

Hear strategic endeavors and skillful insights from 20+ IT leaders as they make way in today’s changing landscape.

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Travis Cain

Director Business Architecture

Dell Technologies

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Kirk Nugent

Director of Information Technology

Wallace State Community College

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Colin Marlaire

Chief Technology and Learning Officer, Northcentral University; Vice President, Academic Technology, National University System

Northcentral University

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Shamla Naidoo

Chief Information Security Officer


CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Sean Bryson

Vice President of Solutions & Innovation

Hitachi Consulting

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Lee Weisenberger

Managing Director of IT

Universal Logistics

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Steve Maris

Director IT

Chicago Police Department

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Gautam Gulvady

Interim Chief Information officer (CIO)

International Association of Better Business Bureaus

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Bill Balint


Indiana University of Pennsylvania

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Patricia Clay


Hudson County Community College

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Mike House


Piedmont Healthcare

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Vinod Vasudevan


Paladion Networks Private

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Tommy Gardner

Chief Technology Officer

HP Federal

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Michael Cooperman

Director, Business Technology & Clinical PMO

Syneos Health

CIO VISIONS Cybersecurity Fall Summit View More

Rizwan Patel

Senior Director

Caesars Entertainment

2019 Full Agenda

Hear strategic endeavors and skillful insights from 20+ IT leaders as they make way in today’s changing landscape.

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CIO Leadership and Innovation
Cyber Security
Data Management: Strategy for Storage and Analytics

Welcome Cocktail Reception & Registration


Breakfast Buffet

MondayKeynote Presentation

close Digital Transformation – Six Steps to Success

IT LeadershipHitachi Consulting - Vice President of Solutions & Innovation

Digital transformation – driving operational improvements in your physical value stream using connected data from your digital value stream – is delivering unprecedented value across industries to those with a clear road map. In fact, a recent Harvard Business School report shows that companies that embrace digital transformation attain significantly better gross margins, earnings and net income than those that don’t. What’s more, those digital leaders are not spending much more on IT than laggards because the big investments have already been made. The challenge is knowing how to connect the data from the digital value stream to drive continuous improvement with real-time metrics and predictive analytics. No matter where you are on the journey of digital transformation – these six steps can help you connect your systems to drive new levels of productivity, profitability and value across your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to connect your physical and digital value streams to create near real-time operating systems.
  • Identify areas of variation across the physical value stream that can be supported by better data and real-time analytics.
  • Gain knowledge through strategic partnerships with digital leaders to accelerate your journey to unlocking more organizational value.


Sean Bryson
Vice President of Solutions & InnovationHitachi Consulting

Targeted Research Meetings

Expo Hall
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Connecting the Healthcare “Internet of Things” (IoT) through Information Logistics (The Internet of Data)

Data Management: Strategy for Storage and AnalyticsNorthrop Grumman - CTO

Advances in hybrid computing environments, data management frameworks, mobile capabilities, security protocols, and analytics platforms make information logistics a necessary and important capability for every organization. The promise of IoT analytics offers timely medical delivery capabilities while addressing data management issues, security and privacy concerns, and computing and analytical options.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why IoT analytis is a key capability for large enterprises with remote, mobile staff
  • How the latest technologies in computing – cloud, edge, device, on-premise – are facilitating the IoT
  • Data, identity, network security and data pivacy concerns remain critical
  • Developing a strategy and architecture that fits the operations model is a key step to success


Rafael Diaz
CTONorthrop Grumman
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Hidden Secrets of a Breach That Every Leader MUST Know

Cyber Security[24]7 - Chief Information Security Officer & Vice President Internal Audit

Every leader prepares for the worst and hopes for the best. With a cyber breach, you need more than preparation. You need true experience on your side. A cyber breach is the wrong time to learn. This presentation will highlight what to expect and have to come out on top.

Key Takeaways:

  • Know what questions to ask and when
  • Learn your stakeholders, partners, and distractors
  • Learn why communication is your biggest challenge
  • Learn how to lead alpha co-workers during this challenging time


Edward Contreras
Chief Information Security Officer & Vice President Internal Audit[24]7
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Autonomous Cyber Defense: AI and the Immune System Approach

Cyber SecurityDarktrace - Director of Sales

From insiders to sophisticated external attackers, the reality of cyber security today is that the threat is already inside. Legacy approaches to cyber security, which rely on knowledge of past attacks, are simply not sufficient to combat new, evolving attacks, and no human cyber analyst can watch so much or react quickly enough. A fundamentally new approach to cyber defense is needed to detect and respond to these threats that are already inside the network – before they turn into a full-blown crisis. Self-learning systems represent a fundamental step-change in automated cyber defense, are relied upon by organizations around the world, and can cover up to millions of devices. Based on machine learning and probabilistic mathematics, these new approaches to security can establish a highly accurate understanding of normal behavior by learning an organization’s ‘pattern of life,’. They can therefore spot abnormal activity as it emerges and even take precise, measured actions to automatically curb the threat. Discover why autonomous response and machine learning is the future of defense and how the ‘immune system’ approach to cyber security provides complete network visibility and the ability to prioritize threats in order to better allocate time and resources.

Key Takeaways:

  • How new machine learning and mathematics are automating advanced cyber defense
  • Why full network visibility allows you to detect and autonomously respond to threats
  • How smart prioritization and visualization of threats allows for better resource allocation and lower risk
  • Real-world examples of unknown threats detected by ‘immune system’ technology


Georgiana Wagemann
Director of SalesDarktrace
MondayBreakout Presentation

close The Cloud: A Survival Guide

Cloud StrategyAshley Furniture Industries - Director of IT Operations

The word “cloud” was a wise marketing choice – it implies abstraction and simplicity. And your migration to the cloud certainly almost always starts that way. But how do you maintain the same level of success as complexity increases and the cloud providers continue to unleash new features at a frantic pace? I have helped four companies migrate to the cloud, and I will share my experiences in terms of what worked well and what I learned NOT to do.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to Keep Your Head Above Water
  • Security – Not an Afterthought
  • Migration Options
  • Real Life Experiences


Jeffrey Fudge
Director of IT OperationsAshley Furniture Industries
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Accelerating Digital Transformation with Collaborative Communications

Cloud StrategyRingCentral - SVP of Cloud Operations

Digital transformation is about meeting the needs of today’s modern business. The new workforce is increasingly mobile, global and distributed and is putting requirements on companies to support their on-the-go lifestyle. Discover how building a cloud ecosystem of integrated applications drives the speed, agility and data insights you need to generate meaningful business outcomes. With the right solutions in place, you can empower employees to work anytime, anywhere and on any device using the modality of their choice – whether online chat, video meetings or voice communications.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find out how you can unify your collaboration tools into one, single cloud-based platform
  • Learn how to empower employees to work anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Hear how building a cloud ecosystem of integrated applications can cut costs while driving meaningful business outcomes


Curtis Peterson
SVP of Cloud OperationsRingCentral
Monday, November 4Breakout Presentation

close Digitally Transforming Everywhere... All at Once

Digital TransformationDell Technologies - Director Business Architecture

Digital Transformation is the novel use of digital technology to solve traditional problems. These digital solutions enable inherently new types of innovation and creativity, rather than simply enhance and support traditional methods. With a definition like that how could there be any confusion. Why bother? Why Digitally Transform at all? It’s all my “leadership” reads about and they expect me to deliver it. You or your team wants to use modern technologies. Your current tools and processes are holding back your IT Delivery. Pick one reason and make sure it is durable. Do it for your Customers! They need you to do it, even if they can’t explain it. This is about Culture. Are you ready for change?

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital Transformation is about Customers
  • Embracing a Culture of Change
  • It’s still about People………Process and Tools follow


Travis Cain
Director Business ArchitectureDell Technologies
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Unlocking the mysteries of common sense data security implementation a.k.a. don’t be that annoying guy!

Cyber SecurityRockefeller University - CISO

Data security controls are critical to protect valuable information assets; however, they are only effective if users actually implement them. This presentation will describe techniques to implement security policies while still maintaining positive relationships with your end-users. Choose security controls wisely and make them count!

Key Takeaways:

  • Practice what you preach
  • Don’t be intimidated by information security or ease-of-use
  • Know your organization, its usage patterns and culture in order to determine what they consider acceptable
  • Be able to switch roles from guru technician to non-techie end-user


Marty Leidner
CISORockefeller University
Monday, November 4Breakout Presentation

close Applying Digital and Analytics to create value for companies

Digital TransformationInternational Association of Better Business Bureaus - Interim Chief Information officer (CIO)

The digital revolution is ongoing. Having a digital presence is becoming a must for companies and businesses. Value for businesses in the digital era is constantly changing. Tech-enablers such as data, connectivity, storage and the cloud create value in different elements of the value chain for companies and businesses.

Key Takeaways:

  • To capture value, companies need to transform holistically
  • Companies and businesses should adapt their value propositions to manage transitions in an environment of rapid change.
  • Companies should look at tech-enabled transformations for growth and performance improvements
  • Data is a strategic asset in your business.


Gautam Gulvady
Interim Chief Information officer (CIO)International Association of Better Business Bureaus
Monday, November 4Breakout Presentation


AI and Data Driven ExperiencesCaesars Entertainment - Senior Director

Leverage Technologies like Blockchain, AR, VR, Robotics, Drone Racing, Wearables, IoT, Esports, Facial/Image/Object Recognition and others to create an Immersive Experience for Guests and Employees elevating Customer Experience, Increasing Revenue and Reducing Cost.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enterprise Blockchain Applicability
  • AI Driven Insights – Facial/Image/Object Recognition
  • IoT Driven Food Safety


Rizwan Patel
Senior DirectorCaesars Entertainment

close Securing Your Environment.....One Device at a Time

University of Mississippi - CIO

Securing Your Environment…..One Device at a Time

In an institution where academic freedom prevails, implementing security changes that are a necessity these days can prove challenging across numerous fronts as they are seen as limiting the ability of the individual to succeed in their mission. This presentation will share ideas that have proven successful through communication, conversation and significant buy-in which mentally on-boards the constituents after which the virtual/physical changes are experienced.


  • Defining the approach to justify the changes
  • Helping the constituents understand the objective
  • Executing the changes toward a successful outcome


Nishanth Rodrigues
CIOUniversity of Mississippi
Monday, November 4Breakout Presentation

close Using Deep Learning to Secure Endpoints Against Future Threats

Artificial IntelligenceHP Federal - Chief Technology Officer

This talk will cover how to use deep learning or convolutional neural networks to protect against future malware.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand difference between machine learning and deep learning.
  • Historical progression of signature based search to machine learning techniques to today’s deep learning.
  • How using agents at the end points efficiently protects against AI generated malware.
  • The need for action now against evolving threats.


Tommy Gardner
Chief Technology OfficerHP Federal



Targeted Research Meetings

Expo Hall

close GDPR: What Now?

CIO Leadership and InnovationInfo-Tech Research Group - Senior Consulting Analyst

Having passed the May 25th deadline, your organization-wide panic may have subsided but the compliance requirements remain, what now? Despite a delay in imposed fines, the consequences of non-compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will continue to be dictated by channel partners, customers, and vendors – across all industries. Understand how your organization can develop a right-sized approach to compliance, that meets all stakeholder (including regulators’) requirements.

Next, look beyond GDPR, and you’ll find a myriad of new privacy regulations (hint: CaCPA) that add additional complexities to your existing privacy program. This presentation will help you understand the evolving privacy landscape and the alignment between new privacy regulations and GDPR.


Rita Zurbrigg
Senior Consulting AnalystInfo-Tech Research Group
Monday, November 4Breakout Presentation

close Leading Strategic Transformation - Public Cloud

Leadership, Teams and TransformationHumana - Director, Information Technology Business Performance and Process Improvement

With the rapid pace of change through innovations, many companies find that their multi-generational work force struggle to keep up with change. Many organizations are undergoing significant transformation in Cloud, AI, BI, Machine Learning and an array of other innovative technologies. Being a strong and steady IT Leader is essential to help drive organizational change management and be a calming force for employees as they learn to adapt and thrive through the ambiguity that often comes with execution of strategic and transformational initiatives. This session is designed to share some best practices for IT Leaders to utilize as they navigate similar change in their respective organizations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn methods to help employees get more comfortable with ambiguity.
  • Learn how Humana’s focus on upskilling staff has been essential to its success.
  • Hear how to approach employee angst through coaching.
  • Learn why Empathy is a crucial trait for successful Leaders.


Kelly Hall
Director, Information Technology Business Performance and Process ImprovementHumana
Monday, November 4Breakout Presentation

close Your Data is at Risk and Your Employees Don't Know It

Phishing / RansomwareHudson County Community College - CIO

For those of us in non-profit world, particularly, our data is in high demand. Everywhere, budgets are tight. Is your team aware of the danger lurking to steal the personal information and valuable intellectual property that you possess? Learn about our modern cyber landscape, and some methods for changing the risk levels at your institution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cyber crime is growing worldwide
  • Cyber criminals are determined to get your data
  • Most data breaches have a human cause
  • All organizations can increase their security, step by step


Patricia Clay
CIOHudson County Community College
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Finding, Retaining and Growing IT Talent

CIO Leadership and InnovationOptima Healthcare Solutions - CIO

The technology sector is outperforming the rest of the U.S. economy, with unemployment rates at roughly 2.5%, according new data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics—compared to 4.1% national average. Today’s technology professionals are benefiting. With greater opportunity, they’re actively seeking out the best jobs to match their skills. As an employer, it’s never been harder to find and retain the best talent. Are your best IT resources on the verge of leaving? If they do leave unexpectedly, how will you deliver on critical IT projects? And once you find quality staff, how do you motivate them to achieve their fullest potential, so you can grow a successful team?

Key Takeaways:

  • Formalize an internal referral program – Employee referrals continue to be employers’ top source of hires, delivering more than 30 percent of all hires overall in 2016 and 45 percent of internal hires – Source: Society for Human Resources Manager (SHRM)
  • Think local, hire global – Does it matter where your IT team is? Not all IT orgs are hiring overseas. Rural sourced options continue to exist with talent in more affordable markets like Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Michigan.
  • Growing IT Talent – The reduces overall attrition. This is important when digital transformation projects take 18-36 months. Losing top talent during one of these projects can delay the project and increase costs.
  • Dedicated Mentoring – Set dedicated office hours for your team. Make sure those time slots are dedicated each week.


Jason James
CIOOptima Healthcare Solutions
Monday, November 4Breakout Presentation

close It’s Not a Project: The Journey to a Holistic IT Security Program

Staff Training and RetentionIndiana University of Pennsylvania - CIO

This session will review how a data exposure that occurred outside of central IT’s responsibility led to the creation of a comprehensive, sustainable IT security program at a mid-sized, public doctoral university. A specific goal is to review the components of the program in a manner that would allow attendees to leverage, modify and enhance it for their own purposes. All five major objectives of the program will be explained, including how to get started, suggestions for carrying that early momentum suggestions for making the program sustainable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Great IT security awareness requires sustainable programs and not just projects
  • The largest corporations in the world spent many millions on cyber security activities and many still suffered breaches. Money is not the only key to success.
  • Practically every business and institution has good reason to worry about their IT security posture. Therefore, no one should ignore the good, successful steps taken by others.


Bill Balint
CIOIndiana University of Pennsylvania
Monday, November 4Breakout Presentation

close Automation Mindset, turning IT into a Profit center and driving growth

Digital TransformationUniversal Logistics - Managing Director of IT

Successful IT leaders will be those that can transition from a cost center to delivering real value to an organizations bottom line. From kiosk to self check, robots in supply chain, and self driving vehicles technology is driving fundamental change in many organizations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Automation is delivering REAL value today.
  • We can offset increasing labor costs and labor shortages by automating low value task of unskilled labor.
  • Mitigate risk associated with Automation with Strategic Pilot programs.
  • Your “automation vision” should go beyond ROI and KPI’s, but become a core value of all your technology initiatives.


Lee Weisenberger
Managing Director of ITUniversal Logistics
Monday Breakout Presentation

close Stop Breaches in AWS and Azure with Advanced Threat Detection and Response

CybersecurityPaladion Networks Private - CTO

Cloud computing is powering digital transformations for businesses across the globe. This mainstream adoption is making Cloud platforms a promising new vector for cyber criminals. Organisations of every size must prepare to defend against the coming wave of advanced attacks targeting their Cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

In this session, we will discuss how best to monitor AWS and Azure clouds. We will focus on key components and services that should be monitored along with use cases. We will detail the role of AI-driven threat detection and response to combat sophisticated cloud threats.


Vinod Vasudevan
CTOPaladion Networks Private
Monday, November 4Breakout Presentation

close AI for Innovation and how to use it to secure your digital assets

Artificial IntelligenceIBM - Chief Information Security Officer

Artificial intelligence will change the world. Let’s remove the mystery and lean into the opportunities it presents. Specifically explore a real world use of this technology to manage security.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is AI?
  • How to use it generally
  • How to use AI specifically for cyber
  • A real example – from a practitioner


Shamla Naidoo
Chief Information Security OfficerIBM
Monday, November 4Breakout Presentation

close Applying Technology to create First Responder Action

Customer-centric Design & Customer JourneyChicago Police Department - Director IT

Mastering the user experience to facilitate the use of real-time information to deploy resources effectively to a critical situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a user experience to engage the user in the utilization of systems
  • Funnel multiple siloed systems into one Unified Web Experience
  • Incorporation of IoT into the user interface
  • Collaboration of multiple technologies under one umbrella


Steve Maris
Director ITChicago Police Department
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Life After an Anonymous Attack on My City

Cyber SecurityCity of Fort Lauderdale - CTO

The city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida was hit by an Anonymous denial-of-service attack in December 2014 and was forced to immediately upgrade computer systems to thwart any potential future attacks.The city quickly spent $430,000 upgrading computer security systems to mitigate vulnerabilities it had previously identified. While the attack itself did not cost the city this money, it expedited the timeline for these necessary system upgrades. A complete A-Z approach for a new security awareness program was created.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even if sensitive information isn’t compromised, there can be political fallout from such an attack
  • If you’re aware of vulnerabilities that need to be remedied “when the budget allows,” would-be attackers will be too
  • A security strategy for a new division
  • How the city has changed its ways – both technologically, and behaviorally, in the time since


Michael Maier
CTOCity of Fort Lauderdale
Monday, November 4Breakout Presentation

close Leadership insight through the lens of Technology

Forward-Thinking Financial LeadershipWallace State Community College - Director of Information Technology

To be a primary Technology Leader in 2019 is to speak 2 to 3 languages, wage war internally and externally, and inspire a team to produce beyond what they probably should. How does one navigate this new landscape? What are the current realities we need to be mindful of? How can we best engage fellow administrators? Join us as we explore the way forward.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Technology has affected and continues to change the world of work.
  • Why it’s important to speak the language of industry.
  • Key differences between being part of the team and serving the team.
  • Leadership sometimes means being a Servant.


Kirk Nugent
Director of Information TechnologyWallace State Community College
Monday, November 4Breakout Presentation

close Delivering Digital Transformation Programs in a Regulated Industries

Digital TransformationSyneos Health - Director, Business Technology & Clinical PMO

Digital Transformation is no longer a differentiator limited to high tech companies. It has become a key to success and survival in many different industries, including traditional regulated industries such as insurance, government, and healthcare. There are particular challenges that regulated industries need to address in order to embrace digital transformation and drive successful outcomes, while still working within compliance and regulatory frameworks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Basics of Digital Transformation
  • How to apply Digital Transformation concepts in regulated industries
  • Best practices for defining Digital Transformation projects
  • Best practices to achieve successful delivery of Digital Transformation initiatives


Michael Cooperman
Director, Business Technology & Clinical PMOSyneos Health

Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet

Tuesday, November 5Keynote Presentation

close Preparing Your Talent for Today’s Evolving Roles and Tomorrow's Challenges

Staff Training and RetentionSkillsoft - Vice President, Technology & Developer Products

In this session, Mike Hendrickson will explore the skills needed to properly enable individuals to deliver true business value through new job capabilities and functions. Further, Mike will outline how technology leaders can empower their technology professionals to advance throughout their career, transforming individuals from where they are today, to where they aspire to be in the future as they develop knowledge, experience, skills and best practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mike Hendrickson will explore the skills needed to properly enable individuals to deliver true business value through new job capabilities and functions
  • Mike will outline how technology leaders can empower their technology professionals to advance throughout their career, transforming individuals from where they are today, to where they aspire to be in the future as they develop knowledge, experience, skills and best practices.
  • Mike will put a particular emphasis on how organizations can better enable and train their technology professionals and measure how effective their efforts are. And how you can really know if someone has learned what they need for the future.
  • Mike will provide a blueprint for organizations looking to properly skill technology professionals in a way that will allow the organization to utilize any technology stacks in a valuable, meaningful way.


Mike Hendrickson
Vice President, Technology & Developer ProductsSkillsoft

Targeted Research Meetings

Expo Hall
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Trends in Data Management

Data Management: Strategy for Storage and AnalyticsDruva - VP Product & Alliances

The data landscape has changed, leaving organizations to build data management strategies that must withstand increasing scrutiny. Critical data must be protected from loss or breach, while data privacy regulations, make it even more critical that organizations understand what data they have and be able to make actionable decisions regarding it. This creates pressure for IT teams, which are already struggling to meet the myriad of needs posed by the different types of data distributed across organizations. Join us for an informative session on the latest trends in Data Management & Protection. Share best practices & learn how organizations addressing the challenges of:

  1. Multiple, disparate data sources
  2. Exponential data growth
  3. Today’s complex data environment

Key Takeaways:

  • How companies are using data management and solve for privacy challenges
  • Strategies for GDPR compliance and other upcoming regulations
  • How to manage data across heterogeneous environments


Dave Packer
VP Product & AlliancesDruva

close A New Approach to Email Security for Office 365

Vade Secure - Director of Corporate Markets

For hackers, Office 365 is the new black!

Because a simple set of Office 365 credentials can give you access to sensitive documents, applications and confidential business information, Office 365 is now the go-to place for cybercriminals looking to make a fast and high profit.

Each day these hackers implement new and always more creative phishing and spear-phishing attacks, that easily bypass the traditional email security solutions.

Discover what their techniques are, and learn what you can do to prevent cybercriminals from breaking into your organization with just a single email.

Key Takeaways:

  • Office 365
  • Email Security
  • Phishing
  • Cyber Security


James Duff
Director of Corporate MarketsVade Secure
Tuesday, November 5Breakout Presentation

close The Phish Are Biting...Tales From the Pond

Phishing / RansomwarePiedmont Healthcare - CIO

Phishing is the #1 attack vector in healthcare. The speaker will share real data and experiences from his organization’s 18 month campaign to improve their cybersecurity posture against this threat.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cultural shifts are difficult yet vital for enhance cybersecurity
  • There are multiple [potential] unwanted side effects from trying to do the “right thing” regarding phishing
  • Having the right tool, like for any endeavor, is paramount
  • Measure, adjust, measure some more, adjust some more…you are never “done”


Mike House
CIOPiedmont Healthcare
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close CIO: Driving Marketing Technology Innovation

CIO Leadership and InnovationNewDay USA , LLC - Chief Digital Officer

The biggest challenges is that the role of technology is evolving and marketers are making decision on technology as well. What should CIO’s consider and how they should partner with their marketing and digital team to help organizations succeed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Partnership of the CIO with the CMO and CDO
  • Technologies and processes that are helping business grow
  • Organization proceses and team that will help CIOs succeed
  • Thinking like a marketer and leading the charge with innovation


Gaurav Bhatia
Chief Digital OfficerNewDay USA , LLC

close Unified Access Security

Cyber SecurityDuo Security - Solutions Engineer

The perimeter-based security approach of the last century is no longer adequate for securing the modern enterprise. Today, organizations must secure a mobile workforce that uses a mix of corporate-owned and personal devices to access cloud-based applications and services, often from outside corporate networks. The zero trust access model delivers that security without cumbersome and antiquated technologies such as VPN and MDM.

Attend this session to learn how the zero trust access model works, how leading organizations such as Google use this approach to secure access to their critical applications and data, and how you can implement this model in your organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why the traditional perimeter-focused security model won’t meet the needs of most modern organizations
  • How a zero-trust security model can overcome these challenges
  • How you can incorporate this approach into your existing architecture without starting from scratch



Karl Lewis
Solutions EngineerDuo Security
Tuesday, November 5Breakout Presentation

close Data Intelligence in a Multi-Stakeholder World - Challenges and Opportunities

Big Data and AnalyticsNorthcentral University - Chief Technology and Learning Officer, Northcentral University; Vice President, Academic Technology, National University System

One of the most significant challenges when discussing data initiatives across institutions, organizations, corporations is the sheer number of disparate stakeholders, lexicons and perspectives that are involved. Despite the complexity, there are really only three key guiding principles that govern such processes: what are we trying to know, how might we act, and what do we have.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding of an organizations’ stakeholders, politics and barriers.
  • Defining goals and intentions: both ideal and tactical.
  • Identifying stakeholders vs. drivers.
  • Role of technology.


Colin Marlaire
Chief Technology and Learning Officer, Northcentral University; Vice President, Academic Technology, National University SystemNorthcentral University
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Ransomware: A HigherEd Personal Testimony

Cyber SecurityWallace State Community College - Director of Information Technology

Ransomware is now a $2 billion-per-year criminal industry. Prevention has become apart of a CIOs daily activities. What happens when you find yourself a Target? What happens when you fall Victim? Hear a personal testimony of a University that has walked through that experience and lived to tell the story.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why are HigherEd Institutions Targeted?
  • Tips and Tricks in the aftermath.
  • No cost Prevention practices.


Kirk Nugent
Director of Information TechnologyWallace State Community College
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies - Hype or Reality?

CIO Leadership and InnovationBerkley Risk Administrators Company, LLC - CIO

You’ve heard it – Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Deep Learning, IoT, RPA, Cloud, etc. You may also heard the phrase “Be the Disruptor not the Disrupted”. What does all this mean? Hype? Of course it’s a hype for consulting companies like Accenture, IBM and hundreds of other companies to thrive, survive, or stay relevant. Reality? Yes, it’s a reality for companies like the Fintechs, Insuretechs, and FAANG since it’s who they are and it’s in their DNA. What about most of us?

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the hypes
  • Understand the realities
  • Understand the technologies
  • Understand what are the potential next steps


William Tran
CIOBerkley Risk Administrators Company, LLC
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Helping the World through Digital Transformation

Digital TransformationWorld Vision - Global Chief Information Officer

In this digital transformation session Scott will discuss and explore the digital enabling of an organization from strategy to support, apps to data and methodologies to mindsets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital is Pervasive – from Strategy to Culture
  • Digital is Agile – with Alignment with Autonomy
  • Digital is Transformative – Apps to Data and Analytics
  • Digital if Fundamental – from Poverty to Empowerment



Scott Mills
Global Chief Information OfficerWorld Vision


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George Viegas CISO and Privacy Champion
Chapman University

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