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Key Themes

close Leadership & Manufacturing Innovation Strategies

As the manufacturing industry embraces a new digital era, the pressure to move faster than ever continues to mount. Your ability to successfully lead your team through uncharted territory largely determines how your company is positioned in the global arena. Master the best management tactics for working smarter, better, and more strategically. Innovate faster with technology as your ally and propel your team to the front of the pack.

Today, lean must be even leaner. We’ll cover Continuous Improvement components with proven track records in time and cost savings. This includes an expert panel and case studies demonstrating new processes without additional resources, workforce motivation tactics and more.
Artificial intelligence, big data, the cloud, blockchain, automation, robotics, IoT, IIoT, additive manufacturing and the like have transformed every aspect of manufacturing. We’ll help you nail down this soup of buzz words into an effective strategy for digital manufacturing, backed by case studies and proven best practices.
In the business world, it has now been established that to drive optimal levels of operational success, business leaders need to engage high-performing employees, foster new talent and keep developing their workforce. Throughout this track workforce management experts will discuss top approaches to keeping an engaged workforce, managing the changing landscape and tackling the task of attracting qualified talent.
  • How to Attract Millennials into Perceived Lower Tech Manufacturing Careers
  • Workforce Training and Development: Creating Leaders at all Levels
  • Improving Current Employee Engagement and Productivity Levels
  • Strategies for Retention of Skilled Employees in a Changing Workforce Landscape

High Profile Speakers

Hear strategic endeavors and skillful insights from 40+ Manufacturing leaders as they make way in today’s changing landscape.

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

James Gulnick

Vice President, Director of Operations

McGrory Glass Inc.

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Evan York

Director of Manufacturing and Operations


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Michael Rutherford

Plant Manager


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Wes Funsch

Vice President, Operations


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Stephen Engel

Senior Vice President, Practice Lead

Hitachi Consulting

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

David McPhail

CEO & President


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Jeffrey Price

Executive Vice President


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Joseph Myers

Head of Quality III


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Abraham Kang

Sr. Director Software

Samsung Corporation

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Raja Shembekar

Director of Engineering

DENSO International America

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Ashok Kulkarni

Vice President Engineering

The New IEM, LLC

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Michael Friedmann

Senior Vice President Global Marketing Product Management and Customer Service

Rosenbauer International AG

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Chris Cunningham

Global Vice President - Product

Burton Snowboards

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Vikas Malhotra

Chief Research and Product Development Officer

Dorel Juvenile Group

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Archana Khetan

Vice President Product Management

Zebra Technologies Corporation

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Ken Chrisman

President, Product Care

Sealed Air

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Joe Murli


The Murli Group

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Greg Schmidt

Information Solutions Sales Executive

Rockwell Automation

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

David Meek

IBM IoT & Industry 4.0 Global Leader for Chemicals, Petroleum & Industrial Products


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Mark Lilly


Protected Flow Manufacturing

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Viveka Tengo

Senior Sales Executive - North America


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Paul Babin

Director of Technology, Innovation & Sustainability

thyssenkrupp North America, Inc.

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Syed Hoda

Chief Marketing Officer

Sight Machine

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Paul Green

Advanced Manufacturing Leader – Central Region and Partner, Tax Services

Ernst & Young

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Brian Dickerson

Senior Manager in the Advisory Services practice

Ernst & Young

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Avi Robbins

Vice President Global Product Development and R&D


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Tom Brown

Executive Director, Operations

Brewer Science, Inc.

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Gary Evans

Sales Director


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Stephen M. Boebel

Vice President of Finance

Minuteman International

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Steve Vandehey

Vice President of Finance

Hitachi Consulting

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Chad Flesher

Senior Account Executive


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More

Bill Bither

Co-Founder and CEO


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Fall Summit View More


2019 Full Agenda

Your personal concierge will craft a custom schedule based on your interests and priorities. View the complete agenda below.

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Manufacturing Leadership Strategies
Effective Continuous Improvement
Implementing Digital Manufacturing
Workforce & Talent Management

Welcome Cocktail Reception & Registration


Breakfast Buffet

MondayKeynote Presenation

close Digital Transformation – Six Steps to Success

Implementing Digital ManufacturingHitachi Consulting - Senior Vice President, Practice Lead
Hitachi Consulting - Vice President of Finance

Digital transformation – driving operational improvements in your physical value stream using connected data from your digital value stream – is delivering unprecedented value across industries to those with a clear roadmap. In fact, a recent Harvard Business School report shows that companies that embrace digital transformation attain significantly better gross margins, earnings and net income than those that don’t. What’s more, those digital leaders are not spending much more on IT than laggards because the big investments have already been made. The challenge is knowing how to connect the data from the digital value stream to drive continuous improvement with real-time metrics and predictive analytics. No matter where you are on the journey of digital transformation – these six steps can help you connect your systems to drive new levels of productivity, profitability and value across your business.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn how to connect your physical and digital value streams to create near real-time operating systems
  • Identify areas of variation across the physical value stream that can be supported by better data and real-time analytics
  • Gain knowledge through strategic partnerships with digital leaders to accelerate your journey to unlocking more organizational value
  • Hitachi Optimized Factory aggregates OT, IT and IoT data and uses predictive analytics and machine-learning to provide actionable insights that can drive continuous improvement and leaner operations


Stephen Engel
Senior Vice President, Practice LeadHitachi Consulting
Steve Vandehey
Vice President of FinanceHitachi Consulting

Targeted Research Meetings

Monday, October 15Breakout Presentation

close Integrating Coaching and Consulting: A Case for Continuous Improvement

Workforce & Talent ManagementMcGrory Glass Inc. - Vice President, Director of Operations

This presentation discusses how individual coaching, group coaching, and organizational consulting differ and how they work together to form an integrated solution. Each type of specialization may have distinct approaches to helping companies. From individual assessments utilizing intelligence and skill testing, to The Five Factor Model of personality and Clifton Strengths Finder, coaching and counseling individuals help them to be more successful in jobs that match each individual’s strengths while they learn to live a balanced life.

Key Take-Aways

  • How to help individuals to find strengths and the right fit in careers to achieve that next level of success
  • How to help the team through the stages of team development to smooth out the transition to high performance groups
  • How organizations can implement changes though systems analysis and holistic approaches
  • How the learning organization is able to constantly improve to increase its competitive advantage


James Gulnick
Vice President, Director of OperationsMcGrory Glass Inc.
Monday, October 15

close A Revolutionary Approach to Shop Floor Scheduling: Can a Combination of LEAN / TOC Principles Make a Focus on Execution more Powerful than Planning?

Effective Continuous ImprovementProtected Flow Manufacturing - Partner

Most Manufacturing companies continue to struggle with getting their orders done and shipped to their customers on-time.  On-time Delivery (OTD) percentages of most companies are less than 90%.  Many are lower than 80%.  Those that maintain higher than 90% OTD often resort to heroic extra efforts, overtime, and/or expedited material, all of which take a toll on a company’s bottom-line.

Scheduling the shop floor is not an easy task.  It takes a lot of work and focus to get live on Advanced Planning and Scheduling software whether standalone or embedded in your ERP. The speaker explains why traditional shop floor scheduling is such a struggle for most manufacturers.

Key Take-Aways:

  • How to apply Little’s Law to lower WIP and improve FLOW through the shop floor
  • Uncover the best priority mechanism to focus on the right job at all times
  • How consciously managing ‘buffer time’ on your jobs improves on-time delivery


Mark Lilly
PartnerProtected Flow Manufacturing
Monday, October 15Breakout Presentation

close What can Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chains do NOW to Prepare for the Impending Digitization Wave?

Effective Continuous ImprovementReveal - Senior Partner

What can you do NOW to prepare for the new technologies and yet drive optimization into your business and see increased service levels by 15%+ and reduced working capital and operational costs by 20%+. Learn what to do when your Supply Chain’s world is turned upside down, when the digitalization and ERP digital platforms become a reality in your organization. Building competitive edge in a world class supply chain requires collaboration, decision making and most importantly discipline.

Key Take-Aways 

  • Optimization of your ERP and alignment between Demand, MRP and Supply operations will significantly improve product delivery
  • What key aspects need to be put in place to ensure the organization is ready for the promises of digitization, i.e. agility, speed to market, lot size of one and real-time decisions
  • Operations and Supply Chain alignment with capacity managed and levelled production schedules, and see improvement with cost reductions across the end-to-end chain
  • Collaborative long-term relationships built on respect and trust in ERP data and ensuring a single source of truth throughout the organization


Martin Rowan
Senior PartnerReveal



Targeted Research Meetings

Monday, October 15Breakout Presentation

close Achieving Sustainable Continuous Improvement Activities

Effective Continuous ImprovementSeakeeper - Plant Manager

CI activities are not a one time action. The most difficult part is sustainability. People can get stuck in a ‘fire fighting’ mode and loose sight of the proactive activities needed to prevent those fires. Benefits of CI activities are essential to the growth and success of a company. Effective ways to measure CI activities (ties into ways to sustain the improvements)

Key Take-Aways 

  • ‘Continuing’ Continuous Improvement
  • The need for CI Activities
  • Measuring Continuous Improvement


Michael Rutherford
Plant ManagerSeakeeper
Monday, May 20Breakout Presentation

close Designing, Planning, and Managing a Lean Transformation

Continuous Improvement & InnovationThe Murli Group - CEO

Since Lean was first introduced to the US, there have evolved many different approaches to gaining its acceptance and adoption throughout the organization. Over the years of experience, we learned how to characterize individual organizations and their specific needs. From this, we can develop a detailed transformation plan and methods to manage it through to completion at a rate that makes sense for your specific organization.

Key Take-Aways

  • How to characterize your organization
  • How to develop a detailed transformation plan
  • How to carry your plan through to successful completion


Joe Murli
CEOThe Murli Group

Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet


Targeted Research Meetings

Tuesday, October 16Breakout Presentation

close Smart Manufacturing – Connecting Customer, Product and Factory

Implementing Digital ManufacturingTacton - Senior Sales Executive - North America

A manufacturing revolution is in progress; one that is driving change in how companies produce and sell products and services. While facing global and low-cost competition, manufacturers must compete on value to stay relevant. We will review how manufacturers around the globe are responding to smart manufacturing initiatives and what steps can be taken to prepare. Experience from leading manufacturers such as Scania, Caterpillar and Siemens will be shared.

Key Take-Aways:

  • How to meet and exceed customer requirements and demands with mass-customization
  • Why enhancing the customer buying experience matters
  • How to increase the speed of innovation
  • What can be done to support your organization become agile by getting rid of silos and enabling change


Viveka Tengo
Senior Sales Executive - North AmericaTacton
Tuesday, May 21

close Agile Development Process: SCRUM for R&D

Streamlining the R&D Process for SuccessPorex - Vice President Global Product Development and R&D

Agile Development Practices are not just for software any longer. We have adapted the SCRUM process for our product development and R&D teams to use in our porous polymer manufacturing environment. It has led to better prioritization, more throughput, and greater team member engagement.

Key Take-Aways

  • Understanding of Agile Development Principles (SCRUM Process)
  • How SCRUM can be adapted to developing physical products
  • Understand key benefits of implementing Agile Development


Avi Robbins
Vice President Global Product Development and R&DPorex


Executive Steering Committee

Experienced Manufacturing leaders work with us to focus our program on trends that will move the needle at your company.

Steering Committee Members

Jeff Knight COO
Classic Optical Laboratories Inc.
Kim Appling Divisional Vice President-Operations
Eddie Bauer LLC
Cristina Cristea COO
Daniel McFall Chief Operating Officer
Stimson Lumber Company
Patrick Tang VP Technology - Hardware Dev
Bamidele Ali CCO
XG Sciences
Patrick Pollock CEO
Genesis Systems Group, LLC
Tony Spielberg CEO
Boone Center Inc
Kenneth Barra Director of Engineering
Spinal Elements
Jason Keck Director of Operations
Precision Aerospace Corporation
Loran Cox Director of Quality
Paul Arrieta Director of Technical Services
Visionaire Lighting, LLC
Bruno Padovani Director, LEAN Manufacturing
Ferrara Candy Company
Bill Duarte Director, Lean Systems
Columbia Forest Products
Mary Plemons VP of Franchise Operations
Verlo Mattress
Varsha Nainani Vice President Quality & Regulatory
Dhaliwal Labs
Rez Moghaddasian Vice President of Engineering
Mo Toumert VP of Manufacturing and Operations
Meyer Products
Nancy Baek VP of Product Development/Production
Rebecca Minkoff
Luanne Ruddy Director, Operations
Jim Tortorelli President and CEO
American Home Products LLC

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