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Key Themes

close Leadership and Workforce Strategies

This track was specifically developed to support manufacturing leaders with best strategies relating to planning and development, performance improvement and workforce management.  Effective leadership strategies are usually considered the foundation of any successful operation and key to building, developing and motivating the workforce.  This track brings together a comprehensive view of varied methods that tackle some of the most pressing challenges for the top leaders in manufacturing.

Continuous improvement and innovation are the most significant ways for companies to identify opportunities, reduce operating overhead and streamline workflows.  A successful CI plan and innovation programs allow companies to reduce wasted time and effort, resulting in time and money savings. This track will highlight some tested continuous improvement and innovation approaches and effective implementation strategies, through carefully crafted presentations for the manufacturing leader of today.
Plants are, more than ever, continually evolving environments where machinery upgrades, floor layouts, compliance and personnel changes are just some of the most pressing issues for managers. During this track top facility managers will discuss effective approaches to pressing challenges inside operational facilities, including labor and automation, execution systems, and emerging technology for plant optimization, providing comprehensive solutions for day-to-day operations.
Industry 4.0 is making a big impact in the world of manufacturing, providing more data than ever before. Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, IoT and additive technology have the potential to improve productivity, quality, cost efficiency, and revenue, and will continue to transform manufacturing for the next few years. During this track, manufacturing leaders will discuss key challenges, best strategies, and successful case studies of their successful digital transformation.

High Profile Speakers

Hear strategic endeavors and skillful insights from 40+ Manufacturing leaders as they make way in today’s changing landscape.

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Lars Berg

Head of Global Facilities Management


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Rich Fitzgerald

Chief Operating Officer

SMTC Corporation

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Lisa Sykes

Director - End to End Quality Lead

Merck & Co., Inc

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Neil Nersesian

Senior Vice President Operations

Lagunitas Brewing Company

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Rabi Prusti

Executive Director, Quality Control

Cytovance Biologics, Inc.

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Dharmendu Damany

Vice President, Head of Global Operations


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Dean M. Panettieri

President and COO

Auto Meter Products, Inc.

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Chris Cramer


Karl Strauss Brewing Co

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Robert Scott

Vice President of R&D

The Coca-Cola Company

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Dustin Levy

Vice President, Industrial Safety


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Tony Hayes

Global Lean Leader – Supply Chain

General Electric

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Dan Nelson

Global Director of Innovation

Firestone Building Products

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Marcella Backer

Hitachi Global Solution and Innovation Business Subject Matter Expert in Discrete Manufacturing, Operations and Process

Hitachi Consulting

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Arianne Chaisson

Senior Director

Hitachi Consulting

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Frank Crnic

North American Sales Leader

IBM Watson Supply Chain

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Joe Murli


The Murli Group

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Mike Rowland

Director, Customer Experience

West Monroe Partners

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Sean Bliss

Vice President of Sales for Indirect Spend


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

John Ortiz

Director of Product Stewardship

HP, Inc

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Avi Robbins

Vice President Global Product Development and R&D


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

David Kober

Senior Sales Engineer

iba America, LLC

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Hugh Arif

Director, Industry Solutions - Manufacturing - AT&T Business - Business Marketing, AT&T


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Fernando Bernasconi

Vice President of Operations


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Lawrence Whittle



IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Benjamin Cheng

VP Solutions & Partnerships


IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Dave Westrom

VP of Business Development

Machine Metrics

IMPACT Smart Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Wellington Giolo

Sr. Director, Business Development & Strategic Alliances


2020 Full Agenda

Your personal concierge will craft a custom schedule based on your interests and priorities. View the complete agenda below.

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Breakfast Buffet

Keynote presentation

close Six Principles to Guide your Digital Transformation

The Application of Digital ManufacturingHitachi Consulting - Hitachi Global Solution and Innovation Business Subject Matter Expert in Discrete Manufacturing, Operations and Process
Hitachi Consulting - Senior Director

With impressive technological advances in the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, Collaborative Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, and Big Data Analytics, manufacturers are scrambling to invest in digital transformation. After all, these investments can pay off handsomely. A Harvard Business Review study revealed that the digital leaders making smart investments are outpacing their competition in several key metrics and most significantly in gross margin and earnings. If the impact of digital transformation in manufacturing isn’t already keeping you up at night, consider this:
60 percent of Global 2000 companies will have doubled their productivity by digitally transforming many processes from human-based to software-based delivery by 2020, according to IDC. Are you keeping up with this remarkable pace?

Only 26 percent of CEOs have a clear vision for digital for their businesses, according to Forrester/Odgers. Are you helping guide the rest of your management team towards a digital transformation?

In the past 15 years, 52% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared from the list. And it is estimated that 40% of all businesses will fail in the next 10 years due to digital disruption. Have you established your roadmap to smart manufacturing?

These seemingly disparate data points have one thing in common: all are among the most common industry-wide business problems organizations seek to solve. Expertise and technology are available today to help companies move forward. The digital era is here. But where to begin?

Attend Hitachi’s keynote to learn about transforming your business for operational excellence. In this session, you will learn the six factors that make or break a manufacturer’s digital initiatives, how to leverage IoT to achieve new levels of performance, and how to create a realistic roadmap that allows you to plot your organization’s course to smart manufacturing and deliver measurable value along the way.

Key Take-Aways

  • One of the world’s largest IoT patent holders, Hitachi has 107+ years of operational technology and 58+ years of information technology experience. We’ve developed our know-how from owning, operating, servicing or supplying companies in the same industries as our clients
  • Take Action: reduce costs, increase agility and reduce bottlenecks, improve utilization of factory assets and resources, increase production speed and quality, and meet compliance and sustainability goal
  • Learn to draw a more detailed digital manufacturing road map and avoid the early pitfalls that make it difficult for so many companies to thrive in the age of smart manufacturing
  • Leverage existing data to improve KPIs : aggregate and analyze data to reduce costs, increase asset utilization (equipment, people and space) and improve production speed and quality


Marcella Backer
Hitachi Global Solution and Innovation Business Subject Matter Expert in Discrete Manufacturing, Operations and ProcessHitachi Consulting
Arianne Chaisson
Senior DirectorHitachi Consulting

Targeted Research Meetings

MondayBreakout Presentation

close Lean Foundation for a Digital Factory

Digital Transformation of R&DGeneral Electric - Global Lean Leader – Supply Chain
GE Transportation - GLobal Lean Leader

With Two Brilliant Factories, GE Transportation’s Global Supply Chain Services Business is at the forefront of transforming a 112-year-old business into a Lean Organization of the Future. The Brilliant Factory connects a digital maturity, that is built on a lean foundation, with a continuous improvement culture. GE Transportation is ushering in a new era in manufacturing by merging hardware and software and reimagining how products are designed, made and serviced. The Brilliant Factory Journey will be discussed, and the approach used to implement lean across multiple sites that are at varying stages of the lean journey. We will show how GE Transportation aligned a broad “North Star” Vision throughout the organization right to the production cells daily goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lean Foundation: 5S and Standard Work
  • VSM, Lean Tools and Culture: Employee Engagement, Daily Management, Strategy Deployment, Problem Solving, 3P
  • Digital: Smart Parts, Smart Machines, and Connected Systems.
  • The impact of merging two organizations (GE Transportation and Wabtec Corporation), both with strong lean cultures, on the Brilliant Factory journey will be reviewed, along with the Lessons Learned


Tony Hayes
Global Lean Leader – Supply ChainGeneral Electric
Dave Zink
GLobal Lean LeaderGE Transportation
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Manufacturing Strategies and Technologies Enabling a Circular Economy

Leadership & Manufacturing Innovation StrategiesHP, Inc - Director of Product Stewardship

Corporations have long recognized that shifting business models toward a circular, low-carbon economy is not only the right thing to do, it’s good business. Richard will discuss strategies for enabling a circular economy and how 3D printing can transform industry value chains – from design and manufacturing to distribution and service.

Key Take-Aways

  • Our society needs to make a fundamental shift from “take, make, dispose” to a more circular economy that focuses on recovering and reusing materials.
  • Sustainable business practices that enable a circular economy are critical to fueling innovation and driving growth.
  • 3D printing is poised to revolutionize the manufacturing industry and reduce environmental impact in four key areas: reducing waste, reducing materials, reinventing traditional supply chains and extending the useful life of products.
  • By reinventing how products are designed, manufactured, used and recovered, companies can play a critical role in creating a sustainable future for today and generations to come.


John Ortiz
Director of Product StewardshipHP, Inc
MondayBreakout Presentation

close How AI and Blockchain are Changing the Supply Chain

The Application of Digital ManufacturingIBM Watson Supply Chain - North American Sales Leader

Artificial intelligence and blockchain are transforming the supply chain, replacing spreadsheets and disparate processes with the same conclusions in minutes rather than months. This session will explore how these new technologies can be applied today to improve transparency, mitigate disruptions, and drive value across your business.

Key Take-Aways

  • How AI can help you predict and mitigate disruptions and risks
  • How blockchain help you drive unprecedented transparency and trust
  • How to get started with AI now – no matter where you are on your supply chain journey


Frank Crnic
North American Sales LeaderIBM Watson Supply Chain
MondayBreakout Presentation

close A Journey of Implementing CI programs culture

Continuous Improvement & InnovationOSI-Spacelabs - Vice President, Head of Global Operations

During this interactive presentation,  Dharmendu will discuss building blocks for implementation and driving a culture change in manufacturing operations.

Key Take-Aways

  • Tools and training
  • Talent management & motivation
  • Sustaining CI programs


Dharmendu Damany
Vice President, Head of Global OperationsOSI-Spacelabs
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Empower Your Workforce with Digital Factory Transformation

The Application of Digital Manufacturing42-Q - Sr. Director, Business Development & Strategic Alliances

New technology and the development of best practices in the most advanced, complex global manufacturing environments present huge opportunities for operations of all shapes, sizes and positions as they progress along the Industry 4.0 adoption timeline. Digitization of work instructions, automated process enforcement, forced quality frameworks and real time access to component traceability data and other quality records have become increasingly available and more cost-effective in recent years. Learn how best-in-class operations have moved in this direction and why your organization will benefit from doing the same.

Key Take-Aways

  • Case studies of best-in-class operations who have moved to digital process enforcement
  • Discussion of technologies and best practices available today and where they fit in your solution ecosystem


Wellington Giolo
Sr. Director, Business Development & Strategic Alliances42-Q
MondayBreakout Presentation

close The Impact of Augmented Reality on Manufacturing

Continuous Improvement & InnovationAT&T - Director, Industry Solutions - Manufacturing - AT&T Business - Business Marketing, AT&T

The speed of growth in the marketplace is driving the speed of innovation for manufacturers. The adoption of augmented reality (AR) is providing a means for more agile design, greater flexibility with remote workers, and an opportunity for improved safety on the factory floor. In this session, we’ll discuss how AR is revolutionizing the factory environment and how manufacturers can use it to improve day-to-day operations.


Hugh Arif
Director, Industry Solutions - Manufacturing - AT&T Business - Business Marketing, AT&TAT&T
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Why Should Workplace Management be Part of your Key Strategy

Leadership and Workforce StrategiesNilfisk - Head of Global Facilities Management

Facilities and Workplace Management is very often neglected despite it is an area where huge sum of money can be saved and much achieved within productivity and job satisfaction. The reason being that it is not perceived as being core business. Maybe that is right, but it is a necessity which cannot be avoided and therefore should be taken into account and made the best of.

Key Take-Aways

  • How to reduce WM cost by + 20%
  • How to improve productivity by giving workplace management the required attention
  • How to be green and save money at the same time


Lars Berg
Head of Global Facilities ManagementNilfisk
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Taking an Underperforming Manufacturing Company and Turning it into a World Class Manufacturing Company. Changing Process Culture , People and Performance

Plant & Facilities ManagementSMTC Corporation - Chief Operating Officer

Too often, underperforming companies need a playbook to survive. We will articulate how to take a company to world class just as we did with SMTC Corporation NASQ: SMTX From ($7m) combined losses, 7-CEO’s in 7-years, to best in class in the EMS industry.

Key Take-Aways

  • Disciplined business processes and metrics – stop the losses
  • Right people right positions – Hire up
  • Passionately externally focused – All about the customer; never about me
  • Culture of continuous improvement at the factory level as the internal customer; and support groups around them


Rich Fitzgerald
Chief Operating Officer SMTC Corporation
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Connected Workers – Your Competitive Weapon is Already on the Shop Floor

Leadership & Manufacturing Innovation StrategiesParsable - CEO
Parsable - VP Solutions & Partnerships

If you follow the headlines, you could get the impression that robots have already taken over. However, 72% of manufacturing tasks are still performed by humans according to research by A.T. Kearny. And if you are improving anything, the number goes much higher.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why the essence of peak productivity today is the nexus of a clear company strategy deployed as straightforward procedures, real-time collaboration at the moment of execution, and quick & simple contingency plans based on what actually happens
  • Discuss why the lure of automation can’t solve the most important data gaps you face in execution
  • Delve into why highly usable personal workplace technology, combined with simple ways to derive insight from the data collected, is your best formula for quantum improvement
  • Appreciate why your best, and possibly most overlooked resources, are already working for you and aren’t made of metal


Lawrence Whittle
Benjamin Cheng
VP Solutions & PartnershipsParsable



Targeted Research Meetings

MondayBreakout Presentation

close Lifecycle Management of Manufactured Products

Continuous Improvement & InnovationGentex - Vice President, Industrial Safety

Though the importance of a strong product management function is becoming increasingly recognized, most training and literature available to product portfolio managers underemphasizes many key areas critical to the successful management of manufactured products. This session will examine 12 unique aspects of managing product lifecycles strategically in the manufacturing environment.

Key Take-Aways

  • How to define requirements for new products to establish clear R&D targets
  • How to optimize the new product development process and ensure alignment with customer needs
  • Best practices in successfully launching new products
  • Managing product growth and decline to maximize portfolio value


Dustin Levy
Vice President, Industrial SafetyGentex
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Benchmarking Performance: Where Do You Stand Versus your Competition?

Leadership and Workforce StrategiesMachine Metrics - VP of Business Development

Do you know what goes on your shop floor in real-time? Do you know how efficient your machines are? Do you know what the main sources of downtime and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) are? Do you know where you stand relative to your competitors? Do you want to know how to successfully implement Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 technology at your facility?

With thousands of different machines and control types, understanding and benchmarking CNC machine performance has been a unicorn of sorts for manufacturing analysts. No business has had the capabilities to connect to all machine types and aggregate a data set with statistical significance to accurately benchmark true machine

Key Take-Aways

  • How to measure your performance relative to your competition
  • How to successfully implement Industrial IoT solutions to achieve fast ROI
  • How to optimize your efficiency using real-time, predictive, and preventative analytics


Dave Westrom
VP of Business DevelopmentMachine Metrics
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Digital Transformation in Manufacturing is an Evolution Not a Revolution

The Application of Digital ManufacturingWest Monroe Partners - Director, Customer Experience

Companies on the Industry 4.0 journey are finding that there is no Big Bang with respect to a digital business transformation. As an industry built around fixed physical assets (plants, production equipment, storage and warehouses), manufacturing companies struggle to find a feasible on-ramp to the digital transformation super highway. The good news is the currency of the digital economy, data, is usually already there. The challenge is to overcome both the technology barriers and the people bottlenecks that tend to derail these efforts. We will review current trends and use cases to illustrate where companies have succeeded and struggled and finally, highlight that a digital transformation is not a quick-fix solution but a long-term, incremental journey that starts where you are today.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn why digital transformation for manufacturing companies is slow, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Discuss what digital maturity means in manufacturing.
  • Gain reassurance that the starting point for an Industry 4.0 journey is usually closer than you think.
  • Understand the role of people and why winning the war for talent is an imperative to Industry 4.0 success.


Mike Rowland
Director, Customer ExperienceWest Monroe Partners
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Kaizen Events in a Lean Manufacturing Environment Driving Continuous Improvement and Employee Empowerment

Continuous Improvement & InnovationAuto Meter Products, Inc. - President and COO

This session will engage in a discussion on kaizen strategy incorporating Design for Manufacturability (DFMA), value stream mapping, waste elimination, employee development, and lean manufacturing to drive improved gross margin and productivity with specific examples from actual Kaizen events.

Key Take-Aways  

  • How to quantify design for manufacturability and link to productivity improvement
  • How to effectively measure and continuously improve direct labor productivity
  • Structure, team make-up, and goals of Kaizen events
  • Value stream mapping to eliminate waste


Dean M. Panettieri
President and COOAuto Meter Products, Inc.
MondayBreakout Presentation

close The Innovation Continuum

Continuous Improvement & InnovationFirestone Building Products - Global Director of Innovation

If you ask 10 people, you will receive 10 definitions of the term “Innovation”. Here, I will lay out critical aspects of the continuum of definitions and ultimately land on how, in a large corporation, to enable innovation that is game changing, and likely to be disruptive in the market place.

Key Take-Aways

  • Balancing product development with strategic innovation
  • Don’t be afraid to change the rules
  • Achieving executive team support for long term innovation in a urgent world


Dan Nelson
Global Director of InnovationFirestone Building Products
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Revolutionizing Your Indirect Spend

Continuous Improvement & InnovationCorcentric - Vice President of Sales for Indirect Spend

Did you know that indirect spend accounts for up to 40% of a company’s total purchases? And that ‘maverick’ spend, or spend that is unmanaged, can account for an average of 30% to 45% of all indirect spend. That’s a drain on and organization’s cash flow.


Please join our presentation, “Revolutionizing Your Indirect Spend,” for a comprehensive look at what makes indirect spend such a challenge and how you can get maverick spend under control. The key is to leverage group buying power and industry expertise so that you have visibility to every dollar you spend and ensure it is working for you.

Learn how an indirect spend solution that combines cutting-edge technology with personal industry expertise enables your business to control spend through:

  • Spend analysis and buying behavior optimization
  • Industry and price benchmarking
  • Best practice supplier management and consolidation
  • Contract negotiation and management


Sean Bliss
Vice President of Sales for Indirect SpendCorcentric
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Pioneering San Diego's Craft Beer Scene: Staying Relevant in a Disrupted Industry!

Continuous Improvement & InnovationKarl Strauss Brewing Co - CEO

Hear the inside story of how Karl Strauss Brewing Company started San Diego’s craft beer revolution in 1989 and how we have built manufacturing systems, customer feedback loops, and a company culture focused on continuous improvement that has enabled us to keep pioneering through the decades and stay relevant through industry disruption and a changing consumer base.

Key Take-Aways

  • Development and Nurturing of Company Culture as a Key to Continuous Improvement
  • Creating a Continuous Customer Feedback Loop to Monitor Changing Consumer Demand



Chris Cramer
CEOKarl Strauss Brewing Co

Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet

TuesdayKeynote Presentation

close R&D & Innovation Principles to Accelerate Growth of a Leading Consumer-Centric Brand Portfolio

Agile Product, Design, Development and InnovationThe Coca-Cola Company - Vice President of R&D

The Coca-Cola Company´s growth strategy is well defined – consumers and the drinks they want, distributing them around the world better than anyone else, creating shared value across the system which in turn attracts more investment so we can continue to grow. Learn how we approach innovation, leverage best practices and drive new ways of thinking within the organization to ensure we stay relevant and competitive in this fast-changing world.

Key Takeaways:

  • The strategic direction of the company establishes the innovation framework
  • Mapping the consumer and technologies to develop winning consumer-centric innovations
  • Implementing a culture to drive innovative behavior throughout an organization


Robert Scott
Vice President of R&DThe Coca-Cola Company

Targeted Research Meetings

TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Supply Chain Evolution: People, Routine, Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Leadership and Workforce StrategiesLagunitas Brewing Company - Senior Vice President Operations

The presentation will be about the evolving need for people, knowledge and experience. The way that we work today is much different than even a decade ago. Systems and technology have made business more sustainable, but not completely resilient to the disruption from attrition and a lack of skills in the workforce.

Key Takeaways:

  • Routine work is the key to success in every supply chain
  • People are more important than ever to achieve our goals
  • Smart and driven must be balanced
  • Innovation comes from a need. Not always necessity


Neil Nersesian
Senior Vice President OperationsLagunitas Brewing Company
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Flexible Manufacturing Strategies using Quality Risk Management

Risk Management & Cost ContainmentMerck & Co., Inc - Director - End to End Quality Lead

Aseptic Processing, GMP Manufacturing, and Biological Processes have strict compliance guidelines. This presentation will review a Merck Case Study on straight thru processing and the implementation of  Quality Risk Management. We will evaluate what typically goes wrong with a biological GMP product and how to identify those weaknesses.

Key Take-Aways

  • What is Quality Risk Management?
  • What is Straight Thru Processing?
  • How can I meet Supply and Demand while manufacturing a biological product?
  • What risk level is acceptable?


Lisa Sykes
Director - End to End Quality LeadMerck & Co., Inc
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Innovation and Compliance/Regulations are Two Sides of a Coin: REALLY?

Compliance & Regulatory RequirementsCytovance Biologics, Inc. - Executive Director, Quality Control

Innovation and path to successful product development always face serious challenges from the voices of compliance and regulatory requirements. Then the questions are raised in the minds of Innovators as well as the Investors (1) “Is Compliance really good for Innovation?” (2) “Why should we care about so much Regulatory Requirements?” This is an ongoing battle for many companies who manage and maintain the spirit of innovation in the company R&D, establish a well thought- well planned road map for the development and low risk product lifecycle, ever evolving new technologies, competition, and ultimately the customers expectation/satisfaction. Here we will discuss some of the key benefits of Compliance and Regulatory Requirements which (can) drive the culture of innovation to new level without ignoring some of the limitations/road blocks that come as unavoidable baggage for any R&D loaded Manufacturing organization.

Key Take-Aways

  • Understanding Innovation as the end of beginning
  • Compliance is good for Innovation
  • Balancing the act of Innovation and Compliance/Regulatory Requirements
  • It is simple Economics, Prof. Einstein!


Rabi Prusti
Executive Director, Quality ControlCytovance Biologics, Inc.
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Finding the Right Talent – Delivering On the New Capabilities You Need for Your Supply Chain

Leadership and Workforce StrategiesPalecek - Vice President of Operations

Today’s consumers are demanding more from businesses in terms of shorter service cycles, lower costs, speed, and supply chain transparency. In order to achieve innovation and growth, manufacturer and supply chain executives need to address the challenge of the shrinking skilled workforce. Leading manufacturing and supply chain executives agree that technology is the key to future success and attract talent.

Key Take-Aways:

  • What steps you could take to attract or retain talent?
  • How the right-sized of automation can ensure efficient, effective and flexible manufacturing potential for companies small and large?


Fernando Bernasconi
Vice President of Operations Palecek


Executive Steering Committee

Experienced Manufacturing leaders work with us to focus our program on trends that will move the needle at your company.

Steering Committee Members

Agmon PoratHead of Let-Lab: Industry 4.0 Innovation Lab
Nikki SullivanDirector of Continual Improvement
General Kinematics Corporation
Don DunkersVP of Manufacturing Operations
Bayer AG
Edward JaeckVice President of Strategic Growth and Business Development
Lowell, Inc
Scott DetiloVice President
Tim SchafhauserVice President--Manufacturing
U.S. Vision
Fernando BernasconiDirector of Operations
Michael HaesslyDirector of Quality
Delta Systems, Inc
John WuschnerVice President - Engineering and Quality
Kahle Automation
Kevin ThorneVP of Operations
Mizuho Orthopedic Systems
Scott WishartDirector of Global Continuous Improvement
Hill-Rom Company
Mike KelemenDirector of Continuous Improvement
U.S. Boiler Company Inc
Robert Wood PEVP of World Wide Manufacturing
Varian Medical Systems Inc
Jim RobinsonVP of Operations
Advanced Bionics Corporation
Jack FengVP of of Operational Excellence
Commercial Vehicle Group
Darryll NivenChief Manufacturing Officer
Park-Ohio Industries Inc
Mike BondChief Operation Officer
Fluidmaster Inc.
Michael BommaritoEngineering Director
American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Inc
Hani NoshiDirector, Operational Excellence
Paul CafaroDirector LSS, Quality, North America
Sherman Williams
Jim Causey Chief Operating Officer
Ushers Machine & Tool Co Inc
Rafael RomeroEnterprise Principle Leader CIC, VSF and VF
Johnson Control
April LouiDirector, Quality
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Richard Cope Chief Executive Officer
NanoLumens, Inc
Chad SaldanaPlant Manager
Coast Composites, Inc
Don Taylor Senior Operations Manager
Ravi Singhal Plant Head
Polyplex USA
Buddy Fares Director of Quality and EHS
Bill CoxCEO
Cox Mfg. Co.

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