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This year, the 100% peer-driven educational program developed by 20 Steering Committee Members will be centered around 4 key themes addressing the most pressing challenges in manufacturing seen in today's environment, from maintaining a successful continuous improvement system to the complex managing of innovation, technology and a changing workforce.


Key Themes

close Leadership & Manufacturing Innovation Strategies

This track was specifically developed to support manufacturing leaders with best strategies and management tactics relating to planning and development, innovation, performance improvement and technology application.  Effective leadership strategies are usually considered the foundation of any successful operation.  Top leaders also see innovation and technology implementation as some of the most important ways for companies to accelerate the pace of change in today’s global business environment. This track brings together a comprehensive view of varied methods that tackle some of the most pressing challenges in leadership.

  • Leadership Planning and Development: Influencing without Authority
  • Building a Successful and Sustainable Business Planning Process
  • Product Development & Innovation: R&D for Process Improvement
  • Leading Change and Manufacturing Innovation in Global Market
  • Inspiring and Motivating Teams for Collaboration and Success
Continuous improvement is a great way for companies to identify opportunities and integrate improvements into their day-to-day operations. Working to constantly improve is the number one way in which businesses reduce operating overhead and streamline workflows.  A successful CI plan allows companies to reduce wasted time and effort, resulting in time and money savings. This track will highlight some effective and tested continuous improvement strategies through carefully crafted presentations and case studies for the manufacturing leader of today.
  • Selecting and Defining Six Sigma Projects for Success
  • Adaptation of Kaizen in US Manufacturing
  • How to Sustain Meaningful Improvements Without Additional Resources
  • Workplace Motivation for Continuous Improvement
The digital revolution is making a big impact in the world of manufacturing, providing more data than ever before. Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, and additive technology are changing the game for many manufacturers and will transform every aspect of manufacturing in the next few years. However, the successful application and implementation of these technologies to optimize factory operations, boost product quality or improve cost-effectiveness is the challenge that many manufacturers are confronting. During this track, manufacturing leaders will discuss best strategies, practices and successful case studies of their digitization transformation.
  • Overcoming Roadblocks to Achieving Low Investment Digital Manufacturing
  • The Impact of Internet of Things on the Manufacturing Floors
  • Automation and Robotics: The Impact on the Factory Floor and Future Workforce
  • Current and Future Opportunities of Additive Manufacturing
In the business world, it has now been established that to drive optimal levels of operational success, business leaders need to engage high-performing employees, foster new talent and keep developing their workforce. Throughout this track workforce management experts will discuss top approaches to keeping an engaged workforce, managing the changing landscape and tackling the task of attracting qualified talent.
  • How to Attract Millennials into Perceived Lower Tech Manufacturing Careers
  • Workforce Training and Development: Creating Leaders at all Levels
  • Improving Current Employee Engagement and Productivity Levels
  • Strategies for Retention of Skilled Employees in a Changing Workforce Landscape


Get insights from 40+ manufacturing leaders on keeping up with rapidly-changing times, including digital manufacturing, leadership innovation, effective continuous improvement, and workforce retention development.

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Orlando Alvarez

President & CEO

BP Energy Company

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Ed Magee

Senior Vice President Operations

Fender Musical Instruments

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Markus Bolte

Head of Quality Strategy


IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Willie Johnson

Engineering Section Head - Platforming

Proctor & Gamble

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Graham Sparkes

Vice President Operations of Global Power Tools

Apex Tool Group

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Jim Cameron

Senior Director, Global Quality


IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Patrick Bass

CEO of North America

thyssenkrupp North America, Inc.

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Santos Juarez

Director of Operations

Emerson Electric

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Kurtis Jetsel

Director, Facilities and ESH

Lockheed Martin

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Patrick Tang

Vice President Hardware Engineering

Amazon Lab 126

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Martin Moran

Director, Operations and Programs

Lockheed Martin

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Mani Janakiram

Director Supply Chain Strategy

Intel Corporation

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Jason Keck

Director of Operations

Precision Aerospace Corporation

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

John Glaccum

Senior Director, Global Quality

Johnson & Johnson

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Luke Goossen

Vice President of Operations

Scaled Composites, LLC

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Gail Stultz

Business Development Director

Advanced Material Solutions

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Jeffrey Price

Executive Vice President


IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Jon Sobel


Sight Machine

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Bill Bather

Co-Founder and CEO

Machine Metrics

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Peter Fritsche

VP, Global Operations

Data Sciences International

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Bradley Jakeman

President, Global Beverage Group

Pepsi Co

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

Lyle Wells

National Director of Leadership Processes

The Flippen Group

IMPACT Manufacturing Spring Summit View More

David McKnight

Senior Manager, Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Hitachi Consulting


Make every session valuable by selecting up to 4 key themes to mix and match the most relevant topics to you.

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Breakfast Buffet


close Operationalizing Digital Manufacturing

Implementing Digital ManufacturingSight Machine - CEO

By 2022 Smart factories will deliver an estimated $500B in value and a 7x increase in overall productivity. What can manufacturing leaders do today to ensure short-term investments support the capabilities required for near and long-term Digital Manufacturing success?

  • How can companies identify their current level of Digital Readiness?
  • What use cases become available as a company increases their Digital Readiness?
  • What pitfalls threaten successful Digital Manufacturing implementations?
  • What has Sight Machine learned from working with the world’s most advanced Digital Manufacturers?


Jon Sobel
CEOSight Machine

Targeted Research Meetings

Super session Presentation

close Journey to Manufacturing 4.0: Disrupting the Commoditization of Manufacturing

Implementing Digital Manufacturingthyssenkrupp North America, Inc. - CEO of North America

Recipes to purposefully drive your own disruption and set your business for digital transformation

Reality is you either disrupt yourself or get disrupted. But, how do we continue to reinvent ourselves? And, how do we leverage our value chain as data becomes more pivotal than our brick and mortar assets? Learn how to drive a controlled disruption and keep your business poised for the digital transformation journey.

Key Take-Aways

  • Understand how a focus on competencies over product and process can lead to continuous innovation during short, rapid time cycles
  • Learn how to employ technology as an enabler to your business while integrating it as an end-to-end solution for your operations
  • Hear ways to inspire your workforce to evolve their skills to function effectively within this digital age


Patrick Bass
CEO of North Americathyssenkrupp North America, Inc.
Breakout Presentation

close The Interconnected North America Gas Market: Where do we go from here?

Leadership & Manufacturing Innovation StrategiesBP Energy Company - President & CEO

The global gas market continues to evolve, becoming more interconnected than ever before.  An increasing number of variables drive North American supply and demand balances, playing an important role in future price outlooks. The manufacturing industry will need to consider how factors such as domestic supply growth, global demand, pipeline developments, size and timing of U.S. exports, global weather patterns, and infrastructure outages could potentially impact an already dynamic market.  Understanding how to build a robust risk management strategy to better manage market fluctuations will be essential to safeguard industry’s growth going forward.


Orlando Alvarez
President & CEOBP Energy Company
Breakout Presentation

close How to Solve the 5 Pervasive Team Challenges and Transform Your Business

Workforce & Talent ManagementThe Flippen Group - National Director of Leadership Processes

People represent the greatest investment opportunity in any company. They’re also the greatest challenge. And the challenges multiply when people work together on teams. Despite the dysfunction of the majority of business teams, teamwork has never been more important for fast-growth companies.

Key Take-Aways

  • How to accelerate the effectiveness of new teams and new leaders
  • How to deal effectively with contentious teams and teammates
  • How to optimize high-functioning teams and navigate change initiatives
  • How to to develop and retain your high potentials


Lyle Wells
National Director of Leadership ProcessesThe Flippen Group
Breakout Presentation

close Disrupt or be Disrupted

Product Development and Innovation to Keep up with Consumer TrendsPepsi Co - President, Global Beverage Group

Almost every facet of Food and Beverages is changing. Barriers to entry to the category have never been lower. Some of the “received wisdoms” of the past no longer apply- is scale still an advantage, or does it stifle innovation? Are “Known Brands” an advantage, or are consumers now looking for “Discovery Brands”? What role does distribution channels play in building brands today? What marketing works in this category and which does not? What people look for in the brands they buy, and the places they look to buy them is changing at a rate the industry has never experienced.Given this, “If” your business gets disrupting is not really debatable. But you may get to decide if you get disrupted by someone else, or if you disrupt yourself to future proof your business for the changes to come


Bradley Jakeman
President, Global Beverage GroupPepsi Co
Breakout Presentation

close The Value of a Comprehensive Ergonomic Program

Workforce Management in Aerospace & DefenseLockheed Martin - Director, Operations and Programs

A comprehensive ergonomic program empowers the workforce to identify ergonomic opportunities, minimize work force injuries, improve manufacturing cycle times and drive down overall production costs. This is accomplished thru multiple programs geared towards equipping employees with ergonomic principals and allowing them to identify problems then design and implement solutions.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn key elements of an effective ergonomic programs
  • Hear benefits of a program to key stakeholders
  • Hear real case studies and the benefits realized


Martin Moran
Director, Operations and ProgramsLockheed Martin
Breakout Presentation

close Strategic Workforce Practices to Support Innovation and Company Growth

Product Development and Innovation to Keep up with Consumer TrendsE & J Gallo Winery - Senior Director Workforce Development

The concept behind the presentation is how the robust, consistent application of strategic workforce planning (SWP) practices can be a key enabler to the success of organizations, and especially as it relates to advancements in product development and innovation. Based on industry trends, emerging and maturing technologies, and the composition of the current workforce, it is essential that companies establish strategic workforce planning practices. The presentation would include examination of methodologies, how to overlay and align workforce planning with new product development, and how to look beyond organizational boundaries to establish sustainable workforce practices. Presenter has over 25 years experience in manufacturing, strategic planning, human resources, and workforce planning. 26 years with The Boeing Company with 15 in executive role and now senior director with E. & J. Gallo Winery.

Key Take-Aways

  • Importance of productive strategic workforce planning (SWP)
  • Risks and implications of not establishing long-range workforce planning practices
  • How to align and integrate workforce planning with new product development, new technologies, and other innovations
  • How to develop a fully integrated workforce planning and development strategy including a road map for phased adoption


Richard Coffey
Senior Director Workforce DevelopmentE & J Gallo Winery
Breakout Presentation

close Reducing Hardware Development time through Virtual testing

Leadership & Manufacturing Innovation StrategiesAmazon Lab 126 - Vice President Hardware Engineering

Product Development from concept to market in less than a year is becoming the norm. The appetite for increasing functionality in smaller and lighter devices is insatiable. We are now expecting access to cloud computing in the palm of our hands that can respond to your voice, touch gesture and your very location. The reality in consumer electronics is that there many unknown complex system interactions and we are not afforded years of risk assessment in this highly competitive market. What is the correct approach in designing product at risk where engineering cost and schedule are finite? In this talk we will examine 3 strategies:  1. Working backwards from the customer to product risk 2. Design through virtual simulation tools;  3. Development of customer-use centric specifications using stress-strength analysis. We will examine how leveraging the power of cloud computing has enabled these new methods and shape the future of Product development.

Key Take-Aways

  • Accurate representation of device usage is now enabled with cloud computing
  • Higher customer satisfaction is achieved through the use of big data stress-strength analysis
  • Time to market has been reduced 2x with these simulation techniques


Patrick Tang
Vice President Hardware EngineeringAmazon Lab 126
Breakout Presentation

close Get More from Your Plant Floor

Implementing Digital Manufacturing5ME - Executive Vice President

The emergence of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is bringing to market technologies that are fundamentally transforming the world of manufacturing. Asset Connectivity, Data Extraction, and Data Manipulation are no longer technical barriers to achieving Smart Manufacturing. Is your organization educated, aligned, and structured to leverage these technologies and reap their benefits? Learn why deploying a Smart Manufacturing platform is easier than it looks.

Key Take-Aways

  • Connectivity Layers and Strategies – Edge, FOG, Cloud
  • Communication Protocol Standardization
  • Begin with the End in Mind: What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?
  • Which Data is Right for You? – Define Your Use Cases
  • Driving Transparency Across the Enterprise – Integrating with Business Systems



Jeffrey Price
Executive Vice President5ME
Breakout Presentation

close Achieving Operational Excellence through Building a Culture of Accountability, Adaptability, and Achievement

Workforce Management in Aerospace & DefensePrecision Aerospace Corporation - Director of Operations

The presentation will focus on establishing the building blocks for high performing work teams. The key is to drive decision making to the most appropriate levels in the organization to achieve speed and agility resulting in Operational Excellence. In order to achieve this, there must be a clear mission, ground rules with which to operate (Boundary conditions), and a decision making framework to empower the team without frustration of delays and red tape.

Key Take-Aways

  • Roadmap for implementing High Performance Work Teams
  • Decision Making Framework
  • Examples of “Real Life” Results
  • “Lessons Learned” to help avoid pitfalls


Jason Keck
Director of OperationsPrecision Aerospace Corporation
Breakout Presentation

close The Roadmap to Digital Manufacturing Transformation

Implementing Digital ManufacturingMachine Metrics - Co-Founder and CEO

Amid the hype surrounding Industry 4.0, IIOT, and data-driven digital manufacturing transformation, the introduction of Industry 4.0 has caused a bit of a culture shock for manufacturers. The benefits are far too significant to ignore and will enable many to deliver competitive advantages in an ever-competitive landscape. However, a great deal of hesitancy still exists for manufacturers to embrace the technology that solves the new challenges presented. Because no standard roadmap toward digital manufacturing exists, companies are often uncertain around where to start and what foundational capabilities are required to succeed. 50% of US companies admit to not having a systematic roadmap or toolbox for easy rollout of digital manufacturing solutions. To build a roadmap to digital transformation, companies will often look into the future, visualize where need to be in twenty years, and attempt to plan backwards. For many however, a more beneficial approach may be to accept that “You can’t know where you’re going without knowing where you are now.” It’s all about knowing where you stand and planning for the road ahead. Visualizing your roadmap and where your organization lands within it will help define what steps you can take to create immediate value, where/when to invest time and resources, and most importantly how to advance forward to the next stages.

Key Take-Aways

  • How to identify if you are ready and capable for digital transformation
  • How to identify the digital tools necessary for measuring your success
  • How to identify the assets and people necessary for implementing your strategy
  • Defining actionable steps to build your roadmap to digital transformation


Bill Bather
Co-Founder and CEOMachine Metrics
Breakout Presentation

close Fender: A Transformation Story

Leadership & Manufacturing Innovation StrategiesFender Musical Instruments - Senior Vice President Operations

Join Ed Magee, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation’s SVP of Operations, for an inside look at the company’s manufacturing transformation story and best practices for internal and contract manufacturing. In this presentation, Magee will explore leadership and innovation strategies at Fender, in addition to the company’s rich history in manufacturing. Since 1946, Fender has evolved its manufacturing processes with technological developments, always continuing to innovate to maintain its leadership in the musical instruments manufacturing space.


Ed Magee
Senior Vice President OperationsFender Musical Instruments



Targeted Research Meetings

Breakout Presentation

close Digitizing Quality

Implementing Digital ManufacturingNokia - Head of Quality Strategy

In my presentation, I will discuss how in an age of rapid digitization, cloudification and increasingly ubiquitous artificial intelligence quickly disrupting existing business models and entire industry segments, a modern quality organization can respond to these challenges to ensure customer satisfaction, strengthen brand value and deliver value to the shareholder.

Key Take-Away

  • Main trends affecting quality in organizations due to digitization
  • How digitization will radically change customers’ perception of what quality is and what it’s worth
  • How digitization will change the way you engage your employees on quality and who owns it
  • How organizations can act proactively to prepare for the swift changes at hand


Markus Bolte
Head of Quality StrategyNokia
Breakout Presentation

close The Future of A&D Leadership

Workforce & Talent ManagementLockheed Martin - Director, Facilities and ESH

The rate of change in our world is unprecedented and yet we continue to operate with an outdated leadership paradigm. The new leadership paradigm enables and inspires people. Learn the 3 key behaviors future leaders must exhibit to ‘inspire the humanity’ in your people.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn 3 key leadership behaviors mandatory for future leaders
  • Take away one action to apply the same day in each of the key behaviors
  • Learn about the most important leadership skill you don’t currently possess and how to develop the behavior


Kurtis Jetsel
Director, Facilities and ESHLockheed Martin
Breakout Presentation

close What’s Important to Me is Not Important to You!

Leadership & Manufacturing Innovation StrategiesJohnson & Johnson - Senior Director, Global Quality

Prioritization of objectives and tasks across multiple functions presents an ever-present challenge to manufacturing and quality leadership. Taking lessons from my years as a Senior Quality Leader within Johnson & Johnson, I will discuss strategies and tools for gaining cross functional alignment on goals that will help teams prioritize their work on a day to day basis to increase collaboration and results!

Key Take-Aways

  • That aligning on goals across functions is critical
  • Always focus on the customer to set priorities
  • How to effectively resolve conflicting priorities
  • Aligning teams


John Glaccum
Senior Director, Global QualityJohnson & Johnson
Breakout Presentation

close Strategies to Improve Supply Chain Agility, while Driving Improved Manufacturing and Portfolio Productivity

Leadership & Manufacturing Innovation StrategiesProctor & Gamble - Engineering Section Head - Platforming

In our ever changing businesses, we are constantly challenged to deliver faster manufactured products at reduced cost. With the increase in e-commerce, we are also asked to provide more variety. Therefore, I would like to share thoughts on how to approach this and drive optimized business solutions.

Key Take-Away

  • Getting clear on the true business need
  • Understand what levers you have to deliver the intent
  • Push for breakthroughs in areas where the solutions are undefined


Willie Johnson
Engineering Section Head - PlatformingProctor & Gamble

Cocktail Reception


Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet

Keynote presentation

close Building Smarter Manufacturing with The Internet of Things

Implementing Digital ManufacturingHitachi Consulting - Senior Manager, Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Are you pleased with your current margins? Does your revenue grow by single digits? Is 2017 another year of “trimming costs” to be more efficient with the result being mediocre at best? Hitachi has 100+ years of manufacturing experience. Today, convergence of operational technology and information technology enables manufacturers to be more efficient, agile, and profitable. Learn how Hitachi has employed IoT and Advanced Analytics to solve internal manufacturing challenges and address customer pain points, to realize real operational savings. Key Take-Aways
  • Where is manufacturing headed? IoT will fundamentally change how products are invented, manufactured, shipped and sold
  • With IoT, IP networks and analytics, manufacturers can become more efficient, improve worker safety and offer new business models
  • IoT will help manufacturers improve resource efficiency, safety and return on assets Manufacturers that master this new dynamic will have a variety of new opportunities for revenue growth and cost savings


David McKnight
Senior Manager, Digital Manufacturing SolutionsHitachi Consulting

Targeted Research Meetings

Breakout Presentation

close Transforming Operations for improved Agility & Customer Satisfaction

Effective Continuous ImprovementEmerson Electric - Director of Operations

Transforming legacy processes and workforce to improve customer satisfaction and delivery performance. Cellular manufacturing development, design, & implementation improved agility, velocity, significant reduced work space, and advance pull to align global supply chain and end customers. This overview will present the U shape design , pick to light, pull system/ Kanbans back to extended global supply chain, & one piece flow . Result meaningful improved customer delivery performance, reduction of change over, inventory levels improvement, and engaged workforce. Key Take-Aways
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Delivery Performance
  • Decreased Floor Space
  • Decreased Changed Over Time


Santos Juarez
Director of OperationsEmerson Electric
Breakout Presentation

close Lean Transformation Implementation

Effective Continuous ImprovementApex Tool Group - Vice President Operations of Global Power Tools

Implementing a lean production system in a traditional low volume, high mix environment that delivers world class business results. Key Take-Away
  • How to design a lean system
  • Organization readiness for a lean transformation
  • Expected results during and after implementation


Graham Sparkes
Vice President Operations of Global Power ToolsApex Tool Group
Breakout Presentation

close Win the "War on Waste" through Progressive Capability Programs

Leadership & Manufacturing Innovation StrategiesCoorsTek - Senior Director, Global Quality

Winning the "war on waste" requires a well thought out strategy fought on multiple fronts. This talk presents an overview of how we used Quality Centers of Expertise; management systems (internal, external, and customer audits), metrology (measuring things the right way with the right tools), and process control (proactively controlling and managing outputs) to meet ever increasing customer requirements without significantly impacting our cost structure. Key Take-Aways
  • Change the way your company thinks about Quality: develop an organizational vision
  • Change the playing field: measure Quality differently by focusing on the system rather than output at the end of the line
  • Meeting “spec” is no longer enough; it's just the ante into the game. Understand your capabilities compared to your customers' expectations
  • Progressive capability programs promote standardization and allow easier management of global quality expectations across multiple factories


Jim Cameron
Senior Director, Global QualityCoorsTek
Breakout Presentation

close How to Overcome Workforce Challenges and Deliver the Desired Results

Workforce & Talent ManagementData Sciences International - VP, Global Operations

Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever before, employee engagement is reported to be at an all-time low, business financial performance pressures continue to grow, the pace of change is relentless and the impact of technology is expanding on an increasing number of fronts. With all of these head-winds, how can we be successful? In this presentation I’ll share my perspective and experiences to overcome these challenges and deliver the desired results. The tools we will discuss come from a variety of sources and can be applied to any type of business. Key Take-Aways
  • Why not to "train" but rather to teach
  • Neuroscience-based approach to improving performance
  • Why company history and culture matters
  • Focus on aspirations that unite


Peter Fritsche
VP, Global OperationsData Sciences International



Experienced industry leaders help us design a relevant and 100% peer-led educational program.

Steering Committee Members

Don Dunkers VP of Manufacturing Operations
Bayer AG
Scott Detilo Vice President
Tim Schafhauser Vice President--Manufacturing
U.S. Vision
John Wuschner Vice President - Engineering and Quality
Kahle Automation
Kevin Thorne VP of Operations
Mizuho Orthopedic Systems
Scott Wishart Director of Global Continuous Improvement
Hill-Rom Company
Mike Kelemen Director of Continuous Improvement
U.S. Boiler Company Inc
Robert Wood PE VP of World Wide Manufacturing
Varian Medical Systems Inc
Jim Robinson VP of Operations
Advanced Bionics Corporation
Jack Feng VP of of Operational Excellence
Commercial Vehicle Group
Darryll Niven Chief Manufacturing Officer
Park-Ohio Industries Inc
Mike Bond Chief Operation Officer
Fluidmaster Inc.
Michael Bommarito Engineering Director
American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Inc
Hani Noshi Director, Operational Excellence
Paul Cafaro Director LSS, Quality, North America
Sherman Williams
Jim Causey Chief Operating Officer
Ushers Machine & Tool Co Inc
April Loui Director, Quality
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Richard Cope Chief Executive Officer
NanoLumens, Inc
Chad Saldana Plant Manager
Coast Composites, Inc
Michael Haessly Director of Quality
Delta Systems, Inc
Ravi Singhal Plant Head
Polyplex USA
Rafael Romero Enterprise Principle Leader CIC, VSF and VF
Johnson Control


Over the year’s we’ve hosted senior level executives from over 80% of the Fortune 100 as well as thousands of up and coming mid-market organizations.

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"The IMPACT Summit is an amazing opportunity to network with a broad array of senior leaders and to expand your view of the possibilities. The event brings together newer tech innovators along with more established manufacturers and solution providers."

"The IMPACT format is very effective for getting up to date on current manufacturing technologies and product offerings. IMPACT provides an opportunity to meet directly with suppliers to have detailed discussions to better understand the products and services that match your areas of interest."

Attendee List


IMPACT is the manufacturing industry’s fastest growing event, quickly establishing a reputation as the deal generating show.


The manufacturing industry's leading executive-level conference plays host to over 500 senior-level attendees each year. In the last decade, we’ve produced 10 large scale IMPACT conferences across America.


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