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This year, the 100% peer-driven educational program will be centered around 5 key themes addressing the most pressing challenges in marketing operations.


Key Themes

close Marketing Leadership & Operations
  • The Future of Marketing: Skills and Tools for success
  • How Transparency is Core to Some of the World’s Most Admired Brands (and What to Do About It)
  • The Not-So-Great Divide: How to Align Marketing & Sales
  • Utilize Benchmarks and Best Practices to Plan a Performance-Based Marketing Budget
  • Content and Engagement: Appealing to the New Consumer
  • How B2B Brands Use Account Based Marketing to Grow Lifetime Customer Value
  • Creating Persona-Driven Customer Journeys to Improve Customer Experience
  • Framework: Delivery a Dynamic Content Marketing Supply Chain
  • Predictive Analytics: How AI is Changing GTM Approaches
  • The Future of Marketing Analytics & KPIs: How to Be Ahead of the Trend, and Not Behind It
  • The Power of Data: Curating the Categories to Maximize Efficiency in Output and Decision-Making
  • Apply Full-Funnel Marketing Analytics and Attribution to Maximize Marketing Effectiveness
  • Brand Strategies for a Polarized World: Risks and Rewards
  • How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace? Examples and Lessons from Those Who Do It Best
  • Steps to a Dynamic Multichannel Marketing Strategy That Gets Results
  • Design, Execute and Measure CX to Improve Results at Each Phase in the Customer Journey
  • How Can (and Will) VR Affect Your Brand in the (Near) Future?
  • How to Choose the Best Technology Offerings for Your Marketing Goals
  • MarTech Strategy, Stack and Roadmap: Built for Tomorrow, Today
  • The Future of Marketing and The Role of AI


Get insights from 40+ executives who are in the field addressing industry challenges.

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Fabio Vitali

Vice President of Marketing and Sales


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Teri Wade

Vice President Marketing and Communications

Amida Care Inc.

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Steve James

Senior Vice President, Strategy, Insights and Marketing

Fannie Mae

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Donna Scott

Senior VP, Marketing


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Gregory Yates

Chief Marketing Officer

Institutional Investor Magazine

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Kristen Saponaro

Chief Marketing Officer


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Larry Kaiser

Vice President, Marketing

Optimum Healthcare IT

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Christine Rimer

Vice President of Product Marketing


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

EJ Schmidt

Vice President Global and Corporate Marketing

Stratus Technologies

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Laxman Srigiri

Head of Business Insights & Analytics

National Instruments

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

David McGlynn

Senior Vice President of Strategy & Marketing

Planes Companies

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Bipin Chadha

Assistant VP Data Science & Analytics

CopperPoint Mutual Insurance

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Missy Acosta

Vice President Marketing and Government Relations

Dental Dental

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Daniel Tautges

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing

Component Control

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

William Koleszar

Chief Marketing Officer

American Family Care

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Jennifer Hunter

Vice President, Engagement Marketing


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Maria Weaver

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

Comcast Cable Advertising

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Andria Long

Vice President of Innovation

Johnsonville Sausage

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Leah MacMillian

Senior Vice President of Global Marketing

Trend Micro, Inc.

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Seraj Bharwani

Chief Strategy Officer


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Aaron Goldman

Chief Marketing Officer


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Braydan Young

Head of Growth & Co-Founder


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Mollie Hansen

Chief Marketing Officer


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Greg Gendron

Director, Global Digital Marketing

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Charlene Joese

Director, Consumer and Field Marketing

Pampered Chef, A Berkshire Hathaway Company

AGENDA (Fall 2018 example)

Make every session valuable by selecting up to 3 key themes to mix and match the most relevant topics to you.

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Marketing Leadership & Operations
Digital Transformation & Content Strategy
Informed Marketing with Data & Analytics
Multichannel & Brand Strategy
Marketing Technology and Innovation

Welcome Cocktail Reception & Registration


Breakfast Buffet

Monday, September 17Keynote Presentation

close The Attention Economy is Tight

SurveyMonkey - Vice President of Product Marketing
4C - Chief Marketing Officer

Earn and keep the attention of the audiences that matter most to your business

Trust. It’s painfully hard to earn and unnervingly easy to lose. But without it, marketing doesn’t have a chance to win over buyers— or turn customers into loyal advocates of our brands. So how do we go about building the trust we need to accelerate growth?

We’ll explore how to break through the noise and get the right type of attention for brands, and what it takes to earn—and keep—the highly coveted trust of prospects, customers, and colleagues. Learn how how you can fuel growth by taking new approaches to customer proof, customer experience, and market research.

Key Take-Aways

  • Establish credibility with the authentic voice of your customers
  • Ensure your marketing promises meet the reality you deliver
  • Delight your customers by listening and taking action
  • Democratize data to empower your cross-functional partners


Christine Rimer
Vice President of Product MarketingSurveyMonkey
Aaron Goldman
Chief Marketing Officer4C
MondaySolutions Research

Targeted Research Meetings

Monday, September 17Breakout Presentation

close Embedding Consumer-Grade CX Across the B2B Lifecycle

Multichannel & Brand StrategyFannie Mae - Senior Vice President, Strategy, Insights and Marketing

Fannie Mae is on a journey to put the customer at the center of everything we do. We’re progressing from a world where we built and handed customers what we thought they needed, to one where their needs are the driving force in how we work and what we do. In our Single Family division, we’ve co-mingled the disciplines of data & insight, classic marketing, UX/design, and agile product development to ensure that CX is central to strategy and execution at each step of the process. This work is not only transforming our organization, but will drive long-overdue transformation in the housing finance industry as a result.

Key Take-Aways

  • How to bring the best of all disciplines together to create a unified view of customer needs and experience
  • Overcoming the unique challenges of a GSE to create a customer-centric brand
  • How to take a broad-based view of what marketing can do


Steve James
Senior Vice President, Strategy, Insights and MarketingFannie Mae
Monday, September 17Breakout Presentation

close Creating Alignment and Growth with AI and Data

Marketing Technology and InnovationThermo Fisher Scientific - Director, Global Digital Marketing

1:1 B2B marketing and sales is a strategy focusing on targeted marketing initiatives and messaging to your audience. AI, data and digital are the foundation for creating personalized buyer journeys, engaging prospects and customers with relevant and insightful content. Join this session to learn how Thermo Fisher used AI and data to drive marketing and sales and accelerate revenue growth.

Key Take-Aways

  • Align marketing and sales with AI and data
  • Accelerate revenue growth
  • Scale 1:1 marketing


Greg Gendron
Director, Global Digital MarketingThermo Fisher Scientific
Monday, September 17Breakout Presentation

close Bridging the Sales & Marketing Divide for More Unified Results

Marketing Leadership & OperationsComponent Control - Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing

Many technology organizations have segmented Sales and Marketing with the intent to provide greater accountability and specialization. The element of segmentation that is often overlooked is bridging the marketing and sales organization to generate the greatest unified results. The three greatest ways to accomplish this is through goal sharing, tools and metrics, and communicating a clear vision. This presentation will address those strategies backed with real-world use cases of how they have succeeded in unifying the Sales and Marketing functions for tech businesses.

Key Takeaways

  • How to better Sales effectiveness in Tech business
  • How to leverage Marketing for Sales success
  • Using metrics to track unified direction
  • Clearly identifying vision across the organization


Daniel Tautges
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & MarketingComponent Control
Monday, September 17Breakout Presentation

close Brand Partnerships: Three Must-Knows Before You Jump In

Multichannel & Brand StrategyAirstream - Chief Marketing Officer

Brand partnerships are moving from niche tactic to mainstream tool employed by the most successful companies in the world. Drawing on her frontline experience and success, Airstream Vice President of Marketing Mollie Hansen will detail the benefits of brand partnerships. In a well-crafted arrangement, those upsides go well beyond cross-selling to include content creation, community building and opportunities for customer experiences. Mollie will also share her very specific tenets on how to identify, forge and leverage a beneficial partnership.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Potential brand partnerships must be evaluated on more than immediate revenue potential. The marketing opportunities might generate a larger return in the long run
  • A partnership must make sense to your consumers. Shared history, function, or the state-of-mind they evoke are good overlays
  • Take a deep dive to determine if a potential partner make real sense for you. There is often a difference between how a company describes its brand and how consumers view it


Mollie Hansen
Chief Marketing OfficerAirstream
Monday, September 17Breakout Presentation

close Marketing Transformation through Data & Analytics

Informed Marketing with Data & AnalyticsNational Instruments - Head of Business Insights & Analytics

The most common expectations for any B2B marketing organization are to generate demand to meet business goals, enable sales to win more deals and close faster, expand reach and engage audience in target markets for long term growth, and expand “addressable market” in the long term through an understanding of customer needs to build products and services for the future.  This often creates complex org structures with unclear accountability and a lack of understanding of ROI for investing in growth.

  • Marketing operating model and data-driven accountability
  • Data strategy to unify and break down silos
  • Micro level customer experience management through data


Laxman Srigiri
Head of Business Insights & AnalyticsNational Instruments
Monday, September 17Breakout Session

close Methods for Finding Alignment Between Your Marketing & Sales Departments

Marketing Leadership & OperationsDental Dental - Vice President Marketing and Government Relations

Within Delta Dental, on-going communication between Marketing and Sales is the way we’ve done business since the Marketing department was started.  It works.  Establishing the Marketing department has enabled the Sales department to focus on sales, tripling growth. This session will examine defining roles and how sales and marketing can pick up the same songbook, sing the same song and actually harmonize together.

  • Approaching marketing through servant leadership
  • Understanding the “language” of sales
  • How alignment of sales and marketing can improve the customer experience
  • Tackling what matters most—keeping the customer smiling


Missy Acosta
Vice President Marketing and Government RelationsDental Dental
Monday, September 17Breakout Presentation

close Anatomy of a Rebrand: Tackling the Slippery Slope of Rebranding and Strategizing

Marketing Leadership & OperationsnThrive - Chief Marketing Officer

Carving out a place for a new brand and its acquired companies in an already crowded health care marketplace is no easy feat. nThrive, a new kind of Patient-to-Payment™ revenue cycle management company, dealt with this challenge firsthand having to meet a six-month deadline in order to capitalize on market opportunities, satisfy client demands and effectively build a forward-thinking, next generation company that would stand out in the industry. The goal for nThrive was to become a different kind of healthcare company that offered the broadest array of services, from patient access to revenue cycle management. This first required five distinct organizations to be brought together in unity. It was crucial to strategically join all five unique work cultures in order to excite colleagues to be a part of this new company aimed at transforming healthcare. While unifying these five organizations into one, it was also important to build a new vision and mission as a new company.

Key Take-Aways

  • Develop a brand strategy that transcends the marketing department from the top down
  • Base the strategy on research to help move subjectivity
  • Build an emotional connection
  • Discover how to link the vision and all strategies together in a non-isolative environment


Kristen Saponaro
Chief Marketing OfficernThrive
Monday, September 17Breakout Presentation

close Direct Mail: The Beginning of Omni-Channel Marketing

Marketing Technology and InnovationSendoso - Head of Growth & Co-Founder

In a world where we now need to reach our prospects & customers in multiple channels, marketers are now rediscovering the value and effectiveness of direct mail. In a highly digital world, direct mail can fit in as long as it leverages tech stack integrations, global warehouses, and analytics. Let’s take a look back at the real beginning of omni-channel marketing, direct mail and see how you can easily implement it today to reach those top target accounts.

Key Take-Aways

  • Using Direct Mail in ABM
  • Grabbing attention from hard to reach prospects
  • Why Direct Mail can set you apart from your competition


Braydan Young
Head of Growth & Co-FounderSendoso

Networking Lunch

MondaySolutions Research

Targeted Research Meetings

Tuesday, September 18Breakout Session

close Transform or Stand to be Disrupted

Marketing Leadership & OperationsJohnsonville Sausage - Vice President of Innovation

Successful transformation is absolutely critical for businesses to survive now and anywhere in the near future. The pace of change is accelerating and staying flexible enough to quickly evolve for the future is essential.  Learn what it takes to survive in a rapidly changing consumer, competitive, and industry landscape.

  • What type of people do you need on your journey to transform?
  • How do you evolve by starting with the consumer?
  • The compelling case for change


Andria Long
Vice President of InnovationJohnsonville Sausage
Monday, September 17Breakout Presentation

close Connecting Your Company’s Core Values to Your Brand Through Data, Analytics, and Incentives

Informed Marketing with Data & AnalyticsAmerican Family Care - Chief Marketing Officer

We’ll explore leading-edge ways companies are leveraging data and analytics to engage both employees and customers with their brands. Relying on proprietary data from his own company, as well as examples from other world-class brands, Koleszar traces the path from corporate culture, to technological systems and infrastructure, to data and analytics, to employee rewards systems. In the end, attendees walk away with a greater appreciation for the role these elements play in what ultimately becomes “branding by behavior”.

  • Connecting your values to your brand
  • Building your values into technological systems and physical infrastructure
  • Using data and analytics to measure adherence to your values
  • Rewarding on adherence to your values


William Koleszar
Chief Marketing OfficerAmerican Family Care
Monday, September 17Breakout Presentation

close If Consumer Time is the Currency for Advertising, What Does it Take to Get More of It?

Marketing Leadership & OperationsAcuityAds - Chief Strategy Officer

What are we really paying for with our advertising budgets, if not for a brief moment of consumers’ time? Achieving that is becoming increasingly difficult given media fragmentation, chord-cutting, ad-load, screen-clutter, ad-format proliferation, viewability, fraud, and others. To get a clear handle on the issues impacting consumer attention and the implications for ad effectiveness, we decided to go straight to the source, the advertisers.

Key Take-Aways

  • The state of consumer attention in digital video advertising today
  • How to capitalize on the economies-of-attention for cross-screen video
  • How to achieve breakthrough ROI from your video advertising campaigns


Seraj Bharwani
Chief Strategy OfficerAcuityAds
Monday, September 17Breakout Session

close Mission and Media: How to Become a Go-To Media Source to Raise Brand Visibility

Multichannel & Brand StrategyAmida Care Inc. - Vice President Marketing and Communications

This session explores how companies and organizations can generate media coverage on social issues related to their mission and goals—and increase brand awareness in the process. The case study presented focuses on Amida Care, a New York City community health plan that specializes in providing health coverage and coordinated care to people with chronic conditions. Amida Care has developed and executed a strategic communications plan around key issues that affect the populations it serves, which has generated hundreds of media placements — including in major media outlets such as Newsweek, The New York Times, and Politico — that have raised brand awareness and supported marketing goals.

  • Leverage your organization’s brand assets, strengths, and points of difference to craft an effective media strategy that supports your marketing
  • Learn to identify the topic areas and story angles that are best aligned with your mission and goals
  • Develop content and campaigns that can be re-purposed in multiple communications and marketing channels


Teri Wade
Vice President Marketing and CommunicationsAmida Care Inc.
Monday, September 17Breakout Session

close Beyond the Resume: Attributes That Marketing Leaders Should Foster in Talent and Teams

Marketing Leadership & OperationsMaritz - Vice President, Engagement Marketing

Learn which attributes drive success in leading marketers and the value of these attributes in the people hired.  Having a specific skill set is certainly valuable, but absent of these qualities, success is short-lived. We’ll examine fostering the following three attributes in hiring and marketing management: 1. Curiosity: a leading indicator for successfully navigating the world of new technologies and trends. 2. Initiative: Leaders succeed when their teams take initiative and are comfortable surfacing good ideas with follow-through and actionable results. 3. Comfort with Ambiguity: In the hiring process, it’s important to be straight forward with candidates about the amount of ambiguity that exists in the organization and marketplace.

  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to hire for qualities vs. skill-set
  • Attributes for bringing forward flexibility in teams and enable innovation
  • Why leadership must walk the walk – a leader who lacks curiosity, initiative or comfort with ambiguity won’t instill this in others


Jennifer Hunter
Vice President, Engagement MarketingMaritz
Tuesday, September 18Breakout Session

close How to Successfully Transform a Global Marketing Team with Digital and Content

Marketing Leadership & OperationsStratus Technologies - Vice President Global and Corporate Marketing

Learn how equity-owned Stratus Technologies transitioned from a classic geo-centric sales lead channel GTM into a globally aligned and integrated sales and marketing machine, catering to new markets and buyers leveraging digital and content with significant results.

  • What you need to achieve marketing and sales alignment in four different geo’s
  • How to get results with digital that your board and CEO care about
  • Scaling content from crawl to run across the globe
  • The three things you need to get marketing attribution right


EJ Schmidt
Vice President Global and Corporate MarketingStratus Technologies
Monday, September 17Breakout Session

close The Power of the Platforms: Developing A Robust Cross-Platform Brand Strategy

Multichannel & Brand StrategyComcast Cable Advertising - Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

Increasing brand awareness, affinity and recognition requires a robust cross-platform brand strategy. In an environment where brands are encouraged to over target their consumer, Maria will share best practices for how to break through the clutter using data and tactics, such as identifying people surrounding the consumer to influence the acquisition and identifying advertising channels that work using return on investment models.

  • Generate creative ideas to position your brand
  • Tell your story directly to your target audience by using creative, messaging and brand voice
  • Quantifying the impact of your advertising with attribution, allowing marketers to analyze results throughout the purchase funnel


Maria Weaver
Senior Vice President, Global MarketingComcast Cable Advertising
Monday, September 17Breakout Session

close Vision to Reality: Building the Right Marketing Team to Execute Your Vision

Marketing Leadership & OperationsOptimum Healthcare IT - Vice President, Marketing

While some companies make the leap, others do not. How a leading healthcare IT consulting firm decided to add a marketing function and then watched the results lead to success. Creating the vision and building the right team to execute that vision are key responsibilities of being a marketing leader. One of the most important attributes of leadership is to provide clarity – clarity of vision, clarity of plan, and clarity of responsibility. The marketing teams that are most effective at taking vision to reality know where they are going, why they are going there, how they’re going to get there and who is responsible.

  • How to create the right vision
  • Being clear and concise
  • Bringing the right people on board
  • Continuing to learn and grow


Larry Kaiser
Vice President, MarketingOptimum Healthcare IT
Monday, September 17Breakout Presentation

close AI: The 4th Industrial Revolution

Digital Marketing & Content StrategyInstitutional Investor Magazine - Chief Marketing Officer

AI – everyone’s talking about it, but what is it, really? There are a selection of companies out there right now that are experimenting with machine-learning capabilities, analytics, and more.  However, this can actually backfire and pose a problem because AI is an umbrella term with several components (and sub-components) that can be leveraged in many different ways. Yes, it can help marketers make a bigger impact, stay competitive, creative efficiencies and better understand audiences, yet there’s still a big question mark when we look at AI technology. From AI’s theoretical origins to its many disciplines, it is still a little understood phenomenon that requires clarity and education. This discussion will delve into the facets of Artificial Intelligence to set up an intelligent conversation surrounding its potential impact across the enterprise and your customers.

Key Takeaways

  • What is AI?
  • How can it be applied to marketing and business use cases?
  • Why you should care about AI, especially in a GDPR world
  • How do you get started?


Gregory Yates
Chief Marketing OfficerInstitutional Investor Magazine

Networking Cocktail Reception


Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet

Tuesday, September 18Keynote Presentation

close The Artistry and Impact of Great Storytelling

Multichannel & Brand StrategyTrend Micro, Inc. - Senior Vice President of Global Marketing

Building the right product means nothing without a compelling, consistent story to promote it.  Additionally, getting the narrative right can be an agonizing process.  However, if it’s done right, it can have lasting and measurable effects.  Your organization will embrace it.  Salespeople will repeat it.  Market influencers will endorse it.  And customers and prospects will feel like you are speaking directly to them.

Key Takeaways

  • Receive tips and guidance not only for creating memorable and meaningful messages for a product, service or company, but also for getting the story out to market
  • Gain strategies for creating memorable and meaningful messages for a product, service or company, as well as for getting the story out to market
  • Learn to improve your own messaging and marketing mix


Leah MacMillian
Senior Vice President of Global MarketingTrend Micro, Inc.
TuesdaySolutions Research

Targeted Research Meetings

Tuesday, September 18Breakout Presentation

close At the Intersection of Culture & Consumer: Using Core Principles and Buyer Journeys to Build a Performance-Based Customer Experience

Digital Marketing & Content StrategyPlanes Companies - Senior Vice President of Strategy & Marketing

The moving, warehousing & transportation industry is going through significant transition. Driver availability, finding quality labor and maintaining fleet capacity are creating challenges in providing quality services. Added to changes in the way customers buy online services, advancements in technology and evolving competition, organizations like Planes’ are facing extreme pressure to dramatically redefine their customer experience. Planes devised a two-part strategy: create a new set of internal core principles and clearly redefine aspirational customers and their buyer journeys to enhance personal engagement while improving company revenue and operational performance. Throughout the implementation of the strategy, Planes’ core principles of T.E.A.M became our external brand message; our WHY. The buyer journeys became our purpose, our WHAT. These two outcomes have given Planes’ a roadmap for reinventing our customer experience – our HOW. This session will detail our approach and how the outcomes have changed both our internal and external brand experience.

  • Developing core principles (T.E.A.M.) that drives dynamic engagement both with internal team members and customers
  • The process to define our aspirational customers and the creation of buyer journeys focused on engagement and personal connection
  • How our approach of placing people at the center of our strategy enhanced the overall outcome, improved communication and created a framework for genuine collaboration
  • Driving clarity and cohesion between the internal and external expression of your brand message


David McGlynn
Senior Vice President of Strategy & MarketingPlanes Companies
Monday, September 17Breakout Presentation

close Pampered Chef: Brand Revitalization in the Age of Experience

Multichannel & Brand StrategyPampered Chef, A Berkshire Hathaway Company - Director, Consumer and Field Marketing

This session will explore how Pampered Chef is modernizing our marketing approach and brand touchpoints (marketing and digital experience on website, consumer marketing, data-driven/segmentation).  Learn how we are establishing brand relevance for our target audience, as well as some things we’ll be testing this year – community partnerships, pop-up shops, lead generation & conversion programs, field enablement – the full 360 degrees.

  • Consumer-focused brand transformation approach
  • Examples of actionable brand pyramid and framework
  • Flexible experience design approach
  • Examples of high-impact analytics-driven marketing examples


Charlene Joese
Director, Consumer and Field MarketingPampered Chef, A Berkshire Hathaway Company
Tuesday, September 18Breakout Session

close The Use of Social Media to Identify Specific Market Opportunities

Digital Transformation & Content StrategySofidel - Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Within the topic “How B2B Brands Use Account Based Marketing to Grow Lifetime Customer Value” we will examine a pragmatic and simple example on how Sofidel leverages ABM and social media/new technologies to segment, target and position its value-added offer (note, not anymore just products). It’s a triple win approach creating value for Sofidel, Distributors and end customers.

  • An example that everyone can implement
  • A switch in the customer approach
  • A new role for sales people?
  • New technologies impose different types of work


Fabio Vitali
Vice President of Marketing and SalesSofidel
Tuesday, September 18Breakout Session

close How AI-Based Digital Twins Can Inform Your Marketing and Business Strategy

Informed Marketing with Data & AnalyticsCopperPoint Mutual Insurance - Assistant VP Data Science & Analytics

Most predictive analytics and AI efforts fail to reach their full potential because it is not always easy to understand how different strategic choices and operational tactics will impact business KPIs in the long run. Current analytics methods can optimize marketing mix for clicks or provide personalized recommendations, but cannot anticipate unintended consequences around profitability, competitiveness, and resource impacts. This session will discuss a case study describing emerging prescriptive analytics techniques using digital twins. The digital twins are individual level representations of your customers created using techniques from AI, behavioral economics, and Game Theory. These models can help CMOs understand and demonstrate long-term business implications of various marketing decisions.

  • Learn how AI methods based on behavioral digital twins can let CMOs understand broad business implications of marketing decisions
  • How a leading financial services organization leveraged these methods to help senior executives avoid costly mistakes and optimize their marketing spend
  • How CMOs can use these data-driven techniques to demonstrate to their business partners how marketing decisions impact business KPIs over a broad range of scenarios


Bipin Chadha
Assistant VP Data Science & AnalyticsCopperPoint Mutual Insurance
Tuesday, September 18Breakout Presentation

close What Your Martech Stack and the "5 Whys" Have in Common

Marketing Technology and InnovationSpok - Senior VP, Marketing

The five whys is a simple question-asking technique that explores cause-and-effect relationships. Although it is often used to identify underlying root causes of problems in quality improvement processes, it can be very useful in other analyses as well, including how to build the right Martech stack for your organization. I will share some examples of how we used the five whys to guide our technology choices and how we combined every-touch attribution with deep analytics to achieve results we didn’t think possible. I’ll talk about why I believe a Martech stack with every-touch attribution is the most powerful tool in B2B marketing today.

  • The five whys root cause analysis technique is essential for deep understanding of root cause
  • The five whys technique can be deployed to guide the right Martech stack for your organization
  • A Martech stack with every-touch attribution is the most powerful tool we have in B2B marketing today
  • Using some examples, learn how a sophisticated Martech stack can be partnered with a thoughtful analysis to take the value of marketing to the next level


Donna Scott
Senior VP, MarketingSpok

Networking Lunch


Experienced marketing leaders help us design a relevant and 100% peer-led educational program.

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Virtusa Corporation
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EPIC Fuels
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McGraw-Hill Education
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Finance of America Reverse LLC


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"What pleased me most was the candid nature of the conference. Presenters dove fairly deep on subject matter, while networking with fellow attendees offered learnings from their own environments. Marketing executives who often feel the churn will find value and leave refreshed by the high-level content paired with well-matched exhibitors/sponsors."

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Renaissance Schaumburg

Experience refined style at the Renaissance Hotel in Schaumburg where stunning design blends seamlessly with impeccable service.

Our Schaumburg hotel accommodations boast stylish design and luxurious comfort. Located in an accessible hub with a sophisticated collection of retail and culinary options such as Sam & Harry’s and Woodfield Mall, this Schaumburg, Illinois hotel serves as an indigenous ambassador for entire Chicagoland area…and a gateway for the entire Midwest.
Accommodations must be booked through the conference organizers and not through the venue directly. We cover the first night and offer a discounted rate. Spouses welcomed. For reservations please contact:
The nearest airport is Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD), which is less than 15 miles away. Alternatively, you may fly into Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW). This hotel does not provide shuttle service. Taxis are readily available at the airport.
The Renaissance Schaumburg | 1551 N. Thoreau Drive Schaumburg, IL 60173