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Key Themes

close Quantification and Measurement Tools for Marketers

Many Marketing professionals understand their functions but have a hard time measuring and conveying results; this track will explore different tools and methods to quantify the role of the Marketer.

Gone are the days where a company can allow itself to interact with a customer on a singular platform, join this track to learn more about social media and other various channels, how to manage multiple platforms, and how to maximize each to the fullest.

It starts with you and your team! This track will focus on everything from strategy, implementation, transformation and leadership.

It’s all about the personal touch, in today’s CX world, if you don’t have it then you’ll fall behind. This track will explore how to attain and implement predictive analytics to deliver a personalized and optimized Customer Experience.

It’s no secret that AI and Data are two keys to the future, this track will focus on these two transformative elements and how they are changing the world of CX.

Touchpoints! How to mark them, hit them and ensure you are not missing any throughout the entire customer journey.

High Profile Speakers

Strategic endeavors and skillful insights from 30+ seasoned executives address the challenges in today’s marketing landscape.

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Raja Banerji

Global Head of Industry Marketing

Tata Consultancy Services

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Yolanda Murphy

Vice President of Communications, Technology Services

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Chandar Pattabhiram

Chief Marketing Officer


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Amy Barzdukas

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Maria Weaver

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

Comcast Cable Advertising

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Todd Unger

Chief Experience Officer, SVP Physician Engagement

American Medical Association

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Christine Rimer

Vice President, Product Marketing & Customer Advocacy


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Varun Kohli

Head of Global Demand, PMO and Strategic Marketing


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Kevin Fuller

Senior Vice President, Global Product & Brand

Nu Skin Enterprises Inc.

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Joe Garber

Global Head of Influencer Marketing

Micro Focus

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Reid Leslie

Vice President, Marketing


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Michael Shattuck

Consulting Manager

Widen Enterprises

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Staci Johnson

SVP Corporate Communications

Roth Staffing Companies

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Scott Virkler

Chief Product & Operating Officer

McGraw-Hill Education

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Jennifer Simonson

SVP & General Counsel

Roth Staffing Companies

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Michelle Musgrove

Vice President, Customer Experience Strategy & Governance


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Brian Warrick

General Manager, North America


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Rachel McClary, PhD.

Chief Marketing Officer


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Denise Broady


WorkForce Software

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Ash Parikh

SVP Marketing


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Patrick Kelly

AVP, Digital Product Development


Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Samuel Berestizhevsky

Vice President and General Manager, Analytics Products

Korn Ferry

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Leela Srinivasan



Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Deborah Benard

Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Marketing

SunTrust Banks

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Lance Loveday


Closed Loop

Connect CMO Leadership Fall Summit View More

Seraj Bharwani

Chief Strategy Officer


Full Agenda

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Marketing Leadership & Operations
Digital Transformation & Content Strategy
Informed Marketing with Data & Analytics
Multichannel & Brand Strategy
Marketing Technology and Innovation

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Breakfast Buffet

MondayKeynote Presentation

close Feedback is the Key to Driving Growth With Confidence

Leadership, Teams and TransformationSurveyMonkey - Vice President, Product Marketing & Customer Advocacy

Marketers face aggressive growth targets, but to reach them they’ve got to break through the noise and earn the trust of their buyers—at scale. Join us to learn how you can leverage feedback to deliver marketing messages that are effective, authentic, accurate, and impactful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Listen to your customers and target buyers for more effective marketing
  • Embrace authenticity by leveraging the voice of your customer
  • Understand and deliver on your customers’ expectations
  • Enable your organization to take action by sharing feedback broadly


Christine Rimer
Vice President, Product Marketing & Customer Advocacy SurveyMonkey
MondaySolutions Research

Targeted Research Meetings

MondayBreakout Session

close Creating a New Brand From Two Companies

Leadership, Teams and TransformationPlantronics - Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

In 2018, audio pioneer Plantronics acquired video conferencing company Polycom. The acquisition created one company with the largest set of communications “endpoints,” from headsets to video conferencing systems, uniquely positioned to help people collaborate anywhere, on any platform and in more meaningful ways.

As EVP and CMO of Plantronics, Amy Barzdukas was responsible for creating a cohesive brand identity, story and marketing strategy to pull the new combined company into the future.

Join Barzdukas as she discusses what it takes to lead marketing post-acquisition and how to honor two company legacies while creating one new brand for a new company.

Key Takeaways:

  • A high-level overview and understanding of marketing best practices to utilize following a merger and/or acquisition
  • Highlight how to collaborate to bring two separate cultures and expertise together into one storied legacy
  • Showcase how to navigate messaging and company culture nuances both internally and externally
  • Understand the importance of leading a clear vision of the future after the dust settles on a merger/acquisition


Amy Barzdukas
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing OfficerPlantronics
MondayBreakout Session

close The Importance of Setting a CX Vision

AARP - Vice President, Customer Experience Strategy & Governance

One critical component of a CX strategy is a sound CX vision. It provides direction to your organization, on the role you should be playing in your customer’s lives and how every interaction with your customer should feel. Developing a strong CX vision requires a clear brand promise and an in-depth knowledge of your customers’ needs and expectations. Once in place, the hard work of rallying the organization to activate your CX vision can begin.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the importance of a CX vision
  • Understand how to develop a CX vision
  • Understand how to activate a CX vision


Michelle Musgrove
Vice President, Customer Experience Strategy & GovernanceAARP

close The Best Defense is a Good Offense: Positioning Marketing Communications as a Driver of Strategic Value

Leadership, Teams and TransformationNorthrop Grumman Corporation - Vice President of Communications, Technology Services

Now more than ever, marketing and communications is being invited to the table but there’s still a huge gap between leadership understanding the business strategy and the importance of marcomms being a part of that strategy to drive top line revenue. This interactive discussion will cover how to generate a behavior change with senior leaders and the c-suite to ensure marcomms is being engaged in the critical conversations of growing the business and developing those key relationships. Also, learn how to use data to effectively prove and tell an impactful story of your strategy to get buy-in and increased investment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keys to cross-department communication and collaboration to position yourself as a trusted advisor – relationship building
  • Learn how to tell a compelling story of your strategy and how it ties back to the business
  • Tactics to break inertia, push boundaries and challenge “traditional” practices with forward-thinking – technology
  • How to successfully navigate the spectrum of strategic to tactical – execution and impactful performance



Yolanda Murphy
Vice President of Communications, Technology ServicesNorthrop Grumman Corporation
MondayBreakout Session

close How to take your company from day-to-day to the TODAY's Show

AI and Data Driven ExperiencesSymantec - Head of Global Demand, PMO and Strategic Marketing

Awareness is the top goal for every organization. Imagine being on the TODAY’s show, 250+ TV channels and radio shows all by using the power of storytelling. Most companies have data. It is about how to leverage that data to tell a very compelling story that would have a mass appeal. Come attend this talk to learn:
– How not to have data without a story
– How not to have a story without data
– How this company made all of this possible by spending less than $200

Key Take-Aways 

  • Power of storytelling
  • How to best use existing data and make it applicable to masses
  • Increase awareness for your company


Varun Kohli
Head of Global Demand, PMO and Strategic MarketingSymantec
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Buyer Engagement: The Universal Truth of Sales

Predictive Analytics, Personalization and OptimizationAccent Technologies - CEO

Buyer engagement is the only reliable predictor of conversion throughout the entire buyer experience.

Many AI vendors have taken a data-focused predictive approach, or in other words, only look at historical data tracking the seller’s activities. But the problem with operationalizing a solution based on the requirement of cleansed, enriched data is the cost.

Examples of how cost manifests:
– 6+ months of resource spend incentivizing or mandating CRM adoption programs
– Time and resource spend developing /regulating a sales process
– Content production waste due to lack of true performance insight
– Selling time lost due to unexposed process inefficiencies or administrative hurdles
– Maintenance of unnecessary, ineffective or unintegrated selling tools

A truly effective analytics model needs to be trained to support every conversion point in order to get the value of the prediction. Or put simply, a solution should not solely evaluate the action of the seller, but include (and weight) the reaction of the buying team.

Attend this session to learn more about emerging technology in the sales and marketing AI space that can provide insight into your most effective content, sales plays and the deals most likely to close.

Key Takeaways:

  • An understanding of why measuring buyer engagement is a better predictor of conversion than sales activities
  • Knowledge of the flaws in logic for seller focused solutions
  • An introduction to new technologies ability to backfill and clean historical data for disparate systems


Peter McChrystal
CEOAccent Technologies
TuesdayBreakout Session

close Closing The Gap - The Intersection of Customer Expectations and Marketing Execution

Connecting Strategy, Technology and ExecutionDMA l Digital Marketing Agency - CEO

The traditional marketing funnel accepts anyone and swallows whoever it can. Advanced marketers are starting to efficiently leverage content to target niche audiences and embrace personalization. Reaching out to people who are more likely to be interested in your brand is not only more cost-efficient; it’s also more sustainable and less time-consuming. Consumers do not want businesses to gloss over them; they seek legitimate trust and genuine relationships.

Key Take-Aways  

  • How to combine consumer trends and customer expectations to execute marketing magic
  • How to keep up with emerging technologies and ever changing consumer behavior
  • Why the traditional sales funnel is not the solution in a mobile first generation


Solomon Thimothy
CEODMA l Digital Marketing Agency
MondayBreakout Session

close Taking Marketing to the Next Level: A Transformational Journey

Tata Consultancy Services - Global Head of Industry Marketing

Marketers are waking up to a new reality. During the course of the last decade, there has been a tectonic shift in the way marketers communicate, advertise and promote themselves to their target audiences. Same holds true for us. While initially, marketing was regarded as only a support function we are now being offered a bigger seat at the table. Establishing marketing as an important strategic modern function in a IT Services/Consulting organization has been a transformational journey. The strategy we successfully adopted was to first work on messaging with superior impact across levers and channels. The outcome itself was the validation of our messaging, case in point: the vendor benchmarking positions achieved, the reception of offline and online content, digital amplification of thought leadership resources and impactful assets creation with HBR, MIT, CIO Review to name a few.

We used these proof points to successfully position our varied value propositions in the market place. The primary objective of our marketing strategy has been to elevate TCS Brand as ‘Growth and Transformation Partners’ for our customers and business partners through our AAA strategy. It is of utmost importance to be Aware of the great work that we are doing, to be in a position to Articulate the marquee stories we are working on and Amplify the impact of messaging to business stakeholders. Marketing has traditionally been defined by the Marketing Mix, or the Four P’s that have served as the quintessential four pillars of marketing strategy. As the industry has evolved over the past half-century, so have our strategic concepts. The Four P’s have now given way to the new marketing mix characterized by: Social Collaboration, Story telling, Blogs, Infographics, personalization and bespokes. This thoughtful leap into successful business group transformation will be focus of this speaking session. Also, selecting the right marketing channels is critical to any transformational journey because it can mean the success or failure of your offerings. Multi-channel strategy can provide many benefits by enhancing market reach, raising awareness by accessing audiences via multiple touch points. Highlights of multichannel branding to obtain tangible marketing value add will also be a point of discussion during the talk.

Key Take-Aways

  • Building a strategic marketing function aiding the “Growth and Transformation” journey of an organization.
  • Measuring the outcomes with strong focus towards metrics driven marketing.
  • Driving integrated value messaging through content marketing, digital media/PR, analyst relations, academia to name a few
  • Uplifting the Brand with strong drive towards AAA (elaborate) and RRR (elaborate) strategy.


Raja Banerji
Global Head of Industry MarketingTata Consultancy Services
MondayBreakout Presentation

close The Porsche Problem: How CMOs Turn Around Stalled Transformations

Leadership, Teams and TransformationWiden Enterprises - Consulting Manager

Digital transformations are stalled, and CMOs are taking the blame. The term “transformation” has become a misunderstood (and costly) buzzword. Drawing from his experiences with blue-chip brands, Widen Consulting’s Michael Shattuck identifies what transformations really are, why they stall, and how CMOs can turn them around.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Transformation” is not about digitizing a business – it is about changing the potential of the human beings in the business by addressing cultural, technological, and process barriers that no one wants to talk about.
  • The Porsche Problem: CMO spending on talent and technology has become equivalent to buying a sports car then pushing it around the block instead of driving it – the problem is not the people or tech, but rather their misuse.
  • The biggest deterrent to transformation is a lack of face-to-face conversation and organizational strategy. Transformation is merely an output of strategy and not something that is ever completed. Some companies actually have little to transform once they identify their strategy.
  • We need a new set of metrics to gauge the success of transformations. Of these, technology adoption is arguably the most important. Just because a CMO buys it, that doesn’t mean people will use it as intended.


Michael Shattuck
Consulting ManagerWiden Enterprises


MondaySolutions Research

Targeted Research Meetings

MondayBreakout Session

close Redefining Impossible: The New Rules for Scaling Paid Channels

Connecting Strategy, Technology and ExecutionClosed Loop - CEO

The advertising landscape has shifted dramatically in the last year. There have been massive updates and new features from Google and Facebook in the last year alone, in addition to explosive new growth opportunities from LinkedIn and even Bing, among others. But the data shows that most advertisers are still using tactics from 2016 or earlier, and wallowing in mediocrity as a result. In this engaging session, Lance will visually demonstrate the new ways of thinking and the specific steps that modern digital advertisers must take to achieve breakout success with their Digital Advertising campaigns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the right mental model to use when talking about Digital Advertising
  • Discover the latest ways advanced advertisers are measuring campaign success
  • Uncover the new strategies for unlocking campaign potential in 2019
  • Find out how to easily run a diagnostic health check on your campaigns


Lance Loveday
CEOClosed Loop
MondayBreakout Session

close Get your CEO’s Attention by Driving Sales using AI and Optimization

Personalized Marketing and Data-Driven ExperiencesSunTrust Banks - Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Marketing

Learn how SunTrust is transforming its online user experience leveraging personalization, artificial intelligence and continuous testing and optimization to drive sales and get business leaders’ attention

Key Takeaways:

  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence to accelerate revenue growth
  • Continue to test, learn and optimize
  • Develop a concise story that gets business leaders’ attention


Deborah Benard
Senior Vice President, Head of Digital MarketingSunTrust Banks
MondayBreakout Session

close The Applebee's Turnaround Story

Leadership, Teams and TransformationApplebee's - Vice President, Marketing

Applebee’s Turnaround Story:
The Restaurant Industry’s comeback of the year in 2018
Applebee’s just had its best year since 1993, after years of slumping sales. Their success is a classic case of a brand getting back to its roots and embracing its essence.

The comeback began in 2017. John Cywinski was named President in March and he immediately shifted the paradigm of the business. He made strategic moves on his leadership team and established early trust and confidence with Franchise Partners in the turnaround plan.

The brand also resurrected their infamous ad slogan, “Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood,” showcasing former, current and new menu items that fit the brand’s middle-market DNA. Additionally, they made operational improvements in restaurants to improve the guest experience.

But, it wasn’t until 2018 that Applebee’s proved that the success wasn’t a fluke.

Applebee’s US same-store sales grew 5% in 2018. “Eating good in the neighborhood” is alive and well, with inexpensive food that doesn’t try to be fancy. The Neighborhood Drink of the Month program has created a cheap-drinks revolution at Applebee’s, with new beverages rolling out every month.

And they aren’t done yet. The comeback is continuing in 2019.

Key Takeaways:

  • Change the game – nothing is off limits
  • Franchisee trust and partnership is critical
  • Drive guests in to experience the change
  • Investment required to break through


Reid Leslie
Vice President, MarketingApplebee's
MondayBreakout Session

close Best Frenemies - Process vs. Progress: Balancing Innovation Rigor with Speed to Market in Cross-Functional Product Teams

Leadership, Teams and TransformationNu Skin Enterprises Inc. - Senior Vice President, Global Product & Brand

Product Development teams often wrestle with the twin mandates to develop high-quality, customer-driven products while constantly improving speed to market. While these two goals may seem mutually exclusive, cross-functional teams can be structured and led to ensure business objectives are met while also dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s. By helping teams correct their functional myopia and elevate their perspective to one of team outcomes ownership, your development teams will become fertile ground for innovative solutions that are both technically robust and get to market on time.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Empowerment Tiers Can Break Project Gridlock
  • Choosing the Right Communication & Workflow Platforms
  • How Project Management Teams Empower CFTs Instead of Constraining Them
  • Crystal Clear Roles & Responsibilities Increase Development Velocity


Kevin Fuller
Senior Vice President, Global Product & BrandNu Skin Enterprises Inc.
MondayBreakout Session

close The Importance Of Checking The Assumptions Underlying Statistical Analysis

AI and Data Driven ExperiencesKorn Ferry - Vice President and General Manager, Analytics Products

Most statistical techniques require that one or more assumptions be met, or, in the case that it has been proven that a technique is robust against a violation of an assumption, that the assumption is not violated too extremely. Given that the validity of any conclusion drawn from a statistical inference depends on the validity of the assumptions made, it is clearly important that those assumptions should be validated. Incorrect assumptions can generate wildly inaccurate conclusions.

The applied researcher, data scientist or data analyst who routinely adopt a traditional statistical procedure without giving thought to its associated assumptions may unwittingly produce misleading results.

Applying the statistical techniques when assumptions are not met is a serious problem when analyzing data.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assumptions of statistical methods
  • Impact of assumptions violations
  • Ways to overcome assumptions violations


Samuel Berestizhevsky
Vice President and General Manager, Analytics ProductsKorn Ferry
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Learning Made Easier - How AI & Data Are Being Used in Learning Tools to Improve Student Outcomes

AI and Data Driven ExperiencesMcGraw-Hill Education - Chief Product & Operating Officer

Millions of students have gotten better grades (yes we have the data to prove it) from the use of AI in the digital products created by McGraw-Hill Education and then used in colleges across the world. MHE creates and manages products used by instructors in classes; extensively leverage Data & AI to drive better learning outcomes. In this session you will learn how AI is used in the products to help the instructors and students. We will share lessons learned with our customer journeys and managing the customer experiences of these products.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI & data are being used in learning products today at scale
  • Use of AI & Data mean changes to user workflows, product design needs to account for this
  • Just because the data is there, does not mean users will use it
  • Rethink the customer experience when using AI & Data – continuously test, modify, and test/,modify more. Be prepared to share results with customers who want to understand the AI


Scott Virkler
Chief Product & Operating OfficerMcGraw-Hill Education
MondayBreakout Session

Digital Re-Boot: AMA’s Rx for Growth

MondayBreakout Session

close Blurring the Lines Between Marketing and HR

Leadership, Teams and TransformationRoth Staffing Companies - SVP Corporate Communications
Roth Staffing Companies - SVP & General Counsel

Your HR Department desperately needs you. They are often left to “brand” the company to employees. See examples of how a strong Employer Brand immediately and directly impacts the bottom line. One example shows the evolution of a Marketing Department that went from a project list compiled entirely of external campaigns to 50% internal and 50% external branding… revenue increased 12-16% year over year for 6 straight years and they ranked #1 on the Fortune list of Best Workplaces. You can create t dazzling social campaigns, but your company can’t be the best without attracting the best employees to work there. HR and Talent Engagement can’t recruit and retain employees in today’s candidate market without the help of Marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to partner with HR to create your Employer Brand
  • Metrics that prove the involvement of Marketing in internal communications increases revenue
  • 5 examples of how Marketing turned HR communication into an internal branding campaign
  • How Marketing can fit it all in and tackle both internal and external branding


Staci Johnson
SVP Corporate CommunicationsRoth Staffing Companies
Jennifer Simonson
SVP & General CounselRoth Staffing Companies
MondayBreakout Session

close The Power of the Platforms: Developing A Robust Cross-Platform Brand Strategy

Multichannel & Brand StrategyComcast Cable Advertising - Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

Increasing brand awareness, affinity and recognition requires a robust cross-platform brand strategy. In an environment where brands are encouraged to over target their consumer, Maria will share best practices for how to break through the clutter using data and tactics, such as identifying people surrounding the consumer to influence the acquisition and identifying advertising channels that work using return on investment models.

  • Generate creative ideas to position your brand
  • Tell your story directly to your target audience by using creative, messaging and brand voice
  • Quantifying the impact of your advertising with attribution, allowing marketers to analyze results throughout the purchase funnel


Maria Weaver
Senior Vice President, Global MarketingComcast Cable Advertising
MondayBreakout Session

close Creating a Stairway to Marketing Heaven: Awareness, Acquisition, and Advocacy

Customer-centric Design & Customer JourneyCoupa - Chief Marketing Officer

How do you attract, convert, and turn prospects into loyal advocates for your business? In this talk, Chandar will share why emotion is key to success in the B2B customer journey, from awareness in understanding how your prospect wants to feel, to engaging your buyer on an emotional level to drive acquisitions, scale the right advocacy program and create customers for life who feel an emotional connection and passion for their experience with your product and brand. Chandar will share examples from his experiences building the world’s best B2B brands, including a framework for building your own “Stairway to Heaven.”


Key Take-Aways

  • How to Drive Awareness: Marketing starts with an understanding of the customer persona.
  • How to Drive Acquisitions: Innovative technologies are providing a window into businesses’ ideal customer profile, making it easier to better understand customer sentiment. Attendees will learn how the acquisition is broken up into three separate areas: plays, parlance, and programs.
  • How to Drive Advocacy is key to brand authenticity. Attendees will learn how to identify the best advocates from their customer base


Chandar Pattabhiram
Chief Marketing OfficerCoupa

Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet

TuesdaySolutions Research

Targeted Research Meetings

Tuesday Breakout Session

close The Rapidly Evolving Role of the Modern CMO - A B2B Perspective

Leadership, Teams and TransformationInformatica - SVP Marketing

CMO’s clearly bring tremendous value to a company. So, why is it that a recent Forbes study suggests that the CMO continues to have the shortest tenure on the C-suite? Modern B2B challenges around engaging with increasingly sophisticated customers, trying to rise above the noise in a highly connected world, continuously differentiating a solution in a crowded marketplace, and looking for new ways to out-think competitors – is what has changed. This calls for deep market, competitive, ecosystem and product intelligence – i.e. a modern marketing strategy that is agile, pragmatic, aligned with GTM strategy, and ready for the bold new world. A few Modern CMO’s seem to have figured out how to be seen as some of the most strategic leaders in the organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • The role of the B2B CMO is rapidly changing – evolve or be left behind
  • Marketing must view itself as a service and profit center
  • The Modern CMO must have a “growth mindset”
  • Tight and on-going alignment with GTM strategy is key to success


Ash Parikh
SVP MarketingInformatica
TuesdayBreakout Session

close Mastering The Martech Stack: How To Build A Stack That Elevates Your Marketing

Connecting Strategy, Technology and ExecutionMagnolia - General Manager, North America

There are nearly 7,000 marketing technologies on the market. Each one claims to help your marketing team do something better, whether it’s managing content or generating leads.

How do you decide which tools really deliver? More importantly, how do you bring these tools together to build a martech stack that increases your team’s efficiency and helps them create more engaging experiences for customers?

Find out during this presentation from Magnolia, content management system-provider for leading brands like New York Times, JetBlue and Avis.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of your organization’s current martech stack
  • What to look for in new solutions to ensure they’ll work well with your existing technologies and on their own
  • Different ways to build out an integrated stack that achieves marketing goals
  • How to ensure your stack can scale with your organization


Brian Warrick
General Manager, North AmericaMagnolia
TuesdayBreakout Session

close Becoming a Digital Platform instead of just a Destination

Predictive Analytics, Personalization and OptimizationUSAA - AVP, Digital Product Development

Shorter attention spans and higher cognitive load among digital users has necessitated a shift from providing just convenience solutions to providing assistance with making decisions. Therefore, Digital Providers must shift from convenience solutions only to information and insights.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insights is where companies will compete in addition to convenience and price.
  • Consumers demand Personalized Digital experiences in addition to Face-to-face experiences.
  • The only way to scale insights and personalization is though the use of data and AI/ML.


Patrick Kelly
AVP, Digital Product DevelopmentUSAA
TuesdayBreakout Session

close Creating Consumer Value Through Emerging Digital Decisioning Technologies

Predictive Analytics, Personalization and OptimizationAcuityAds - Chief Strategy Officer

The majority of a consumer’s digital interactions happen outside advertiser’s consideration. New decisioning technologies, when applied to real-time consumer behaviors, interests, and preferences can eliminate wasted impressions. Knowing who needs persuasion (if at all), when, and in what order can contribute to incremental value from existing marketing investments.

Key Take-Aways  

  • Understand how decisioning technologies (e.g. machine learning) can shorten the consumer journey
  • Identify the gap between what an advertiser knows and doesn’t know about consumers, which contributes to wasted investments in digital advertisements
  • Learn how to eliminate impressions used to reach consumers who are either already loyal or would never consider buying from an advertiser


Seraj Bharwani
Chief Strategy OfficerAcuityAds
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Self-Service - New Way to Interact With Small Businesses and Grow Our Customer Base

Customer-centric Design & Customer JourneyComcast Cable Advertising - Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

Overcoming perceptions of TV buying and creating a successful self-service customer journey
Join Maria Weaver, CMO, Comcast Advertising as she shares how Comcast Spotlight reinvented the small and medium sized business advertising journey by creating a self-service TV buying portal, TV Ad Planner. Maria led the effort starting with extensive market research, competitive analysis and product develop to launch a self-service TV ad buying portal, where businesses can buy, manage and execute a TV schedule independently. She will provide learnings from the market research, findings from the pilot and details of the customer experience.
Key Takeaways:
  • Customers want to dictate their when and how they engage with companies.
  • Overcoming the perception that TV advertising is only for agencies and large companies.
  • TV advertising is now in the hands of business owners- they can create, manage and execute a campaign.
  • How we provide a seamless experience that is simple, empowering and effective.


Maria Weaver
Senior Vice President, Global MarketingComcast Cable Advertising
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close From What to Why – How Become a Trusted Advisor to the Business and Execute with Better Business Outcomes

Leadership, Teams and TransformationWorkForce Software - CMO & COO

So much of our time as marketers is spent answering “what” questions. What’s our content strategy? What’s the CPC? What audiences are we targeting? What channels are driving highest conversion? The list goes on.
What if instead, we started by asking a harder, but more important question: Why?
Join this session for candid reflections and insights from Denise Broady, WorkForce Software CMO and COO, who will draw on her own experience creating a values-based marketing organization and become the trusted advisor to the business. You’ll hear the good, the bad, and the ugly and walk away with practical guidance and “use tomorrow” advice for building a set of organization-wide values that create alignment and improve engagement to support transformation from within.

Key Takeaways:

  • Develop and communicate your organization’s core values
  • Build credibility into each touchpoint
  • Integrate marketing into the business beyond the alignment with sales
  • Improve communications with your prospects/customers and the external partner community


Denise Broady
CMO & COOWorkForce Software


Executive Steering Committee

Experienced marketing leaders work with us to focus our program on the developments in marketing that will move the needle at your company.

Steering Committee Members

Mike Fleming Chief Marketing Officer
Suzanne McCain CMO
USA BioEnergy
Roger Baxter Vice President, Global Brand
Nick Papachristou Chief Marketing Officer
Hilliard Lyons
William Koleszar Chief Marketing Officer
American Family Care
Ramon Lopez Chief Marketing Officer
Toni Lee Rudnicki VP Global Marketing
Meloney Llnder Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Univeristy of North Dakota
Michael Margolies VP, Creative/Marketing Services
Leggett & Platt
Michael McCunney Vice President, Marketing
Revenue Analytics
Melissa Marr VP Communications and Events
HMG Strategy
Michelle Michaels Chief Marketing Officer
Hinshaw & Culbertson
Fabio Vitali VP Marketing and Sales
Patty Fisher SVP Marketing
Rachel McClary Chief Marketing Officer
Rajan Luthra Vice President Marketing
MOGAS Industries Inc
Rob Gibson Vice President
Robert Gray Vice President Sales and Marketing
Wilbert Inc
Roberto Coppola Vice President of Innovation and Insights
Aristocrat Technologies
Ryan Brown Vice President, Brand & Creative
Salah Kivlighn Sen. Vice President Global Strategic Marketing and Program Operations
Scott Phillips VP Marketing
Virtium LLC
Scott Steele Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
Church Mutual Insurance Company
Tanya Giovacchini Partner & Chief Engagement & Marketing Officer
Partner & Chief Engagement & Marketing Officer
Tim Wills CMO
Peak-Ryzex, Inc.
Tony Kempa Managing Director, Head of Marketing, Business Development, and Brand
Tracy Wade COO, SVP
The Hartford
Trish Lilley Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP
Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer
William Leichter VP of Marketing

An Esteemed Audience

Over 80% of the Fortune 100 joins us each year for what has been voted the “most effective trade show” for over a decade. Use our tools to demonstrate ROI to your C-Suite.

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CONNECT CMO has quickly become established as the “deal generating show”.

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CONNECT CMO is an invitation-only trade show for marketing executives that bridges you to the most profitable solutions and information for your crowning priorities.

Have Questions?

We’ve answered a few FAQs to get you started. For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our Team

Josh Ridener

Conference Director
(424) 334-5140
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Marin Silvers

VP of Operations
(424) 334-5141
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Riley McLaughlin

Content Director
(424) 334-5148
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Julianne Giltner

Attendee Relations Executive
(424) 204-0854
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Eli Zuck

Sales Manager
(424) 204-0855
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Maddie Sapigao

Account Executive
(424) 313-1167
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Ante Kvartuc

Event Executive
(424) 313-1399
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Hotel and Travel

Your conference pass includes overnight accommodations, travel reimbursement, meals and cocktail receptions.

The Hotel

Renaissance Schaumburg

Experience refined style at the Renaissance Hotel in Schaumburg where stunning design blends seamlessly with impeccable service.

Our Schaumburg hotel accommodations boast stylish design and luxurious comfort. Located in an accessible hub with a sophisticated collection of retail and culinary options such as Sam & Harry’s and Woodfield Mall, this Schaumburg, Illinois hotel serves as an indigenous ambassador for entire Chicagoland area…and a gateway for the entire Midwest.
Accommodations must be booked through the conference organizers and not through the venue directly. We cover the first night and offer a discounted rate. Spouses welcomed. For reservations please contact:
The nearest airport is Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD), which is less than 15 miles away. Alternatively, you may fly into Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW). This hotel does not provide shuttle service. Taxis are readily available at the airport.
The Renaissance Schaumburg | 1551 N. Thoreau Drive Schaumburg, IL 60173