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Key Themes


Get insights from 30+ executives who are in the field addressing industry challenges.

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Donald Crumpler

Vice President, Supply Chain & Integration

BMC Stock Holdings

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Brian Diephuis


thyssenkrupp Supply Chain Services

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Ramon Gonzalez

Vice President, Corporate Quality and Supply Chain Management

Daikin Applied Americas

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Jonathan Biggert

Vice President of Supply Chain

European Wax Center

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

David Barnard

Vice President Supply Chain and Logistics

Colliers International

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Gregory Toornman

Global VP of Materials Management and Logistics

AGCO Corporation

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Steven Hainey

Director of Supply Chain, Applied Materials

Newell Brands

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Zahid Rashid

Global Director of Distribution

Jelly Belly Candy Company

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

John Mory

Director of Logistics and Team Development

Farm Fresh To You

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

John Sitilides

Geopolitical Strategist

Trilogy Advisors LLC

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Rob Allan

Program Director


SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Stephen Engel

SVP, Practice Lead


SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Brad Stitt

Vice President, Business Consulting - Supply Chain Practice

Hitachi Consulting

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Alex Zhong

Program Director, Supply Chain Insights Offering ManagementSr. Portfolio Marketing Manager


SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Grant Wolf

Vice President, Strategy and Business Development


SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Kevin Reader

Director Business Development & Marketing


SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Tyler Buskard

Sales Director

BluJay Solutions

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Sean Bliss

Vice President of Sales for Indirect Spend


SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Daniel Barfield

Executive Vice President


SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Mark Schenecker

VP, Strategic Customers, Center of Excellence

SAP Ariba

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Douglas Ubel

Vice President of Purchasing

Milbank Manufacturing Company

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Tolga Tuksal

Previous Director of Corporate Purchasing, Supply Chain and Planning


SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Eric Strom

Vice President of Procurement

Mattress Firm

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Gustavo Sassi

Head of Procurement

GlobeNet Inc

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Greg Horton

Product Marketing Director


SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Joe Beydoun

Director Supply Chain and Business Intelligence

Lipari Foods

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Brian deLyon

Director of Operational Excellence


SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Mariano Legaz

Chief Procurement Officer


SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Digvijay Singh

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Viacom Inc.

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Jonathan Tam

Vice President of Operations


SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Mark Dickinson

Head of IT Software Systems

SSI Schaefer

SCOPE Logistics Fall Summit View More

Sudy Bharadwaj

Senior Director, Ariba for Direct (A4D)

SAP Ariba

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Make every session valuable by selecting up to 3 key themes to mix and match the most relevant topics to you. Check out last year's sessions!

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Welcome Cocktail Reception & Registration


Breakfast Buffet

Monday, March 11Keynote presentation

close The Journey to Smart Supply Chain: Transform Manufacturing to Reach Entirely New Levels of Operational Excellence

Supply Chain Strategies & LeadershipHitachi Consulting - Senior Vice President, Practice Lead
Hitachi Consulting - Vice President, Business Consulting - Supply Chain Practice

The rise of the Internet of Things has seen a tidal wave of data unleashed into the supply chain. Connected devices are now everywhere—from wearables on the warehouse floor to temperature monitors in shipping containers. Supply chain managers need to understand how they can best exploit this data—the technologies that collect and store it, the evolving skill set required of supply chain professionals, and how to align the organization to ensure insights garnered translate into action.

Join Hitachi at SCOPE Supply Chain Conference to gain knowledge of the value emerging innovation and connected IoT technologies can bring to your business with real-time insights and reporting. Assess your business and supply chain challenges—identify where you are now—and the best starting point for moving to a smart, connected supply chain. Learn what you can do to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace..

Key Take-Aways

  • Gain knowledge: Hitachi offers real-world experience gained from over 100 years in operational technology (OT), over 50 years in IT and demonstrated IoT leadership. We’ve developed our know-how from owning, operating, servicing or supplying companies in the same industries as our clients
  • Take Action: reduce costs, increase agility and reduce bottlenecks, improve utilization of factory assets and resources, increase production speed and quality, and meet compliance and sustainability goal
  • Increase competitive advantage through faster innovation, more flexible and customized product mix, and faster supply chain reconfiguration
  • Move forward without fear: Learn how to transform your supply chain one smart step at a time. Hitachi is focused on business outcomes—not on a particular solution platform. Hitachi start engagements by identifying the business problem, and then work with clients to co-create and implement a solution that achieves the desired results


Stephen Engel
Senior Vice President, Practice LeadHitachi Consulting
Brad Stitt
Vice President, Business Consulting - Supply Chain PracticeHitachi Consulting
Monday, March 11Breakout Presentation

close Keeping Up with Constant Changes - How Supply Chain can Adapt and Win

Supply Chain Strategies to Increase VisibilityPeter Thomas Roth - Chief Supply Chain Officer

Our job as Supply Chain Leaders is to build consistency and stability to the corporate structure. When the company wants to maintain a fast paced edge while maintaining full supply chain abilities, you have to think on your feet. During this presentation, we will review ideas of how to keep up and how to keep constituents satisfied.

Key Take-Aways: 

  • In large companies or small, there is constant change. It’s a reality we all face no matter how much we plan.
  • Learn what matters to your constituents and what doesn’t matter
  • Understand your external partners



Sarah Filderman
Chief Supply Chain OfficerPeter Thomas Roth
Monday, March 11Breakout Presentation

close Delivering Increased Customer Value Through Cost Transparency and Optimization

Supply Chain Strategies to Increase VisibilitySiemens AG - Global Head of Cost and Value Engineering for Power Service Division

In a highly competitive marketplace, customer satisfaction can be optimized by focusing on cost transparency and value generation associated with supplied (make or buy) systems and components. This presentation will focus on the methods of Cost and Value Engineering which Siemens has implemented on purchased components to achieve substantial cost out and customer value.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Overview of the Cost and Value Engineering approach including methodology and key levers
  • Understand the need for Cost and Value Engineering and how Siemens has implemented this approach globally with high success
  • See actual cost out and/or value improvement examples using Cost and Value Engineering tools and methods
  • Understand how an organization can implement the Cost and Value Engineering approach to achieve substantial cost out and customer value


Brett Myers
Global Head of Cost and Value Engineering for Power Service DivisionSiemens AG
Monday, March 11Breakout Presentation

close Retaining Great Employees in a Competitive Talent Market

Workforce and Talent ManagementBogen Communications - Director, Facility and Warehouse Operations

As the market for talented employees continues to tighten, company leaders must develop creative ways to keep great employees (and even the good ones) from leaving. Higher pay helps; but do you really want a team made up of people who are “just here for the money?” Instead, understand why people leave, create a culture that develops talent, and find ways to align individual and organizational goals. You will soon find yourself with a happy team that drives success on their own.

Key Take-Aways: 

  • Understanding why people leave
  • Creating a culture that develops talent
  • Aligning individual and organizational values and goals


Stephan Wegfehrt
Director, Facility and Warehouse OperationsBogen Communications
Monday, March 11Breakout Presentation

close Visibility in a Multi-Node supply chain

Supply Chain Strategies to Increase VisibilitySouthwire - Vice President Materials Management and Transportation

We went thru a project last year to provide a custom view of our supply chain for a part number. The end result is a real time view of inventory, time supply, intransit, production and design for the entire supply chain on one custom screen in SAP. During this presentation, I will take you through our journey to reach successful visibility.

Key Take-Aways: 

  • One page visibility of a part for the entire supply chain
  • Ability to drill into a variety of detail from that view
  • This is used as a talking point to eliminate any confusion between groups
  • We use a very similar custom logic to do real time allocation of product between DCs served by a plant


Herb Forrister
Vice President Materials Management and TransportationSouthwire
Monday, March 11Breakout Presentation

close Customer Engagement as a Strategic Lever

Mars, Inc - Global Customer Supply Chain Director

Relationships impact the quality of our personal business relationships with our doctors, hair stylists, lawn care professionals, etc that are built up over time with trust as you invest in building that relationship. The importance of relationships doesn’t stop at the threshold of our businesses. In supply chain, the focus on metric deliverables are in our DNA, but we could learn from our personal relationships to enhance the experience of delivering on customer expectations with the investment of cultivating relationships with your customer partners. During this session, we will explore relationship building as a strategy.

Key Take-Aways

  • Developing an intentional relationship across the matrix customer organization
  • Understanding your customer stakeholders beyond the KPIs and job title
  • Discern the difference between customer intent messaging and customer behavior experience to inform execution strategy


Diana Gartside
Global Customer Supply Chain DirectorMars, Inc
Breakout Presentation

close Regulatory Compliance - The Imperative for a Robust and Sustainable Supply Chain

Hershey Canada - Supply Chain Director

Pace of change on regulatory environments continues to accelerate aggressively, impacting Supply Chain model considerations and deployment strategies. During this session, we will explore how high collaboration between Supply chain and Regulatory affair leaders becomes critical to manage the risk and operate under a sustainable cost efficient logistic network.

Key Take-Aways

  • Understading the Challenge
  • Keeping Pace with Constant Change
  • Supply Chain against compliance issue
  • The Future of Supply Chain Compliance and Management


Maria Hernandez
Supply Chain DirectorHershey Canada
Monday, March 11Breakout Presentation

close Boost Efficiency in the Contract Lifecycle Management

Rodan + Fields - Director Indirect Sourcing and Procurement

The concept of Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) has been around for a while but who is seeing efficiency gains? Contracts are ground zero for spend optimization and mitigating risk. However, the foundation must be built for the right people, process, and technology. We will discuss creating the business case to get your tool implemented, building internal processes, architect the tool, and how to leverage AI efficiently.

Key Take-Aways

  • Innovative contract and negotiation methodologies
  • My paper or yours? How to collaborate and close faster with model clauses
  • Digital transformation – leverage AI
  • Building the business case; improving cycle time with fewer resources, improving contract integrity through standardizing clauses and security measures throughout the review process


Melissa Burkland
Director Indirect Sourcing and ProcurementRodan + Fields
Monday, March 11Breakout Presentation

close Moving from Customer Service to Customer Experience

Mars Food - Director Supply Chain & Logistics

Customer metrics are the foundation of the customer relationship, but a customers’ EXPERIENCE is very personal. If you focus only on metrics, you may miss a big piece of what customers really need. During the presentation,  I will share how easy-to-apply techniques helped uncover what customers really needed.

Key Take-Aways

  • Metrics are foundational, but may cause you to miss key opportunities to drive the customer relationship
  • People (Suppliers) interact with People (Customers) not metrics and KPIs
  • Sometimes customers recognize there is a problem, but are not able to articulate what they really need. These techniques will help uncover that and drive personal benefits


Alison F. Jones
Director Supply Chain & LogisticsMars Food
Monday, March 11Breakout Presentation

close Optimizing Freight Spend - The Devil is in the Details

European Wax Center - Vice President of Supply Chain

During this 45 minute session we will discuss strategies that can be used to optimize your freight spend. We will look at this through the lens of someone coming into a new company but, these same technique can be used when assessing your existing freight spend program.

Key Take-Aways

  • Things to consider during contract negotiations
  • How to establish a sound audit process
  • The value of consolidation


Jonathan Biggert
Vice President of Supply ChainEuropean Wax Center
Monday, March 11Breakout Presentation

close Supply Chain Renovation: Exploiting the Hidden Gold Mine near you

Mitsubishi Electric - Vice President Supply Chain

Markets are dynamic; we must accelerate our rate of improvement if we want to be ahead of competition in the future. This session will explore the road map for supply chain renovation: unparalleled customer service (effectiveness) while driving cost down (efficiency).

Key Take-Aways

  • Importance of End to End supply chain network design
  • Demand planning is a focal point
  • Engaging in win/win collaboration with customers and suppliers


Guillermo Juvera
Vice President Supply ChainMitsubishi Electric

Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet

TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Effective Methods for Capturing VOC

Demand Planning and Consumer VolatilityEuropean Wax Center - Vice President of Supply Chain

The ability to understand your customer’s wants and needs is of the utmost importance in today’s ultra-competitive markets.  By managing your brand’s reputation you get unique insight to your customer and what drives her purchasing decisions. During this presentation we will explore techniques that are used by European Wax Center to capture the Voice of the Customer.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Best techniques in capturing customer insights
  • Closing the feedback loop
  • Taking action to improve the customer experience


Jonathan Biggert
Vice President of Supply ChainEuropean Wax Center
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Keeping Pace with Innovations in Procurement

Procurement Strategies & SustainabilitySAP Ariba - Senior Director, Ariba for Direct (A4D)

New developments in procurement techniques, business networks and foundational IT technology are having a profound impact on procurement.  At the same time, the essential human element of procurement is changing like never before as the expectations of the user community continues to increase.  In this session, we will look at the intersection of advances in technology and the expectations of people in the procurement processes.  We will explore the latest in machine learning, blockchain, artificial intelligence, predictive risk and how these innovations are driving transformations in a way that really matters to people.


Sudy Bharadwaj
Senior Director, Ariba for Direct (A4D)SAP Ariba
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Implementing E-Sourcing System to Optimize Cost Savings

Strategic Sourcing & Supplier PartnershipsON Semiconductor - GSCO Strategic Sourcing Director

E-sourcing tools have been available now for well over a decade and have continued to improve in usability and flexibility, yet they still remain commonly misunderstood and misrepresented by many in the industry.  In this session we will explore the advantages of having an E-sourcing process as part of your overall Procurement toolkit as well as the challenges of implementing a system on a global scale.  In addition we will give an overview of some of the better known systems out there and where some companies seem to excel in this space but overall recognizing that no system is one size fits all and you will need to develop a process to evaluate which tool best suits your company culture, your Supplier Relationship Management approach and ultimately your budget.

Key Take-Aways

  • E-Sourcing is not push button implementation
  • E-Sourcing is not just reverse auctions, it doesn’t have to become a tool that destroys supplier relationships
  • E-Sourcing implementation needs a PM and comprehensive training
  • E-Sourcing has to be from encouraged and supported from the top down
  • Multiple suppliers offer options, your evaluation process should be customized to your needs, maturity and budget


Steven Alsbro
GSCO Strategic Sourcing DirectorON Semiconductor



Experienced supply chain leaders help us design a relevant, thought-provoking, and 100% peer-led educational program that stimulates discussion and  facilitates meaningful collaboration.

Steering Committee Members

Dave Harrington VP Supply Chain Ops.
Status Technologies
Kevin Mills Director of Supply Chain
Fairmont Santrol Incorporated
John Janson Director of Global Logistics
SanMar Corporation
William Bagley Vice President of Global Procurement
UnumProvident Corporation
Martin Fijman VP of Procurement
Sprint Corporation
Valerie Conard Senior Director of Procurement
Ardent Mills
Philip Carpenito Senior Director of Procurement
The Nature's Bounty Co.
David Fortes Director, Manufacturing Operations
Intel Corporation
David Zamudio Americas Sourcing Director
David Meeks VP Supply Chain Ops.
Summit Electric Supply Co.
Michael McMahon Group VP Supply Chain Operations
Beachbody LLC
Ramon Gonzalez Vice President of Supply Chain
Daikin Applied Americas
Lee Best Vice President Operations and LogisticsVice President Operations and Logistics
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co
Ahmet Karacaoglu Executive Director, Global Strategic Sourcing
Alexion Pharmaceuticals


Over the year’s we’ve hosted senior level executives from over 80% of the Fortune 100 as well as thousands of up and coming mid-market organizations. See last year's attendees!

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