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A 100% peer-driven educational program developed by 43 Steering Committee Members and centered around 5 key themes addressing the main challenges of Optimizing the Supply Chain to Keep up with the Age of Disruption


Key Themes

close Disruptive Technologies and the Supply Chain
  • Panel: How to Succeed in a World of Disruptive Technologies and Changing Consumer Behavior
  • Effective Technology Planning and Development of Implementation
  • Technology Enablers (Data, AI and Analytics) for Agility and Visibility
  • Blockchain’s Role in the Modern Supply Chain
  • Automation & Robotics’ Impact on the Supply Chain
  • Selection and Implementation of IoT in Day to Day Operations
  • Remaining Competitive in Today’s Rapidly Changing Consumer Markets & Age of Disruption
  • Achieving Effective Digital Supply Chain Transformation to Gain a Competitive advantage
  • Developing and Implementing of Successful S&OP and Visibility Maintenance
  • Global Economic and Political Landscape Impacting the Supply Chain
  • Successfully Mitigating Risk in a Global Market
  • Developing a Culture of Continuous Improvement and A Team of Tomorrow
  • Managing Multi-Cultural/Multi-Generational Diversity: Closing the Gap
  • Developing and Implementing Successful Metrics & Benchmarks in Warehousing
  • Managing Warehouse Security
  • TMS Selection Criteria and Best Practices
  • Winning the Last Mile Logistics Battle
  • Managing Increasing Cost and Capacity of Transportation
  • A Look at Driverless Trucks as A Long-Haul Solution
  • Panel Discussion: Tackling the Ever-Growing Driver Shortage Challenge
  • Delivering on Consumer Experience: Keeping up with the Amazon Effect
  • Effective methods for capturing VOC
  • Inventory Optimization to Achieve Successful Fulfillment
  • Improving Performance with the Correct KPI’s
  • Best Practices to Increase Supply Chain Visibility and Agility
  • Improving Forecasting Accuracy
  • Panel: Global Trends: What Does the Future of Procurement Look Like?
  • Developing a Non-Cost Reduction Focused Procurement Strategy that will Create Company Value
  • Effective Procurement Strategies for Cost Optimization
  • Advantages of Centralized vs Decentralized Procurement
  • The Digitalization of Procurement and Strategies for Adaptation
  • Procurement Talent: Acquisition, Development, Retention
  • Sourcing Innovation Strategies to Increase Speed to Market and Agility
  • Implementing an E-Sourcing System to Optimize Cost Savings
  • Successful Supplier Risk Management & Mitigation Tactics
  • Creating an Effective Supplier Scorecard
  • Increasing Strategic Supplier Collaboration
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Supply Base Consolidation


Get insights from 30+ executives who are in the field addressing industry challenges.

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Donald Crumpler

Vice President, Supply Chain & Integration

BMC Stock Holdings

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Dave Harrington

Vice President of Services Delivery and Supply Chain

Stratus Technologies

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Ramon Gonzalez

Vice President, Corporate Quality and Supply Chain Management

Daikin Applied Americas

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Gregory Toornman

Global VP of Materials Management and Logistics

AGCO Corporation

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Steven Hainey

Director of Supply Chain, Applied Materials

Newell Brands

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Dave Venberg

Sr. Director Transportation and Logistics

Ardent Mills

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Lori Shen

Senior Director, Global Procurement


SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Douglas Ubel

Vice President of Purchasing

Milbank Manufacturing Company

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Eric Strom

Vice President of Procurement

Mattress Firm

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Brett Myers

Global Head of Cost and Value Engineering for Power Service Division

Siemens AG

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Gustavo Sassi

Head of Procurement

GlobeNet Inc

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Grant Wolf

Vice President, Strategy and Business Development


SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Stuart Davis

Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing

Herbalife Nutrition

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Murillo Xavier

Director of Procurement

Just Energy

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Tolga Tuksal

Director of Corporate Purchasing, Supply Chain, Materials and Planning

Miniature Precision Components

SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Rick Bingle

Vice President of Supply Chain


SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Scott Komar

Group Vice President Supply Chain


SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Joseph Bobko

VP of Transportation


SCOPE Supply Chain Fall Conference View More

Zahid Rashid

Global Director of Distribution

Jelly Belly Candy Company


Make every session valuable by selecting up to 3 key themes to mix and match the most relevant topics to you. Check out last year's sessions!

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Supply Chain Leadership Strategies
Transportation, Logistics & Distribution Optimization
Demand Planning and Consumer Volatility
Disruptive Technologies and the Supply Chain
Procurement Strategies & Sustainability
Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Partnerships

Welcome Cocktail Reception & Registration


Breakfast Buffet

Keynote presentation

close Build a Smart Supply Chain—One Step at a Time

Supply Chain Strategies & LeadershipHitachi Consulting - Senior Vice President, Practice Lead
Hitachi Consulting - Vice President, Business Consulting - Supply Chain Practice

The supply chain revolution is happening—but what does it mean for you? Advances in connected IoT technologies are radically changing the way you manage the supply chain. By connecting customers, manufacturers, and suppliers through the smart supply chain, you can make the flow of goods faster, safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. And by taking a logical, step-by-step approach that combines operational technology (OT) and IT expertise, you can build a smart supply chain at your own pace—and realize exceptional results.

Key Take-Aways

  • Assess your business and supply chain challenges: Identify where you are now—and the best starting point for moving to a smart, connected supply chain
  • Gain knowledge: Understand the value smart solutions and connected IoT technologies can bring to your business with real-time insights and reporting
  • Move forward without fear: Learn how to transform your supply chain one smart step at a time


Stephen Engel
Senior Vice President, Practice LeadHitachi Consulting
Brad Stitt
Vice President, Business Consulting - Supply Chain PracticeHitachi Consulting

Targeted Research Meetings

Monday, August 20Breakout Presentation

close Proactive and Reactive Approaches to Enable a Holistic Supplier Risk Management

Procurement Strategies & SustainabilityPfizer - Senior Director, Global Procurement

This presentation will discuss a supplier risk management framework Pfizer developed internally and its application to a highly complex global supplier network in the pharmaceutical industry in both business as usual and emergency situations.

Key Take-Aways 

  • What specific risk factors are considered and relevant in the model
  • How to define and assessment concentration of risk in your supplier base
  • How to leverage the ERP data to generate insight in the supplier risk management
  • How to drive greater executive engagement in the supplier risk management



Lori Shen
Senior Director, Global ProcurementPfizer
Monday, August 20Breakout Panel

close Tackling the Ever-Growing Driver Shortage Challenge

Transportation, Logistics & Distribution OptimizationBMC Stock Holdings - Vice President, Supply Chain & Integration
Jelly Belly Candy Company - Global Director of Distribution

During this 50-minute interactive discussion, panelists will address pressing questions when it comes to the ongoing driver shortage in the US and how it is affecting the supply chain’s bottom line.

  • How significant is the driver shortage in the US?
  • How has it affected the supply chain?
  • What are some cost saving solutions/alternatives being implemented?
  • What can the transportation industry expect in the coming years?


Donald Crumpler
Vice President, Supply Chain & IntegrationBMC Stock Holdings
Zahid Rashid
Global Director of DistributionJelly Belly Candy Company
Monday, August 20Breakout Presentation

close Maximizing Customer Satisfaction Through Cost Transparency and Value Generation

Demand Planning and Consumer VolatilitySiemens AG - Global Head of Cost and Value Engineering for Power Service Division

In a highly competitive marketplace, customer satisfaction can be optimized by focusing on cost transparency and value generation associated with supplied (make or buy) systems and components. This presentation will focus on the methods of Cost and Value Engineering which Siemens has implemented on purchased components to achieve substantial cost out and customer value.

Key Take-Aways


Brett Myers
Global Head of Cost and Value Engineering for Power Service DivisionSiemens AG
Monday, August 20Breakout Panel

close Global Trends: What Does the Future of Procurement Look Like?

Procurement Strategies & SustainabilityGlobeNet Inc - Head of Procurement

This panel of procurement experts will discuss what is to come in Procurement and how to best prepare to come out on top. They will discuss:

  • What are some of the major procurement disruptors that are changing the game?
  • How has technology changed procurement processes?
  • How is supplier relationship management changing?
  • How are sourcing trends evolving in a “Made in America” environment?


Gustavo Sassi
Head of ProcurementGlobeNet Inc
Tuesday, August 21Breakout Presentation

close How Tomorrow’s Revolutionary Technologies Provide Real Value Today

Transportation, Logistics & Distribution OptimizationAGCO Corporation - Global VP of Materials Management and Logistics

AGCO has been able to achieve net inbound freight cost reduction of 20%+, drive network wide performance improvement of 15%+, integrate a sophisticated approach to network wide risk management, implement a globally standardized & integrated transportation management system, and implemented a forward looking freight capacity (dimension and weight) planning process at lane level detail.

AGCO was awarded the coveted German BVL award for supply chain innovation in 2016 and the European Logistics Associations 2017 gold medal for supply chain innovation with its “Smart Logistics” initiative. Learn how AGCO was able to develop the strategy, define the roadmap, gain company wide support, and implement with great success across its global network of its sites and its global 3,000+ direct material supplier sites and over 180+ freight carriers.

Key Take Aways

  • Significant and sustained cost reduction
  • Forward looking freight forecast at lane level detail over a 12 month future period
  • Freight network performance management at the carrier and shipping supplier level
  • Integrated risk management
  • Becoming a shipper of choice to carriers


Gregory Toornman
Global VP of Materials Management and LogisticsAGCO Corporation
Monday, August 20Breakout Presentation

close The Hidden Revenue in Your Indirect Spend

Procurement Strategies & SustainabilityCorcentric - Vice President of Sales for Indirect Spend

Did you know that every dollar in indirect spend that is brought under management represents savings of 10-20 percent? It’s money you can keep from escaping when you strategically manage all of your purchases. Our presentation, “The Hidden Opportunity in Your Indirect Spend,” will provide a comprehensive look at the inefficiencies that exist in many procurement processes and how you can get maverick spend under control. The key is to leverage group buying power and industry expertise so that you have visibility to every dollar you spend and ensure it is working for you. Learn how an indirect spend solution that combines cutting-edge technology with personal industry expertise enables your business to control spend.

Key Take-Aways

  • Spend analysis and buying behavior optimization
  • Industry and price bench-marking
  • Best practice supplier management and consolidation
  • Contract negotiation and management


Sean Bliss
Vice President of Sales for Indirect SpendCorcentric
Monday, August 20Breakout Presentation

close Supply Chain Design in the Digital Age

Supply Chain Leadership StrategiesJust Energy - Director of Procurement

Every day your supply chain gets a little less competitive. Shifts in the market, new technologies, and changes in regulations are a few of the forces aging your supply chain. This presentation focus on key lessons designing effective supply chains.

Key Take-Aways

  • Consider material, information, and financial flows for and effective design
  • Keep an eye on key forces driving a redesign of the supply chain
  • Strategic alignment is as important as the design you chose


Murillo Xavier
Director of ProcurementJust Energy



Targeted Research Meetings

Monday, August 20Breakout Presentation

close Strategic Sourcing - How to Navigate Volatile Raw Material Markets

Strategic Sourcing & Supplier PartnershipsMilbank Manufacturing Company - Vice President of Purchasing

A strategic approach to sourcing and suppliers is critical to the growth and success of a business. Many raw materials markets can quickly change due to a variety of factors including tariffs, sanctions, demand from new products, availability of supply due to new sources or closures, environmental restrictions as well as others. Examples will be highlighted of the steel, aluminum and copper markets. In the past two years, they have experienced rapidly increasing prices, mill allocations, new automotive products, sanctions against Russia and tariffs from the Commerce Department.

Key Take-Aways

  • Strategic Sourcing is a key to business success
  • The first priority is to ensure sustainable supply
  • Know what levers can be activated to minimize the impacts of rapidly changing markets
  • Communication across the organization is a key to be aligned with the proper actions


Douglas Ubel
Vice President of PurchasingMilbank Manufacturing Company
Tuesday, August 21

close Leverage IOT Sensor Technology to Proactively Manage your Supply Chain

Disruptive Technologies and the Supply ChainSensiTech - Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

Learn how IOT technology is improving real-time supply chain visibility for increased supply chain performance and efficiency. Implementing proactive solutions to track, manage, and induce action – in real-time – mitigates the risks associated by supply chain disruptions during transit.

Key Take-Aways

  • Review  IOT sensor technology being used for supply chain management today, and have a look at where the technology is going in the future
  • Understand how real-time sensor alerts can help address supply chain disruptions before they negatively impact customer service
  • Discover post-shipment compliance reporting, and how to use data to improve supply chain operations and carrier performance
  • Examine ways that IOT technology can be integrated into existing supply chain systems and processes


Grant Wolf
Vice President, Strategy and Business DevelopmentSensiTech
Monday, August 20Breakout Presentation

close The Intralogistics Control Tower: Predictive Modeling, iOT and AI - You Can Have it Today!

Transportation, Logistics & Distribution OptimizationKNAPP - Director Business Development & Marketing

What do you do when you have a volatile order mix, seasonal fluctuations, labor challenges, a new product line, rapidly growing eCommerce operations, or interruptions in scheduled deliveries? Whether you have a manual or an automated warehouse, learn how you can manage your warehouse resources efficiently and effectively – out performing your competition and “leading the pack” by achieving industry leading performance! Learn how one company achieved this result in under 6 months, with an exceptional ROI.

Key Take-Aways

  • Achieve flexible and responsive performance from your warehouse or distribution center
  • Harness big data from your ERP, WMS, WCS and LMS
  • Reduce unplanned failure, increase uptime and increase utilization of automation
  • Manage multiple WMS, automation platforms and resources with one application
  • Leverage the latest technology in software, technology & IoT
  • Perform under continuously changing operating conditions, reacting and optimizing logistics resources quickly – as you go – and in real time!


Kevin Reader
Director Business Development & MarketingKNAPP
Monday, August 20Breakout Presentation

close Start Preparing for Tech Integrated Business Planning 2.0 Today

Disruptive Technologies and the Supply ChainNewell Brands - Director of Supply Chain, Applied Materials

What will the integrated business planning (IBP) processes of the next decade encompass and why must companies start preparing for them today? The pace of technology change is happening faster than ever seen prior while being indiscriminate on the industries it is disrupting. With today’s market dynamics and changing corporate structures, getting internal and external planning alignment across key customers, functional areas, geographical regions, and suppliers are more complex than ever seen. With this trend occurring, advanced analytics including Artificial Intelligence (AI) is supplying a substantial competitive advantage for those who embrace it. Is your company preparing for this movement or may it become one of the many organizations who will be displaced?

Key Take-Aways

  • Cover the rapid technology changes occurring and where the IBP processes of the next decade is going
  • Review the different IBP maturity stages for People, Process, and Technology
  • Interactive smartphone survey bench-marking attendees IBP maturity levels and other related topics
  • Discuss methods to progress your IBP maturity to prepare for advanced analytics


Steven Hainey
Director of Supply Chain, Applied MaterialsNewell Brands
Tuesday, August 21

close Creation of Value through Lean Process Improvement

Procurement Strategies & SustainabilityHerbalife - Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing

The traditional focus of procurement must evolve from traditional price reduction to a much deeper effort in pursuit of total cost savings. From a total value/total cost standpoint greater opportunity lies in process improvement and demand management rather than just price reduction. Procurement must evolve its skill set so that they can provide this service to internal stakeholders.

Key Take-Aways

  • To remain relevant the Procurement function must evolve behind just a price reduction expertise/focus
  • Demand Mgt and Process Improvement hold great opportunity for improvement
  • The Procurement function needs to bring Lean expertise into the organization and lead change
  • Example of process improvement in the process of creating marketing/branding creative content




Stuart Davis
Senior Director, Strategic SourcingHerbalife
Breakout Presentation

close A Journey of Procurement Transformation

Procurement Strategies & SustainabilityLululemon Athletica Inc. - Procurement Director

Ever wondered how to transform a procurement function from tactical/operational to a competitive advantage? How to elevate the performance of procurement to world class? Join this session where you hear the journey of a procurement professional, key learnings and challenges.

Key Take-Aways 

  • How to elevate the role of procurement
  • Drive tangible benefits
  • Clear roadmap
  • Procurement innovation


Michael van Keulen
Procurement DirectorLululemon Athletica Inc.
Breakout Presentation

close Advantages & Disadvantages of Supply Base Consolidation

Supply Chain Strategies & LeadershipMcDonald's Corporation - Sr. Director, Global Supply Chain & Sustainability

Complexity burdens most companies. Supply chains can often suffer from too many suppliers and overly-built infrastructures. Supply base consolidation can be a solution to deliver reduced supply chain complexity, provide greater visibility and transparency, and create efficiencies within your supply chain. With these concepts, supply chains can be leaner, more robust, and more profitable.

Key Take-Aways 

  • Greater visibility and transparency into your supply chain
  • Reduce unnecessary internal competition
  • Globalization of supply base lends itself to opportunities to consolidate your global procurement strategies
  • Consolidated procurement offers cost benefits as well as better efficiency throughout the supply chain, but it can often difficult to implement, especially when delays and inefficiencies demand attention


Rickette Collins
Sr. Director, Global Supply Chain & SustainabilityMcDonald's Corporation
Tuesday, August 21

close Advantage of Centralized vs. Decentralized Procurement

Procurement Strategies & SustainabilityMiniature Precision Components - Director of Corporate Purchasing, Supply Chain, Materials and Planning

Organizational design, effective processes and performance management tools can transform the procurement function from transactional to strategic organization. In this presentation, we will analyze several best-in-class procurement organizational structures. We will explore how to design and implement the most effective structure, create and upgrade processes and performance management tools that complement and enhance the structure in order to build a capable and world class procurement organization.

Key Take Aways:

  • Organizational Structure Types
  • Organizational Structure Gap Analysis and Selection
  • Centralized Purchasing Structure
  • Performance Management Tools



Tolga Tuksal
Director of Corporate Purchasing, Supply Chain, Materials and PlanningMiniature Precision Components
Tuesday, August 21Breakout Presentation

close Promoting Procurement Agility – Leveraging Multiple Strategies to Expand Influence

Procurement Strategies & SustainabilityMattress Firm - Vice President of Procurement

As a key support function for the business, Procurement teams must remain nimble to provide the best possible value to their ever-evolving organizations. In this session, we will discuss a unique perspective on agility, as well as some common techniques for improving the agility of the Procurement function and your organization over all.

Key Take-Aways

  • Changing the perception of Procurement
  • Tools to Keep your Team Agile
  • How to Keep your Contracts Nimble
  • Emerging Research on Procurement Agility in Digital Age


Eric Strom
Vice President of ProcurementMattress Firm
Breakout Presentation

close Winning the Last Mile Logistics Battle

Logistics and Distribution StrategiesBoxed - VP of Transportation

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight! In today’s competitive B2C environment, what do consumers want – they want what they want, when they want it, fast and cheap, and they want communication. So how do you win? You win by providing the best service, at the lowest cost, and you communicate with your customers. You can own the last mile with assets, or you can own the last mile with partners – and the answer may be different based on your business and customer demographics.

Key Take-Aways

  • Understanding how to decide whether to own or outsource the last mile
  • Outsourcing – “who” are the players that can help you be successful
  • Learn what to do pre-checkout to set the stage for success
  • Learn what to do after checkout, and during the transit time “black hole”, to keep your customers informed and engaged


Joseph Bobko
VP of TransportationBoxed

Cocktail Reception


Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet


Targeted Research Meetings

Breakout Presentation

close Enhancing Supplier Partnerships and Collaboration through Segmentation, Category Management and Scorecards

Strategic Sourcing & Supplier PartnershipsMilbank Manufacturing Company - Vice President of Purchasing

Milbank is a 90 year old family business focusing on electrical enclosures and metering products. They have developed close relationships with the supply base through the years and have many long-term partnerships. These supply collaborations have been enhanced in the past 2 years by first developing an internal supplier segmentation then establishing category management through centralization. Further, a supplier scorecard system was developed and aligned with the department metrics.The strategic suppliers have reviews and updates with trends analyzed and improvements being driven from the scorecard system.

Key Take-Aways

  • Development of Supplier Segmentation
  • Category Management is a key factor
  • Scorecards are important and need to be driven with key metrics
  • Strategic supplier reviews can enhance collaboration and drive improvements


Douglas Ubel
Vice President of PurchasingMilbank Manufacturing Company
Breakout Co-Presentation

close Mitigating Risk in a Global Market

Supply Chain Strategies & LeadershipIntel Corporation - Legal Director of Supply Chain
Intel Corporation - Director of Business Operations, Global Supply Management Group

Managing a top tier supply chain in a complex environment with global markets of suppliers, customers, and internationally located factories requires highly skilled people, processes, contracts, and tools, to orchestrate a-fast moving supply chain, without interruption. Join two top supply chain leaders from Intel’s business and legal teams as they share their insight and collaborative learnings to keeping a complex, global supply chain operating smoothly, while remaining agile to maximize competitiveness and future opportunities.

Key Take-Aways 

  • Risks change over time and therefore there is no one antidote to optimize the outcome
  • Managing risk requires state of the art people and tool-kits; many but not all can be automated
  • Managing risk requires a close collaboration between business and legal teams
  • Risk takes many forms and a company needs more than one solution in the toolkit to manage business/financial, technical, and legal risks


Renee Scatena
Legal Director of Supply ChainIntel Corporation
Cari Shim
Director of Business Operations, Global Supply Management GroupIntel Corporation
Breakout Presentation

close Creating a Balanced, Nimble and Cost-Effective Distribution Model

Logistics and Distribution StrategiesHunt Advantage Group/ Pizza Wholesale of Lexington “A Founding Distributor of Hunt Brothers Pizza” - Vice President of Supply Chain

During the presentation the speaker will discuss his proven strategies on creating an effective distribution model, including:

  1. Building your distribution model that is unique to your needs: service, cost, customer experience, market trends.
  2. Balancing your network to free up resources, manage productivity and meet expectations as a team.
  3. Nimble: using the right technology and equipment to facilitate growth and right sizing with minimal cost impact. Ability to hit service or other lead times.
  4. Supply chain cost model- inbound cost per unit as a measure. Outbound cost per unit to customer. Carrying and cost per sku to be included for some models.
  5. Staying connected – methods to communicate, reduce barriers between partners or departments, drive efficiency through pay for performance and common goal tracking methods.

Key Take-Aways

  • Core distribution model has: sales by customer, customer longevity or turnover, cost to acquire new customers, along with the usual routing metrics.
  • Create a distribution model that measures productivity balance with the ability to shift work based on cost to serve.
  • Technology- what big data can provide and what small focused data can drive. TMS, WMS, CRM, demand planning – all key when used consciously.


Wade Wickus
Vice President of Supply ChainHunt Advantage Group/ Pizza Wholesale of Lexington “A Founding Distributor of Hunt Brothers Pizza”



Experienced supply chain leaders help us design a relevant, thought-provoking, and 100% peer-led educational program that stimulates discussion and  facilitates meaningful collaboration.

Steering Committee Members

Dave Harrington VP Supply Chain Ops.
Status Technologies
Kevin Mills Director of Supply Chain
Fairmont Santrol Incorporated
John Janson Director of Global Logistics
SanMar Corporation
William Bagley Vice President of Global Procurement
UnumProvident Corporation
Martin Fijman VP of Procurement
Sprint Corporation
Valerie Conard Senior Director of Procurement
Ardent Mills
Philip Carpenito Senior Director of Procurement
The Nature's Bounty Co.
David Fortes Director, Manufacturing Operations
Intel Corporation
David Zamudio Americas Sourcing Director
David Meeks VP Supply Chain Ops.
Summit Electric Supply Co.
Michael McMahon Group VP Supply Chain Operations
Beachbody LLC
Ramon Gonzalez Vice President of Supply Chain
Daikin Applied Americas
Lee Best Vice President Operations and LogisticsVice President Operations and Logistics
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co
Ahmet Karacaoglu Executive Director, Global Strategic Sourcing
Alexion Pharmaceuticals


Over the year’s we’ve hosted senior level executives from over 80% of the Fortune 100 as well as thousands of up and coming mid-market organizations. See last year's attendees!

Attendee Testimonials

"I always walk away from a SCOPE conference with a new appreciation for how well it’s run and impressed with the depth of the presentations. The presentations aren’t entirely strategic or for that matter solely operational. They’re typically a great mix of both…which means you can take concepts and strategies back to your workplace and use them immediately. I highly recommend the conference for Supply Chain & Logistics pros who are looking for contemporary solutions to solve their business issues."

"The best part SCOPE were the various presentations and topics covered. It was an effective use of my time and the right length. I was able to attend several presentations, including keynotes. I learned some things during the presentations and during my 1-1 meetings with vendors. I would definitely recommend this event to others in this field. "

"SCOPE provided different ways of looking how to successfully implement process improvement which is the biggest benefit to my job. Anyone at any level of the organization would walk away with something they can put to good use when attending SCOPE."

Attendee List


SCOPE is the supply chain industry’s fastest growing event, quickly establishing a reputation as the deal generating show. Discover last year's solution partners!


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