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Key Themes

close Minimizing Risk through Supply Chain Visibility

While supply chain visibility was once considered a white glove feature, it has quickly transformed into a mandated necessity. Your informed customer base demands it and technology has cracked open a new world of risk mitigation and optimization opportunities. From technology selection to best practices, we’ll give you the leg-up and spare you the headache of operating below the curve.

Learn how to create optimal conditions for your people to achieve innovation, realize their potential, and find true fulfillment in the workplace. Experts will discuss the finesses of managing the evolving manufacturing landscape and the pursuit of attracting and retaining qualified talent.
Artificial intelligence, blockchain, automation, robotics IoT, IIoT and the like have transformed every aspect of procurement. We’ll help you nail down this soup of buzz-words info an effective strategy for technology driven processes, back by case studies and proven best practices.
Industry experts will cover a range of proven strategies to effectively measure and minimize transportation costs. Navigate the ins and outs of successful 3PL partnerships, last-mile delivery, contract negotiation, driver shortage solutions and more.
Address some of the most pressing challenges that come with Warehouse Management. We’ll cover labor, automation, inventory, WMS selection, fulfilment demands and more to improve your day-to-day operations and cut costs.

High Profile Speakers

Strategic endeavors and skillful insights from 30+ seasoned executives address the challenges in managing today’s supply chain.

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Geoffrey Fry

Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Cree Lighting

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Kim Brown

VP of Global Logistics and Brand Supply Chain

Quality Bicycle Products

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Walter Charles

Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement Officer


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Elizabeth Brady

VP Supply Chain


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Kyle Jensen

Director of Supply Chain


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Douglas Ubel

Vice President Supply Chain

Milbank Manufacturing Company

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Jonathan Morgan

Director of Operations

Palo Alto Networks

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Sarah Filderman

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Peter Thomas Roth

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Jonathan Biggert

Vice President of Supply Chain

European Wax Center

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Diana Gartside

Global Customer Supply Chain Director

Mars, Inc

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Guillermo Juvera

Vice President Supply Chain

Mitsubishi Electric

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Sean Bliss

Vice President of Sales for Indirect Spend


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

David Closs

John H. McConnell Chaired Professor of Business Administration in the Department of Supply Chain Management

Michigan State University

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Brett Myers

Global Head of Cost and Value Engineering for Power Service Division

Siemens AG

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

David Carminucci

Head Headquarters Procurement

Swedish Match North America

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Valerie Holden

Deputy Chief, Performance Management Officer

Cook County Government

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Sudy Bharadwaj

Senior Director, Ariba for Direct (A4D)

SAP Ariba

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Michael van Keulen

Procurement Director

Lululemon Athletica Inc.

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Stephen Engel

Senior Vice President, Practice Lead

Hitachi Consulting

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Rob Allan

Global Lead, Supply Chain Insights Offering for Watson Supply Chain


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Jeff Eckel

Product Marketing Director


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Grant Woolf

Vice President, Strategy and Business Development


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Gideon Maltz

Executive Director

Tent Partnership for Refugees

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Matt Marshall

Senior Director, General Manager - SE Region


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Rick Beattie

Chief Procurement Officer

The University of Kansas

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Tim Luksetich

Director of Procurement, NAM Power Home & Distribution

Schneider Electric

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Tolga Tuksal

Global Director of Strategic Sourcing


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Brian Pardus

Head of Procurement North America


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Santosh Desai

Director of Procurement North America


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Gerard Smith


GRMS | Global Risk Management Solutions

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Summit View More

Troy Grabel

Director, Sales

BluJay Solutions

2020 Full Agenda

Your personal concierge will craft a custom schedule based on your interests and priorities. View the complete agenda below.

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Breakfast Buffet


Targeted Research Meetings

MondayBreakout Presentation

close Digital Procurement Transformation Playbook

Digital Transformation of ProcurementAllergan - Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement Officer

1. Learn how Kellogg’s, Kraft, Biogen and Allergan delivered between 150% to 293% increases in productivity and YOU CAN TO

2. Learn how to vanquish the seven deadly sins of Procurement as these 4 Fortune Companies DID

3. Hear that both Tools and Process changes are needed to deliver these differentiated results

4. Join the 400 Fortune Company Challenge and begin you Journey

5. Go beyond Buzzwords to Real Impact


Walter Charles
Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement OfficerAllergan
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Professionalizing the Procurement Function

Workforce and Talent ManagementSchneider Electric - Director of Procurement, NAM Power Home & Distribution

The procurement buyer role has evolved significantly in business over the past decade, where we are no longer simply purchase order management. We now manage relationships, company risk, and supply chain stability and innovation.


Key Takeaways:

  • In order to create a sustainable supply, we must hire the right leadership in our buyer’s community
  • We must value our teams, and provide room for them to lead
  • Procurement is not Purchasing


Tim Luksetich
Director of Procurement, NAM Power Home & DistributionSchneider Electric
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Improving Purchasing Performance and Effectiveness through Organizational Re-Design

Strategic Sourcing and Contract ManagementDAYCO - Global Director of Strategic Sourcing

Organizational design, effective processes and performance management tools can transform the procurement function from transactional to a strategic organization. In this presentation, we will analyze several best-in-class procurement organizational structures. We will explore how to design and implement the most effective structure, create and upgrade processes and performance management tools that complement and enhance the structure in order to build a capable and world-class procurement organization.

Key Takeaway:

  • Organizational Structure Types
  • Organizational Structure Gap Analysis and Selection
  • Centralized Purchasing Structure
  • Performance Management Tools


Tolga Tuksal
Global Director of Strategic SourcingDAYCO
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Supply Chain Innovation Drivers

Adoption of Rising TechnologiesBluJay Solutions - Director, Sales

How customer experience, partner connectivity, and emerging technology are shaping supply chains of the future.


Key Takeaways:

  • How do companies define and measure customer experience within the supply chain? What can we learn from top-performing organizations that prioritize the customer?
  • How do innovators collaborate with trading partners?
  • What are the greatest barriers to adopting technology that will improve supply chain performance?


Troy Grabel
Director, SalesBluJay Solutions
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Supplier Risk Assessment Program Best Practices

Regulatory Changes and Keeping up with ComplianceGRMS | Global Risk Management Solutions - President

Mitigating supplier risk is one of the biggest areas of concern for procurement professionals today. Gerard Smith, President of Global Risk Management Solutions, will share Supplier Risk Assessment Program best practices of companies around the world.

Topics which will be covered include:

What is the difference between a Data Source and a Service?

What are the most important risk components to include in a program?

Is it possible to get real-time alerts of changes in supplier risk status?

How will I know if a supplier is getting into financial trouble?

How can I ensure supplier Certificates of Insurance stay up to date and are compliant with your requirements?

How can I track and validate supplier diversity status?

These and other topics will be covered to provide you the information you need to make wise decisions about mitigating supplier risk in your supply chain.


Key Takeaways:

  • What is the difference between a Data Source and a Service?
  • What are the most important risk components to include in a program?
  • How will I know if a supplier is getting into financial trouble?
  • How can I track and validate supplier diversity status?


Gerard Smith
PresidentGRMS | Global Risk Management Solutions



Targeted Research Meetings

MondayBreakout Presentation

close Supply Chain Planning for High Growth and Financial Accuracy

Strategies to Increase End-to-End VisibilityPalo Alto Networks - Director of Operations

For a high growth company, ensuring supply coverage that allows for a high level of flexibility in meeting financial targets can be a business imperative. Additionally, the use of tools and processes that enable near real-time views of supply and demand allow for fine-tuning of plans outside of the S&OP cadence. In this presentation, we will review how the S&OP process and collaboration with IT and contract manufacturing has allowed the supply chain to stay nimble and meet financial targets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aligning supply to demand
  • Supporting financial targets
  • Visibility and staying nimble


Jonathan Morgan
Director of OperationsPalo Alto Networks
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Transitioning from Make vs Buy to Leveraging Core Competency

Adoption of Rising TechnologiesSiemens - Director of Procurement North America

Historically Procurement has focused on Make Vs Buy analysis based on financial advantage, looking at processes and partnering with external suppliers to bring the best value to the organization at least cost. The core/Non-core approach takes one step further looking at features and product offerings that differentiate products from the competition. It is a cross-functional approach with sales, product management, operations, and supply chain to identify core competency that provides an advantage over the competition. This holistic approach looks at the value chain for competitiveness and contribution to differentiation, based on this systematic approach is developed to expand on competency core to the business while working with partners for non-core capabilities.


Key Takeaways:

  • Moving away from traditional make vs buy analysis to holistic approach on maximizing value for the end customer
  • Develop core competency with an organization that can help differentiate your products from the competition
  • Leverage Supply market know-how to develop partners for non-core competency
  • Change the mindset from optimizing PVO to maximizing profit for the company – topline vs bottom line view



Santosh Desai
Director of Procurement North AmericaSiemens
MondayBreakout Presentation

close When Culture is a Death Trap: Helping your Team Transition to a New Way of Working

Workforce and Talent ManagementDexcom - VP Supply Chain

We all get caught up in corporate culture but what does it really mean? It’s not the gym memberships or the free coffee, it’s the way work gets done in the organization. Using real-life stories from Dexcom, Illumina, and US Robotics, the attendees will laugh and cry at the issues faced in organizations moving from Start-Ups to $2B companies. Utilizing the interactive app KAHOOT or similar, attendees will have a chance to participate.

Key Takeaways:

  • As an organization transitions from small to medium/large, the culture will likely need to change
  • As leaders, we can help define the new culture
  • There are tips and tricks for helping your team through the transition


Elizabeth Brady
VP Supply ChainDexcom
MondayBreakout Presentation

close P2P - Serving your customers

Strategies to Increase End-to-End VisibilityThe University of Kansas - Chief Procurement Officer

Procure-to-Pay and supply chain eCommerce solutions need to be easy for end-users, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Meaningful reporting(metric) that driven from the bottom-up (rather top-down) create ownership and robust business processes.


Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding who your customers are and what is important the them
  • Identifying total end-to-end costs
  • Communicating strategies – from start to finish


Rick Beattie
Chief Procurement OfficerThe University of Kansas
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Utilizing Technology to Elevate Modern Supply Chain and Logistics Teams

Supply Chain Strategies to Increase VisibilityFlexport - Senior Director, General Manager - SE Region

Technology in the logistics industry has the potential to transform the supply chain with structured data and achieve end-to-end visibility into all operations. However, supply chain decisions are frequently made with very fragmented data – consumers have increasingly higher demands as retailers attempt to optimize inventory and capital allocation, while having limited shipment tracking and SKU-level visibility to understand the holistic picture of their supply chain. Hear the story of how Georgia-Pacific achieved better visibility, understanding, and peace of mind in managing their supply chain through an investment in digital transformation.

Key Take-Aways

  • Retailers have to work with a logistics providers that deliver end-to-end shipment visibility, SKU-level granularity, structured data, reports, and analytics
  • Modern logistics technology can empower and elevate modern supply chain and logistics teams to achieve maximum efficiency and peace of mind.


Matt Marshall
Senior Director, General Manager - SE Region Flexport
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Leveraging Your Supply Chain to Support Refugees

Leadership and Workforce StrategiesTent Partnership for Refugees - Executive Director

This presentation will focus on the opportunity that companies – especially large multinational companies – have to support refugees by integrating them into their supply chains. The vast majority of the world’s 25.4 million refugees live in protracted displacement in low- and middle-income countries where multinational companies have strong supply-chain linkages, such as Turkey, Jordan, and Colombia. The executive director of Tent will highlight the business case for companies to do more to bring refugees into their supply chains – including the results of consumer-perception studies in the United States and Europe – and set out concrete strategies for doing so; he will be followed by a supply chain expert who will present a case study in a specific sector


Gideon Maltz
Executive DirectorTent Partnership for Refugees
MondayBreakout Presentation

close Enhancing Supplier Partnerships while Mitigating Risk

Supplier Partnership ManagementMilbank Manufacturing Company - Vice President Supply Chain

It is important to develop and enhance partnerships with key strategic suppliers. If the supply base is single-sourced then this has a risk and should be mitigated by developing alternative suppliers. This presentation will outline how to balance and to accomplish both – partnerships and mitigating risk.


Key Takeaways:

  • Partnerships with Strategic Suppliers are critical to the business.
  • Single sourcing has risks associated.
  • Alternative suppliers should be developed to mitigate risk.
  • The category manager needs to balance both the partnership and risk mitigation.


Douglas Ubel
Vice President Supply ChainMilbank Manufacturing Company
MondayBreakout Presentation

close How Do Value Chain Capabilities Impact a Firm’s Performance?

Supply Chain Strategies to Increase VisibilityMichigan State University - John H. McConnell Chaired Professor of Business Administration in the Department of Supply Chain Management

Increasingly, firms are beginning to extend their capabilities to compete on value chain performance. One of the key questions is to understand the difference between supply chain and value chain competitiveness. Based on research at Michigan State University, this session discusses value chain competences and describes how they impact firm performance.

Key Take-Aways

  • Identify the competencies that drive value chain management
  • Determine which competencies have the most significant impact on value chain performance
  • Provide examples regarding practices that firms are using to enhance their value chain performance


David Closs
John H. McConnell Chaired Professor of Business Administration in the Department of Supply Chain ManagementMichigan State University

Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet


Targeted Research Meetings

TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Bridging the Value Chasm with Visibility

Supply Chain Strategies to Increase VisibilitySAP Ariba - Senior Director, Ariba for Direct (A4D)

Measuring and managing the effectiveness of strategic supply chain initiatives at all levels of an organization is necessary as everyone from the shop-floor to the top-floor can contribute significantly to material results. Complicating performance initiatives is high volumes of data and how business are constructed today since a portion of your business is outsourced and out of your control: what happens 10,000 miles away, or 100 days from now can hurt or help you. How can an organization survive and thrive from this complexity, uncertainly and unprecedented volume of data?

Key Take-Aways

  • How advanced technologies such as Machine-Learning, IIoT and Blockchain can contribute to improving supply chain performance
  • A practical approach to targeting, measuring and managing-to leading KPIs, which roll up to lagging KPIs
  • An example of combining leadership, business processes improvements, people-strategies and technology to solve supply chain problems and lead to material financial improvements


Sudy Bharadwaj
Senior Director, Ariba for Direct (A4D)SAP Ariba
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Letting the Customer Guide Your End to End Supply Chain Strategy

Strategies to Increase End-to-End VisibilityCree Lighting - Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Often, a supply chain team will be driving improvement initiatives without an understanding of what the customer values and how the company is competing in the market place. The true voice of the customer can be found in the demand patterns of the product, and each product can be grouped together based on this pattern. The next step is to ensure that each element of the supply chain, starting with the supplier, and carrying on through production, logistics, and distribution, to sales, are all aligned to support the product in a uniform way and with the same strategy in mind.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what your customer values (will pay for), and the industry in which you compete
  • Identify the segments of your business based on their demand pattern characteristics
  • How to link your Sourcing and Purchasing strategies to each product segment based on these demand patterns
  • Check out my last presentation and a couple of articles on my linked in page


Geoffrey Fry
Vice President, Global Supply ChainCree Lighting
Tuesday, March 12Breakout Presentation

close Why Procurement is an Under-Ordinary Business Partner?

Procurement Strategies & SustainabilityBel Brands USA - Sourcing & Supplier Development Senior Director

Procurement organizations are viewed in very different ways in organizations. Sometimes used as cost savers only and sometimes they are considered business partners, even leaders. You can increase the impact of the procurement department in your organization through a change management journey. With few tips, a mindset twist, you can enhance the internal or external collaboration as well as the added value to your organization. See how you can transform the procurement department to a real business partner.

 Key Take-Aways

  • Understanding where you stand
  • Change tools and collaboration
  • What is a high performing team?
  • Few tips to transform your organization and move forward


Jean-Michel Dos Remedios
Sourcing & Supplier Development Senior DirectorBel Brands USA
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Should I Manage My Suppliers like I Manage My Social Network? YES!

Supplier Partnership ManagementMerz - Head of Procurement North America

Supplier partnership management doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Let’s discuss how to use common sense to segment your suppliers, and then establish strategies for how to manage them (or not!). All suppliers are not created equal, and recognizing this basic truth is half the battle…


Key Takeaways:

  • Effective supplier management will reduce risk and uncover opportunities.
  • Just like your social network, all suppliers are NOT equal, and they should not be treated the same!
  • Supplier management is a “living” process and meant to change over time
  • Supplier management doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it SIMPLE


Brian Pardus
Head of Procurement North AmericaMerz
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Implementing and Executing High Performance Culture

Workforce and Talent ManagementAppvion - Director of Supply Chain

I’ve deconstructed and rebuilt 3 teams in 3 separate organizations. I’ve gone through 3 phases of awareness as I’ve built the teams, from the beginning that I’ve dubbed dumb luck (new leader, new team, etc..), to leveraging the learning’s in my second team rebuild, to finally a fully thought out and strategic rebuild here at in current organization. Along the way, I’ve heard a lot of “talk” about High Performing Culture but saw very little focus on executing that narrative… it was all talk. It seems I’ve developed a foundation for building a team and culture that breeds success, high morale, high retention rates, and breeds future organizational leaders.

Key Takeaways:

  • Key elements of a High Performing Culture
  • Executing a High Performing Culture – What does it take?
  • Identifying and hiring the right fits your team
  • Culture ALWAYS wins!


Kyle Jensen
Director of Supply ChainAppvion
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close They Accepted My Offer - Now What?

Workforce and Talent ManagementQuality Bicycle Products - VP of Global Logistics and Brand Supply Chain

On-boarding is the first impression an employee has of an organization. A poor onboarding experience can set the tone for the rest of their employment and make retention of that employee that much more difficult. This presentation will provide you with tools to improve your chances of retention!


Key Takeaways:

  • What does a good onboarding process look like?
  • On-boarding checklist to help you set a good first impression.
  • Importance of treating current employees moving into new jobs the same as new employees.


Kim Brown
VP of Global Logistics and Brand Supply ChainQuality Bicycle Products
TuesdayBreakout Presentation

close Unleashing the Power of Reverse Logistics Through Precise Use of Data Analytics

Warehouse Management and OptimizationCook County Government - Deputy Chief, Performance Management Officer

This presentation is designed to shed light one of the most unsuspecting business operations, reverse logistics. Often referred to as ‘returns management,’ reverse logistics (RL) is a more expansive business process and one that is increasingly impacting bottom lines. Establishing foundational knowledge around the RL process from end-to-end is an essential first step to precisely leverage data analytics and unleash the power of RL.

Key Take-Aways

  • This presentation will take a granular look at seemingly innocuous reverse logistics sub-processes and identify how they impact both OpEx and CapEx
  • It will identify best practices to extract more precise and meaningful RL data analytics
  • Lastly, it explores real life business cases to demonstrate how RL has been used across various industries to strengthen customer loyalty, improve profitability, and develop leading sustainability programs


Valerie Holden
Deputy Chief, Performance Management Officer Cook County Government


Executive Steering Committee

Experienced Supply Chain leaders work with us to focus our program on trends that will move the needle at your company.

Steering Committee Members

David SuarezVice President of Supply Chain
SCOPE Supply Chain Conference
Vanessa Van BuiVice President of Supply Chain
Ergo Baby
SCOPE Supply Chain Conference
Dave HarringtonVice President Supply Chain Operations
Stratus Technologies
Ted BaggesenSenior Director of Logistics
Spencer Gifts
John JansonDirector of Global Logistics
SanMar Corporation
Rickette Collins Strategic Supply Chain Director
McDonald's Corporation
Kevin Releford Senior Director Logistics
Gap Inc.
Pedro A. FernandezSenior Director, Global Parts Distribution Aftermarket
JLG Industries Inc
Kevin Mills Director of Supply Chain
Fairmont Santrol Incorporated
Shaun AndersonManaging Director of Supply Chain
Dynegy, Inc
William Bagley Vice President of Global Procurement
UnumProvident Corporation
SCOPE Supply Chain Conference
Martin FijmanVice President of Procurement
Sprint Corporation
Valerie Conard Senior Director of Procurement
Ardent Mills
Philip CarpenitoSenior Director of Global Procurement
The Nature's Bounty Co.
Michael van KeulenProcurement Director
Lululemon Athletica Inc.
Jean-Michel Dos RemediosPurchasing Director
Bel Brands USA
Marcela MrugalaPurchasing Director
Marcell VollmerChief Procurement Officer
Anthony Fuller Head of Sourcing
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation
Bill MunroDirector of Procurement
SunOpta Inc
Jay RojekDirector of Purchasing
Blue Bird Corporation
Steven AlsbroStrategic Sourcing Director
ON Semiconductor Corporation
Tom Oris Director of Procurement
Wyandot, Inc
David Fortes Director, Manufacturing Operations
Intel Corporation
SCOPE Supply Chain Confernce
David ZamudioAmericas Sourcing Director
Dhinakar Baskaran Director of Global Procurement
VideoJet Technologies, Inc
Tolga TuksalDirector of Corporate Purchasing
Miniature Precision Components, Inc
SCOPE Supply Chain Conference
David MeeksVP Supply Chain Operations
Summit Electric Supply Corporation
SCOPE Supply Chain Conference
Michael McMahonGroup Vice President Supply Chain Operations
Beachbody LLC
Chris HamelSenior Procurement Manager
Gil KannerVice President of Operations
Keith Woods Group Director - Supply Chain
Eric KowalewskiVice President Supply Chain
Westlake Chemical
Mike BungeDirector Global Resources & Materials
Vedat AkgunSenior Manager
Catherine Higgins Senior Vice President
NeighborWorks America

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