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A 100% peer-driven educational program developed by 26 Steering Committee Members from distinguished companies and centered around 5 key themes addressing the most pressing challenges throughout the supply chain.


Key Themes

close Supply Chain Strategies & Leadership
  • Panel: Managing Supply Chain in Today’s Rapidly Changing Consumer Markets & Age of Disruption

  • Achieving Supply Chain Transformation to Gain a Competitive advantage

  • Best Leadership Approaches to Innovation

  • Reaching Profitable Growth and Efficiency Gains in a Fast-Changing Environment

  • Mitigating Risk in a Global Market

  • Impact of the Unpredictable Geopolitical Environment on the Supply Chain

  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Supply Base Consolidation

  • Winning the Last Mile Logistics Battle

  • TMS Selection Criteria and Best Practices

  • When & Where do 3PL’s Make Sense

  • Developing and Implementing Successful Metrics & Benchmarks in Warehousing

  • Achieving an Effective Omni Channel Strategy

  • Most Disruptive Technologies in Supply Chain and Consumer Behavior

  • Technology Enablers for Agility and Visibility, Uber Freight, Etc.

  • Big Data Systems Application for Effective S&OP

  • Understanding and Adopting Block Chain Technology

  • The Rise in Automation & Robotics Impact on the Supply Chain

  • Sourcing Innovation Strategies to Increase Speed to Market and Agility

  • Implementing an E-Sourcing System to Optimize Cost Savings

  • Successful Supplier Risk Management & Mitigation Tactics

  • Creating an Effective Supplier Scorecard

  • Increasing Strategic Supplier Collaboration and Innovation

  • Managing Diversity Programs: Ensuring Supplier Diversity


Get insights from 30+ elite  supply chain executives addressing some of the most pressing challenges in operation optimization,technology implementation,  and workforce management in order to keep up with the age of disruption.

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Rob Moore

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain

Diageo North America

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Rickette Collins

Sr. Director, Global Supply Chain & Sustainability

McDonald's Corporation

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Tyler Vassar

Vice President, Global Supply Chain & Logistics

Baxter International

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Jonathan Biggert

Vice President of Supply Chain

European Wax Center

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Brad Stitt

Vice President, Business Consulting - Supply Chain Practice

Hitachi Consulting

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Sean Bressler

Vice President of Logistics

Dean Foods

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Kevin Reader

Director Business Development & Marketing


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Stephen Engel

Senior Vice President, Practice Lead

Hitachi Consulting

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Wade McDaniel

Vice President, Development & Delivery


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Elizabeth McGuire

Director Global Operations Planning

HarbisonWalker International Inc

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Martin Rowan

Senior Partner


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Grant Wolf

Vice President, Strategy and Business Development


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Wade Wickus

Vice President of Supply Chain

Hunt Advantage Group/ Pizza Wholesale of Lexington “A Founding Distributor of Hunt Brothers Pizza”

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

David M. Hovey

Director Supply Chain

Hostess Brands, LLC

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Renee Scatena

Legal Director of Supply Chain

Intel Corporation

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Joseph Bobko

VP of Transportation


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Susan Byrne

Global Director of Supply Chain

Sherwin Williams

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Cari Shim

Director of Business Operations, Global Supply Management Group

Intel Corporation

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Neil Aronson

Head of Global Strategic Sourcing


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Quentin Roach

Chief Procurement Officer

Merck & Co.

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

William Bagley

SVP, Chief Supply Officer

Unum Group

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Michael van Keulen

Procurement Director

Lululemon Athletica Inc.

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Robert L. Littles

Director of Obsolescence & Procurement Engineering

Rolls Royce

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Douglas Ubel

Vice President of Purchasing

Milbank Manufacturing Company

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Steven Alsbro

GSCO Strategic Sourcing Director

ON Semiconductor

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Michael Bertolozzi

Procurement Operations and Materials Management

Campbell Soup

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Sean Bliss

Vice President of Sales for Indirect Spend


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Robert Zomok

President, Global Operations


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Troy Heibein

Vice President of Strategy

Raven Bay

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Anna Barej

Senior Director Global Supply Chain Sourcing & International Markets

McDonald's Corporation

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Philip Carpenito

Senior Director of Global Procurement

The Nature's Bounty

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Kenneth J Lettre

Vice President- Distribution Manager

Stage Stores

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Deborah Zuckerman Kaplan

Supply Chain Network Executive

Sap Ariba

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Marco De Vries

Senior Director, Product Marketing


SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Albert Chiang

Director Product Marketing, Supply Chain Emerging and Digital Technologies

Oracle SCM Product Marketing

SCOPE Supply Chain Spring Conference View More

Rahul Asthana

Senior Director Product Marketing, Planning and Manufacturing Technologies

Oracle SCM Product Marketing


Make every session valuable by selecting up to 3 key themes to mix and match the most relevant topics to you.

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Welcome Cocktail Reception & Registration


Breakfast Buffet


Targeted Research Meetings

Breakout Presentation

close Partnering with Customers to Implement Demand-Driven Value Network and Vendor-Managed Inventory Best Practices for Improved Planning and Sales Performance

Supply Chain Strategies & LeadershipDiageo North America - Senior Vice President of Supply Chain

Attendees will learn how to derive significant performance improvements by transitioning to a single, collaborative Sales & Operations Planning function with customers by implementing Demand-Driven Value Network (DDVN) practices, and how to leverage customer analytics for greater results using Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) best practices. By joining forces with customers to focus on inventory “sell-out” and harnessing data closest to the purchase transaction, companies can turn “big data” into actionable intelligence to deliver better decision-making, increased forecast accuracy, higher sales, and superior service.

Key Take-Aways

  • Gain understanding of successful change management requirements, including internal investment and organizational structure considerations, and partner capability assessments
  • Learn key requirements for building your own DDVN and VMI roadmap
  • Discover the wide range of benefits DDVN and VMI adoption can offer, including greater transparency and agility, reduced supply chain costs and improved retailer performance
  • Learn how to connect, gather and analyze data across multiple internal and third-party data sources to enable real-time business performance management, drive insights, enable faster decision-making


Rob Moore
Senior Vice President of Supply ChainDiageo North America
Monday, August 20Breakout Presentation

close Leverage IOT Sensor Technology to Proactively Manage your supply chain

Emerging Technology and the Supply ChainSensiTech - Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

Learn how IOT technology is improving real-time supply chain visibility for increased supply chain performance and efficiency. Implementing proactive solutions to track, manage, and induce action – in real-time – mitigates the risks associated by supply chain disruptions during transit.

Key Take-Aways 

  • Review  IOT sensor technology being used for supply chain management today, and have a look at where the technology is going in the future
  • Understand how real-time sensor alerts can help address supply chain disruptions before they negatively impact customer service
  • Discover post-shipment compliance reporting, and how to use data to improve supply chain operations and carrier performance
  • Examine ways that IOT technology can be integrated into existing supply chain systems and processes


Grant Wolf
Vice President, Strategy and Business DevelopmentSensiTech
Breakout Presentation

close Breaking The Decision Barrier: The Convergence of Business Process, Data Visualization, & Machine Learning

Supply Chain Strategies & LeadershipRaven Bay - Vice President of Strategy

An unrelenting increase in the complexity of our organizations, business models, and supply chains combined with unprecedented volumes of data being made available has caused a sort of “paralysis by analysis” in modern companies. Whether a poor decision is made based on faulty information, or even if the right decision is made after much delay, the cost implications can be immense. This session will cover the holistic approaches required to break this decision making barrier, including:

Key Take-Aways

  • How operating models & business processes can be tweaked to expedite decision making
  • How Data Management & Visualization can improve the reliability of your information while making it available in a format easily consumable by all decision makers
  • How recent advancements in Machine Learning provide the ability for both tactical and strategic decisions to be made automatically, reducing decision fatigue and placing focus on areas where a “human touch” is required



Troy Heibein
Vice President of StrategyRaven Bay



Targeted Research Meetings

Breakout Co-Presentation

close Vendor Compliance is More Than a Manual

Supply Chain Strategies & LeadershipStage Stores - Vice President- Distribution Manager
OpenText - Senior Director, Product Marketing

Today’s consumers are smarter and more demanding shoppers than ever.  To drive customer loyalty, your supply chain must operate flawlessly.  However, you rely heavily on an extensive ecosystem of vendors and other trading partners to execute your supply chain.  Digitizing the buying and fulfillment process, driving visibility, improving collaboration, and vendor compliance, are all essential components of an agile supply chain that minimizes risk and improves consumer satisfaction. This session will explore how Stage Stores digitized and automated its vendor compliance program leveraging OpenText deductions management—driving significant savings to the bottom line, while also improving vendor relationships and satisfaction.

Key Take-Aways 

  • How to improve vendor compliance AND improve relationships simultaneously with transparency and real-time information sharing
  • Best practices for streamlining supply chain and procurement processes with improved data quality
  • Lessons learned in moving from vendor deductions capture to deductions avoidance
  • How digital business networks can improve profitability and accelerate growth for your business


Kenneth J Lettre
Vice President- Distribution ManagerStage Stores
Marco De Vries
Senior Director, Product MarketingOpenText
Breakout Presentation

close Creating a Returns Solution that Delights Customers and your CFO

Supply Chain Strategies & LeadershipInmar - President, Global Operations

Consumers are going to return products — that won’t change. In fact, many consumers will make multiple purchases with the intent to return what doesn’t fit their need. In online commerce, returns aren’t after the purchase, they’re part of the purchase now and are a key factor in forging a continuing relationship with shoppers. Winners in the new economy will get away from treating returns only as a cost and will see it as a competitive opportunity to engage with customers and earn loyalty! Where data show that 92% of shoppers will buy from you again if returns are easy, exceeding their expectations on both purchases and returns will pay off.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn how to setup a value-added omni-channel return solution. You’ve spent money and time creating a seamless omni-channel purchase experience. See how you can do the same with returns
  • Profit-driving insight into important customer loyalty and purchase behavior can be extracted from a return solution that captures the proper data. See what that looks like
  • Acting on that data is business-critical for sourcing, pricing, policy setting, and promotion
  • Leveraging the right reverse supply chain partners can provide faster speed to credit for consumers, maximize value of inventory, reduce your freight/transportation spend and minimize your carbon footprint. Find out how


Robert Zomok
President, Global OperationsInmar
Breakout Presentation

close Developing Supply Chain Talent for the New Economy

Michigan State University - John H. McConnell Chaired Professor of Business Administration in the Department of Supply Chain Management

Talent acquisition, development, and retention continues to be a major challenge for supply chain professionals. What are the critical knowledge and skills required for supply chain executives and professionals in the new economy? How can these capabilities be developed in a manner that helps support organizational objectives, including speed, agility, innovation and competitive advantage? Based on research being conducted at Michigan State University, this discussion will provide ideas and examples concerning how individuals can leverage the potential of supply chain management talent in their own organizations.

Key Take Aways

  • Understand the characteristics of up and coming supply chain talent and what they look for in their new job opportunities
  • What are the initiatives that firms can use to fill their funnel for supply chain management professionals?
  • How do you create relationships with sources of supply chain talent?



David Closs
John H. McConnell Chaired Professor of Business Administration in the Department of Supply Chain ManagementMichigan State University

Cocktail Reception


Industry Dinner


Breakfast Buffet

Tuesday, August 21Keynote presentation

close Build a Smart Supply Chain—One Step at a Time

Supply Chain Strategies & LeadershipHitachi Consulting - Senior Vice President, Practice Lead
Hitachi Consulting - Vice President, Business Consulting - Supply Chain Practice

The supply chain revolution is happening—but what does it mean for you? Advances in connected IoT technologies are radically changing the way you manage the supply chain. By connecting customers, manufacturers, and suppliers through the smart supply chain, you can make the flow of goods faster, safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. And by taking a logical, step-by-step approach that combines operational technology (OT) and IT expertise, you can build a smart supply chain at your own pace—and realize exceptional results.

Key Take-Aways

  • Assess your business and supply chain challenges: Identify where you are now—and the best starting point for moving to a smart, connected supply chain
  • Gain knowledge: Understand the value smart solutions and connected IoT technologies can bring to your business with real-time insights and reporting
  • Move forward without fear: Learn how to transform your supply chain one smart step at a time


Stephen Engel
Senior Vice President, Practice LeadHitachi Consulting
Brad Stitt
Vice President, Business Consulting - Supply Chain PracticeHitachi Consulting
Keynote Presentation

close SCM Success Factors: Measuring the Future of Business – 2028

Supply Chain Strategies & LeadershipSap Ariba - Supply Chain Network Executive

As digital transformation revolutionizes our new digital economy, it becomes more critical than ever to be able to adapt every part of how business gets done.  Now, for most businesses, this change has been or is underway.  But are traditional measurements of value realization still relevant?  This talk address what a top technology company is conversing with key executives about the future of business and asks if innovation & technology is changing the game of measuring success.

Key Take-Aways

  • Redefine Purpose
  • Use Technology to Drive Outcomes not just processes.
  • Move the Needle to your own Business Personal Record (BPR)


Deborah Zuckerman Kaplan
Supply Chain Network ExecutiveSap Ariba

Targeted Research Meetings

Breakout Presentation

close Planning for Speed at Hostess Brands

Logistics and Distribution StrategiesHostess Brands, LLC - Director Supply Chain

In a few short years, Hostess Brands, LLC. has transformed from a twice bankrupt organization to a hyper-efficient operation and supply chain.  One key component to this success is rethinking how the organization plans and manages forecasts and inventory.  In this session, attendees will see how to segment the Demand plan for setting appropriate models and parameters and how this flows through to an effective Inventory plan built for speed.  In addition, what KPIs keep the plan moving and minimizing inventory risk downstream.  This presentation is for organizations seeking opportunities to increase turns, better manage risk, and build the tools necessary for agility and visibility.

Key Take-Aways

  • Separating the demand plan into specific responsibility areas to simplify planning
  • KPIs that help drive a high turn inventory plan
  • Devote your time and energy to Leading KPIs rather than lagging measurements


David M. Hovey
Director Supply ChainHostess Brands, LLC
Breakout Presentation

close Supply Chain Transformation for Competitive Advantage

Supply Chain Strategies & LeadershipHarbisonWalker International Inc - Director Global Operations Planning

A 150 year old manufacturing company has been experiencing increasing competitive pressures resulting in declining volumes and profitability. Creating a three pronged supply chain strategy, focused on maximizing the competitive advantages of the company while addressing changing customer needs, was necessary to regain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Key Take-Aways

  • Defining a supply chain strategy brings clarity of purpose to the organization
  • A successful supply chain strategy should create or support a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Strategy without execution is a word exercise; move the needle


Elizabeth McGuire
Director Global Operations PlanningHarbisonWalker International Inc
Breakout Presentation

close Implementing E-Sourcing System to Optimize Cost Savings

Strategic Sourcing & Supplier PartnershipsON Semiconductor - GSCO Strategic Sourcing Director

E-sourcing tools have been available now for well over a decade and have continued to improve in usability and flexibility, yet they still remain commonly misunderstood and misrepresented by many in the industry.  In this session we will explore the advantages of having an E-sourcing process as part of your overall Procurement toolkit as well as the challenges of implementing a system on a global scale.  In addition we will give an overview of some of the better known systems out there and where some companies seem to excel in this space but overall recognizing that no system is one size fits all and you will need to develop a process to evaluate which tool best suits your company culture, your Supplier Relationship Management approach and ultimately your budget.

Key Take-Aways

  • E-Sourcing is not push button implementation
  • E-Sourcing is not just reverse auctions, it doesn’t have to become a tool that destroys supplier relationships
  • E-Sourcing implementation needs a PM and comprehensive training
  • E-Sourcing has to be from encouraged and supported from the top down
  • Multiple suppliers offer options, your evaluation process should be customized to your needs, maturity and budget


Steven Alsbro
GSCO Strategic Sourcing DirectorON Semiconductor
Breakout Presentation

close Integrated Business Planning

Supply Chain Strategies & LeadershipSherwin Williams - Global Director of Supply Chain

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a formal process led by senior management that evaluates and revises aggregate time-phased projections for product, demand, supply, strategic projects, and the resulting financial plans. This is done on a monthly basis on a planned 24-month rolling horizon.

Key Take-Aways

  • What Integrated Business Planning is and isn’t, how it works, and where yours compares
  • How successful companies benefit from Integrated Business Planning and areas
  • The proven methodology for successfully implementing of Integrated Business Planning


Susan Byrne
Global Director of Supply ChainSherwin Williams



Experienced supply chain leaders help us design a relevant and thought-provoking educational program that is 100% peer-led.

Steering Committee Members

David Suarez Vice President of Supply Chain
Vanessa Van Bui Vice President of Supply Chain
Ergo Baby
Dave Harrington Vice President Supply Chain Operations
Stratus Technologies
Ted Baggesen Senior Director of Logistics
Spencer Gifts
John Janson Director of Global Logistics
SanMar Corporation
Rickette Collins Strategic Supply Chain Director
McDonald's Corporation
Kevin Releford Senior Director Logistics
Gap Inc.
Pedro A. Fernandez Senior Director, Global Parts Distribution Aftermarket
JLG Industries Inc
Kevin Mills Director of Supply Chain
Fairmont Santrol Incorporated
Shaun Anderson Managing Director of Supply Chain
Dynegy, Inc
William Bagley Vice President of Global Procurement
UnumProvident Corporation
Martin Fijman Vice President of Procurement
Sprint Corporation
Valerie Conard Senior Director of Procurement
Ardent Mills
Philip Carpenito Senior Director of Global Procurement
The Nature's Bounty Co.
Michael van Keulen Procurement Director
Lululemon Athletica Inc.
Jean-Michel Dos Remedios Purchasing Director
Bel Brands USA
Marcela Mrugala Purchasing Director
Marcell Vollmer Chief Procurement Officer
Anthony Fuller Head of Sourcing
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation
Bill Munro Director of Procurement
SunOpta Inc
Jay Rojek Director of Purchasing
Blue Bird Corporation
Steven Alsbro Strategic Sourcing Director
ON Semiconductor Corporation
Tom Oris Director of Procurement
Wyandot, Inc
David Fortes Director, Manufacturing Operations
Intel Corporation
David Zamudio Americas Sourcing Director
Dhinakar Baskaran Director of Global Procurement
VideoJet Technologies, Inc
Tolga Tuksal Director of Corporate Purchasing
Miniature Precision Components, Inc
David Meeks VP Supply Chain Operations
Summit Electric Supply Corporation
Michael McMahon Group Vice President Supply Chain Operations
Beachbody LLC


Over the year’s we’ve hosted senior level executives from over 80% of the Fortune 100 as well as thousands of up and coming mid-market organizations.

Attendee Testimonials

"I always walk away from a SCOPE conference with a new appreciation for how well it’s run and impressed with the depth of the presentations. The presentations aren’t entirely strategic or for that matter solely operational. They’re typically a great mix of both…which means you can take concepts and strategies back to your workplace and use them immediately. I highly recommend the conference for Supply Chain & Logistics pros who are looking for contemporary solutions to solve their business issues."

"The best part SCOPE were the various presentations and topics covered. It was an effective use of my time and the right length. I was able to attend several presentations, including keynotes. I learned some things during the presentations and during my 1-1 meetings with vendors. I would definitely recommend this event to others in this field. "

"SCOPE provided quality presenters and presentations allowing me to take ideas back in supporting the transformation of our business networks."

"SCOPE provided different ways of looking how to successfully implement process improvement which is the biggest benefit to my job. Anyone at any level of the organization would walk away with something they can put to good use when attending SCOPE."

Attendee List


SCOPE is the supply chain industry’s fastest growing event, quickly establishing a reputation as the deal generating show.


Exhibitor Testimonials

"The LTX team thoroughly enjoys attending the SCOPE semi-annually and finds it to be one of our greatest business development activities. Having face-to-face meetings with potential prospects greatly impacts our ability to explain our services accurately, as well as building rapport. The 25-minute appointments enables us to meet a significant amount of contacts in a short time period, allowing us to continue the conversation at a later date. The Quartz Team provides detailed information on the companies attending the conference and organizes meetings with our target clientele. "


"The SCOPE Conference provides the perfect opportunity for key decision makers and exhibitors to have one-on-one targeted meetings to discuss Supply Chain challenges, needs and solutions. The SCOPE team does a fabulous job of matching attendees’ needs to exhibitors’ services ensuring that meetings are focused, informative and productive. "

Exhibitor List


The supply chain industry's leading executive-level conference plays host to over 1,000 senior-level attendees each year. In the last decade, we’ve produced 20 large scale SCOPE conferences across America.


Here is a quick FAQ to help you get started. For more information contacts us, we're happy to talk to you.

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Account Executive
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