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Darktrace is the world’s leading cyber AI company and the creator of Autonomous Response technology.

Darktrace’s self-learning Cyber AI Platform is modeled on the human immune system and used by over 3,000 organizations to protect against threats to the cloud, email, IoT, networks and industrial systems. This includes insider threat, industrial espionage, IoT compromises, zero-day malware, data loss, supply chain risk and long-term infrastructure vulnerabilities. The company has over 1000 employees, 40 offices and headquarters in San Francisco and Cambridge, UK. Every 3 seconds, Darktrace AI fights back against a cyber-threat, preventing it from causing damage.

Products & Services

  • Cyber AI Platform: Darktrace’s Cyber AI platform enables organizations to detect and respond to cyber-attacks no matter where they emerge across a business’s complex digital ecosystem.
  • The Enterprise Immune System understands the DNA of a company at a granular level to detect threats. Powered by unsupervised machine learning, it models ‘normal’ behavior for every user and device across a business, allowing it to detect ‘abnormal’ behavior as soon as it emerges.
  • Antigena, the first autonomous response system for defending companies from machine-speed attacks, takes action with surgical precision and control either directly, or through integration with firewalls or SOAR products.
  • Darktrace’s Cyber AI Platform offers a cloud-native security solution that protects workloads, containers, and services across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, as well as all major SaaS applications.
  • Antigena’s Email Module enables organizations to detect all types of email threats, including spear phishing campaigns, account hijacking, supply-chain attacks, and more. Armed with the context of a broader business, Antigena Email consistently misses threats other email solutions miss.
  • Cyber AI Analyst combines analyst intuition with AI to automate threat investigations at a speed and scale that no human could. By reducing the time to triage by 92%, the Cyber AI Analyst augments human teams and buys back time for more strategic work.

Clients Include

  • Drax
  • Suzuki
  • Sunsweet Growers
  • Steelcase
  • City of Las Vegas
  • H&M Transportation
  • Aqua-Leisure
  • Science Museum Group
  • eBay

Client Testimonials

“No matter what the attacker does, Darktrace recognizes the risk and then Antigena shuts it off.” –Yorck Reuber, CTO North Europe, AXA

“Darktrace Cloud represents a new frontier in AI-based cyber defense. Our team now has complete, real-time coverage across our SaaS applications, cloud containers, and city-wide distributed sensors.” –Michael Sherwood, Director of Technology and Innovation, City
of Las Vegas

“Being able to autonomously detect and stop unfolding attacks at their earliest signs is an enormous feat, made possible by Darktrace’s AI.” –Fernando Thompson, CIO, UDLAP

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Testing stuff

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Testing stuff

I’m Santa Claus! And why did ‘I’ have to take a cab? When will that be? That’s not soon enough! Bender, hurry! This fuel’s expensive! Also, we’re dying! Have you…

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