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Deepna Devkar - VP of Data Science & Engineering





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Meet one-on-one with the partners ready for your new challenges

Using the same data-driven matching logic as our in-person events, we take the legwork out of finding new partners. Meet directly with companies vetted specifically for you to confidently tackle your challenges, within your budget and time frame. There is a minimum of 6 meetings, and no maximum.

Hear what industry leaders have to say about today’s new complexities

Key Themes

  • Cybersecurity
    Protecting yourself and your company are always top priority. Cover a wide breadth of cyber security initiatives including protocol, network and data protection, operational integration, balancing visibility needs and much more. Minimize the possibility of breaches using AI and learn how to plan for the worst to minimally impact business continuity.
  • Staff Training, Retention & IT Leadership
    Navigating between technology initiatives and managing your staff can be profoundly challenging. The sharp learning curve detracts from communication, understanding of progress, strategy acceptance and appropriate resource allocation. Blow past these challenges to keep your company ticking upwards while keeping everyone onboard. Taking the lead in today’s organization is crucial for the CIO. With the ever-changing environment of new technologies, shifts in strategies and expanding technical needs, the expectations of being an IT leader are very different from 5 years ago. Learn from qualified professionals on how to transform and lead your team to success in this.
  • Data Storage and Analytics
    Data is abundant, and this is where you learn how keep it clean and make it profitable. Review analytics platforms, apply machine learning and asses other techniques for locating and sifting through your gold mine.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Explore strategies for leveraging the artificial intelligence to drive down costs and the security implications that come with it. Dive deeper to understand the impact on employees, mobile strategy and more.
  • Cloud Strategy
    In a fast-evolving industry, how do you navigate the digital disruption and stay ahead of emerging trends? This theme will cover some of the best technologies that some of the top marketing teams are using & what trends you should be looking out for. Cloud gives companies a competitive advantage and has proven to be much more reliable, secure and easier to employ.
  • Automation
    Automation plays a large role in operations and application performance management. Learn how organizations and their CIOs are optimizing the use of automation technologies, moving from simple process improvement to true process transformation.
  • DevOps Strategy
    When everything needs to be done yesterday, and even when it does not, operational strategy can make or break the future success of your applications and technology. Learn top practices, emerging trends, discuss old ones like Agile, and stay on the bleeding edge of technology to accelerate your push forwards without breaking the bank, or the back end.
  • Network and Communication Systems
    Network and Communication Systems are essential when sharing secure information within your organization. There are many useful process management tools, such as direct messaging, video conferencing, help desk, etc. Using these tools can help create a productive workflow and employee correspondence can be easily managed.
  • Digital Transformation
    The data produced by our digital systems and processes borders on overwhelming. In this track we will discuss the best practices for IT Leaders to set up their organizations for success during their digital transformation and how to identify the data that matters most.
  • Remote Work Challenges and New Cyber Risks During a Global Pandemic
    The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused massive disruption across the globe. Many organizations have had to set up their employees to work remotely. Creating new communication norms and collaboration tools has become essential. Phishing emails have presented major cybersecurity challenges and risks. Without implementing proper security protections and policies for remote work many organizations are vulnerable to cyberattack. Exchange ideas and learn how experienced executives are navigating through this difficult time and trying to maintain a secure network.
Person looking at computer
Person looking at computer
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Tim Rohrbaugh
VP of Data Platforms
Vikram Marathe
VP of Data Platforms
Director- Program Management
Sulabh Sood
Director- Program Management
Helen Norris
Senior Product and Innovation Leadership
Dr. Ahmed Abukhater
Senior Product and Innovation Leadership
Director Cloud Services
Enrique Leon
Director Cloud Services
Vice Chancellor for Data and IT
Tom Andriola
Vice Chancellor for Data and IT
VP of Data Science & Engineering
Deepna Devkar
VP of Data Science & Engineering

Reward yourself with the perks of the job

The challenge of digital is no exotic location, no 5-star dining, and no face time. But we do have a quite brilliant system to reward you with SWAG. Take all 6 solution provider meetings and we’ll thank you generously. Climbing the ranks is hard; you’re well-deserving of an exceptional experience, no matter the limitations.

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June 21

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June 25

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    Digital Transformation- Leveraging AI for Business Success

    Artificial Intelligence
  • -

    Improve You Security Program by Blending Principles of Kaizen and Your Security Risk Analysis

  • -

    Why Cloud Must Be a Part of Your Data/Analytics Strategy

    Data Storage and Analytics
  • -

    Fourth Industrial Revolution and Digital Transformation: Mutually Inclusive New Theory of Survival of the Fittest

    Digital Transformation
  • -

    Leading in a Crisis

    Staff Training Retention & IT Leadership
  • -

    Innovation 2020: Lessons from Practice

    Digital Transformation
  • -

    Managing Your Cloud MSP Is Not the Same as Managing Any Other MSP

    Cloud Strategy
  • -

    Positioning IT to Lead Strategic Change

    Staff Training Retention & IT Leadership
  • -

    Managing a Remote Workforce and Planning for Return to Work

    Remote Work Challenges and New Cyber Risks During a Global Pandemic
  • -

    Don't Get Lost Without a Security Roadmap!

  • -

    Supporting Organizational Resiliency

  • -

    Lessons' Learned from a Two-Year Digital Transformation Journey

    Digital Transformation


CIO VISIONS is invitation-only for IT executives. Exclusivity lets us cater to your specific challenges and keep you in the company of the leaders driving progress in your field.

Attendees Include

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Proven Solution Providers

We only work with the best in class. All solution providers are thoroughly vetted, and matched to you based on your specific challenges and current projects.

Solution Provider Lists
Abnormal Security
Accellion, Inc.
Arctic Wolf
Blue Hexagon
Blue Prism Software, Inc.
Bridgepointe Technologies
CSS Corp
Elevate Security
Equal Experts, Inc.
Fully Managed
Info-Tech Research Group Inc.
LogicMonitor, Inc.
Looker Data Sciences
Merlin Ventures
One Identity
Open Systems
Atos (Paladion)
RingCentral, Inc.
TPx Communications
T-Mobile for Business
Tyco - Johnson Controls
vCom Solutions
Vendera Mobile
XM Cyber

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