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Ericom Software

Ericom Software is a leading provider of Zero Trust secure access solutions that protect organizations from advanced cybersecurity threats. Leveraging innovative remote browser isolation (RBI) technology and zero trust network access (ZTNA) capabilities, Ericom solutions enable simple, secure policy-driven access to enterprise cloud and on-premises business systems and resources, including the public Internet, without impacting end-user productivity.

Thousands of companies rely on Ericom’s platform of remote access, secure connectivity, isolation, mobility and virtualization technologies to enhance their cybersecurity and productivity while reducing complexity and cost. The company is an active member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), has offices in the US, UK, and EMEA, and a global network of distributors and partners.

Our mission is to keep organizations connected, productive and secure.

Products & Services

  •  Ericom Shield Zero Trust Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) – This solution (cloud service or on-premises software) enables an organization to safely expand users’ web access, while preventing 100% of ransomware, advanced web threats, and phishing attacks from reaching user endpoints. With Ericom Shield, active web content executes in a remote, isolated, cloud-based container, so whether users browse to a malicious site independently or by clicking a URL embedded in a phishing email, they are completely safe -- no web content is ever executed directly on their devices. Only safe-rendering information representing a website is sent to a device's browser, providing a secure, fully interactive, seamless user experience. Websites launched from URLs in emails can be rendered in read-only mode to prevent users from entering credentials for additional phishing protection. Attached files are sanitized before being transmitted to endpoints, ensuring that malware within downloads cannot compromise users' devices.
  • Ericom Application Isolator – This Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution addresses the security risks created by the broad access rights granted to users and devices on corporate networks -- an environment hackers or malicious insiders can easily exploit. The solution prevents attacks by limiting remote (north-south) and internal (east-west) application access to only what is typically required by a specific user. Using machine learning it cloaks applications from unauthorized users, stopping the spread of threats like ransomware by making unauthorized applications invisible to would-be attackers. The lightweight microsegmentation software integrates with existing VPN/NGFW gateways from leading vendors, and leverages patent-pending advanced machine-learning capabilities to automate the process of building user-level least-privileged application access policies.

Industries Served

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare/Medical Devices
  • Manufacturing/Defense
  • Government (Federal, State, Local)
  • Education
  • Non-Profits
  • Entertainment
  • Professional Services

Clients Include

  • Capital One
  • Credit Suisse
  • Enterprise Bank
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Medstar Health
  • Epson
  • Michelin
  • Penn State
  • Caltrans
  • TJX

Client Testimonials

“We worked with Ericom to implement a web security solution that provides the highest level of protection against web-based cyberthreats. This gives our employees the broad secure web access they need to remain productive while ensuring our organization remains secure.”
–Paul E. Rousseau, SVP IT Architecture and Engineering Director at Enterprise Bank

“We were searching for a [web isolation and file sanitization] solution that would integrate smoothly and seamlessly with existing security solutions, support group-based policy definition for users and domains, and be centrally managed. Ericom Shield ticked all those boxes.”
–Uri Inbar, IT Director, ALYN Hospital

“Ericom Application Isolator has added an important set of capabilities to our remote access security approach. The solution was plug and play with our existing VPN infrastructure, required no endpoint agent, and provided an automated process to create our least-privileged access policies. I highly recommend it for organizations looking for a quick and efficient way to add zero trust network access capabilities to their environments.”
–Joe Morin, CEO of Cyflare


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Testing stuff

I’m Santa Claus! And why did ‘I’ have to take a cab? When will that be? That’s not soon enough! Bender, hurry! This fuel’s expensive! Also, we’re dying! Have you…

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