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VisionEdge Marketing, Inc.

Transforming Marketing into a Center of Excellence and an engine of growth is our passion and commitment, every day. VisionEdge Marketing, founded in 1999 in Austin, TX, delivers solutions to help accelerate organic growth, increase customer value, and improve business performance. One of the first pioneers in the area of Marketing Performance Management, our purpose has been to bring science to the discipline of marketing and help our customers strategically use data, analytics, metrics, and processes. We have been privileged to support over 250 hundred customers to date.

Products & Services

We built our business around four best practices employed by Best-in-Class organizations.
  • Alignment. Alignment around strategy, positioning, performance management, and planning are often the missing links between the work of Marketing and the value of Marketing.
  • Accountability. Accountability which encompasses the metrics you chose and the dashboards you use for performance measurement is the difference between measuring the stuff of Marketing and proving Marketing’s contribution and impact.
  • Data-Derived Decisions. Making solid customer-centric business decisions today takes employing analytics to derive customer, product, and market insights, develop segmentation and customer models.
  • Operational Excellence. The key to enhancing productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency rests on moving from managing activity to focusing on the right processes and skills.
Customers often leverage our expertise to:
  • Inspire The Team with onsite and online speaking engagements.
  • Change Team Behavior and Bolster Skills through our interactive workshops.
  • Expedite Results Through Collaborative Consulting Engagements. These engagements are customized, project-based and designed to maximize skills and knowledge transfer. Or choose from these proven approaches SmartStart Services Suite™, MetStrat for MPM™, and Accelance®.
  • Identify Your Gaps and Needs with Our Proven Audits and Assessments

Industries Served

Since 1999, VEM has provided strategic and product marketing services for more than 250 B2B companies ranging from early-stage start-ups to public corporations with over $10 billion in annual revenues. We are honored to serve customers in the following industries:
  • manufacturing
  • technology
  • transportation/logistics
  • financial services
  • medical device/life science

Clients Include

See some of our customers at and read customer case studies at
  • Abbott
  • Elsevier
  • ETS-Lindgren
  • Kennametal
  • LifeNet Health
  • Mott
  • NREL
  • Safe Systems
  • Southwest Airlines Cargo
  • Zebra

Client Testimonials

“The most important element was the concept of developing what VEM calls an outcome-impact chain. These chains served as the guide for how we would measure the initiative and what data would be required.”
–Ian Baring-Gould, NREL Technology Manager

“We wanted a company that could help us as much with the education process as well as with getting the data. VisionEdge Marketing was capable of doing both.”
–Martyn Etherington, former CMO, Tektronix

“As we were approaching a global meeting, it was decided to bring in an external firm to lead us through a series of competitive messaging working session for several of our products. I was tasked with this search and was excited to find Laura Patterson and VisionEdge Marketing. This team has the messaging and marketing expertise, the domain experience and an existing framework. As I proceeded through the fast-track due diligence, it became evident we were bringing in the right people. Despite a very short timeline, Laura and her team found a way to talk with all the key members and incorporate their requirements into the framework. The result was an effective multi-day program that engaged the entire global team and produced the valuable work product that fueled the foundation of our competitive messaging. We learned a great deal from the process and the working sessions.”
–Sang Kim. Head of Digital Analytics & Optimization, Abbott


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Testing stuff

I’m Santa Claus! And why did ‘I’ have to take a cab? When will that be? That’s not soon enough! Bender, hurry! This fuel’s expensive! Also, we’re dying! Have you…

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