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The SocialChorus FirstUp platform is the enterprise standard for unified workforce communications, creating a digital employee experience where every worker is connected, aligned and able to mobilize to create organizational change. We are the communications backbone at more than 150 of the world’s largest employers, including 10 of the Fortune 50.

Products & Services

  • Publishing: FirstUp studio gives you one place to plan, create, target and publish content
    • Content Management: Plan and manage campaigns and predict performance across all channels.
    • Planner: Collaborate with your team to create content, schedule publication and send it to every channel your employees use
    • Targeting: Easily target and deliver your message to specific employee groups without having to navigate complex user management systems. FirstUp Studio continuously syncs with your HRIS as employee data updates, giving you the ability to create static, dynamic and custom groups that power your campaigns and analytics
    • Smart Campaigns: Push notifications ensure your content is seen, while automatic retargeting follows up with workers through mobile or email until they act on your message.
    • Channel Management: Give leaders and managers the ability to directly communicate with their teams and comply to your publishing guidelines.
  • Digital Employee Experience: Reach everyone, wherever they are, on the device of their choice, in their local language.
    • Mobile App: Offer every employee a mobile experience that’s tailored just for them, especially deskless and frontline workers who are on the go.Content is personalized for each worker based on their interests, usage and demographics, inviting more engagement.
    • Web Experience: Give wired office workers the convenience of FirstUp in a format that’s just right for their laptops and desktops. Custom links to resources and systems are intuitively displayed alongside personalized content. Workers can access everything in one place, making FirstUp ideal for an employee gateway.
    • Intranet: FirstUp provides a modern intranet experience that delivers personalized news, apps and services to your employees on mobile and web. FirstUp can also integrate seamlessly with your existing intranet to automatically update and personalize content. Customers have modernized SharePoint, Sitecore, Confluence and more with our platform.
    • Emails & Newsletters: Create, target and send email without having to format content or manage distribution lists. Track the results along with all your other communications. Develop newsletters from scratch with easy-to-use content templates, or automatically populate them with previous content for weekly roundups.
    • Collaboration Tools: Reach your people where they chat. Connect with employees on their most frequently used collaboration tools. Send content directly to Microsoft Teams and Slack to reach your workforce during the day-to-day.
    • Digital signage: Get information to workers who aren’t in front of a computer and can’t check their phone. FirstUp integrates with digital signage and kiosks to get your message to workers on the manufacturing floor, in the breakroom and everywhere in between.
  • Analytics: Improve business performance with unified workforce insights
    • FirstUp Analyze, our unified analytics dashboard, shows you how all of your employees are interacting with all of your content—on every channel and system, across your organization.
    • Tag each piece of content related to an initiative, then track employee response to all those messages, and get a single view of your initiative’s performance in the FirstUp Analyze dashboard.
    • Generate reports on every aspect of your communications program, from executive summaries to in-depth detail.
    • Break down data silos and share information to drive change across your enterprise.
    • Use FirstUp to create employee polls, target the right workers, and send automatic follow-ups until they respond.
  • Integrations: Connect all your systems into one modern digital workplace
    • User Authentication: Enable employees to log in with their existing company accounts using SAML 2.0 single sign-on. For workers who don’t have access to single sign-on, we also support alternative authentication methods.
    • User Management: Provision or deprovision users automatically when employees join or leave the company, and sync employee attributes with your HRIS
    • Content Integrations: Meet your workers where they are by sending content and information to any system, from Microsoft 365 to digital signage. Content Amplifiers and Connectors easily place FirstUp content streams into other platforms, and update content automatically. No complex backend development or IT resources needed—so you can see immediate value and measure engagement.
    • API Integrations: Address your company’s unique requirements by using our Partner API to integrate any enterprise system with FirstUp. Our Partner API lets any integrated system read from, or write to, all your communications channels and FirstUp’s user management. Our API is RESTful over HTTPS using OAuth2 for authentication.

Industries Served

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Oil, Gas & Energy
  • Hospitality
  • Telecomms & Tech
  • Pharma & Med Device
  • Financial Services
  • CPG, Food & Bev
  • Aerospace & Transpo

Clients Include

  • Amazon
  • American Cancer Society
  • Dow
  • AB InBev
  • GSK
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • Providence
  • Vodafone
  • PVH Corp.
  • Hyatt
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