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RevBits is a developer of advanced Cyber Security software solutions covering multiple security areas including: Email Security; Endpoint Security and EDR; Privileged Access Management, Deception Technology and ZTN. All software modules may be purchased individually or integrated into the RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform.

Each product has been logically developed by design and ‘from the trenches,’ to more effectively and swiftly address identified gaps and vulnerabilities in the market. Using Next Gen technology and an extensive range of patented capabilities, RevBits products improve efficacy; efficiencies and enhanced digital assurance for better security outcomes.

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Products & Services

  • RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform (‘CIP’) single sign-on environment allows administrators to manage all RevBits solutions through a custom-built unified analytics dashboard for cross-platform alert notification and actionable intelligence. Watch a short video here.
  • RevBits Email Security endpoint-based algorithmic analysis detects and blocks the more sophisticated phishing and page impersonations Cyber attacks which typically bypass incumbent gateway solutions. Watch a short video here.
  • RevBits Endpoint Security/EDR conducts a three-phased analysis on new executables and includes the most comprehensive robust EDR solution in the market. Patented technology affords visibility and operation at the kernel level, blocking all unauthorised signed or unsigned drivers. Please also refer to our report here for independent ICSA lab results – 99.3% detection/0 false positives. And watch a short video here.
  • RevBits Deception Technology, an effective early warning notification system, is the only deception solution on the market with dual-layer virtualisation and real honeypot servers. Modus operandi minimises system resource and maximises operational efficiencies. Watch a short video here.
  • RevBits Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a comprehensive access management solution that includes: privileged access management; privileged session management; password management; service account management; key management and certificate management. Patented technology, reverse engineering and rapid implementation. Modules purchased together or individually. Watch a short video here.
  • RevBits Zero Trust Network (ZTN) is a gamechanger in reducing the potential cyber-attack surface and providing secure, auditable remote access to specific business critical assets. Through considered design, RevBits ZTN regulates what specific applications can be exposed to external users (third party or contractors) and employees working from home. By leveraging ZTN, you can choose to expose a single IP and Port pair or a single specific web application, with remote users and third parties no longer able to freely navigate through the network when they connect to internal applications. ZTN is a replacement to the more traditional VPNs.

Industries Served

  • CNI
  • SMEs
  • MOD
  • MSPs
  • MSSPs

Clients Include

  • Discretion and client confidentiality prevents existing clients to be named.

Client Testimonials

“Your EDR solution….exceptional” and “complimentary to our existing offerings”.

- VP of Field Engineering and Partner Strategy

“…We love it ..The RevBits PAM solution is our favorite by far …  We have looked at all the leading competitive solutions to get a good feel for products in the PAM space.  The RevBits product still blows them out of the water.”

- CISO, UT based bank

“We looked at 8 solutions of which only 3 were up to par when it comes to the quality of the software…RevBits were the best….also liked the fact that RevBits products evolve quickly and responsively to market needs….”

- CTO, Swiss based MMSP
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