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For security teams charged with defending hybrid and multi-cloud environments, Semperis ensures integrity and availability of critical enterprise directory services at every step in the cyber kill chain and cuts recovery time by 90%. Purpose-built for securing Active Directory, Semperis’ patented technology protects over 40 million identities from cyberattacks, data breaches, and operational errors. The world’s leading organizations trust Semperis to spot directory vulnerabilities, intercept cyberattacks in progress, and quickly recover from ransomware and other data integrity emergencies.

Semperis offers customers cyber-first AD recovery and threat protection to eliminate costly service outages and data breaches. Key features include:
• Clean Restore
• Anywhere Recovery
• Advanced Automation
• Multi-Dimensional Monitoring
• Active Threat Intelligence
• Rapid Response


Products & Services

  • Directory Services Protector Active Directory is difficult to secure given its constant flux, sheer number of settings, and the proliferation of powerful hacking and discovery tools. Semperis DSP puts AD security on autopilot with continuous threat monitoring, real-time alerts, and autonomous remediation capabilities. Managing by exception allows you to respond more effectively to security incidents as well as everyday operational mistakes.
  • Active Directory Forest Recovery Recover an entire Active Directory forest with just a few clicks. Automate every aspect of forest recovery, such as cleaning up metadata, rebuilding the Global Catalogue, and restructuring site topology. Avoid human errors and reduce downtime to minutes instead of days or even weeks. Be a hero - avert costly business interruption.
  • Security Assessment Tool - Purple Knight Active Directory holds the “keys to the kingdom,” and if not safeguarded properly, it will compromise your entire security infrastructure. Purple Knight is a free Active Directory security assessment tool built and managed by an elite group of Microsoft identity experts.

Industries Served

  • Pharma
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Insurance

Clients Include

  • French international banking group, headquartered in Paris, France.
  • French multinational pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Paris, France.
  • British multinational pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Brentford, England.
  • British multinational banking and financial services company, headquartered in London, England.
  • American multination computer technology company, headquartered in Texas, US.
  • American multinational retail corporation, headquartered in Arkansas, US.
  • American car rental company, headquartered in Florida.
  • American human resources management software company, headquartered in New Jersey, US.
  • American transportation and logistics company, headquartered in Arkansas, US.
  • American diversified global insurer, headquartered in Massachusetts, US.

Client Testimonials

“When I saw the Semperis solution for the first time, it nearly brought tears of joy to my eyes. It is exactly what I hoped for in an AD recovery tool. Over the years, I’ve had numerous concerns about forest recovery, and Semperis addresses them all.”

- InfoSec Identity and Directory Lead, Fortune 50 Retailer

“One of the only products I’ve seen that does as promised. We’re testing the recovery process once a year and seeing our forest recovers in 25 minutes to a clean forest always works.”

- CTO, Government Industry

“The Semperis platform helped El AI reach a point where we are sure that we can overcome any Active Directory outage.”

- Deputy Director of Infrastructure, El Al Airlines
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