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Albarrie Canada Ltd.

Albarrie manufactures, engineers, supplies and installs SorbWeb™Plus secondary oil containment using patented oil reactive self-sealing smart fabric technology. SorbWeb™Plus is a maintenance free oil containment system that offers significant cost savings on both installation and operation. Nothing else on the market comes close. If you have oil filled equipment, you need secondary containment. Permeable reactive barrier geotextiles are the way to go. They allow water to pass through but seal on contact with oil.


Albarrie is a premier manufacturer of geotextiles in North America with a proud 35 year history for developing innovative technical fabrics that solve environmental problems. The company is a world leader in this industry and works with high profile and prestigious clients from around the globe to solve their oil containment problems using our smart permeable oil reactive fabrics.

Products & Services

  • SorbWeb Plus Oil Containment – Mineral Oil
  • Oil Blocker Plus Oil Containment – Mineral Oil
  • Esterweb Oil Containment – Bio Oil
  • SAM Permeable Reactive Barrier
  • Oil Blocker Barrier Boom
  • Q-Max HF – High Frequency Hydrocarbon Filter

Industries Served

  • Utilities
  • Hydro Power Plants
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Solar & Wind farms
  • Mining
  • large manufacturing facilities

“The liner allowed water to pass through, but captured all of the oil within the liner. The test was conducted over a 24 hour period and passed in all aspects. This test was witnessed by government representatives (r.n- qa, m.t).”

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