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Plaid is a world leading open banking platform. We use our global network and local expertise, so your customers can see their financial data and make payments from your app or website.

We have a single API, but we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We bring together the technology of PIS (Payment Initiation Services) and AIS (Account Information Services) so you can create the payments journey your business needs. We take care of the details, so you can focus on your business.

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Products & Services

  • Payments: We have everything your business needs to move money online. Make the most of Open Banking, PIS and more to create payment journeys that suit your business.
  • Responsible gaming solutions: With our Account Information products, you can understand the details of a user’s financial history — as well as what’s happening today.
  • Verification: Leverage Plaid’s Account Information products to verify players’ identities and account details. Gain insights on players’ data, while speeding up your KYC processes and helping to prevent fraud.

Industries Served

  • iGaming
  • Fintech
  • Crypto
  • Financial services
  • eCommerce
  • Payment service providers

Clients Include

  • Atom
  • Curve
  • Kraken
  • Paysend
  • Wise
  • Paysend
  • Cleo
  • PensionBee

Client Testimonials

“Fast funds transfer is massive for our customers. The difference between getting funds in one day versus seven can determine whether customers can fund a business opportunity. When Plaid goes live in a new country, they enable us to execute a more sophisticated workflow to deliver faster approvals. When Plaid launched in the Netherlands, for example, they helped us speed up our underwriting decisions and improve pricing to customers there, and when it comes to instant decisions, this is much easier when customers link their accounts.”

– Mark Ufland, CTO, YouLend

“It used to take 5 days to verify a renter. With Plaid, we can do it in 60 seconds. We use Plaid data to give our users a snapshot of their finances. Then we show them what their future can look like, based on different decisions they might make.”

– Tahir Farooqui, Founder and CEO, Canopy

“We take compliance very seriously. Plaid adds a layer of protection for both us and our users. It’s information we can trust, which helps ensure we are building a safe marketplace. We wanted information we could trust. No one else is up to the standard Plaid provides. Plaid has already played an important role in our efforts to expand. We’re exploring new ways they can help us grow.”

– Marjorie Rainone, Associate Treasury Director, Gemini
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