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Quantum Metric

Real-time visibility into the online gaming experience: Improve web and mobile gaming

Quantum Metric helps business and technical teams proactively discover player friction to deliver better gaming experiences and business outcomes.

Answer Questions like

  • Why did players abandon our new betting flow?
  • Why do some players fail to deposit funds?
  • Do players bet more whilst they are livestreaming?
  • How do we increase first-time deposit performance?

Quantum Metric helps online gaming companies:

  • Automatically detect customer friction and instantly prioritize based on quantified business impact
  • Visualize your players’ website and mobile gaming experience with session replay
  • Reduce time to resolve with instant reproduction and technical details

Products & Services

  • Automatically detect customer friction
  • Prioritize digital product development based on quantified business impact
  • Visualize your players' website and mobile gaming experience with session replay
  • Reduce time to resolve customer friction with instant reproduction and technical details
  • Features include...
      • Session Replay
      • Mobile App Analytics
      • Performance Monitoring
      • Experience Alerts
      • Page Analytics

Industries Served

  • Gaming Industry
  • Airlines
  • Retail
  • Retail Banks

Clients Include

  • Kaizen Gaming Internatonal LTD
  • Telegraph Media
  • Seera Group
  • Mizuno Group

Client Testimonials

“Quantum puts me in my customers’ shoes and lets me live their session by watching the replays. It’s helped me think from a customer’s mindset and figure out ways to give them a better user experience.”

– Janice Pinto Analyst, Digital Strategy & Analytics Head of Product, Canadian Tire

“Bluntly, Quantum has been very “Holy Shit” for us in terms of discovery of high value anomalies. We actually had put bad code into Production and were able to spot and identify the impact before the release essentially and save us from suffering. I will never forget… its actually OOTB gift for us to look at this error and what it is costing us. We would like to shift from using QM reactionary to get more strategic proactive monitoring.”

– Product Manager, Head Of Product, Lululemon

“We categorize our roadmap into problem statements that are unknown unknown (root cause unknown, solution unknown), known unknown (root cause known, solution unknown), and known known (root cause and solution known).

Generally, unknown unknown problems are known issues, but we don’t clearly understand the root cause of the problem and the cost of the problem. With QM, we are able to get to the root cause of these problems quickly and also quantify the impact of these problems.

But, the real kicker is that with Quantum Metric we have been able to identify a new category of problems – ones we didn’t even know existed. So now we have a newly identified list of unknown unknown problems and we also know the hidden cost of these problems. With QM, we have surfaced hidden problems, put a value to these problems and have been able to get to the root cause in a linear and structured way.”

– Ronnie Varghese, Sr. Director Online & Omnichannel, Head Of Product, Seera Group
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