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We integrate Gamification & Loyalty programs into any online product (Casinos, Sportbook, Fintech, e-commerce, education, banks, community and entertainment). We automate Real-Time personalized omni-channel communication in a one-stop-shop with creative management studio, to improve customer retention and conversion rates. We provide predefined setups for various types of businesses.

Products & Services

  • Gamification & Loyalty turnkey solution
  • Real-Time & Scheduled Retention campaign management
  • Personalization of marketing creatives
  • Multi-Brand and Multi-Currency solution. Ability to target unlimited brands with one set of rules and minimal creatives
  • Affiliate Platform
  • Real Time BI

Industries Served

  • iGaming (Sportbooks, Casino, Lotto)
  • Fintech
  • Retail (Supermarkets, online stores etc)
  • Medical sector

Client Testimonials

“Originally the thought of changing a CRM automation provider scared the hell out of us but Smartico has delivered great results and has convinced us of the value it brings to our operation. Smartico team have helped us to set up and configure automatic campaigns that used to be all done manually before, and as a result saved us significant amount of time and effort which can now be used for strategical planning and not creating and recreating mailers or popups.

So instead of running in the past dozens of campaigns for one purpose, but each for every currency, brand, country, now we do everything in 1 single campaign for each purpose via the multi-brand & multi-currency solution.

We really enjoy working with the team, they are great team players and can really deliver outstanding results, and we can’t wait to start working on configuring the Gamification!”

– Kristiyan Petrov, Head of CRM, DelaSport
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