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Simona Pappalardo - Senior Director, APQP and Manufacturing Quality





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Using the same data-driven matching logic as our in-person events, we take the legwork out of finding new partners. Meet directly with companies vetted specifically for you to confidently tackle your challenges, within your budget and time frame. There is a minimum of 6 meetings, and no maximum.

Hear what industry leaders have to say about today’s new complexities

Key Themes

  • Leadership & Workforce Strategies
  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation
  • Plant & Facilities Management
  • The Application of Digital Manufacturing
  • Agile Product, Design, Development & Innovation
  • Digital Transformation of Manufacturing/R&D
  • Risk Management & Cost Containment
  • Compliance & Regulatory Requirements
  • COVID-19: Working Through a Global Pandemic
Melissa Orme
Vice President, Boeing Additive Manufacturing
Michael Walton
Manufacturing Industry Executive
Dr. Rocky Pinheiro
Global VP of Quality
Jesper Toubol
VP of Moulding
Jon Hobgood
VP, Manufacturing Engineering
Simona Pappalardo
Senior Director, APQP and Manufacturing Quality
Eddie Smith
Director of Operations
Behzad Mahdavi
VP, Strategic Innovation and Alliances
Geoffrey Fry
VP of Global Supply Chain
Mike Dean
VP Operations
Luke Durcan
Director of IoT & Ecostructure
Kim Masone
VP Global Logistics
Tony Schmitz
Professor and ORNL Joint Faculty
Dave Sackett
Carlos Barajas
VP Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain
Douglas Ubel
VP of Supply Chain
Scott Sevcik
VP of Aerospace
Spencer Miniely
VP of Manufacturing
Andrew Wheatcroft
Lean Deployment & Strategic Planning Manager
Peter Fritsche
VP Global Operations and Service
Paul Hevesy
VP of Organizational Effectiveness
Michael Salloum
Director of Operations
Thorsten Wuest
Assistant Professor & J. Wayne and Kathy Richards Faculty Fellow in Engineering
KimLoan Tran
Head of Global Learning & Development
Ananth Iyer
Susan Bulkeley Butler Chair in Operations Management
Steve Dunlop
Managing Director of DCMME & GSCMI
Roy Vasher
Assistant Professor Purdue EMBA Program
Dr. Angus McLeod
Dr. Jeff Cornelius
EVP, Cyber-Physical Security Solutions
David Kober
Sr. Sales Engineer
Takshay Aggarwal
Global Supply Chain Leader
Ron Castro
Vice President IBM Supply Chain
Kim Reheiser
Program Director, Offering Management, Sterling Supplier Management and Control Tower Solutions
Amar Sanghera
Global Lead - CPR Supply Chain CoC, IBM Global Business Services

Reward yourself with the perks of the job

The challenge of digital is no exotic location, no 5-star dining, and no face time. But we do have a quite brilliant system to reward you with SWAG. Take all 6 solution provider meetings and we’ll thank you generously. Climbing the ranks is hard; you’re well-deserving of an exceptional experience, no matter the limitations.

The IMPACT Virtual Summit Schedule

Watch it when it’s released, or later on demand. Your experience is up to you.

November 9

November 10

November 11

November 12

November 13

  • -

    Additive Manufacturing Advancements at Boeing

  • -

    Unlock Innovation and Delivery New Products and Services Through Digital Transformation

    Agile Product, Design, Development, and Innovation
  • -

    Return to Work! Social Distance Solutions for the Workplace

    COVID-19: Working Through a Global Pandemic
  • -

    Culture Rebelution

  • -

    Exosome, The Next Small Thing: A Winning Strategy for its Commercial Manufacturing

  • -

    Building A Robot Ready Workforce

    Leadership and Workforce Strategies
  • -

    Embracing Gen Z – Practical Tips for Leaders Engaging the Gen Z Workforce

    Leadership and Workforce Strategies
  • -

    Leveraging Augmented Reality in Today's Post-Pandemic Support Center Plans

    COVID-19: Working Through a Global Pandemic
  • -

    Beyond IIoT, Boosting Operational Excellence

    The Application of Digital Manufacturing
    +1 MORE
  • -


  • -

    Smart Collaborative Robotic Assistants for High Mix Manufacturing Applications

    The Application of Digital Manufacturing
  • -

    Optimizing Team Productivity through Cross-functional Collaboration, Task Focus, and Team Investment

    Leadership & Workforce Strategies
  • -

    "Predict, Protect, Prevent" and What We Are Still Missing in the Identification of Systemic Root Causes

    Continuous Improvement & Innovation
  • -


  • -

    Innovation 2020: Lessons From Practice

    Continuous Improvement and Innovation
  • -

  • -

    From Padlocks to IOT: Master Lock's Keys to Digital Transformation

    Agile Product Design Development & Innovation
  • -

    Agile Product Development

    Agile Product Design Development & Innovation
  • -

    Eliminating Inefficiencies in the Factory of the Future

    The Application of Digital Manufacturing
  • -


    Agile Product, Design, Development, and Innovation
  • -

    What Steps Should Be Taken in Today’s New Normal of Digital Transformation

    The Application of Digital Marketing
  • -


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