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Leanplum makes mobile engagement a piece of cake.

For App-First companies, Leanplum is the only solution that helps personalize and optimize all customer touchpoints, both inside and outside the app.

For Gaming Apps, Leanplum is a full player management platform for mobile games. The only solution that combines lifecycle marketing and LiveOps promotions with the ability to control the live events and sales via Remote Configuration, built on a powerful foundation of real-time data, and A/B Testing.

For Subscription Apps, Leanplum is the complete growth platform and the only solution that combines lifecycle marketing and product A/B testing to personalize the entire mobile app journey. Leanplum helps subscription app companies break down organizational silos between marketers and product teams and eliminate numerous point solutions to enable rapid growth.

For eCommerce Apps, Leanplum is the #1 Solution for future-looking On-Demand Apps and Mobile Retail Apps. The one-stop shop for mobile apps focused on Multi-Channel and In-App Campaign Engagement with their customers to drive Increased Purchasing Behavior, Increased Customer Loyalty, and Increased Reactivation of customers during periods of inactivity. By leveraging user behavior and behavioral triggers within campaigns to increase personalization at scale in their marketing campaign strategies inside and outside of their app, On-Demand Apps and Mobile Retail Commerce companies activate rapid growth

Products & Services

  • Software Platform for Multi-channel Customer Engagement

Industries Served

  • Gaming
  • e-Commerce 
  • Subscription
  • Fintech

Clients Include

  • GameDuell
  • IMVU
  • Afterpay
  • App Annie
  • Mobilityware
  • TextNow
  • Via
  • Lightricks
  • Electronic Arts
  • Just Eat
  • Big Fish Games
  • Carb Manager
  • StockX

Client Testimonials

“Leanplum has proven to be a complete and reliable solution to leverage CRM and Live Operations campaigns and tests, which supports both our day-to-day operational work, and our long term growth strategies.”

-Javier Romero, Head of CRM, GameDuell

“When we researched mobile marketing solutions that could handle our daily events and successfully manage a [large] user base… Leanplum was the only platform that fit the bill.”

- Eric MacKinnon, Director of Product Management for B2C Apps, App Annie

“We know that a 10% improvement in trial or subscriber retention rates can have a larger impact on business than a 10% conversion lift in new user acquisition funnel. Leanplum has helped us identify and finetune parameters around retention to drive results.”

- Giuila Porter, VP of Marketing, RoboKiller (

“What makes Leanplum unique, and what we definitely double down on is the Remote Configuration that allows Tilting Point to iterate on the actual on the actual mechanics of the game without having to rebuild the game.”

- Andre Cohen, Data Scientist, Tilting Point

“Leanplum gives us the flexibility to customize in-app message templates and timing to reach users when they are most engaged with a look that matches our brand experience.”

- Alex Tarrand, Head of LiveOps, MobilityWare

“Leanplum helps us with the behavioral data not only for triggers but for content optimization depending on the users’ behavior.”

- Kevin Bravo, Co-Founder, 2nd Potion
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