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Adjust is a global app marketing analytics platform committed to ensuring the highest privacy and performance standards. Adjust’s solutions include attribution and measurement, fraud prevention, cybersecurity, as well as automation tools. The company’s mission is to make mobile marketing simpler, smarter and more secure for the more than 50,000 apps working with Adjust.

Products & Services

  • Mobile App Attribution
  • Real-Time App Analytics
  • Automate Mobile Marketing Campaigns
  • Audience Builder- Mobile Retargeting
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Unbotify - Real-Time Bot Detection

Industries Served

  • Agencies
  • E-Commerce
  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • Subscription
  • E-Commerce
  • Travel
  • + More

Clients Include

  • Burger King
  • Dominos
  • Rollic Games
  • HSBC
  • Acorns
  • Duolingo

Client Testimonials

“With Adjust, we can track and measure whatever we want in real time. It’s a fully flexible solution that gives us insight beyond just click and install: we can investigate all our downstream events and optimize towards our goals.”

- Brian Han, Director of User Acquisition, Hotel Tonight

“Adjust has given us the tools we need to tie our desktop and mobile data together, giving us a more complete picture of user journeys across platforms. This has allowed us to make more informed marketing decisions and ultimately drive higher return on ad spend.”

- Kamal Taylor, Head of Online & Commerce, Yelp

“As a marketer, it is really easy to use, and all of our partners are integrated with it.”

." - Cassandra Chernin, Senior Manager Digital Marketing Apps & Display, HomeAdvisor
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