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Consulting firm focused on battery and other grid storage technologies with broad expertise expertise in the energy sector..

Given our extensive work in the commercialization of advanced materials, we have a long history of identifying, reviewing, and helping to implement low carbon intensity generation and storage technologies. Our highly experienced US principals are supported by an international team of experts and our dedicated search group.

Storage technologies: batteries, flywheels, supercapacitors, and hydrogen.
Generation technologies: hybrid technologies, PV, and CSP.
Other areas of interest: sensor monitoring, nuclear, advanced materials, anti-corrosion.

Products & Services

Consulting to compare, adopt and implement new energy technologies
  • Landscape of available technologies
  • Vendor selection
  • Market research
  • Intellectual Property review & clearance
  • Expert panels
  • Science based business issues, e.g., Insurance, HS&E
  • Planning & Engineering support
  • Life cycle assessment, e.g., recycling, environmental impact

Industries Served

  • Energy technology from oil & gas to hydrogen
  • Reduced carbon intensity energy generation, storage & renewables
  • Nonfossil fuel & solar
  • Batteries & energy storage
  • Advanced materials

Clients Include

  • Reliance Industries
  • Honeywell
  • PPG
  • Maruzen
  • Daimler Benz
  • Molex
  • Nissan Chemical
  • Idemitsu
  • Dow
  • GE

Client Testimonials

2019 Japan Petroleum Institute (JPI) Award for Technological Progress, for Development of Trace Amount Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Technology

“My assessment below about Dr. Charles Brumlik is based upon my working with him on multiple projects where he interacted with both, his superiors as well as subordinates. He does not differentiate between the two and treats everybody with respect. He has even keeled temper and I have never heard him raise his voice. The clarity of his thought process and speed with which he works is amazing, inspiring those around him to adapt similar work styles. He has outstanding communication skills both, written and verbal. I was impressed with how he takes complex matters and via his logical thinking simplifies them into straightforward actionable path forwards. He can make very good and quick decisions even in the face of incomplete data / info and uncertainty. He sets tight deadlines for himself and most of the time meets them ahead of schedule. He starts with inexpensive ways to troubleshoot and resorts to complicated expensive routes only if required, always “acting as an owner”.

I retired from Dow Chemical after 35 years of service as Associate Director of R&D. During that time period I worked with hundreds of professionals. I would place Charles in the top 10% of all the technical and people leaders I have worked with. I would select him for my complex and difficult projects requiring technical skills and/or people leader skills because he is role model in both areas, a rarity. His humble nature with no ego makes him a pleasure to work with. He does not let the teams get on tangential paths either, always keeping goals and objectives of the project front and center.”

– Rakesh Saini, PhD, R&D Leader at Dow Chemical
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