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Custom integration solutions for disparate IT systems

When the software that manages your manufacturing execution, warehouses, yard, inventory planning and logistics were all created in different decades by different companies, there is no such thing as a standard integration.


You need specialized solutions to match your unique business processes.

HULFT is here to help.


As a 35-year-old integration software provider to the manufacturing and supply chain industries, HULFT has been trusted by more than 10,000 companies, helping them navigate hundreds of critical supply and demand challenges around the globe.

Products & Services

  • HULFT Managed Integration Services:
    • For organizations without dedicated IT data integration services, HULFT’s services team provides dedicated expertise within supply chain, logistics, warehouse and transportation management systems, and more. We make the job easier for you – just tell us what you want to integrate in plain business terms and our expert integration services team will do the rest.
  • HULFT Supply Chain Transparency Portal Solutions:
    • Manage, view, and record everything in one place. For organizations that are seeking to streamline business processes and simplify the management of shipping information, documents, and other materials, HULFT’s portal solutions gives visibility and access of supply chain data to employees, partners, and anyone within your ecosystem.
  • HULFT Ecommerce Solutions and Services:
    • Supply chain management is an essential component of ecommerce. Online selling is tough, and HULFT provides dedicated “adapters” (custom code) that integrate seller data across siloed, disparate ecommerce tools and platforms. Our solutions and services help you achieve business efficiency at all operational levels, which is critical to ecommerce success.
  • HULFT Integrate:
    • For organizations that want to take their data integration initiatives in house, HULFT Integrate acts as a centralized “integration hub” for all types of data. With a simple and secure user interface, HULFT Integrate does the heavy lifting for you. HULFT’s no-code, drag and drop, high-speed data integration architecture is compatible with all data destinations.
  • HULFT Transfer:
    • For organizations that simply want to move business-critical files from one place to another, HULFT Transfer is the trusted managed file transfer solution that will get your data where it needs to go. With our proprietary compression and encryption technology, HULFT Transfer ensures your data moves quickly, safely and securely to your designated recipients.

Industries Served

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Food processing

Supply Chain Offerings:

  • Inventory Management
  • Packing list pre notification for PO verification
  • Sales and inventory coordination and planning (S&OP)
  • Warehouse door scheduling and planning
  • Port free time visibility
  • Manufacturing data capture
  • Employee training alerts

Clients Include

  • Seco Tools (a Toyota supplier)
  • Indiana Automotive Fasteners (a Toyota supplier)
  • RIX North America (a global trading company)
  • JALUX AMERICAS (an aviation trading company)

Client Testimonials

RIX is paving a new course of action that fuses digital and analog. HULFT Integrate and HULFT Data Capture reinforce the digital aspects of our business, which means our team can focus on the analog, in-person relationships. We are positioning ourselves for growth, and HULFT is one of our competitive advantages.

RIX North America

The first phase of the HULFT project focused on the receiving and invoicing workflow. The second phase included more supplier templates and data integration. What used to take 5-6 minutes to manually process a receiving entry now takes half the time, and the data accuracy has improved greatly.

JALUX Americas

We selected HULFT because we needed a technology partner who can help us take a visionary approach with digital transformation, and how it aligns with the type of customer experiences we bring.

Seco Tools

HULFT Integrate acts like a bridge between both internal and external systems. HULFT is easy to implement and, most importantly, we didn’t have to change nor disrupt our internal systems.

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