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Alloy is the central nervous system for sales, supply chain and planning. Alloy equips consumer goods brands to capture demand and streamline supply by breaking down silos within and across supply chain, planning, sales and marketing teams. Our cloud platform couples end-to-end inventory and shipment visibility with sell-in and sell-through analytics to surface relevant insights in real-time. Team members and leaders can proactively address risks and maximize opportunities as they monitor demand trends, evaluate performance against forecasts and drive collaboration internally and with partners to adjust execution and plans — down to the SKU/store/day level.

Companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to digital-natives use Alloy every day to grow customer relationships, improve service levels and prevent out-of-stocks while lowering costs.

Products & Services

  • Alloy for Supply Chain: a real-time control tower providing end-to-end inventory visibility, Weeks of Supply projections and real-time alerting to coordinate insight-driven decisions and adjustments across supply chain and planning teams.
  • Alloy for Sales: a real-time POS data and analytics solution to help sales organizations protect and grow market share by better managing risks and opportunities, building stronger retail partnerships and making better marketing investments.
  • Alloy for Demand Planning: a POS-driven forecasting and planning solution purpose built for consumer goods companies. It generates forecasts based on harmonized POS and shipment data and translates them into an optimal cross-retailer shipment plan based on your inputs.

Industries Served

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Consumer electronics and accessories
  • Toys, hobbies and sporting goods
  • DIY and appliances
  • Automotive

Clients Include

  • Ferrero
  • Facebook
  • Valvoline
  • Melissa & Doug
  • Nautilus
  • Eero
  • Youth to the People
  • Cricut
  • Bosch
  • Advantage Solutions

Client Testimonials

To succeed today, businesses need to be able to make data-informed decisions at every level—that’s exactly what Alloy allows eero to do. Alloy allows us to proactively manage our supply chain, increase sales by reducing low-inventory retail locations, and build more rapport with our retail partners. The support is also world-class.

– Eero (Mark Sieglock, Head of Business Operations)

I brought Alloy in because I need to be able to understand where I am hurting across the supply chain in real time.

– Valvoline (Eric Rossi, Sr. Director of Supply Chain NA)

With Alloy, we’re now able to drill all the way down to a store level to see exactly what is happening on the shelves to better gauge potential demand. This information helps us check our assumptions and prevent situations in which we have our products sitting in transport in warehouses at the wrong time or the wrong place.

– Ferrero (Glenn Lawse, VP Supply Chain, Ferrero USA)
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